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Chapter 41

Suzie sat at the desk, watching through the window as Bron whipped things at the television in her office.  Somebody had the bright idea to send more copies of the videos from the South American leg of the tour to Bron.  Kevin would be home in one week, if Bron let him live that long.

After watching the last three weeks roll by, Suzie had a better understanding of her friend and her new husband.  Taunt and tease was the name of the game or as Jake had made clear to her when she caught him in Kevin’s office.  “Points are good Suzie, it makes me a rich man,” he grinned.  Jake launched into this huge long-winded explanation of the entire process and how the game was played.

Jake walked into the office and smirked at Suzie as they glanced at the irate woman on the other side of the glass.  Casually he ducked into Kevin’s office; of course, she followed.  “Who’s winning?”

Pointing to the other office, “By the looks of the flinging of items in there, I would guess Kevin.”

Both of them turned to see a hammer fly at the television and miss.  Jake cocked his head sideways, “I never really seen her so jealous before.”

Suzie started to laugh, “Please Jake, she’s married to the king stud in her book and nobody knows about it.  She’s ‘stuck in the sticks,’ as she says and pregnant too.”

“What’s on that tape?”  Jake flipped Kevin’s blotter over and gave Kevin’s side a hash mark.

Suzie began to laugh loudly, “Kevin is making a woman for Nick, and he’s enjoying it, a little too much I think.”

Jake’s grin broke free, “I thought the dancing hoochie mamas would have done it but Kevin is out to win.”

“Yes, who could forget the lady in white that Kevin was making eye contact with,” Suzie giggled.

“Really,” Jake looked at her.  “I didn’t know her eyeballs were re-located between her hip bones and her knee caps, as Bron so nicely put it.”

They heard a noise that caught their attention.  A book went sailing through the air.

“The red streaks were a freak out for her.  I heard her screaming that day all the way down in the kitchen.  She asked him to do something with his hair before he left, I don’t think that is what she had in mind.”  Suzie recalled the day vividly. 

“Come on she’s getting ready to storm out of there,” Suzie read the signs and they both exited the office quickly.

Bron’s door flew open, “I need you two, get in here!” 

Suzie wasn’t put off by the tone or the growl, she knew Bron didn’t really mean it, she was just upset, as usual. 

Bron sat at her desk, which was piled high with video tapes.  Bron snarled at both of them, “The man is a slut!”

“Now Bron I wouldn’t go that far, he’s married, not dead.”  Suzie thought she try and offer some type of defense for Kevin’s stupidity. 

Bron picked up the remote and hit rewind.  Her eyes narrowed as she watched the slam down of both hands on the ‘bootay’ of Nick’s woman.  “HA!”  Bron wrinkled her nose up at both of them.  “Bullshit!”

Suzie’s expression was one of nervousness, “Okay he’s a true swine.  You knew that when you married him.”

Bron mulled over the comment for a short second, she had guessed he was pig, now she knew it for sure.  “Is the party set?”

“Yes,” Suzie smiled.  “The caterer is hired, the invitations are out and the RSVPs are back.  Quite a list there, Little Mama.  You need to inform Kevin and the boys.  I booked their flights two days after Kevin’s to arrive here.  Carlos has their invitations and is waiting to hear from you so he can give them out.  He did say something about not wanting to be Kevin’s punching bag so he was going to have Nick give Kevin’s to him.”

“What party?”  Jake was befuddled and looked at both of them.

A huge grin beamed from Bron, “A party for Kevin and the boys for their new record label and the studio.  All music industry people, a shit load of celebrities, my contacts in the business world, and Miss Krystal will be there to sing.  Mc and I need work too, not to mention our new associates.  Maybe we can do some more homes for celebrities?”

Suzie’s hand covered her mouth to hide the smile.  Jake was in a dither now, he was in charge of the security for the house and the grounds.

“Is that a problem Jake?”  Bron smiled.

“Bron you’re being a bitch.  My ass is on the line, you set me up!”  Jake was pissed for the first time in a long time at her.

“You shouldn’t bet against me then smartass because Master is going down this time.”  Bron grabbed her coat and walked to the door.  “Oh and when Kevin calls if you tell him that I cut a twenty foot hole in his love pit, I’ll kill you myself.  We had a deep conversation and it was re-enforced several times that I not touch that ugly damn living room.  Sorry I’m not living in this house with that monstrosity. I don’t care that he thinks that living room is a reflection of him or not.  Even though he is loud and proud, it’s sucks.”  Bron paused for effect.  “Besides, I love our new pool and terrace, don’t you?  We’ll have ribs for dinner on the barbeque when I get back,” she winked at Jake.

Bron stalled for a minute, “I’m going out and you’re not coming with me, either.  I think you had better work on a plan for a security detail.  We have two hundred people coming here in just over a week.  You can tell Mc yourself.”  Bron pointed at Jake and then whirled around at Suzie.  “Plan A rolls.  Find out who the naked women are in the sneaker ad with Nick and Kevin.  I want them at the party.  I don’t care if I have to fly their asses in here myself.  I want to know why I didn’t know about that shoot but I can find out that my asinine husband puts red streaks in his hair.”

Bron stomped out of the office leaving Jake and Suzie standing there.  “This isn’t good.  What the hell is Plan A?”  Jake frowned.

“It’s work,” Suzie answered as the phone rang.  Stretching to get it, she answered, stuttered and then handed the phone to Jake. 

“Oh, hi Kevin,” Jake frowned he knew he was in the hot seat now.  “Um, Bron she’s not here right now,” holding his the phone away from his head waiting for the yelling to begin.

“What do you mean she’s not there!”  Kevin was pacing his suite with the phone in his hand.  “Listen Jake I don’t know what the fuck is going on back there but don’t make me call Mc to straighten it out.”

Nick sat idly on the couch watching the caveman Kevin, do his routine.  Nick smiled and Kevin flipped him off.

Jake sighed, “What happened now?”

“I don’t know what the hell her problem is but she went through my entire home videos and posted some geeky ass pics of me and the guys.”

“That’s all,” Jake sighed with relief.

No big deal for you, Kevin thought, you don’t have an image to protect.  “Did she get back home okay, she didn’t call me?”  Kevin had been chewed up and spit out by his entire family.  He could of sworn that he heard Nero’s fiddle playing in the background the last time he actually spoke to his wife instead of someone answering the phone at his house or her voice mail.  Even Kaylin was tight lipped saying nothing beyond, ‘Mom looks great.’

“She’s home, safe and sound,” Jake leaned on the desk as he leaned over Suzie’s shoulder to read what she was typing.

“Why’d she go?”  Kevin sat down finally getting some much needed answers.

“To get some of her stuff and don’t ask me anymore because I’m sure you already talked to Mc about it,” Jake gave Suzie a half-hearted grin.  “Well boss I have to go, I have some things that I need to get done.  Is Carlos around?”

“He’s down in his suite, call him on his cell.”  Kevin hung up and looked out the window.  “This sucks Nick I want to go home.”

“Not much longer Kev,” Nick carefully slid the piece of paper he was drawing on under a clean sheet of paper. 

“I mean it man, I want to go home.  Bron’s upset and she won’t tell me why.  That’s not good.”

Graciously Nick eased out of the chair.  “Kev I know this A.J. stuff is getting to you, it’s getting to all of us.”

Plopping on the bed he stared at the ceiling, “He’s drunker and drunker every day.”

Kevin was at the edge and Nick could see it.  “Come on let’s go get some sun.  You’ve been working out.  You’re wife has too.  You guys won’t even recognize each other.”

“I think I can identify her,” Kevin smirked at the ceiling.  I wish I could tell him, he thought to himself.  I wish I could tell everyone.  His imagination conjured up a picture of Bron with a belly, carrying their child.  “Fourteen weeks,” Kevin sighed.

“Fourteen weeks what?”  Nick began to sketch again.

“Nothing, hey did you know Aunt Jackie called?  Bron bought Frank’s company.”

Nick chuckled, “Good thing for Frank and Chris, Brian said they were getting a little hungry.”

“Yeah well she kind of likes Frank, they’re both alike, bull-headed as hell.  I think she wants to convert him away from that good ole boy attitude.  She went home you know, to New York.”  Kevin rolled on his side and propped his head up on his hand.

“Why?”  Nick was careful as he attempted to draw without Kevin knowing it.

“Kaylin wanted to see her grandparents and Bron wanted to get some stuff.  Mc took her, so I was okay with that.” 

Nick’s expression mellowed, “Why does everything have to be okay with you?”

Kevin didn’t have an answer but in his heart he knew why.  Maybe if he told Nick he could unload some stuff.  He had been worried about Bron, the baby, Kaylin’s behavior, and A.J. on top of all of the normal stuff that he tortured himself with.  “Webster is running into some problems, some of the people have recanted their statements.”

Nick’s expression changed to one of worry and Kevin recognized it.  He continued, “It may have to go to a Grand Jury.”

“Shit,” Nick tossed the pencil across the room.

“I shouldn’t have pushed this, it’s bad timing, too much going on.  I should have left everything alone,” Kevin huffed as he rolled over on his back.

“We’re going to get A.J. some help, Mary’s is trying her best,” Nick tried to ease some of Kevin’s fears.  “You can always tell Bron she doesn’t have to go through with it.”

“I know, I just don’t know if it’s going to work for A.J.,” Kevin’s arm came to rest over his eyes.  “As far as Bron goes, if I tell her not too, it’s a sure fire way to get her to do it.  She needs closure but now after everything that’s happened I’m not so sure anymore.”

“Come on, let’s go swimming or something.  I have to stop and do something before we go though.”  Nick was finally happy with his sketch.  Something more was going on with Kevin and Bron but Kevin wasn’t ready to open up to him yet.

“Yeah, yeah,” Kevin extricated himself from the bed.  “What were you drawing?”

“You, your lips,” Nick quickly clenched onto the paper.

“Why?”  Kevin changed into some trunks.

“Bron’s mantra, ya know.  I’ll be back in a second.”  Nick dashed down the hall only to run into Carlos.  Carlos was blocking his exit.

“Nick,” he grinned.

“Carlos buddy, how ya been?”  Nick slapped him on the back, as he tried to get by him.

“Don’t do it Kaos, he’ll kill you,” Carlos stood straight and tall.  He had just gotten a call from Jake who had confessed everything that had been going on at home.  After Jake, Keith had called.  Bron was on the warpath over some pictures of sneakers.  Keith was taking her somewhere but they were waiting on Nick.  Carlos not satisfied with the answer kept pulling the answers out of Keith until he told him everything. 

Carlos’s job was to protect Kevin; right now, he needed to protect himself.  Bron had done a great job of pulling him into this mess too.  He could redeem himself with this one act.

“Well Carlos there comes a time when I just have to grow up and take it like a man.”  Nick laughed as Kevin came out of his room.  Taking the opportunity of a distracted Carlos, he darted by him.

“God help Lexington,” Carlos muttered as Kevin came up to him. 

“Wanna go swimming with us?”  Kevin seemed a little more at ease now.

“Yeah sure, it should be hoot,” Carlos walked back down to his suite, grumbling all the way.





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