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Chapter 43

“BRON-WYN RI-CHARD-SON!” echoed through the house like a war cry.  Suzie was standing next to Bron at Bron’s desk.

Bron’s expression went from concentration to one of amazement.  “I thought you said he had an early flight for tonight?”  Bron deadpanned without taking her eyes off the papers in front of her.

“He did,” Suzie grimaced.  “He must have caught an earlier flight.”

“Delightful,” Bron groaned as she reached down and tied her sneakers.  “I’m not ready for him yet, I wanted to plant the rest of my rosebushes today.” 

“I see that,” Suzie chortled.

“Not funny Suz,” Bron frowned at her. 

The war hoop came again and Bron looked at Suzie, “He’s really pissed about his living room.”

Suzie crossed her arms as Bron turned the speaker off for downstairs.  “Does a chest thumping thing go with that?”

 “Don’t know,” Bron laughed as she stood up and stretched out her legs.  Flashing Suzie a smile, “I don’t plan on sticking around to find out.  Fourteen weeks pregnant and you would never know it.  Well almost, I have a little tummy.  Thanks for whipping my ass into shape and keeping me honest, it was hard but it worked,” Bron twirled around for Suzie.

“Speaking of ass whippin’,” came in an all to familiar lilt that rang of Kentucky roots.

“Hi honey,” Bron gave him a big old smile.

“Don’t honey me,” as he stepped into her office.  Kevin was lit as they would say.  A firecracker with a wick at both ends, burning shorter and shorter.

Bron promptly danced around her desk.  “How do I look?”  She spun around for him.

“Did Gabe approve of this?” as his lips pulled together tightly.  Kevin watched her twirl about.

“Yes,” Bron answered but still extremely wary of him.

Kevin was fast but now she was faster.  Small, compact, and in shape.  She was cheering herself on in her head.  If I can just overcome the length of stride, I’m all set, she snickered in her head.

“Come here,” Kevin gave her the four finger reverse wave.

“Do I have stupid printed on my forehead?”  Bron chuckled.  “I want you to calm down before you fly off the handle and kill me.”

“I’m not seeing it,” as he scrutinized every inch of exposed skin.

Bron watched him shift into predator mode.  He was searching her from head to toe.  “Seeing what?”  From what he had said, Bron knew he had a clue but she wasn’t one hundred percent sure.  Bron began to laugh as Kevin bent sideways looking at her tummy.  Nope, still clueless as far as that goes.  Bad move Bron, she chided herself, piss him off some more by laughing in his face.  He’s looking for a big pregnant belly so he can tell everyone, ha you lose Kev, she smirked at him but kept her comments to herself.

Kevin bent his head one-way and then the other.  Hmm, she looks great, better... she doesn’t look pregnant at all.  This sucks, I wanted to tell the guys, he pondered.  His mind raced as she tensed on the other side of the desk.

What the hell did Nick mean by her mantra and lips, he brought that up too many times this last week.  Stupid peckerhead never could get anything straight.  Kevin’s arms folded over his chest as he took a more determined stance.  I wanted her to look pregnant, especially for the party, this just sucks major ass.  He held all of his ramblings in his head.  “Come on baby,” Kevin pouted.  Time to switch gears he thought, “I missed you.”

Suzie stealthily moved away from Bron.  Kevin was getting just a little too weird for her tastes.  The words coming out of his mouth did not match his demeanor or facial expression.  She heard noises in the hall outside of the offices and headed out to investigate.

Kevin’s arm shot out as he repeated Bron’s last words when he linked Nick’s latest comments to them.  He began to speak as he advanced towards Bron.  “Lips, Bron’s mantra, Tit for tat.”  Kevin’s gaze turned into a laser green glare, “Let me see the ink!”

Suzie froze when he yelled.  She knew he had a temper but only had seen it a few times.  His nostrils were closed tight and his jaw clenched.  

“Ink?”  Bron’s head rolled to the side with a smirk.  “Oh ink, here’s a pen,” as she tossed here pen at him.  Distracted momentarily, Kevin caught the pen.

Bron’s foot hit the top of her desk and she jumped from it and sailed out the door, laughing her ass off.

Kevin’s thumb itched the side of his nose.  “She’s in good shape now Suzie, thanks.  It means a lot to me that she stays healthy. Jumps like a gazelle,” Kevin laughed.

“A gazelle?” Suzie had to laugh, he may be pissed but he was not going to take it out on her. 

Both them went into the reception area, “Okay a lopsided antelope,” Kevin snickered.

“Aren’t you going to go catch her, but please play nice, she has worked really hard.”

Kevin waved his finger at Suzie, “Worked hard at driving me up the wall when she knew she could get away with it.  The party is one thing, I’m pissed about the tatt.  I told her no before.  She messed with my living room.  I told her not too.  She’s been egging me on Suzie and you have been helping her.”

“But the pool is so nice, Kaylin loves the slide and diving board.”  Suzie could hear the rest of Backstreet making their way up to the offices, rather loudly.  Bron was on her own now, she wasn’t going to take Kevin on for her.

A shriek of, “Carter put me down, you damn dumb blonde!”

Kevin gave Suzie a sexy smirk, “He owes me and he knows it.”

“This yours Kev?”  Nick held Bron wrapped up in his arms.

“Yep, and thanks,” Kevin grabbed her wrist before she could bolt on him.  They guys now filled the reception area.

“Play nice Master,” Bron looked him dead in the eye.  “You wouldn’t want to hurt me now, would you?”

Kevin bent slightly one hand on his hip and one grasping her wrist.  His eyebrows went up to his hairline.  “You’re not holding that over my head woman!  You are pregnant.  You went and got a tattoo.”  Kevin paused and pointed at Nick.  “He helped you, I’ll kick his ass later.”

Stepping out of the office in two strides, he pulled Bron along with him.  “I can’t believe you just said that!  Nobody was supposed to know!”  Bron was screaming at him as he pulled her along with him down stairs.

“SHUDDUP!  I’M PISSED!”  Kevin was at the end of his rope.  Walking into the bedroom, he dragged her in with him and slammed the door.  

Kevin walked back and forth in the bedroom, he couldn’t believe the lack of common sense of all of this.  Ambling up to her, he carefully placed a hand on her back.  It drifted up to her neck.  Pulling quickly, he snapped her head back, leveling his eyes at her, “Did you even think of the risks that you were taking by getting a tattoo?  The danger that’s involved, Hepatitis B, Aids, and God knows what else, infection? What about the baby?”

“No I didn’t.”  Bron felt a wave of guilt over her act of revenge.  The last thing she wanted was for anything to happen to this baby.  It had taken her weeks to work up the courage to even admit she was pregnant simply because she was afraid she was going to lose it.  “Keith checked it out for me, I just assumed it was safe.”  She swallowed hard and blinked rapidly at him.

Letting her go, Kevin went and dropped into the wingback chair.  He saw the terrace that used to be a window before he left and glanced out over the meadow.  Pushing his head back, he rolled his neck to release the tension.  Tossing his feet up on the ottoman he rested his chin in his hand.  “You drive me nuts Bron.”

“Sorry,” she gave him a half-hearted smile.

His eyes raked over her, “You make me mad, you make me laugh, God knows you’ve even made me cry.”

“I try,” she grinned and batted her eyelashes at him in a pseudo expression of innocence.

Bron watched him for some time, as he had said nothing more.  Absently his fingers would toy with his goatee as if he were contemplating the weight of the world.  Bron waited patiently and then began to grow impatient.  “Look if you’re done, I have an entire house full of people.  You shouldn’t have brought the guys with you.”

His head lulling to the side he flashed her a non-threatening smile, “Drop’em, I wanna see it.”

“Huh?” was her bewildered reply.

“You heard me, I wanna see it.  So drop’em and show it to me.”  Kevin was cool, calm, and somewhat amused by the reaction she was giving him.

“Well who do you think you are?  Drop them?  Okay I will,” Slowly Bron turned her back to him.  Unbuttoning her jeans, and gradually lowering the zipper.  Her hands on the waistband of her jeans she dipped on side bit by bit and then the other.  Checking her own smile as she tried to turn the tables on Kevin.

“Don’t be a damn tease, I’m not in the mood,” a menacing growl came from the chair.  Oh yeah, I’m winning she said under breath.  She lowered her pants a little more and then paused, just enough for him to see the K. The shock hit her when she found herself face down on their bed.  “I said I ain’t in the damn mood.”  She felt the pant legs being tugged down.

Kevin enjoyed the little game but had grown impatient quickly.  His index finger traced the letters of the tattoo and then the outline of his lips.  Bending over slightly he placed his lips on the drawing.  “I like it, now everyone will know whose ass this is.”  He laughed loudly as soon as she began to roll over and take a swipe at him.  Landing on her, he pinned her to the bed.  “You’re a wanton woman,” he grinned as he kissed her cheek and around her mouth.

“Yes, I’m a wantin’ woman,” she smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I missed you,” he mumbled as he drew her pants down her legs.

“Missed you too,” she whispered on his collarbone.  “I missed looking at you… your smell…the way you feel…”  Her hand lowered to the front of his jeans, and massaged the swelling in them.

“I need to go home,” he groaned as he crawled off her and removed his clothes.

“We have a house full of company,” she mumbled as his hands began to roam over her body.  She needed him now, he was home, to stay home for awhile.  “Besides there are no hoochie mama’s here, no Nick’s perfect woman, and Andrew broke the DC current box.”

“They’ll live,” as he lowered himself on her and in her.  Ignoring the rest of the comments was best for now.  She was indeed as upset as Carlos and Nick had told him she was.  He hadn’t sent the tapes to mean, he knew she collected the tapes.  Then Carlos had told him the guys at home had a pool going and Jake was tracking points, that made Kevin twice as upset.

“I’m getting used to the cornrows, ‘cept, I can’t pull it now, it’s to tight to your head but I think it makes you look dangerous.”  Bron was at the beginning of that stage where everything begins to swirl together, the point where words were no longer audible or necessary. 

Kevin drove into her and drove her over the edge.  “Good, now you can’t pull my freakin’ hair,” came in a pant back to her.

Pulling her close, he cuddled her, as their bodies came back to earth.  Bron felt a slight dampness on her cheek, looking up she saw his eyes damp with tears.  “What’s the matter Kev?” she ran thumb under his cheekbone.

“I told them, when I was shouting upstairs at you, I’m sorry.”  Pulling her closer he played with a lock of her hair.

“Well, we just need to talk to them and let them know how we feel about this.  Right?”  Bron knew how important this was to him.

Large arms tightened around her and squeezed her until she thought she could no longer breathe.  “Thanks,” he whispered.  “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Oh goody, me too,” as she raced out of bed.

Kevin placed his palms over his eyes, “Hormones are a bitch,” he groaned as he chased after her.

Both of them sated and showered they headed downstairs to a kitchen full of people.  Before them sat Brian, Leighanne, A.J, Mary, Howie, Gillian, Nick, and Suzie.

All eyes focused on the couple as they made their way into the kitchen.  Then all eyes shifted to Bron.  Bron let them get their fill and then placed her hands on her hips.  “Are you done now?”





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