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Chapter 44

“Is it True?”  Nick blinked at her not sure whether to ask or not.

“Is what true?”  Bron was steeling her nerves as best she could with her back turned to them.  She was hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as all the other times.  If something happened then the sympathy game would be played to the hilt.

“Yes Nick, it’s true,” Kevin came into the kitchen.  Walking over to Bron, he stood behind her.  Placing his hands on her shoulders, he turned her around to face their audience.  He massaged her shoulders as he began to talk.  “Yes we are going to have a baby… maybe.  It’s risky at best but we are going to try.  This does not go out of this room, understood.”

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Nick was grinning from ear-to-ear.  “Congrats guys.”

Mary casually looked at Bron, “The big deal Nick, is that this is close to impossible.”

“Thank you Doubting Thomas Mary, but it is possible and it’s going to happen.”  Kevin stepped away from Bron for a split-second to get in Mary’s face.  He had already had his full of her lately.  She was A.J.’s girlfriend and not taking care of him.  Bone was spending too much time liquored up lately.

Mary shook her head and looked at Bron, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” as she quietly walked out of the room. 

“Thanks Mare,” Kevin glared at her.

“Hey it’s reality Kevin, deal with it, you know as much as I do.”  Mary was sick to death of Kevin’s superior attitude.  Always putting up a front and putting Backstreet above everything and everyone else even his precious wife.  He didn’t have a problem lately with chewing her ass out every time Alex was drunk.  Mary checked her attitude knowing it wouldn’t serve any purpose but to make matters worse.

Howie shook his head, “When is she due and how are we going to handle this?  Nobody knows you’re married.”

Kevin closed his eyes as he glanced to the floor, “The baby is due mid- November... we still have lots of time.  I don’t know how to handle this at all.  There is too much going on.  There are problems with her case and she’s worried about all of us getting caught in the middle.  Not to mention other problems,” as he glanced towards A.J. and Mary

Exhaling loudly Mary fired a look at Kevin, more or less to leave A.J. out of it.  This was about Kevin and Bron.  Bron’s insistence that the marriage be kept a secret.  After many conversations with Kevin over the past few weeks she knew that Kevin was ready to let the world know about his marriage.  Finding out that Bron was pregnant seemed to be the catalyst for this sudden line of inspiration.  “I know what you are thinking and you had better not even bring it up at this party.  It would be the perfect opportunity for you to let the world know that you are married but this is about Backstreet, not you,” Mary spoke firmly, voicing her thoughts.

Three of the five Backstreet Boys turned to her and on her like she had turned into the devil himself.  Looks of anger from Howie, Brian, and Nick were shared with everyone in the room. 

Nick got up from the table and bit his bottom lip.  “I’m really surprised at you.  I thought you were her friend but then I thought you could handle A.J. too, I guess not.  We are all Backstreet, Kevin chose to marry Bron, that makes her Backstreet, you are not.”

Jaws dropped and eyes rolled.  A.J. was to hung over to voice an opinion or defend his girlfriend against Nick’s comment. 

Suzie silently watched from the corner of the kitchen.  She was waiting for her opportunity.  Both Mary and Bron were stressed if one of them didn’t let it go, it was going to get ugly.  Bron had been wound up for a couple of days.  “Mary can I talk to you, privately?”

Kaylin interrupted the hostility in the room when she came flying in the side door huffing and puffing.  “Is the mail here yet?”

Kevin nodded at her as he grabbed the envelope off the counter.  “Is this what you are waiting for?”

“Yes!”  Kaylin squealed with delight.  She reached for it only to have it pulled away.  “Its mine!”

Kevin countered her, “No, it says ‘To the Parents of,’ that’s us.  Come on let’s go find your mom.” 

Grabbing her hand, they left the group stunned at Nick’s words.  Kevin smiled as he found Bron digging holes out next to the patio.  The rosebushes were lined up where she wanted them to be put.  Taking in the sight of his backyard he had to admit she had done one hell of a job for him.  Everything was perfect right down the brick barbeque at the other end.  A set of small steps showed the way up to a whirlpool.  She had planted mature bushes and plants around the edge for privacy.  The patio matched the stone from the kitchen.

Pulling the shovel from her hands, he looked at her.  Absently she wiped a stray hair from her face with her glove.  “You did a beautiful job out here, I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks,” she mumbled wearing a frown.  “I like it, it’s almost like home.”

“I love it.  It is home.  Look mom,” Kaylin made a grab for the envelope.

“Stop, I just told you,” Kevin pulled it away.  “Want me to open it?”  Kevin waved it at Bron.

“Yes please, I’m a mess.”  Bron watched as the paper was removed and unfolded, a smile grew on her face.  As she read the report, she became full of pride.  After all the things that she had been through, she had pulled excellent grades.

As they read each line Kaylin stood there, “Come on, did I do okay?”  This was important to her.  Kevin and mom had promised that she could have anything she wanted if she did well.

Kevin shook his head, “I dunno, I just don’t get it.” 

“Let me see, I tried really hard,” Kaylin whined.

“I see that,” Kevin smiled as he handed it to her.  “You’re too wise for your years, you talk like you’re fourteen, you get in trouble like you’re sixteen.  You act more mature than your mom.”

“Hey!”  Bron protested, as she swatted at him. 

A chuckle escaped him as he fended off the meaningless attack, “You win, anything you want.”

“Anything?”  Kaylin repeated without missing a beat.

Pondering the quick response, Kevin eyed her up and down.  Kaylin was coiled like a spring, ready to pop.  “Within reason, as your mom would say.”

“I want to go to the big party,” Kaylin looked at him point-blank.

“No,” Bron replied.

“You said anything,” Kaylin pouted at her.

Bron noted her change; this wasn’t Kaylin’s normal sulk.  Kaylin was going to play Kevin for the fool.  Standing back, she decided to see how Kevin the, ‘I want us to be a family,’ was going to handle this one.  Kaylin had already been told she wasn’t allowed at the ‘adult party,’ arrangements had been made for her to stay at Janey’s with Logan.

Bron turned to see Nick standing at the patio door.  She winked as she switched her gaze back to the two standing in front of her.

“Honey this party is for adults.  It’s going to be noisy and no fun for little kids,” Kevin knew she had no place at the event and was trying to let her down easy.  “Isn’t there anything else?”

A gleam in Kaylin’s eyes set off Bron’s mommy radar.  Bron turned around so that Kevin wouldn’t see her laugh.  Sucker, she said to herself.

“Okay if I can’t go to the party, I want a puppy,” Kaylin grinned.

“A puppy, okay...  There are responsibilities to owning a puppy.  We travel a lot.  Who is going to take care of the puppy if were not home?”

“Mom won’t go anywhere, she’s working and going to have a baby.”

“Gee Kaylin thanks for planning my life,” Bron quipped.  Kaylin must have been planning this for some time.  Kevin took the bait, like a big old fish; hook, line, and sinker.  Mulling it over she knew which puppy too.  One of Logan’s new puppies, the dogs were huge.  She was going to protest until she thought about the letter she had gotten recently.  Lenny had threatened Kaylin before, what better form of protection than a two hundred pound dog. 

“I don’t know Kaylin...,” Kevin looked towards Bron for direction.  She wasn’t offering it either.  I guess I deserved this, he mumbled to himself.  I wanted to push the issue, now she’s going to leave me here to make the decision all by myself and if it doesn’t work out, boy am I going to hear about it.

Bron began to smirk at him, knowing what he was looking for, confirmation.  Bron wasn’t offering it either. 

“Fine a puppy it is,” Kevin threw his arms up in the air.

“YEAH!”  Kaylin yelled.  “I’m going to go call Logan and tell him you said yes!”  Kaylin was shouting as she ran in the house.  “I’m getting a dog,” she screeched at Nick as she tore by him.

“She suckered you Kevin,” Bron laughed.  “The little manipulator.  I can almost bet that Logan and her have been planning this for weeks.”

“They have,” Kevin laughed.  “Pete told me about it.”

Bron frowned, “When were you going to tell me?”

“After she got the puppy,” Kevin tilted his head and gave her a sexy little smile.  “You mad?”

“No, not at all honey,” Bron scooted towards him.  Placing her hands on his chest, she rubbed slowly.  Her hands stopped suddenly and she shoved him as hard as she could into the pool.  “Not at all,” she hissed at him.

Kevin was treading water.  He should be angry with her but he wasn’t, he wanted the massive animal for Kaylin for protection.  The last thing he was going to do was to inform Bron of his real purpose of wanting the dog.

Nick meander out to the patio, testing the waters so to speak.  “A puppy, a baby, a kid, and a wife.  You’re missing the white picket fence,” Nick laughed uncontrollably. 

“Hey Nicky boy, be careful what you say, wife there, she’ll have that fence up by morning.”  Kevin swam to the edge of the pool.  “Help me out baby,” as he held his hand up for her.

“Man you think she’s that dumb,” Nick snickered as he walked to the edge of the pool.

“Worth a shot Kaos,” Kevin pulled himself out of the pool.  Bron had produced a towel for him and he dropped it around his shoulders after drying his face.  “Thanks for sticking up for me in there,” Kevin spoke loud enough for Bron to hear.

“Hey I have to stick up for my second mom and dad,” as he shoved Kevin slightly.  “I guess I know why you wanted to come home so bad.  I just thought you were missing my favorite fic writer.”

“Your fic writer?”  Kevin turned his head sideways as Nick sat down next to him.  Both of them dangling their feet in the water.  “She writes about me, not you.”

“Yeah well, I discovered her.”  Nick countered.

“Oh you did, did you?”  Kevin wasn’t sure where this conversation was going.  A feeling that Nick was leveling with him about some inner feelings was coming over him.

Nick nodded, “Yep, she’s mine, so I wouldn’t screw it up if I were you.  I’ll always be there for you guys.  I know that over last few months life has not gone according to ‘your plan’,” Nick paused using his fingers to emphasize the quote.  “A.J.’s not doing well but Bron is happy and your happy.  A new baby, I’m sooo cool with that too.”

Kevin was confused not understanding the point of this exchange.  The next thing he saw was Nick bobbing in the water and shaking his head, yelling at Bron, “Hey!”

Bron stood next to Kevin, gazing down at Nick, “I’m sorry I don’t have any seagrass in my pool for you to run over, maybe next year.  How about just saying that you’ll abide by my wishes and not tell anyone about the baby?”

“Okay, I won’t,” Nick grinned. 

“What the hell was this all about?”  Kevin looked at both of them confused as hell.

“Simple, your little brother just pulled a Mc on you and threatened you not to screw up.”  Bron rattled off as Kaylin and Logan came storming back through the door again.

“Mom…” Kaylin ran up to her.

“Kaylin you’re not getting the dog until after the party.”  Bron continued to work without turning around.

“No Mom, Mary and Suzie are yelling at each other,” Kaylin said softly. 

Bron dropped the shovel and was gone. 

“Shit,” Kevin came off the pool deck and ran in the direction that his wife had just gone. 

Nick swam to the side of the pool, hoisted up and out of it.  Dashing in the same direction as the two who had just left.

Kaylin and Logan exchanged looks at each other.  Kaylin shook her head, “Man, he’s gonna get it.”

Logan nodded, “Yep your mom is gonna kill him for going through the house all wet.”

“Nope, Kevin will kill him for that,” Kaylin answered as they scampered off in the direction of the barn.





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