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Chapter 46

The party was only hours away, the guests would be arriving.  Bron was a bundle of nerves and so was Kevin.  They had been barking and hollering at everyone the entire day.  Mc and the Backstreet security were huddled up in Bron’s office going over their plans.  Suzie convinced Bron to follow her down to the entertainment room under the guise that the bar was not stocked properly.  The ladies took that to their advantage.  A few minutes later they joined the rest of the boys out on the patio.   They watched as Kevin was almost drowned in his own pool until he promised to get rid of the attitude.  A game of chicken had been well under way when Kevin noticed Bron was conspicuously absent from the group.  Considering her stress level, he began to worry.  He called a time out to which Nick screamed bullshit and knocked Brian completely off Kevin’s shoulders.  Sending Kevin and Brian backwards.

“Stop!”  Kevin looked to the ladies sitting around the pool.  “Where’s my Witch?”

“Resting,” Suzie smiled.  The ladies were unusually amused by the remark.

“Good, she needs to get some rest for tonight,” Kevin surged towards Nick and held him under the water by his shoulders.  Laughing as Nick sputtered under his hands.  “Do we need the blonde kid?”

“Not really we have Bri, he’s blonde now thanks to Leigh.”  Howie shouted from across the pool.

Mc stepped out on the patio, “Ladies what have you done with Spark?”  The smile on his face told them they were busted.

“Us?  Nothing,” Suzie sighed.  “She brought it on all by herself.”

“Pretty severe punishment if you ask me?”  Mc busted out laughing as he went back into the house.  Bringing out a tray of glasses and a vintage bottle of champagne.  Filling each glass, he handed one to each of them.  “Suzie, may I salute you for getting one over on the Queen of Teases and Tricks.”

“Bron doesn’t do tricks, remember we had her arrested for that,” Kevin laughed from the pool. 

The guys horsed around while the ladies sat and sipped champagne checking their watches every now and then.

The patio door flung open.  Bron stood there full of piss and vinegar.  “What did you ladies do to her?”  Kevin’s heart sank; it was going to be a miserable evening by the looks of her.

“Do you know what they did!”  Bron huffed at him. 

Mc raised his glass to Suzie, “Good one, I owe you.”

“They... they... they ... They’re mean!”  Bron sputtered and left. 

“Thanks a shitload ladies,” Kevin muttered as he left the pool and trotted in the house.

“Good, now they’re both out of the way,” Nick laughed as he bounced the ball off the hoop, all backboard, no net.  “What did you do?”

“Made her watch Nobody But You, over and over again from the homecoming tape” Gillian giggled.

“That’s harsh,” Nick mumbled.  “She’ll be paying you back for that.”

The caterer at the patio door motioning them out broke up the party beside the pool.

Bron sat on the bed her head trailing Kevin’s movements around the room.  He was dancing like a cat on hot tin roof.  Pacing, primping, and in general acting like a girl.  Bron sat with her chin resting in her hand.  She had showered and her hair was as done as it was going to get.  All that was left was make-up and to get dressed.

Guest would be arriving in one hour and she hadn’t even gotten dressed yet.  Bron hadn’t budged, she just sat there.  Glancing to the clock, “Don’t you think you should get ready?”

“I’m not going, I’m staying up here,” she sighed.

Kevin came to a screeching halt.  The shoe brush that was in his hand was waved at her, “You’re going, get moving.”

“I don’t want to,” Bron fell back on the bed.  “I don’t feel good.”  Bron was grinning in her head; that was the only excuse she needed to get out of going.  Second thoughts had plagued her since her talk with A.J. earlier and the argument between Suzie and Mary.

Hands were placed next to her hips on the bed.  Leaning over her, the bed sunk slightly as he perched on the step.  His weight now bore on the mattress, “Get your butt up and get moving, you’re going if I have to drag your ass down there.  There is nothing wrong with you but a case of anxiety.”

“I don’t really need to be there,” she mumbled through closed eyelids.  “It’s not like you’re going to spend anytime with me anyway.”

A tap on her forehead made her open her eyes, assessing the defiant little glare in his eyes, she knew who she was talking to.  “Oh, hi Dark Boy.”

“Don’t screw with me, get up, get dressed.  I’m sick to my stomach as it is.  I need you downstairs in the same room with me.”  Kevin held his hand out to help her up, she batted it away as she marched into the bathroom.  Standing in front of the mirror, he fussed with his belt and began to tuck his shirt in.  Not happy with the shirt he searched for another one.  Finding one he went back to the mirror, he smiled, “Thank you Dark Boy, it works every time.”

The bedroom door swung open and Kevin saw Nick’s reflection in the mirror. 

“Where’s Bron?”  Nick watched Kevin fumbling with the buttons on his shirt.

“One, try knocking…”  Kevin answered as he tucked the front of his shirt down into his pants.  Holding the front of his pants, he nodded his head towards the bathroom.

“I’m here,” she ducked out the bathroom door.  Toothpaste covering her face and her toothbrush in her mouth. 

Nick’s head bobbed from one to the other.  A mental image flashed in his head, Kev’s doing his pants and Bron’s brushing her teeth.

Kevin started to laugh.  “You perv Kaos,” Kevin smirked.

“What do you want?”  Bron shook her head at the two hormonal driven men.

“Kris is here, she wants to know which room she’s staying in?  MTV just arrived.”  Nick tattled quickly because Kevin’s facial expression changed rapidly.  He didn’t know about this, Nick laughed in his head.

“End of the hall, left side,” Bron shouted and slammed the bathroom door.  “Dumb ass Mc set that poor kid up,” as she finished her make-up.

Nick slowly backed out of the room.  Kevin was stock-still.  His shoulders squared and his fists clenching away at his sides.  Nick thought if he had a little smoke stack on his head, he would really look like a train from the amount steam that would blow out of top of the stack.

Shutting the door, Nick stood outside, waiting.

“You can go downstairs now,” Mc motioned him away.

“I don’t wanna,” Nick pouted like a thirteen year old.

“You can stand there all day and you’re not going to hear a thing.”  Mc smiled.

“Damn,” Nick walked down the hall, shoulders hunched in defeat.

Carlos and Jake came up to Mc.  They watched a dejected Nick shuffle down the hall. 

Taking a deep breath, Carlos smiled.  “You shouldn’t send Nick to do your dirty work.  Someday him and Kevin are going to mix it up again.”

Mc opened the door to hear Kevin shouting, “When this damn party is over we’re going to sit down and I’m going to explain to you how things are going to be run around here!  You and your damn surprises!”

Bron’s laughter could be heard in the hall, “Yes Master,” she giggled.

The door was smacked shut from the other side.  Mc smiled.  “God I love those two together.”

“You’re really sick,” Jake mumbled to which Carlos laughed.

A half hour had gone by and the three guys stood in the hall, waiting patiently.  One on each side of the hall since Kevin had not come out of the bedroom yet, neither had Bron.  Mc guarded their door.  Keeping guests away from the private quarters was on their agenda.  The rest of the security team were either with their appointed Boy or working on the house and grounds.

When the door opened, Kevin stepped out, he was beaming.  Bron’s hand was enveloped in his large one.  Tugging on her hand, she followed.

Mc noted the flushed face and leaned towards her.  “Getting nasty with your hubby before a party in your own house, you’re getting really bad Spark.”

Bron wasn’t going to give him the self-satisfaction of answer.  She didn’t have too, Kevin did it for her.

“Thank you darlin’,” his arm moved to her waist and pulled her closer.  “I’m much more relaxed now.”  His nose now buried in her hair.  Taking in as much as his senses could handle since from here on out until the party was over, they were business associates and that’s all.

A groan slipped out of Bron’s mouth from embarrassment as she looked at the three men standing there.  “Like my new necklace?”

“Very nice necklace, did Kevin get that for you?”  Carlos looked at it.  The emeralds matched her dress and the emeralds in her wedding ring.

“Yeah, sort of,” Kevin’s eyed rolled back.  Patting Carlos on the back, Kevin began to walk away.  Carlos followed as always, Kevin chattering away.  When Kevin was nervous, he wouldn’t shut up.

“Did I ever tell you, that when Bron wants something she has no problems with just going out getting it herself.”

“Really?”  Carlos laughed.  “Hmm, I never would have guessed that about her.”

“Yeah, they went shopping last week, I hate to see the bills next month from that trip,” Kevin was fighting the amusement in his voice.

“I paid cash,” Bron spoke loudly from down the hall.

Kevin’s face paled considerably as he blinked rapidly at her in disbelief.

“Maybe I should’ve have waited until tomorrow to tell him that,” Bron snickered as she headed in the opposite direction as Kevin.  Opening the bedroom door to where Suzie and Kris were going to get dressed.

“Hi guys,” Bron smiled.

Kris shot her a look, “You didn’t tell him you invited me did you?”

“No,” Bron flashed her smile.

“One of these days Bron he is going to lose it and you two are really going to go at it.  Kevin has a hard time controlling his temper, especially when it comes to you.”  Kris talked as she unpacked. 

Suzie stood there with a goofy expression on her face.  Bron remembered she hadn’t told her that she had met Kris and that they actually got along.  “I see you two have met,” Bron grinned.

“Hi I’m Kris,” Kris offered a hand.

Suzie shook it, tilted her head, “She’s really just trying to jerk his chain more and more everyday.”

Bron nodded with an all-knowing smile.  “Yep and we’re going to compare notes.”

“Remind me to tell you about the time we were…”

They thought it was thunder when the door flew open.  “Hi honey,” Kris and Bron chimed at him.  It was only Kevin.

“You, out,” he stepped aside as he motioned to Bron.

“He takes all my enjoyment away,” Bron sighed as she slowly made her way to the door.

“Is he still a good kisser?”  Kris laughed.  Nothing like driving Kevin nuts just for fun.

“Don’t answer that,” as he gave Bron a slight shove down the hall.

“Some things never change Kris, we’ll talk later.  Suzie your date is waiting for you downstairs.”  Bron giggled as she headed to the stairway.

“You’re not talking to her about that shit,” Bron heard Kevin.  Swinging her head over her shoulder, she saw Kevin glaring into the bedroom and then glancing back to look at her. 

“Wait for me,” Suzie dashed out of the room.  As she met Bron at the top of the stairs she spoke, “You’re a freak, you’re friends with her.”

Bron motioned someone to come upstairs. 

Clearing her throat quietly, Bron looked at Suzie.  Using a bad impression of Kevin’s twang, she smiled. “Its all good.  Meet your date, Mr. Carter.”

“Hi, I’m Nick it’s nice to meet you,” Nick extended a hand to Suzie.  Nick was turning on the Carter charm.  He had suspected this but didn’t dare ask because Bron would have pulled a switch on him if he had told her he knew.

Suzie took his hand out of frustration.  Bron could have warned her, she should have never told her that she had a little crush on Nick.  For Christ sakes he was just a kid.  “I’m gonna kill her Nick,” as they watched Bron descend the stairs by herself.  Mc met her at the bottom with Stevie.

“I think Kev has that covered,” as Nick leaned back and looked down the hall.  It was strange to see Kris and Kevin standing together.  Some how to Nick it didn’t seem right.  He liked Kris but Bron should be standing next to him, not Kris.  “Thank you for being my date,” Nick leaned over and placed his lips on her hand.  “It’s going to be very nice to be able to spend some time with you away from work.”

Oh my God, screamed through her head.  Nick Carter is kissing my hand.  She was frozen until she heard Kevin’s voice by her head. 

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna take care of my Witch tomorrow.  Right now, enjoy yourself and enjoy the party.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work on this.”

“You’re welcome Kevin,” Suzie mumbled as the couples headed downstairs to join the party.





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