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Chapter 49

“I’m filing for divorce on Monday,” Bron hissed in his ear as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Can’t do that, I won’t allow it,” he smiled at the people behind them, watching the two of them dance.  “We didn’t have a choice.  Carson cornered Kris in the kitchen.  He really put her on the spot.  We’re stuck and you know it.  He can still talk.”

“I know.”  Bron answered.  “I’m proud of A.J. he hasn’t touched one drop, but Mary is going to be pissed at me for a lifetime.  I know her, this was about you guys, not you and I.”

“I already talked to Mary, she’s cool with it.  She understands that we were stupid and put ourselves in a position that we didn’t have a choice.”  Kevin’s hand lazily rested on her bottom as they twirled about.  “I’m proud of Bone too.”

Krystal’s voice became louder, Kevin turned Bron slightly so she could see why.  Krystal wasn’t singing for the audience inside, she was singing for them.  “I’ll kick her butt tomorrow too,” Bron groaned.

Kevin glided her around the patio, singing the lyrics in her ear. 

Resting her head lightly on his chest, he was going to do what he wanted so she might as well as let him.  Smiling when she heard him whispering softly to her as he danced to the darker side of the terrace.  “I wanna love you baby and you are all I need.”

“One to one, you and me, maybe it’s some destiny.”  Kevin’s hands dropped his hands to her hips and lightly pressed his hips into her.  “Feels good doesn’t it?” Kevin murmured, his hips pressing harder into her.

“It would be better if we didn’t have an audience,” Bron bit her lip and pulled her head back to gaze into his green eyes that now were laced with so much happiness.

“We don’t, they can’t see all the way back here,” Kevin lowered his lips to Bron’s.  Fate, karma who the hell knows, the words were perfect.  “Soul to soul, fire to fire, nothing like this hearts desire.”

Bron’s mouth opened to sing with him; instead, she was the recipient of his tongue.  “Mmmm,” she groaned as his hands grasped her head.  Angling her slightly so he could probe deeper.  Their tongues matching the sway of the rest of their bodies.

Pushing her head back, he teased and taunted her lips.  “Love is such a sweet emotion, I want to share it all with you.”  It was a deep timbre and not in a hushed tone.

The entire house exploded in laughter as the two lovers were caught in the act by the youngest member of BSB.  Hearing Nick yell as a spotlight landed on them, “Hey we lost you guys back there!”

Bron froze and so did Kevin.  They turned to look at some two hundred or so people assembled in their home.  Nick standing on the balcony of Kevin and Bron’s bedroom shining the light on them.

Kevin began to sing with Krystal, who now stood outside on the patio.  As if on cue, Krystal hit it that one line.  Kevin squeezed Bron’s hand and smiled.  He raised his arms in the air when Krystal sang ‘somebody raise your hand now,’ still holding Bron’s hand.  

“Love is a beautiful thing... stay together thick and thin, now I know I’ve gotta a friend.”  Kevin sang loudly as the spotlight danced over the pool.  Bron squeezed his hand, turning he looked at her, she grinned, “Should we? I feel so immature today.”

“What the hell darlin’ our cover is blown,” They ran the thirty feet or so and jumped in the pool together, holding hands.

Suzie was screaming, ‘OH MY GOD!’ which was followed by loud clapping and whistles from the onlookers.  Neither of them noticing that she was up there with Nick.  They must have kissed and made up.  Suzie was upset at first over Nick’s behavior so she helped Bron lock him in the pantry.  She soon realized that Nick was just being the clown he truly was.  After all, they weren’t dating so she had no say-so on what his extra-circular activities were.

“Holy Shit,” Nick was laughing as he watched Kevin and Bron swim to the side.  “She’s good for ya Train, she keeps you young.”

The Backstreet security flipped and rushed to the pool to help them out.  Bron turned and Kevin got an eye full of nipples.  Taking off his jacket, he wrapped it around her shoulders.  “Thanks,” Bron blinked.  “Thank God for waterproof makeup.”

“Almost,” Kevin laughed as he wiped a smear running down her cheek.

They were laughing as they re-entered the living room surrounded by well-wishers while they dripped all over the carpet.  “Excuse us, we need to change.”

Suzie and Nick were holding hands as the soaked couple made their way to the top of the stairs.  Kevin slicked his hair back out of his eyes.  “I guess I’m gonna need a new tux.”

“Guess so, Armani ain’t cheap dude,” Nick punched him in the arm. 

“You’re safe for now Little Man,” Bron laughed as she sailed into the bedroom.  Nick and Suzie followed until Kevin frowned.

“Sorry,” Nick rolled his eyes and waited in the hall.

“Take a walk Nick,” Mc stood there.

“He takes all my fun away,” Nick pulled Suzie down the hall with him.

The bedroom door opened and Bron poked her head out the door.  “Hey Suz!”

“What?” she answered as both her and Nick turned towards Bron.

“Forget what I said earlier, go for it!”  Bron was bopping in the doorway like her youngest would have done.

A loud, ‘Bronwyn!’ was heard from Kevin and the door was smacked shut quickly.

“Hey Suzie?”  Nick gave her the slick Carter grin.  I’ll ask it can’t hurt, he reasoned.

“Yes Nick,” Suzie tilted her head.  God what a smile, she sighed to herself.

“Ya mad at me?” as he tilted his head to match hers. 

Suzie raised her eyebrows at him, “No, not really, it’s your last night on Earth anyway.  When the Richardson’s are done with you tomorrow, Aaron will be doing all your parts.”  Nick was as sweet as they come, slick as well, but mainly sweet.

“Wanna see my room?” he wagged his brows at her.

“Yes, I think I do,” as they ambled down the hall.  She couldn’t believe she was actually taking Nick up on his offer.  Stopping they both looked down the stairs.  People were leaving the house in groups.  Bron and Kevin’s antics in the pool had called it a night.  All of them assumed that the newly married couple wouldn’t be coming back down even though they said they would be.  They viewed the guests awaiting their limos few a stretch of time.

Howie came down from the studio with Gillian, “Got ya covered Frack, everyone is leaving anyway.”

“I owe ya,” Nick called as they halted at Nick’s door.  Standing hand and hand.  They sighed as they just looked at each other.

Kevin opened his door and came out.  He was now wearing just a plain suit.  “Where ya goin’ Nick?”

“Umm... ummm...”  Nick was fumbling.

Suzie placed her hands on her hips and looked at Kevin, “I’m following my boss’s orders.”  With that said she opened the door to Nick’s room and walked in.

“Oh!  Better do what the boss says.  Besides she’s going to kill him tomorrow,” Kevin chuckled as he bounced down the stairs, two at time.  He needed to find John Norris and talk to him about tomorrow.  Catching him at the door, they moved the conversation upstairs to Kevin’s office.

Nick waited for them to go up to the offices, “Hey if he wants to spill it doesn’t mean I’m going too.”  Nick waltzed in and shut the door to find Suzie looking out the window.

“What do you think they are going to do about the ruined exclusive tomorrow?”  Suzie glanced out the blinds, trying not to pay attention to the rustling of clothes behind her.

“It’s covered.  There is more than one surprise going on, Brian and Leighanne have something to say to,” Nick shrugged out of his coat and tossed his shoes in the corner. 

Suzie spun around, she hadn’t heard anything and Bron would have told her.  “What?”

“Oh now I can’t be tellin’ you that, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”  Nick’s tongue trailed over his top lip.  “Kevin will handle it, but I know they won’t be saying a word about their baby.”

Nick crossed the room and stood in front of her.  Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled in close, planting a searing kiss on her lips.

“Ohhhh,” she mumbled as her hands rubbed his chest.

Pulling back, he caught a hint of insecurity in her eyes.  Nick was a player but not an idiot.  “Can I ask you a question and you won’t be offended?”

“Yes,” she answered as he still held her tightly in his arms.

“You don’t just fall into bed with a guy this quick.  So why me?”

“Ahh,” Suzie was stumbling.  “Because I’ve had this secret little crush on you for a long time and I wanted to know what it was like.”

Nick listened carefully, he had heard that line many times through the years.  Suzie was honest though, she didn’t just want to bed a Backstreet Boy.

“Really,” Nick giggled.  “A crush on me?”  Casually Nick slipped his dress shirt off and tossed it to the chair.

“Yes and you’re making me uncomfortable,” Suzie didn’t like being put on the spot.

“I don’t mean too,” as he sat on the bed.  Patting the bed with his hand for her to come and join him.  “I like you, you play it straight with me.”

She sat next to him, “I like you too, I think.  I’m not sure if it’s an attraction or not.”  She was afraid to tell him that.  The last thing she wanted was to sleep with Nick and in the morning get the ‘why don’t we be friends’ speech.

Grabbing her hand he folder hers into his.  “Would you have gone out with me had I asked you?  Instead of this blind date thing.”

A silence hung in the air, Nick was nervous, Suzie was contemplating her answer.  “Probably not, the age difference.”

“So you never would have acted on your crush had Bron not pushed you?”  His hand squeezed tighter around hers.  His total focus was on her, everything, his eyes, his body, all of his senses, and for the first time in a long time, his brain too.

Standing up he pulled her up with him.  Letting go of her hand, he pulled the covers back on the bed.  Going over to the dresser he pulled out a blue tee-shirt.  Tossing it to her, she caught it.  “You’re staying here with me tonight but nothing is going to happen.”

Nick saw the hurt in her eyes, she had gone out on limb here.  Suzie didn’t understand what he was thinking and he needed to clear it up.  “You can change in the bathroom.”  Nick paced the room as he watched her go in and shut the door. 

Suzie wanted to cry, she felt humiliated and embarrassed, Nick didn’t want her that way.  She had blown it.  If she were smart, she would not change just leave.  Sighing loudly, she changed.  Opening the door, she found Nick already in the bed, shirtless and covered to his waist.

“Come on,” he pulled back the covers to reveal a pair of sweats. 

She walked slowly to the bed, unsure, insecure, and heartbroken.  Settling next to him, she gasped when he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.  Dropping one of his legs over hers, he placed her head in the hollow of his neck and shoulder.  “Don’t worry Suz, we’re going to sleep together.  The sex will wait until you can say you would go out on date with me with no misgivings.”

A loud ‘Oh’, escaped her as her body relaxed against his.

“Where would you like to go on our first date?”

“Can you ask me that tomorrow, when we aren’t laying in a bed with each other?”

Nick was laughing so hard the bed was shaking.  “Yep, and don’t ever lock me in the closet with Ang again, she is a wild woman.  You have to stop helping Bron pick on me.  The five of them that night...”

“Nick!”  Suzie closed her eyes.

“Ah, sorry I did it again,” Nick closed his eyes as he pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head.  You idiot, he mentally busted himself.  “You’re too easy to talk too.”

“Shut up Nick,” Suzie yawned.

“Okay,” as he began to drift off to sleep.

Love Is A Beautiful Thing- Written by Seth Swersky





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