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Chapter 5

Bron jerked the door open to find a very beautiful statuesque blonde in front of her.  Exhaling loudly, she stepped aside and motioned her in.

Kevin watched from the desk as the two women sized each other up.  He was wondering if a catfight was going to break out or not.  They began talking and Bron smiled genuinely.  She motioned the woman in and pointed to Kevin who nodded and waved at the woman.

Bron indicated for the woman to follow her out of Kevin’s sight.  This he was not quite comfortable with.  He checked his watch the interview was scheduled for fifteen more minutes.  Bron could go nuts in five seconds flat.  Kevin stood up and paced still somewhat tied to the desk.  He was kicking himself in the ass for not getting the portable from the kitchen in the first place. 

His frustration grew as he couldn’t see or hear either of them.  Then he heard Bron laughing loudly from the kitchen. 

They both heard him cough loudly from the other room.  “What’s up with him?” the visitor asked, as she peeked into the living room and saw him pacing back and forth. 

“He thinks we’re going to kill each other,” Bron snickered.

The woman giggled, “We’re not rabid fans.”

“Tell him that,” Bron smirked.  She stopped immediately after that and began to speak, “I’m really sorry about this.”

The woman turned to look at Bron, “Why are you sorry?”

Bron cleared her throat, “I guess I just kind of messed things up for you two.”

The woman watched Bron finger her wedding ring nervously.  “Well I didn’t think this was going to happen, but I was the one who moved out first this time.  I guess I just figured things were going back to normal.  We’ve always been off and on.”

“Kris I’m really sorry.  I had no intentions of getting involved with Kevin,” Bron spoke loud and clear.

“I know you didn’t.  If I have my facts straight you actually turned him down with a pinch,” Kris grinned.

Bron’s expression was utter shock.  She was so stunned she didn’t have a response.  How the hell does she know about that?

Kris looked at Bron and knew she needed an explanation.  Only an insider that was trusted would know that and relay it to her.  “Brian watches out for Kevin more than he knows.”

A loud groan escaped from Bron.  She could only imagine what Choirboy had repeated to Kris.

“Hey it’s no big deal.  The Backstreet Network works faster than the phone company,” Kris laughed trying to ease Bron’s obvious tension and discomfort.

Bron was still taken a back by the admission, turned to her.  “Well knowing Brian you know the entire sordid tale so I don’t have to repeat it.”

“Did you really throw a vase and champagne bottle at him because you didn’t want to come here?”  Kris asked.  When Brian had told her that he had found out from Carlos he couldn’t believe it either.

Bron smiled broadly, “Yep and I almost won too.  He gets me so mad sometimes.  He’s always pushing and shoving me to do things I don’t want to.”

Kris giggled at the statement and then added her own opinion on the subject.  “Oh the stubborn side of Kevin mixed with the manly man side and a dash of temper.  Not to many people know it actually exists.”

Bron began to laugh, Kris knew Kevin inside and out.  Bron put her hands on her hips, raised one eyebrow up towards the ceiling, and smirked at Kris.  Kris doubled over in laughter and Bron joined her. 

“I wouldn’t call it manly man, it’s more like caveman,” Bron announced much to Kris’s delight.  Kevin’s wife had him pegged already.

Kevin could hear all the giggling and laughter in the kitchen.  This is to freakin’ weird.  “What the hell are they talkin’ about?”  He groaned just above a whisper. 

“So I hear you have roommates now,” Bron stated as a fact.

“Oh yes and I don’t like it.  They drive me crazy.”  Kris’s face soured even at thought.

“Why didn’t you stay here by yourself?”  Bron inquired gently, wanting to pry discreetly.  She needed to know.

Kris wasn’t sure whether to answer her or not.  “I can’t afford it by myself and I don’t think I could live with anyone else in this house.  Don’t get me wrong Bronwyn but I still care about Kevin.  Besides the owners wanted to sell, they don’t want the upkeep anymore.

Bron nodded and smiled.  Just what I thought, she mused to herself.  Bron offered her something to drink, Kris followed her to the table, and they both sat.  “This is weird,” Bron remarked.

“Not just for you.  I’m not use to someone serving me ice tea in my own kitchen.”

“I’m sorry,” Bron quickly apologized to her.

“You really need to stop apologizing to me.  If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be,” Kris sighed.

Bron began to apologize again and again Kris interjected.  “Stop Bronwyn please?”  Kris asked and then continued to talk.  “I left some of my clothes in the spare bedroom.  Can I go get them?” she asked.

“Sure, but you don’t need to.  I figured they were yours so I packed them up for you.  I did wonder about that one skirt though.”  Bron smirked at her.

Kris gave her a little grin.  “I can’t move the boxes until tomorrow is that okay?” she inquired.

“That’s fine,” came from behind them from Kevin.  He was shook up and it was evident.

Bron smiled at him.  “Take a deep breath Lurch.  There is no blood, no arguing, not even a good cat fight.”

The ladies laughed as Kevin did exactly what Bron told him to do.

“Amazing you’ll have to tell me how you did that,” Kris winked at Bron.

Bron smiled, “I’ll leave you two alone to talk.” 

Kevin watched her head for the living room.  “I’m hungry,” he whined.

Bron expressed her exasperation at him by moaning loudly and speaking with her back still to them.  “You just ate awhile ago.”

“Some thing never change,” Kris snickered watching Kevin’s face contort.

Bron turned on her heel and headed for the refrigerator.  Jerking open the door she stuck her head in it.  “If you throw food at him every couple of hours he’s more even tempered.” 

Kevin coughed loudly and Kris smirked knowing that Bron was right. 

“Chicken salad?”  Bron asked as she stood up with a bowl in her hand. 

“Sounds good to me,” Kris answered.

“I don’t like chicken...”  Kevin began to utter.

“Relax Lurch peanut butter jelly coming right up,” Bron smiled at him.

Bron turned to see Kevin smiling broadly at her.  Then she realized what he had just done.  He had put her in the one place that she was always comfortable under any circumstance.  “Bad boy,” Bron chided him.

“Come on let’s go outside.  She doesn’t like anyone in her kitchen,” Kevin announced as he headed out the patio door.

Not five minutes had passed and Bron brought out two plates with a phone stuck in her ear and left.

“She’s nice Kev,” Kris smiled at him as she watched him gaze at Bron's retreating form. They sat and talked while they ate their lunch.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kris smiled at Bron as she prepared to leave.  “Two thirty okay?” 

Bron nodded a yes to her.  Bron mentally checked the time in her head, perfect she thought.

Bron watched Kevin walk out the door nodding to astranger as he passed by him at the doorway.  He walked Kris to her car and began a conversation with her.  He left Bron standing there with the gentleman.  "Gee, thanks Master," Bron mumbled under her breath.  Bron stared blankly at the man not knowing what to say.  Her cell rang in the kitchen and she excused herself to answer it.  “Thank God,” she uttered.

Upon answering it, she recognized Mary’s voice.  Finally, a friend she sighed.  They chatted and Bron relaxed as they did.  She cleaned the kitchen as they gossiped.  Bron was hoping by now that Kevin would be back in the house.  As Bron hung up she turned around and was faced with the stranger once again. 

“Who are you?” he asked.  “Where is Kris going?” The man set is briefcase down on the kitchen table.

Bron was perturbed at the questions.  He had no business asking her anything. She spoke with a no nonsense voice, “Why?  Who are you?  I really don’t think that is any of your business.”

The gentleman surveyed the short brunette with an attitude in front of him.  “Well then you must be Kevin’s latest--”

“What FUCK!”  Bron’s eyes burned a hole through the man.  'Who is this son of a bitch,' she seethed in her head.

“I was going to say housekeeper unless the latter does apply.”  He returned sarcastically.  Man, this woman is totally pissed off at me, he remarked to himself.  She has a lot of nerve speaking to me like this.

“Listen mister, I don’t know who the hell you are but get out of my face,” Bron spat at him.  “Who I am is none of your damn business.”

“Oh it’s my business lady.  Anything that goes on in his life is my business.  Who the hell are you?  You’re kind of mouthy to be an employee.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” came out of Bron one octave below a scream.

Kevin appeared at the doorway to the kitchen watching the verbal sparing match between the two of them.  He whistled loudly to get their attention.  They both turned to him and volleyed the same question 'who the hell is he/she.'

Pausing for a moment, he wasn’t sure how to start this.  This had not been how he envisioned this introduction going.

“Bron calm down.  This is Cole Palmer, he works for the Firm.  He is our point person.”

Bron didn’t say a word.  She couldn’t decide if she was more angry or embarrassed at what had just gone down.  When it came to business, she was all business.  This man was Kevin's business.

“Cole, I would like you to meet my wife Bronwyn,”  Kevin spoke in a measured tone but with a glint in his eye.





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