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Chapter 50

Bron sat in her kitchen the day after the party, stewing.  Her mouth almost dropped to the floor when she came down earlier in the morning.  Flying into kitchen, she offered her apologies to John and his camera operator for over sleeping.

Kevin danced around the kitchen, pulled out a chair for her and set a cup of java in front of her.  Kevin was a littler smarter now, there was no way he was going to mess with her until she had at least one cup in her.  Sitting back down in his chair he smiled at John as they casually talked about the business.  Kevin had a brainstorm last night after he showed John the door.  As he told John as much as he dared, he again was hit with the fact that he and his wife had never had a real honeymoon. 

It struck him that he had a few days off before he had to be back in Orlando for rehearsals.  Right then and there he decided that he was going to take his wife on a honeymoon, a real honeymoon.  It would be a short one but a real one.  They would leave later in the evening to one of his favorite places.  After he told Mc, Jake, and Stevie his plans, they out right laughed at him.  Mc launched into a long story of why he thought it was a bad idea, not the honeymoon, the setting.  Once Kevin heard it all, he smiled and told them it was perfect.  Bron would be taken by surprise and so far removed from her natural element that she could take the opportunity to just chill.  Mc give him the ‘yeah right’.

Kevin began to orchestrate his plan.  Everyone was more than willing to help since Bron had been basically dragging all of them into her little paybacks on Kevin and Nick.  Nick and Suzie were going to be Kevin’s special helpers.  Kevin groveled to both of them to please help him get some order in his life.  In his mind there was only one way to do that.  Nick of course, after last night, was all for it and even began to make his only little plans on the side.

“Where are we doing this interview?”  Bron popped bread in the toaster.  She wanted to go for the sugared cereal in the cupboard but Kevin had either hidden it or tossed it out again on her.  Her sweet tooth was nagging at her this morning.

“The interview is all done babe,” Kevin smiled at John from behind his cup.

“Huh?”  Bron looked at him and then jumped when the toaster startled her.

“The interview is done Mrs. Richardson.  You just missed Brian and Leighanne.”  John sat holding his cup.

“How the hell can you do an interview about us being married and I’m not there?  I just wanted to listen in.”

“I never said that you would be there darlin’.  Besides I don’t want your face splashed all over the media yet.”  Kevin’s tone reflected his intention which was to get Bron to shut up.

“Oh,” She blinked as she stopped buttering the toast.  “What did you tell them?”

Kevin turned in his chair to look at her.  For the first time Bron noticed that he looked damn good this morning.  No five o’clock shadow on his face, his hair pulled back in a ponytail.  She walked over to him forgetting for a split second that they had outsiders present.  She kissed his cheek, as she did she sniffed his neck.  Kevin started to laugh as he sat there; he looked at John and tilted his head, wearing a smile. 

“Hmm, the good stuff,” as she skirted back over to the kitchen counter.  Grabbing her toast, she sat down at the table.  “Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself.  I’m used to scruffy Kevin in the morning, that is when he does mornings.”

“Kevin scruffy, that’s a new one,” John repeated and then added his own comment.  “Let’s see he told us that you two were married in Las Vegas.  That you have two kids…”  John paused. 

Bron flashed Kevin a huge smile.  The fact that he had admitted that to them meant that he accepted Andrew as well as Kaylin. 

Lacing his fingers behind his head, Kevin leaned back in the chair.  He had to hand it to John; he had Bron eating out of his hand.  That in itself, was pretty unusual.  Bron ran on suspicion most of the time, thanks to Mc.

John glanced to Kevin and continued, “He said he married a wonderful woman who was a widow.  That your husband died a tragic death and if people respected him they wouldn’t pry any further than that.”

Bron gulped, she knew Kevin would have to bring it up because if he didn’t people would dig it up. 

Kevin’s smile grew larger as John winked at him.

“Oh and he said that you worship the ground he walks on.”  John quickly took a drink to quell the urge to laugh.

“Whaaa!”  Bron’s toast fell out of her mouth.  “You did not?” she eyed Kevin with caution, then became angry.  Kevin was wearing that shit-eating grin again, the one that said, ‘Yes I did.’  Sharply she turned to John, “Tell me he’s lying.”

“He’s not.  Then Brian and Leighanne did their piece followed by the rest of the guys.”  John stood up promptly and offered a hand to Bron.  “It was a pleasure to meet you.  I do have to go though because I have to beat Carson back to the studio.”

Bron’s nose wrinkled at the mere mention of the man’s name.  “Did you leave a copy for us to watch?”

John was put on the spot, “Actually no we didn’t.  It’s just a piece we’ll start airing tomorrow.  You’ll see it then.”

“Well I think you should at least leave a copy for the fellas to approve for final showing,” Bron offered her comment and looked at Kevin for support.  She didn’t get the backup she was looking for.  She wanted to see the damn tape.  She wanted to see what Kevin said and what Leighanne and Brian had to say and the rest of the guys

“Don’t worry baby, it’s all cool, we were there,” Kevin quickly pushed his chair out.  “I’m going to go get Kaylin and the new puppy.  I tried Janey’s earlier but they didn’t answer.”

“You’re getting a dog too, you should’ve told them that,” John waited for Kevin as he poured a shocked Bron another cup of coffee.

“I’m home!” was screamed through out the house.  The four people in the kitchen looked at the kitchen door as Kaylin barreled into the room.  “Let’s go, come on, they’re waiting.”

“Slow down Kaylin, mom isn’t awake yet.”  Kevin stood, trying to pour more coffee and not burn Kaylin, who kept tugging on his hand.  “Kaylin stop it now.  Say hi to Mr. Norris.  John, this is the Kaylin I was telling you about.”

“Hi,” Kaylin smiled.  “I’m getting a puppy today.”

“You are?”  John acted shocked for her benefit.

“Yes, it’s a big puppy and I’m going to call it Justin,” Kaylin smiled as John looked from the small child to Kevin, to Bron, and then back.

Bron’s shoulders jerked forward as she covered her mouth with her napkin.

“Not funny Kaylin,” Kevin tugged on her ponytail.

“I like it,” Bron smiled.  “She could have called him J.C.”

John didn’t know who was better at getting Kevin’s goat, the new Mrs. Richardson or her daughter. 

Bron heard a persistent thump coming down the stairs, through the dining room and into her kitchen.  She knew it had to be Nick and Andrew, with a basketball.  Nick started yelling from the dining room.  “Hey Bron, we were checking the web site out.  You have to put the chapter of slash back up with B-Rok and Train, the stats are falling.”

Kevin’s audible groan filled the room.

Nick stood in the doorway, bouncing the ball up and down. 

Bron smiled, “I’ll look into it honey.”  She wasn’t embarrassed over what she did for fun.  Besides, she was too busy trying to read one young Nickolas Gene Carter’s emotions.  She wanted to know how last night went.

“Hey John,” Nick stood next to Andrew dribbling the ball, slowly.  Thump- thump- thump.

“Nick,” John grinned, knowing full well what Nick was referring too, as far as the slash comment anyway.  Turning to Bron, he smiled, “It was nice to meet you.”

They watched John walk out the door.

“You asshole,” Kevin thumped Nick in the chest.  Too bad Bron missed the wink that went with it.  Grabbing Kaylin’s hand, he yelled good-bye.  “I’m going to get the puppy if anyone wants to come with us.” 

Andrew and Nick glanced at each other and dashed out the door behind him.  Nick was grinning as he caught up with Kevin.  “It worked.”

“Kids,” Bron muttered as another body appeared in the kitchen.  “Good morning Miss Suzie,” Bron smiled like the cat that caught the canary.

“Morning,” she sighed.  Okay so she had been up for hours helping Kevin, but Bron couldn’t find this out. 

“So?”  Bron eyeballed her.

“So what?”  Suzie replied as she shuffled to the coffeepot.

“Knock it off Suzie and start spilling.”  Bron spoke back.

Howie walked in, looked at both of them and left.  “Do I look that bad?”  Bron quipped

Suzie snickered, “No.  Well I’m going upstairs to get some work done.”

“Like hell you are, I wanna know how things went with the blond fruit juicy one.”

Bron was hot on Suzie’s tail as she climbed the stairs to the offices.  She had to laugh, Kevin was right, Bron was going to haunt her all day long.  “He better give me a damn raise for this.”

Mc was standing in Bron’s office when they arrived.  “What are you doing here?”  Bron was a little confused.

“Working, you sure’s hell don’t anymore.”  Mc sat in her chair watching her.  Suzie would need his help.  Kevin was totally insane for doing this.

Sticking her tongue out at him, “It’s Sunday.”

“Yes and you’re welcome for showing your guests out last night and doing security detail, since you decided to do the horizontal bop with pop-star.” 

“I did not, that was her,” Bron spun around and pushed Suzie out of her office.  “Forget it, he isn’t going to budge, we’ll use Kevin’s office.” 

Bron opened Kevin’s door to see Howie and A.J. working on something.  “Dammit,” she shut the door.  “Okay we’ll use your office, right here.” 

Suzie booted the computer up as Bron sat on the edge of her desk.  Shooing her off, Bron frowned. 

“Come on you’re killing me.”  Thirty minutes of begging hadn’t gotten her anywhere.  Suzie was completely ignoring her.  She would sigh and make breathy little noises as she seem to drift off into space.  Bron hit her knees in front of Suzie’s desk, clasping her hands together in mock prayer.  “Please, please, just a little, just a little tidbit.”

A.J. opened Kevin’s door and looked at Bron on her knees and begging.  Amazing what women will do for gossip.  “Gee Bron I thought Kevin was the only one who could make you hit your knees that fast.”

Bron’s teeth grated together.  “Shit, he’ll bust on me forever for this.”

“Don’t you have something to do Alex?”  Mc spoke from the door.  “I need to see you little girl,” as he leaned on the doorjamb.

Kevin’s door shut with A.J. on the other side.  “Okay,” Bron sighed loudly, she wasn’t making any headway anyway.   “I’m not done yet Suzie, you have to give me something.”

“Sorry Bron I don’t kiss and tell,” Suzie smirked at her.

“Ugh,” Bron schlepped into her office.  “I’ve lost her to the light side,” she moaned to Mc as she placed her head down on her desk.

“You mean dark side, don’t you?”  Mc’s eyebrows coming together as he tried to remember the line.

Bron’s head popped up off the desk.  She was wearing a smile a mile wide.  “Nope I married the dark side.”

“You’re such an ass,” as he slapped her up side the back of the head.

“Don’t hit me.  I’ll tell Kevin.”  Bron fussed at him even though he meant no harm by it.

“I’ll tell him, don’t worry about it.  Come on, we have got to get this started.”  Mc waited at the drawing table for her.

“You’re a slave driver,” she rattled off at him as she joined him.

“No you’ve gotten lazy since you changed your last name.”

“Fine,” as she sat down and began to get the work done.

It would take days to get the details down but the preliminaries were done.  They both were hungry for this job, not for the money but the challenges that it offered.

“I’m hungry, go make me a sandwich,” Mc yawned.

“Go make your own damn sandwich.  I have guests coming for lunch.”  Bron glanced at her watch, “Oh man look what time it is.  I wonder where Kevin is?”

Bron left the offices with Mc following her.  “I’m not making you a sandwich.”

“I’ll make my own,” as he bustled past her.  “Does Kevin know you’re having company for lunch?”

Suzie heard as they left the offices, “Uh-oh,” she muttered as she shut down the computer.

“Of course not, he did the interview without me so I guess I can have guests without him.”  Bron was humming when they hit the second floor.

“Kevin?”  Bron yelled down the hall.

“What?” as he poked his head out of the laundry room.

“What are you doing?”  Bron stood for a second.

“Do you think maybe laundry, since this is where we keep the washer and dryer.”  He gave her the benefit of a second cheesy grin today.

“UHHH,” Bron bopped down the stairs as Mc darted towards Kevin. 

Mc leaned in and told him he had guests coming for a late lunch.  “She did it again, didn’t she,” Kevin was now frowning.

“Yep she did,” Mc laughed as he walked downstairs.  Hitting the landing, he ran into Nick. 

“Where’s Kevin?”  Nick asked.

Mc smiled and took the basketball away.  “Upstairs doing laundry.”

“Cool,” Nick jogged up the stairs.

Mc grinned as he opened the front door.  “I guess it was my turn to get pop-star anyway,” he mumbled under his breath.  “Well ladies, you must be Bron’s guests for lunch.”

Angela, Barb, and Joy stood on the doorstep.





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