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Chapter 51

“Hey Train, where are you?”  Nick called from the top of the stairs.  He had no idea where they did their laundry.

“In here,” Kevin answered as he ducked his head out the door.

Nick stepped in and checked out the room. 

Kevin carefully was measuring the soap into the plastic cup.

“Whatcha doin’?”  Nick asked as he leaned on the doorjamb.

“Gee Nick, I’d venture to guess washing clothes,” Kevin sarcasm coming through, loud and clear.

“Oh.  Are you all set to go?”  Nick watched Kevin drop the lid shut on the washer.  Kevin set the cycle and the temperature.  Perfect chore for you Kevin, Nick snickered to himself.  Nick was laughing as he watched Kevin sort the clothes.  He even pre-treats, he giggled to himself. 

Methodically, Kevin worked the stain remover into the knees of a very small pair of Levi’s.  “Is laundry funny to you Nick?”  Kevin was getting ticked at the amount of attention his work was getting from Nick, not to mention the little smirk.

“No,” Nick laughed.

Kevin picked up a pair of Bron’s work jeans.  Nick looked at him and shook his head, “Dude those are bad.”  Mud covered them from the bottom of the legs up to the hips.

“This is a good pair,” Kevin turned them around as if on display.  “She hasn’t caught her butt on any nails yet, no holes.”

Both of them laughed as Kevin again began to saturate the fabric with a pre-treat again.

The dryer buzzed.  Kevin dropped what he was doing.  After rinsing and drying his hands off, he pulled open the dryer door.  Sticking his arm in, he pulled out the clothes, not paying attention to the fabric as it tumbled out of the machine.

Nick stared and stared at Kevin’s hands.  He started to blink rapidly to hold back the tears.  This was Nick’s ace in the hole.  He would never let this go.

Kevin’s brows pushed together.  “What he hell is the matter with you?”

Nick never answered him as he walked away and down the hall.

Kevin leaned out the door to see Nick biting his fist and holding his stomach.  “I hope he ain’t smoking nothing?”  Kevin didn’t get it as he watched Nick fight the mother of all battles.  Over what, he didn’t know.

“Cute sheets Kev.  Do you have A.J. ones too?”  Howie laughed from behind him.

“AW FUCK!”  Kevin looked down at his hands.  “No fucking way,” came out as a cry.  His life was over.  Nick had found the Carter sheets in his house.  Kevin’s mortification turned to anger; this was Bron’s fault.  All her fault.  I told Kaylin she couldn’t have them but no Bron had to negotiate Kaylin’s little fit.  I should’ve just dragged that kid out of the store right then and there. 

Nick stood by the stairs laughing loudly, Kevin heard him but was too busy dealing with his own inner turmoil.

“I didn’t know you felt that way Train.  After all these years you’ve really wanted to sleep with me.”  Nick let out a howl of laughter as he ran up to Kevin and ripped the sheet from his hands.  He took off running to beat the band, down the stairs.

It took Kevin several seconds to understand that ‘the sheet’ was going downstairs with Nick.  “You peckerhead, I’m gonna kill you!”  Kevin took off after him. 

Howie met A.J. at the stairs to the offices.  “Dude we got a side-show going on that you will never see again.”

Both of them dashed down the stairs.  Howie explained to A.J. what was going on just as he was almost flattened by Nick.  A.J.’s cackle was loud and obnoxious as Nick ripped by them with a Nick Carter sheet tied around his neck.  “You love me, you really love me.  It’s Captain Carter,” he was laughing his ass off when he was jerked backwards and knocked to the floor. 

“It’s more like Captain Underpants,” as Kevin wrestled the sheet from him.  Snagging it, he ran up the stairs with the embarrassing object.

Nick stood up.  Cocking his head sideways he looked at Howie, “Who the hell is Captain Underpants?”

“Unless you have kids, you wouldn’t know,” Kevin answered as he came back down the stairs.  He wiggled his brows at Nick and then gave him a grin.

Nick ran, he knew Kevin had the upper hand now, he had lost his weapon. Nick high-tailed out to the patio with the ladies.  Before Kevin could reach him he stood on the other side of the pool. 

There Bron, Suzie, Mary, Gillian, as well as Ang, Barb, and Joy, better known as the sneaker ladies, sat on the patio chit-chatting while having lunch.  The guest’s eyes shifted from Nick to Bron and then back again.

“Just ignore him,” Bron turned her head and shot him a look.

“It’s kind of hard to ignore Nick,” Angela smiled.

Nick was doing a little dance on the other side of the pool.  “I’ve got a secret,” Nick taunted Kevin as he stood in the door.

Bron watched Kevin’s lower jaw slide to the left and then to the right.  Then it was clamped tightly, “Uh-oh,” she whispered softly as she leaned towards Suzie.

“NICK!”  Kevin warned him.

“Excuse me children, but you’re interrupting my lunch.”  Bron couldn’t miss A.J. and Howie standing behind Kevin egging Nick on.

“What’s your secret Nick?”  Joy asked out of curiosity. 

Nick was dancing like a fool, well away from all of them.  “They wanna know Train.  What do I do?”  Nick fluttered his lashes as Kevin and blew him a kiss.  Nick clasped both his hands over his chest and began singing, “It’s true..”

Howie and A.J. joined in mimicking Nick.  “It’s true...,” they began to laugh. 

Kevin strolled over to Bron, listening to the idiots sing his song.  This was her fault, now he was humiliated beyond belief and until Nick tired of it, he would have to live with this.  “What did I say about Kaylin’s bedding ensemble when I’m home?”  Kevin hissed the question at her.

Bron’s head backed up and she blinked, “Bedding ensemble?” 

Kevin turned when the ladies began laughing.  Nick was out of reach and doing the Egyptian strut, mocking Kevin.  “Yeah the bedding ensemble.”

Suzie leaned over and whispered in Bron’s ear.  “Oh that,” Bron gulped.  “We forgot.  I’m sorry honey.”  She had to hide the grin as she watched Nick really rub it in.  Now this all made sense.  It didn’t help that Suzie was laughing her ass off either.

“See that?”  Kevin pointed to Nick who now was into trying to do Kevin’s Spanish Fly with a few feminine qualities thrown in.  “I told you this would happen,” as he pointed to Nick again.  “From now on when I say no, I mean it.  There will be no more negotiating in this house.”

Bron understood clearly that he wasn’t kidding and that this really didn’t have as much to do with Nick as it did Kaylin.  Patting his hand gently, she gave him a half-smile.  “It’s okay Master, I’ll fix it.”

Kevin’s face softened somewhat hearing her words. 

Bron turned her head to the side, “Nick, don’t tease Kevin about Kaylin’s Nick Carter sheets.”

A laugh erupted from the ladies.  Nick’s secret was now out in the open.  Nick frowned as his fun had been taken away again.

Squeezing Kevin’s hand, she batted her eyelashes at him before she turned in her chair to Nick.  “Kaylin really wanted Aaron’s sheets but they were sold out and you were in the discontinued bin.”

Nick froze and dropped the cocky attitude.  His hands on his hips he looked over the water.  “What do you mean discontinued?  Aaron?  Aaron?  Bounce!”  Bron laughed as Nick stomped off into the house looking for Kaylin.  “Bounce!  Bounce!  Where are you?”

Bron looked up at Kevin.  She patted his cheek, “All better now baby?”

“Thank you,” He dropped a quick kiss on her cheek.  Standing up he looked at the ladies as Nick had returned.

“Fragile little egos sometimes,” Bron whispered discreetly.

“I can’t find her, but when I do I’m kickin’ your kid’s butt.  Aaron.”

Kevin drew his six foot one frame up, “No you won’t because if you do, I will kick yours.”

“Okay,” Nick smiled.  By the look on Kevin’s face, Kaylin was exempt from any and all torment.

Nick joined the ladies and waited for Kevin to leave.  Kevin walked towards the door.  Nick waited until he was out of Kevin’s strike zone before he spoke.  “I’m bigger than him now, he’s all mouth.”

Nick’s arms were jerked to his side, he was embraced in a bear hug and lifted off his feet.

“Yes young one is taller than me and stronger now,” Kevin smiled as he walked to the pool with a struggling Carter wrapped up in his arms.  Opening his arms, Nick landed in the pool with a loud splash.  Kevin turned and smirked to the women.  “Young one is still stupid,” Kevin let loose with an evil chuckle as he ambled back in the house.

Swimming to the side of the pool, Nick pulled himself out.  Walking over to Suzie he leaned over her, dripping on her.  “You gonna let him do that to me?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Suzie sipped her drink.  “You deserved it.”

“I don’t get any sympathy,” Nick poked her in the upper arm.  He waited as she casually ignored the pooling of water next to him on the deck.

“Nope,” Suzie set her glass down.

“But you can go round the guys up.  Bron promised the ladies a private show.”

Nick’s face puckered up, “You did?  Does Kevin know?”  Nick stood dripping all over Bron now. 

“No,” as she pushed him away.

Turning he followed Kevin’s steps, “Kevin, your wife did it again.”

“I know,” Kevin chimed as he came out from the balcony with a pair of jeans on and shirtless.

Nick ducked back outside.  Squinting he looked up and over the balcony.  “You all set?”

“Yep,” Kevin grinned.  “I owe ya, even if you do drive me nuts.”

Bron was completely absorbed in the conversation to hear either of them.  She tried to finish her conversation with Barb but didn’t get far as Bron’s eyes traveled from Barb’s to where Barb was looking.  Kevin stood on the balcony, bare-chested, watching them.

Bron frowned as Kevin smiled.  “Step one,” he said to himself as he went back into the bedroom.

“It doesn’t get much better than this,” Ang spoke to Joy.

Barb shook her head, unable to speak.

“What room is that?”  Joy asked innocently.

“Our bedroom,” Bron laughed.  Okay so Kevin’s little skin show had put her in a better mood too.

“Oh...,” Ang blinked.  Her mind had taken a right turn.  Kevin Richardson’s bedroom.  The table grew silent as they watch the guys assemble in the living room.  Less Brian of course, which was driving Bron right up a wall.  Neither him nor Leighanne would answer their cells.  It’s seemed that the family communication line, had taken a brief vacation.





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