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Chapter 52

The guys stepped out onto the patio, Bron sighed loudly as she ogled Kevin dressed in his MTT clothes, “Damn I love that hat.”

“He knows it too, that’s why he’s wearing it,” Suzie giggled.  The ladies turned and looked at Bron, she was somewhere else.  “Careful, she’s got this ‘Kevin is a cowboy’ fantasy going lately.”

Kevin walked up to them, Bron’s head tilted to the side as she smiled.  He said something to the ladies but she didn’t hear him.  She had gone off to that private little place in her mind.

Suzie elbowed her back to reality.  “What?”  Bron frowned as she was dragged back out of the recesses of her mind.

“He’s feeding that fantasy of yours a little too much lately,” Suzie’s eyes narrowed, knowing what Bron was thinking. 

“Works for me,” Bron laughed.  “I think you should call Brian, it’s not the same without Brian,” Bron shouted but was ignored.

“Go ahead ignore me, I’m not offended at all,” as she sat back and dropped her shades over her eyes.  “Morons,” she muttered.

The boys relaxed and just launched into the unrehearsed show.  They were relaxed and laid back.  They were enjoying it as much as the ladies.  Nothing was pre-conceived or contrived, just kicking back and singing.

Kevin and Nick exchanged occasional glances when Bron would reach for the cell phone.  Not getting anyone to answer she would hang up and try another.  “She’s getting really unhappy,” Nick whispered as A.J. and Howie took over their parts.

“Of course Nick, she’s nosey and she can’t get the info she wants,” Kevin decided the show was going to close with QPG.  First, he had a surprise for Suzie.  Bron heard the notes and became even more annoyed.  Slamming her cell on the table, Kevin was the recipient of the death glare from hell.

Bron snarled and began to pull out of the chair.  She could have sworn she had trashed every single copy he had of Depesche Mode.  The song Personal Jesus, was played way too much for her taste. 

“Sit down!  We happen to like Despesche Mode,” Suzie shrieked at her as Nick and Kevin began to head bob in unison.

“You would, that’s it Kev, Z-Z Top the rest of the week.  You so suck!”  Bron yelled at both Kevin and Nick. 

Howie and A.J. were to busy laughing to sing, hell they couldn’t even figure out what Nick and Kevin were up too.  Nick was doing his little giddy up horsey routine.  Kevin couldn’t help but watch Bron try not to laugh.  The head bob became contagious as they started doing it.  Then they all looked up in the air, the hand movements and the little sigh that had become Kevin’s trademarks.

Kevin couldn’t decide whether to laugh at them or beat’em for it but they were having a good time.  They began running their hands through their hair and tossing their hair back.  Nick began to swipe his face as he laughed; fingering an imaginary goatee.  Kevin’s back was turned so he could get away with it.  He tilted his head and stuck his tongue out at the girls.

A.J. began to sing the lyrics to Nobody But You.  Watching Bron, he quickly switched to Quit Playing Games.  She wasn’t wearing a pretty face since the ladies had already tormented her with that.

Bron reached with her foot under the table.  She pulled the garden hose closer.  She pulled the hose up quickly and hit the nozzle.  Spraying all four of them in the line.  Kevin covered his face and Bron lowered the hose.  “OW!” he yelled as spun around.  “You gonna pay for that Witch!”

A.J. shook the water from his hair, “Times up!”

“Yep,” Howie winked at Gillian.

Andrew stood by the patio door as the boys sang QPG.  Each one of them walked up to Bron’s guests and gave them a kiss, a hug, and a signed picture.  Kevin was last in line.  He grabbed Barb’s hand and pulled her to her feet.  Grasping her face in her hands, he tilted her head sideways.  He kissed her soundly and then he did the same for Joy.

Both of them stood there with their minds blown away.  Ang stood up and extended her hand to Kevin in the form of handshake.  “Ang, you don’t wanna kiss?”  Kevin smirked at her.

“No,” Ang smiled.  “It’s nice of you but no-thanks.”

Kevin was dumbfounded.

“It was nice of Bron to invite us, you’re married now, you need to knock that shit off.”  The smile on her face gave it away.  She wanted it but she quickly looked at Bron.

Bron winked, “Go ahead Ang.”

“Well, in that case,” a little smiled crept over her face.

Kevin grabbed her so fast she thought she was going to fall.  Her eyes bulged when his tongue brushed over her lips.  Her eyes went to Bron who was nodding a yes to her.  Ang opened her mouth and Kevin’s tongue dove in.  She shrieked and backed up laughing. 

“I’m so sorry but I couldn’t help it.  You just stuck your hand out like that...”  Kevin was trying not to laugh too hard. 

Nick came over and popped Kevin on the shoulder.  “I bet you I can do better.”  Nick grabbed Ang, tilting her head back, his lips descended on her.  Her arms slid around his neck as she pulled him closer. 

Kevin leaned over Nick’s shoulder, “Nice technique, but I’d quit while you’re ahead if I were you.”  Kevin turned his head to face Suzie.  Mixed emotions were playing over her face but a hint of sadness showed.

Bron glanced at Kevin, she was amused to a point but said nothing.  He smiled, “Thank you for coming ladies.  Now please don’t say a word to anyone until after tomorrow about us getting married.  It’s a big secret.”  Kevin gave them to brows as they began to laugh at them.

“We won’t,” Barb looked at her two companions.  “Will we?” as she glanced to Ang. 

“Thank you, now my wife and I are leaving for our honeymoon,” Kevin voice was as smooth as velvet when he spoke.

“We are?”  Bron questioned.

“Yeah, we are,” as he grabbed onto her hand.

“No were not, I have work to do,” she tried to pull her hand away.

“You’re going.  Andrew!” came in the form of a laugh and a command, Kevin smiled, the freaky little smile that always left her wondering what he was thinking.

Bron was puzzled at the announcement.  “I just signed a deal, I have a ton of work to do,” as she continued to try to retrieve her hand from Kevin’s.

Mc was amused as he stood at the patio door, while listening for Kevin’s truck to come to the front door.  It was a game of tug-o’-war.  He knew who was going to win.  All bets were on Kevin for this one.  Sheer willpower and the size advantage.  When they returned, it would be a different story.

“You’ll like it,” Kevin grinned.

Jake stood next to Mc now, laughing.  Kevin turned and frowned at him.

Bron thought it might not be a bad idea.  Kevin was going back out on the road, a break might be nice.  A little re-past before the long haul.  “Really, how long?”

“Hmm, a couple days,” Kevin dropped her hand.

“Where?”  Bron was glancing between Mc and Jake, who were highly amused, and Kevin.  The guys were making their way to the front door, walking with the ladies and Bron’s guests.

 “It’s a surprise,” Kevin’s eyebrows shot to the sky.  Just the thought of having some time alone, who the hell cared where it was.  Having her all to himself and needy was feeding his ego even more.  Bron lost and inept was a thrilling concept, as un-politically correct as possible.  After hearing Mc, Andrew, and Jake’s stories, she might as well be stuck in Oz.  She would need him and have to rely on him.

“I don’t like surprises,” Bron’s face scrunched up.  “But it better have a spa or something,” as she placed her hand in his.  “You know the ocean, a nice beach, cute cabaña boys would be a nice touch.  I need to pack.” 

“Suzie did that for you darlin’, we are ready to go.”  Kevin began walking in front of her, towing her along.  Hiding the snicker that was bubbling to get out.

Slowly they walked into the house and out the front door.  Everyone stood watching him and her.  “Do they have MTV?  I’m not missing that interview.  I swear Kevin if you told anyone I worship the ground you walk on, I’ll wring your neck.”

Kevin didn’t blink at the last statement.  He neither confirmed nor denied anything she had said. 

Bron’s head tilted as she studied the crudely made sign attached to the spare tire on Kevin’s truck.  Obviously, the artwork had been done by Kaylin; to Bron it was a Monet.  Her eyes traveled from the sign to the back window.  She tried to make out the objects inside; a blanket had been tossed over most of it.

Andrew stood next to the open passenger door, “Your chariot awaits.”

“Funny kid, real funny,” Bron laughed at him.  Walking towards him, he met her half way.  She gave him a hug, leaning in, “Where is he taking me?”

The distinct deep laugh came from behind her, “Never mind,” she whispered. 

Reaching the truck, she poked her head inside and looked in the back.  Okay let’s see, a cooler, long trip, her eyes darted around the back of the truck.  Leaning in her eyes narrowed.  Something was peeking out from under the blanket; she tried to read the writing.  Oh it’s a lantern, picking up the blanket she took in the sleeping bag.  “Sleeping bag?  Sleeping Bag!”  

She began to back away from the truck as she mumbled, “No, no, no-no-no-no.”  She bounced into Kevin, turning she didn’t glare at Kevin but at Mc and Jake who were no longer laughing quietly but at full volume and obnoxiously.  “NO WAY!”  Her feet stamped into the ground as she walked towards Mc,  “If you said one word...”

“Let’s go darlin’,” Kevin was behind her.  She hadn’t heard him step up behind her, a hand settled on her shoulder.  Spinning on her heel, she looked at him as she removed his hand from her.  “I am not playing Hunter and Gatherer with you!  Forget it, no how, no way, hell will freeze over first.”

Tipping his hat back with his thumb, “But it’ll be fun.  Mc said you love the woods.”  The glint in his eye was giving away the amusement he was having with this.  His plan was well thought out, he even had eliminated the cooperation part on her end.

Resting a hand on each upper arm, he stroked them softly.  The cotton had become slightly heated as he touched her.  Leaning down he whispered in her ear, “I want to be alone with you.” 

At first she had the impression that his tone was pleading, watching his face it was set, his eyes were hard.  Dark boy is back as her expression changed from flat out anger to hesitation.  “I’ll go, but you tell Dark boy to leave.”

Kevin’s hand moved down to her forearms.  The soft stroking had turned into a more forceful rub.  Stepping a little closer caused her to try and back away from him.  Her face was showing some anxiety, stepping again she almost bent backwards to get some space between.  His hands carefully wrapped around her wrists and he began swinging her arms back and forth.

“What are you up too because I’m not going,” she was now walking the fine line between wanting to physically duck out of his way so she could run like hell and staying just to see what he wasn’t above doing to get his own way.

His smile grew, a little taunt perhaps, she watched.  Her arms were pulled behind her and then she heard the zirrppp noise.  Her body pushed backwards as she tried to pull her arms around her back.

“This is getting to be a really nasty habit of yours,” Bron hissed at Kevin as Mc laughed from directly behind her.  She looked behind her hip to see that he had once again enlisted the help of a pair of handcuffs.

“I asked you nicely, now I don’t want to be nice,” Kevin grinned.  He let go knowing that she was more or less frozen in place, unsure of her possibilities at the moment.  Pushing his hat down on his head, he laughed.  In one swift movement for the upteenth time in her life, Bron’s world went upside down. 

“Don’t let him do this Andrew!”  Bron was screaming. 

“Sorry Mom but I was offered too much to help you out.”  Andrew was thrilled.

“Kevin put me down!”  She screamed as everyone else laughed.  At first she was horrified as her three guests were astonished at the events that were unfolding in from of them.

Kevin set her in the seat.  Reaching over her, he buckled her seat belt.  Dropping a kiss on her nose, “I have to keep you safe.”

“Who the hell is going to save me from you?” Bron leaned forward.

Kevin jerked back, banging the back of his head on the truck.  “Don’t even think about biting me!”  When she was pissed it was better to err on the side of caution.  Two words came to his mind when he looked at her, small and vicious.  Kevin’s finger was stuck in her face and waving at her.  “There will be no hair pulling either!”

Angela’s gasp made both of them turn.  “You pull his hair?”

“Yeah, among other things,” Kevin laughed a little too loud as he slammed the truck door shut.  He danced around the front of the truck like some sort of Olympian who had won a gold medal. 

Jumping into the driver’s seat, he buckled up.  Bron glared at him, “Did you bring a generator.”

“Hell no,” he chucked.

“I’m not going then,” Bron struggled as she turned in the seat.  Her foot came up to the dashboard.  The heel stuck out as if were going to be driven through the glass of the windshield.

“Bron so help me God, don’t even think about it.  Nick and Suzie will tape if for us, they’re babysitting Kaylin while Andrew, Jake, Stevie, and Mc take a little vacation to Vegas.”

“Nooooooo,” was heard as they drove down the dirt road, away from the house and out of sight.





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