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Chapter 53

Bron sat at the campfire peering into the dark, “This isn’t funny!”

“I’m right here; will you just relax,” came from somewhere to her left. 

The tone expressed the fact that he wasn’t exactly that thrilled with her at the moment.  “It’s his own fault, I hate camping,” she grumbled as she stared into the flames.

“You wouldn’t hate it if your first experience hadn’t been so horrible.”  Kevin joined her from the darkness.

“Look who I went with!  What do you expect?”  Bron giggled slightly.  “Kevin I was booted from the Brownies.”

Wood rolled from Kevin’s arms to the ground.  “That will be enough to get us through till morning.  You shouldn’t have been trying to play with the Cub Scouts.”

“Well I’m going to bed,” Bron announced as she stood up and dusted off her jeans.  “Besides the Cub Scouts made cool stuff not stupid pot holders.”

Kevin watched her do an about face and called to her, “Where are you going?”

Winking at him, she opened the truck door, “To bed campboy.  I don’t do tents.”  Opening the door, she jumped in, locking it quickly. 

Rocking back on his heels, he stuffed his hands in his pockets.  Casually he strolled over to the truck.  Cocking his head to the side, he looked in the window.  Bringing his hand up he gave the glass a soft tap with his knuckles.  “This is a honeymoon, I would like to enjoy the setting.”  Kevin pointed to the Moon.  “There’s the Moon.  Now, if you are in there, I’m not getting any honey.”

Cracking the window, Bron gave a huge smile, “Enjoy the bugs babe.”

Kevin could feel the keys in his pocket but yanking her out would do no good.  “Okay, watch out for those Kentucky Wildcats baby.  Remember they like to test things first and they always go for their prey from a top angle,” as he walked back to the fire.  Stoking it for the night, he went into the tent.  The flaps were tied back but the screening was in place.  He watched the truck for signs of movement, waiting for her to understand he was done playing games with her.  As it was, he had made four stops to get here because she had ‘to go’ and they had lost time.  Kevin listened to her incessant whining and bitching the entire time.  He loved Bron, but the hormones were beginning to get to him.  He fed her a huge tale about the endangered Kentucky Wildcat on the trip down here.  He could tell by the questions she had asked she had eaten it up, believing every bit of it.  Gullible as hell as far as nature goes. 

Enough was enough; he was still waiting.  “Okay baby, you asked for it,” he grinned in the darkness as he unzipped the flap on the back of the tent.  She wouldn’t even know that it existed since she had refused to even look inside of it.

Earlier he had left some of the debris from the ground as he had set up the tent.  It was important to him that he leave the site as pristine as he had found it.  Grabbing a small stone, he tossed it at the truck while using the tent as a cover.  Snickering softly as she sat bolt upright in the truck.  “You little chicken shit.”  Tossing another one, he was dead on but winced thinking he may have hit the truck with too much force.  She was now looking all around the outside of the truck from the inside.  “One more and you’ll be in this tent where you belong.”  Wrapping his hand around the branch above him he hung from it.  It was just enough to scrape the top of the truck.  He checked his laughter as the truck door swung open.  “Bingo!” as he dived back into the tent.

Kevin landed on the sleeping bag, quickly pulling the top over to cover him. 

Bron’s heart was thumping a mile a minute.  She thought for sure something was near the truck.  She wasn’t going to wait to find out either.  Her heart went from her throat, to her feet, and back again.  Running into the tent her hands were on the zipper and she squeezed through the small space she had managed to get open.  Flying to the other side of the tent she landed on him with the grace of a bull elephant.

“Damn Darlin’!”  Kevin groaned as he pushed her to the side.

“Something is out there!” she gulped as she squirmed down into the sleeping bag.

“Well it’s okay baby.  I’m sure that whatever it is, it’s more afraid of you than you are of it.”  Kevin was trying his best to hold back the laughter that was bursting to get out.  Bron couldn’t get any closer, the sudden pain in his calf was a testament to that.

Bron couldn’t figure out where she felt safer.  Between Kevin and the wall of the tent or in the middle.  She shifted twice more and then sat up.  “I hate this, you will pay for this.”

“I think I already am,” he groaned.  “Do you have your sneakers on?”

Nodding a yes to him as she tried to calm herself.  It was bad enough that he dragged her off to the middle of nowhere.  Kaylin was at home with Nick and Suzie who no doubt were playing house, in her house.  Andrew was off with Mc, thank God Stevie and Jake were with them.  At least Jake would keep them all out of trouble.  “You think Kaylin is okay?”

Kevin pushed back the sleeping bag, reaching down he pulled one of her sneakers off.  He couldn’t fathom the actual fear she had of this entire trip.  It was camping for Christ sakes not a firing line.  Tossing the one shoe, he grabbed the other.

“What are you doing?” as she wrestled to remove her foot from his hands. 

“You’re not wearing your damn shoes in here,” he grumbled as he tugged it off.  “Speaking of which, we can get rid of this,” Kevin muttered as he reached for her jacket.

Bron frowned as she clasped the front, “I don’t want bugs in my clothes, I’m cold, and I don’t like this.”

Kevin closed his eyes tightly as he tried to head off the headache that was beginning to start.  “Bron please, just for once don’t be such a damn control freak and relax.  Let me handle things, you will be fine.”

“Control freak?  Control freak?  Look who’s talking about a control freak!”  Bron shouted so loud they both heard something fly around the trees.

Kevin grabbed her hands to stop them from smacking at him.  “You lose dammit!  Stop acting like a kid!”  Kevin gave her a small shove and watched as she tumbled backwards. 

Bron felt her clothes leave her body and the cool air touch her skin.  The little scenario not only caused some gooseflesh but served to cool her temper too.  “Kiss my ass,” she glowered as she crawled into the sleeping bag.

Kevin joined her but ending up pushing her up against the wall of the tent.  “How about some room?” as she pushed back.

“You want room, I’ll give you room,” a hand on her hip rolled onto her back.  Bron’s hands were pinned above her head and all she could see in the dark was menacing toothy white grin.

Kevin came down on top of her with his knees between hers.  “Now you have lots of room.”

“Don’t,” she turned her head to the side.

“Camping is not a horrible experience as long as you don’t go with someone who has nothing better to do than to scare you.  You shouldn’t be wasted and drunk in the woods at night wearing a damn string bikini.  Now as far as the raccoons go, well, they eat anything you toss at them especially in a state park.  What he did was mean.  I am not mean.”  Kevin watched her sulk on his words.

“It wasn’t a pleasant experience,” Bron whispered.  “He threw a snake on my sleeping bag.  I was hyped up on coke and he thought it was funny.”

“One, I am not him.  Two, he can be a fucking asshole and you know it.”  Kevin’s upper body weight was on his elbows as he leaned down to her kiss her.  Little kisses on her cheek and eyelids.  He trailed his lips to her temple.  He could taste the saltiness of her tears mixed with sweat.  “I love you Bron, I wouldn’t bring you out here for the sole purpose of scaring you.  I just wanted to show you what I enjoy so much.”

Feeling Bron squirm under him, he slipped his hands down into the sleeping bag.  “I want you to relax and enjoy this trip.  Kaylin is fine, Andrew is fine.”

Closing her eyes, she resigned herself to the fact that this was not Mc that it was Kevin.  He wouldn’t her hurt or scare her for a laugh.  Kevin pinned her hands once again as she reached for him.  “Let me baby, let me have it all.  Give it to me,” Kevin whispered in her ear in a tone that sent chills down her spine.  “That’s it darlin’ nobody but me and you,” as he pushed his hips against her.  Pushing lightly and then a little more forcefully.

Bron could feel his stiffness rubbing against her, hot, hard, and partially damp.  Kevin was indeed making a point, more than one.  One, he was replacing another bad memory for her, like he had tried to replace the others.  She should tell him about the letter she had gotten.  Two, he was trying to share something that meant something to him with her.  Beyond family, this was a first.  Three, Kevin wasn’t going to take any more pouting, whining, or bitching on this trip.  If she didn’t give him what he wanted, he wasn’t far from taking it anyway.  He had in the past and she knew he would always do so in the future.

Trying to pull her hands free, they didn’t budge.  Too late, he wasn’t giving, he was taking.  One hand left her wrists and traveled down between their bodies.  Kevin was coating himself with his own secretions.  She felt him nudge her opening and gently push his way into her body.  His hips pushed slowly as he sheathed himself to the hilt.  His eyes closed and then slowly opened.  Dropping down he began to kiss her, demanding a response that matched the pace of their hips.  Tongues and hips thrusted to the same rhythm.  Skin became slick with perspiration and the air heated around them.

A loud moan filled the tent as he came quickly.  He could feel her walls clenching around him.  She hadn’t been pushed over the edge so he was more than happy to push her there.  Her hips were still rocking into him, not wanting to be left behind.  “Easy baby, I’ll let you go,” he whispered on her lips as his fingers sent her off to a much-needed release. 

Quietly he lay on top of her while they enjoyed the post sex bliss.  The feelings and rapture began to cool as they both reached for the covers. 

“I’m sorry Kevin,” he heard in the dark.

“Just try Witch, I just want you to try.”  Kevin sighed as she adjusted and waited for him to take his place behind her.  Wrapping her up tightly in her beloved spoon, they both sighed loudly. 

“Do you think Kaylin is okay?”  Bron asked as she gazed out the door of the tent watching the stars in the sky.

Kevin was sure she was fine but he had learned early on that Bron was a typical mom and always worried.  The fact is he had begun to worry.  Nick was a great guy and had little brothers and sisters at home.  Suzie was Miss Responsibility in his book.  He had come to rely on her for just about everything.  Except coffee, he only made the mistake of asking her to get him some coffee one time, it never happened again.  He chuckled at the memory.

“I don’t think it’s funny, I worry about her,” Bron spoke loudly but in a hurting tone.

An arm pulled her tighter.  “I’m not laughing at that, I was remembering when I asked Suzie to get me a cup of coffee.”

Bron laughed even louder, “Yeah, that was the day you called her a secretary too wasn’t it?”

“Uh-huh,” Kevin joined her laughter.  She could feel his muscled chest against her back, moving up and down. 

“You weren’t having a good day were you?”  Bron snorted.

“No and it went downhill from there,” Kevin stroked a stray lock of hair by her ear.

“I should have warned you Master, I’m sorry about that.”

Kevin laughed even harder.  “You’re such a bitch Bron, you were waiting for that for days.”  Her giggling body next to his was a dead give away.  “You are not sorry woman.”

“Okay, I’m not,” she rolled over to face him.  “I love you,” she kissed him on the lips, a sweet innocent kiss.

He returned it, “Love you too.”

A crease on her forehead showed her worry.  “Whatcha’ thinking about baby?” as his thumb brushed against her cheek.

“You don’t think they would… um… our room…”  Bron’s nose wrinkled up.

“Man if that boy even thinks of bedding my secretary in my bed, I’ll kill him.”  The thought alone gave Kevin the willies.  That bedroom was off limits to everyone.   

“They better not, we have enough rooms,” Bron squinted in the darkness.

“I’ll know if they did,” Kevin smiled.

“What did you lay a trap?”  Bron was intrigued now.

“Nope, I have a six year old going on forty-two who yaps a mile a minute.”

“That’s not right Kevin, you’re using Bounce!”

“Nah, if Kaylin is true to her gene pool, she’ll handle it just perfectly and I’ll still know.”

“What does that mean?”  Bron’s intrigue turning to confusion.

“Blackmail works wonders with the Cooper women.  She’ll get what she wants and still tell me,” Kevin laughed.

“You suck,” Bron playfully slapped at him.

“Rather well from what you have told me.”  Kevin snuggled closer as his leg dropped over hers.  Bron wriggled around, “Stop it, you’re like a damn cricket.”

“Look who’s talking Mr. Horny Toad.”   Bron yawned as she once again nestled her backside into Kevin’s crotch.  Her favorite fanny warmer as far as she could tell.

“I’m glad you’re comfy now,” Kevin eyes closed as he glanced at the stars one finally time.  Whispering a silent prayer that nothing bad would happen to them on this trip.





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