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Chapter 58

A sudden assault on her lips, his hands grasping at her bottom pulling her into him.  His hips were grinding into her, showing her what he was ready for.  “Kevin... wait... we need to talk...”

“Talk later,” he whispered on her neck.  Pushing her back towards the stairs and down into ‘the pit.’

She stumbled backwards; he caught her and picked her up.  “There are perfectly good beds up...”

She was cut off as he lay her down on the sofa, his lips greedily seeking her flesh.  On the drive back from the airport, something became very clear to him.  Kevin wanted her to understand that as her husband, he came before their children.  His needs would be met before theirs, beyond anything life sustaining.  Bron had been putting Kaylin first, not him, that would change as of tomorrow.

“Kevin please,” as she tried to latch on to his biceps, his hands were busily unbuttoning, unfastening, and unzipping her clothes.

“Later,” he reinforced his authority.  Her clothes sliding off her body one by one, revealing everything to his eyes.  The candlelight and the flicker of the flames from the fire dancing on her skin, making soft sexy shadows.  Standing up abruptly, he disposed of his clothes. 

Bron sat up, somewhat dazed from the moment.  She had gone from reflective and unsettled to being seduced.  Smiling as she watched him strip, a loud sigh came from her as he stood there.  “You have a beautiful body,” she whispered.  Her eyes went from the strong facial features, traveling down his wide expanse of a chest.  She hesitated at his belly button wondering what it was like when it was pierced.  Did it turn him on if someone touched it?  Her eyes followed the line of dark curly hair down to the thickened patch, they settled on his present hardened state. 

“Whatcha’ lookin’ at darlin’?” a smirk on his face.

Bron squished her eyes shut, blushing slightly.  “Damn,” she whispered as he came to rest next to her.

“Oh, did you like what you saw?”  He pushed an arm under her neck.  Slowly he traced his thumb up her neck, resting on her jaw.  Turning her face towards him, a small kiss placed on her lips, “Did you?”

Bron didn’t answer, somehow even if she could, she would be way out of her league.  Embarrassment had cut her words off.  Inhaling deeply she smelled a mix of soap, cologne, and man.

“I think you did,” as his hand moved down to her chest.  He drew slow lazy circles around her breast.  His finger barely touching, just skimming.  Cradling her head in the crook of his shoulder, he propped his head up on in his hand, he watched his own hand excite his wife.  Her skin would quiver and then relax.  Circling around and around, but never quite touching what she wanted touched the most.  “I read that you get very sensitive when you're pregnant,” his finger tracking over her nipple.  It hardened immediately with his slightest touch.  “I have to agree,” as his forefinger and thumb pinched her.  Her chest heaved up into his hand. 

Moving his hand over to the other side, he waited for the same reaction again.  Smiling at her when he got what he wanted.  Pulling his arm out from under her head, he bent his head down low, laying feathery kisses, slowly, all over her chest, again not where she wanted to be kissed the most.

Bron was dizzy with the sensations churning in her body.  She felt exposed and out of control.  She wanted to be covered so she wouldn’t feel so vulnerable.  Laying in your living room, on your couch stark naked was setting her on edge but the wanting of getting lost in the delicious euphoric excitement was battling against her.  She reached for the comforter; which was pinned behind Kevin.

“No, not yet, not until we’re done,” as he began to lick around her areola.  Even in the firelight, he could tell that changes were beginning to take place within her body.  Her nipples were more sensitive and darkened.  From the obvious response he was getting her hormones were running on overload and it wouldn’t take much to push her right off the edge.  Bron was starting to get a tummy.  The shadows of the candle flames playing across it.  He wouldn’t say anything for fear she would be back to over-doing the exercise again.   A line had begun to form down the center of her body.  He recalled they called it the ‘pregnancy line’. 

As un-PC as it was, he wanted to see her belly blossom, evidence of his child growing inside of her.  After all, he had done the impossible; he had impregnated her with his seed when they said it couldn’t happen.  Her history of miscarriages was a strike against them but his child still lived, another testament to his masculinity and virility.

Bron felt the warmth build slowly as he continued, a whimper escaped from her throat as he tugged on her with his teeth, “Ahh...”

“Good baby, that’s what I want to hear, tell me what you want,” Kevin’s hand moved to her hip, resting shortly before it dropped to her bottom, his hands began to knead her flesh.  A hard squeeze, then a soft press, not really giving her a chance to get use to any one set pattern. Dropping his hand to the back of her thigh, he pulled her leg over his hip.

“Umm,” she groaned as she leaned into him hoping his hand would go lower. 

Kevin’s hand brushed back and forth along her thigh, lightly caressing her knee.  He would journey back up the inside of her thigh but only so far. 

Bron was lost in the haze, as she dropped her hand between them.  Finding his shaft, she grabbed on and wasn’t letting go.  Her hand moved rapidly with an even and hard grip. 

Momentarily Kevin thought if he had not been coated with his own pre-cum, that might have hurt.  She was relentless in her demand to get what she wanted.  Kevin grabbed her by the wrist and squeezed tightly until she stopped.  “You’re not going to rush this,” his fingers stayed wrapped around her wrist as his lips landed on her, on ‘his spot’.  One arm back under her head, she was locked to him, in a position that she could not either move or extricate herself from.  Her body jerked at being immobilized but Kevin held on.  Restraining her sometimes had become more of a turn on for him than it was for her.  Alternating between softly sucking and nipping on ‘his spot’ distracted her enough to loosen her grip on him.  Slowly he removed her hand from him. 

Bron’s hand slackened as she pressed her body into his.  She felt his leg slip between hers.  Anticipation growing rapidly that he was going to bring her over the edge. 

Opening his eyes, he could see her skin, now heated and flushed.  An unmistakable sheen of sweat glistened on her.  He did this to her, and only he could do this to her.  Sliding his hand between her legs, he cupped and squeezed.  Bron’s eyes closed as she prepared herself for the first onslaught.  This was not going to be over as quickly as her body wanted it to be.  “Oh God please,” she murmured as she fought for control.

Swallowing hard, he closed his eyes.  The fine line between pain and release was closer for her then him.  Delicately he ran his fingers down the length of her folds.  He could feel the engorgement and the heat radiating off of her.  Bron’s head rolled on his arm. 

Her breath left her as his fingers finally touched her in a more intimate way.  He was fanning her desire, controlling it.  Kevin could build her up and then let her down slowly with no release if he wanted too, he could also flat out stop and let her free fall to the ground.  She knew he could do it but he had only done it one time.  She whispered a silent entreaty that this was not a night that he was choosing to do this.  Kevin was leaving tomorrow; this was about them, as man and woman, as husband and wife.  This was also about Kevin marking his territory once again and proving that he was in complete control of both of them.  When he went back on the road, he could barely control anything. 

A finger intruded into her body as a thumb pressed on swollen clitoris.  A small shudder rippled through her entire body.  It wasn’t one of complete release, it took the edge off but it wasn’t fulfilling.  Her eyes opened, she studied him.  The green eyes that stared back at her were glazed over.  They were looking for affirmation from her that things were going be okay, that he was hers and she was his.  “I need you Kevin, I love you,” she whispered as her hands reached around his neck.

With a grunt, he slid his manhood into her and rolled her onto her back.  Lifting her legs higher around his waist.   

Bron’s head fell back as she gulped for air.  Her hands now on his chest to steady her.  Her internal muscles wrapped around him and refused to relinquish their hold.

Kevin felt the heat, the contraction of her around him.  He rolled his hips slightly as Bron raised up to meet him.  Pulling out slightly but not venturing to return to hastily.  Slow, powerful strokes made his body feel like it was on fire.  He wanted to pound into her, to fill her completely.  Kevin’s mind needed to be satisfied before his body.

Bron knew he was waiting for her to open her eyes and look at him.  Kevin was searching for complacency and submissiveness in her. He also needed verification that he had succeeded at all of these.  Opening her eyes, she whimpered for her release, “Yes...”

Closing his eyes, he encircled her head with his hands.  Kevin’s thrusting almost lifted her off the couch as he lowered his chest slightly to capture a nipple between his lips.  His rhythm increased to a frantic pace and then a deep moan followed, at Bron’s rushed affirmation that she had received his gift.  Her confirmation in the form of his name raggedly spoke from her lips.

Lowering himself to her, he waited for his breathing to be more natural before he spoke.  Soft murmurings of ‘love you,’ and stray touches replaced conversation.  Kevin lay on top of her not wanting to ever move.  Slowly he pulled out of her and tumbled to her side.  Casually he reached behind him, pulling the comforter over them.

Silence filled the room for a long time as they watched the fire flicker in the hearth.  Neither wanting to speak of the present or the future.

Kevin reached for one of the glasses of wine.  “Better share, Gabe said it was okay in very little amounts.”

Taking a sip, Bron melted into the leather sofa.  A ‘well-laid’ smile on her face.  Pushing Kevin’s bangs out of his face, she smiled even brighter. 

Kevin placed his nose on hers, “That is a very happy smile you’re wearing Witch.”

“I’m a happy woman,” the smile growing bigger.  She played with his hair as it continued to drop in his face as they talked.  “Do you think it was as good for them as it was us?” 

Kevin’s eyes shined, the dimple came out, as well as the little crinkles around his eyes.  He was busted, “I don’t think so,” he bent and kissed her.  “Do you?”

“I doubt if they were even close Master,” as she pushed her back up to him, snuggling closer.  They were relishing in the full body skin-to-skin contact.

Enjoying each other’s embrace as they watched the flames die down she heard a bass timbre in her ear, “For the record I didn’t spank her.  God knows I wanted too but I didn’t.”

“Spank who, Suzie?”  Bron giggled.  “I don’t think she would stand for a that, not to mention what would Nick say.”

Kevin’s goatee rubbed on her shoulder, “No darlin’ our daughter, Kaylin. I don't think I could do that to Suzie, she would definetly hurt me.”

Quickly Bron rolled over and kissed him passionately.  “Thank you,” as she held his face in her hands.

“She deserved it and you know it,” Kevin spoke softly.

“I know, but I don’t like that Kevin,” her eyes became somewhat wounded. 

“I know and I know why.  It hurts to be hit.  Mc did this to you Bron,” Kevin wrapped his arms around her tightly.  “There may come a time when I won’t have so much restraint.  I won’t make any promises I can’t keep.”

An understanding looked passed between them, as their lovemaking began again.  This time with no demands, no points to be made, and no controls.  Both of their souls and bodies sated, they dropped off to sleep.





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