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Chapter 59

“Hello!  I had a funny feeling I would find you two right in this spot this morning,” Suzie grinned at the couple curled up next to each other on the couch.

“You did?  Imagine that,” Bron winked from her place under Kevin.  “It can’t be nine-thirty already?”

“It’s only eight-thirty,” Suzie stood over them peering down into the pit.

“Aren’t you suppose to start at nine?  I mean I know you don’t show up until nine-thirty an all,” Kevin groaned as he reached back and pulled more of the comforter over both of them.

Suzie ignored the smart remark as she looked at Bron.  “Good morning Rabbit,” a sunny smile on her face.  “How are you this fine morning Thumper?”

Kevin rolled to the outside of the couch.  His eyes adjusted slowly to the light as he raised his forearm to cover them.  “What the did you just call me?”

“Thumper,” she smiled a plastic smile.

“Thumper?” he closed his eyes tightly trying to focus on waking up and ignoring her.  Bron’s giggle put him on alert.  “Thumper?  Hmm, more like Tarzan, don’t you think darlin’?”

“By the look on your wife’s face, I would say you thump-ed her well.” 

Bron and Kevin groaned.  Bron started to laugh.

“Everybody in this house is a damn comedian,” Kevin sat up quickly thinking he had one on the wife.  Frowning when he saw some time during the night she managed to get dressed.  He was the only one in a state of undress.  A garbling of cuss words came from his mouth as he stood up taking the comforter with him.  “Who blew sunshine up your ass so early in the morning Suz?” as he climbed the stairs.

“You did,” as she followed right behind him.  “I wanted to get some thing straight with you.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” he continued to walk up the stairs, Suzie not letting him get away.

Bron stood at the bottom of the stairs hoping Suzie would step on the comforter.

“Yesterday, Why didn’t you yell at Nick, afterall he broke Bron’s vase?  Yet, you yelled at me for leaving a tape in the VCR.”

Kevin stopped close to the top of the stairs.  Leaning’s into Suzie face with a false fierce look, “I’m used to Nick breaking my shit, he’s been doing it for years.  I’m not used to having six years olds ask me about sex.”

“Morning,” Andrew stood at the top of the stairs.  His mother now stood at the bottom with her mouth hanging open, she didn’t know he had come home early.  Andrew looked at the bare, hairy leg sticking out from under the huge king size comforter, then up to Kevin.  “He’s The Love Man,” Andrew started singing the old Otis Redding tune. 

“ANDREW!”  Bron shouted from below.  “When did you get home?”

“Last night,” Andrew snickered at Kevin and Suzie.

“When last night?”  Bron gulped.

Kevin watched Andrew bubble over with excitement, he had, one, gotten laid over the weekend no doubt, and two he had something on his mom.  Kevin licked the morning dryness from his lips as he waited for Andrew to answer.

“Somewhere between ‘please Kevin’ and ‘oh yes!’”  Andrew squeaked as he high-tailed down the stairs, pass his mother, and out the front door.  A loud slam resounded in the house.  Kevin started laughing loudly.

“I told you we’d get caught!”  Bron yelled at Kevin from the bottom of the stairs then proceeded to stomp off to the kitchen.

“Guess Andrew got laid,” Suzie snickered under her breath.

Kevin dropped an arm around her shoulder.  Putting his finger to his lips,  “Shhh, be verrry, verrry, quiet, I’m hunting wabbits.”  Kevin’s shoulders shook with laughter as he walked into their bedroom.  Dancing backwards, he grabbed the knob on the door.  “Don’t tell his Mama, she thinks he’s still a virgin.”  Kevin laughed even louder as he shut the door.

Suzie’s anger had been neutralized for now, the door quickly jerked open, Kevin came out with sweats on.  “Hey, I’m sorry I yelled at you.  I was out of bounds.”

“Just don’t do it again, you hurt my feelings,” Suzie didn’t hide how she felt.

“I won’t.  Tell ya what, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll yell at Nick tonight when I see him.  You have to understand ever since he was a kid he’s been playing with my stuff.  He would take things apart on me and then try to put them back together.  I nailed him just about every time.  Now let’s go put Bron back together because I’m sure Andrew circled around to the back door.  That boy has not missed a breakfast yet from what I’ve seen.”

Kevin and Suzie went into the kitchen to join a room full of people.  Bron stood at the stove; her arms crossed around herself and a spatula in her hand.  Kevin walked up to her and hugged her.  He rested his head on top of hers.  He stared at the eggs in the pan.  Both of them ignoring the commotion of people behind them.  “You shouldn’t be embarrassed, he’s not a kid.”

Bron tried to smack him with the spatula, “I’m not, but the other one is.” 

Turning his head slightly he saw Kaylin was absent.  His parental concern kicked in, all fresh and new to him.  “Where is Kaylin?”

“Sleeping,” Andrew sipped his coffee.  “Don’t burn my eggs Mom.”

Bron turned and shot him a look, he corrected his manners with a please.

They ate and drank coffee, Kaylin shuffled in much later than normal.

“Hey sleepyhead,” Kevin gave her smile.

She gave him a face.

“Aww, are you still mad at me?  Get over it,” Kevin took another sip of coffee.  Standing up he grabbed the paper.  “Get dressed you’re spending the day with me.”

“I don’t want to,” she wore a face that looked as if she had been sucking lemons. 

“I didn’t ask if you wanted to, I’m telling you to go get dressed you’re spending the day with me.  Unless Suzie wants too…”

“Sorry you don’t pay me enough for that job,” Suzie left the room.

“See, we ran out of babysitters, now you got me,” Kevin smirked knowing that it would rattle her cage. 

“I think I can make my own arrangements,” Kaylin’s bottom lip popped out in a pout.

“Yeah, I don’t think so wise-ass, now get movin’” Kevin spat at her.

“Mommy!”  Kaylin looked for her sympathy.

“Sorry I have to work, so does everyone else.  He doesn’t,” Bron refused to budge after seeing the attitude she was still carrying from last night.

“That’s not fair!”  Kaylin looked at her Uncles.

“Hey, you blew it chick,” Andrew nodded.  “I tried to tell you, he’s not going to put up with your shenanigans.  Kevin is a lot like Dad kiddo; negative is not going to work in this house either.  You’re ruling days are over.”

“Andrew, shut your mouth,” Bron hissed from the stove.

He shrugged as he did what he was told.  Kevin waited by the door for Kaylin to shuffle out. 

“She needs to eat breakfast,” Bron glared at Kevin.  Granted she didn’t like Kaylin’s attitude but he was being a little harsh in her eyes. 

Kevin answered her glare with one back.  A little knot formed on the side of his jaw.

Once again, Bron opened her mouth to speak.  Kevin was waiting for her.  “Shut it; she wants to push, I’m going to push,” he spoke in a low tone and sauntered off towards the stairs.

Bron threw the frying pan into the sink as Andrew whined about losing his breakfast.  Kevin heard the crew pull out of the drive.  As Kevin looked out the glass panel by the entry door, Bron kicked up more dirt and rock than usually as she peeled out.  “Poor Jake, he’s going to have a rough day.”

Kevin showered and changed, once done he checked Kaylin’s room.  She wasn’t found but he did see that her room was cleaned up.  She had picked up her toys and made her bed.  “You’re learning sweetheart, you’re learning.” 

Entering the kitchen, his charge sat at the table quietly eating a bowl of cereal.  Pouring himself a cup of coffee, he sat down and waited for her to say something.  She said nothing. 

Kevin became amused at her lack of communication, “So much like her Mama, ‘the silent treatment’.  “You done?” as he sipped his coffee.

She nodded a yes, picking up her bowl, she set it in the sink.  Kevin watched as she put the cereal and milk away.  He had to chuckle on the inside, she was being as neat as a pin not wanting any more problems with him but she wasn’t giving up yet either.

“Let’s go,” he pointed to the backdoor.  “I have some things I have to get and I have to finish packing.”  He dumped the remaining coffee in the sink as they headed out the door.





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