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Chapter 6

Cole stood there blown away.  “But Kris just left.  Huh, Why?” came out in a rattled voice.  “I thought you and Kris.  Oh Kevin this is a mess.”  Cole groaned as he went and sat at the kitchen table. 

Kevin watched Bron’s reaction as her face turned red and he saw the tears she was fighting.  Silently he walked over to her.  Her biggest fear had been realized unacceptance in his world and dislike.

Gently he tilted her face back with one hand as one arm wrapped around her waist.  “It’s fine; he’s just surprised.  Come sit down and we’ll talk.”  Bron followed as he led her to a chair to sit down.

Cole stared blankly at both of them, shifting his eyes from one form to the other.  His mind was spinning of the ramifications Kevin’s little announcement was going to cause.  “Congratulations,” he said weakly.

Bron dropped her head.  She couldn’t look at the guy.  She knew it was starting already.  This was the other reason she didn’t want to come here.  The falling of the Backstreet Boys and Kevin Richardson was going to rest squarely on her shoulders.

Kevin became quickly agitated, “Cole stop upsetting her.  At least be freaking genuine or shut up.”

“I am genuine.  I’m just a little surprised.  Come on, give me a break here,” Cole snapped at Kevin.  “Well Bronwyn, welcome to the Backstreet Family,” he spoke this time more at ease with the news

Bron was going to bail.  She couldn’t deal with this.  “Look I know you have something to work out and I’m in the way.  I’m going to go lay down.  By the way, I married Kevin not Backstreet.”  She quickly got up and left the kitchen after her parting shot.

“Be right back,” Kevin said as he trotted after her.

“Bron, darlin’ wait,” he followed her into the bedroom.

“Kevin, I told you this wouldn’t work.”

“It will work just fine but he needs to know so he can handle things,” Kevin said as he stood in the doorway watching Bron pace back and forth. Kevin walked into her path in order to stop her incessant pacing.  “I called him here so we could talk.  He needs to know everything.  I can’t handle things when I’m not here or aware of them.  Cole is very good at damage control.”

“Is that what I am Kevin, a damage that needs to be controlled,” she answered, not sure of what his reply would be. 

Kevin strode to the bed and sat down.  Bron was towed along with him.  “Nope, you’re my present, my witch, and my wife, but never damaged.  He’s just a little stunned and knowing him, his mind is working overtime.”

Clasping both of her hands in one of his he gently stroked her cheek with his fingertips.  This was going to be the hard part.  “I have to tell him everything darlin’,” he said in a hushed tone.

Bron stiffened in his embrace.  “No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.  We both know that it will get in the papers and when it does he needs to know about it first hand.”  Kevin gently nuzzled her ear as she spoke.  Touch has such a calming affect on her. My touch.

“But you promised you’d wait until I got home.”  She desperately wanted him to wait.  Nobody was supposed to know, I don’t want anyone to know.

Not moving from his position he continued to speak to her.  “No announcements are going to be made.  I just want to make sure everything is covered in case the press gets a hold of anything.  People talk to management and the press even when we ask them not too.  There were so many people there and I don’t know who I can really trust anymore.  I don’t want management confronting me on their terms.  I will do it here and on my terms.”

She tried to turn her head to speak but he wouldn’t have it.  “I thought that your lives were your own now.”

“They are, but we still work for them and vice versa.  Plus we have to think about everyone else and the new label,” the explanation came to her in a whisper.

“Whatever you think is best,” she sighed. 

Kevin was put out by the comment.  She’s giving up, I know it, and he felt lost at her admission. “Hey you’re not going to give up are you?”  He asked, hoping that she wasn’t.

“No, but this is not a battle I want to fight right now.  I just want to go home.” Bron crawled off of his lap and up the bed. 

He watched her lay down and covered her up.  She went into a fetal position out of habit.  Leaning over the bed, he placed both palms on the mattress.  “You sleep and I’ll talk to Cole about it.  I won’t tell him anything he doesn’t need to know.  I won’t give him any details either.”

As Kevin exited the bedroom he left the door ajar.  If her sleep was disturbed, he wanted to know about it.  He re-entered the kitchen to find Cole disconnecting his cell phone.

“Well Kevin I think you owe me some what of an explanation.”  Cole spoke as he snapped the cell shut.

“Actually I don't, it's my private life is just that, private. I'll make a concession in your case. What do you want to know?”  Kevin asked as he produced two beers from the refrigerator and sat down. 

Cole shook his head in disbelief at him as he took the beer and cracked it open. "Start from the beginning."

“Easy, I knew who she was for awhile now.  I finally got to meet her in Toronto.  Her and her friends tailed us to Pittsburgh.  Um- we’ve been together ever since and we got married in Las Vegas.”

“That’s it, cut and dry.  Well Kev, I’m not the press and the condensed version isn’t working for me,” Cole admonished the younger man.

Kevin rubbed his eyes with both hands and proceeded to tell Cole everything.  Kevin had placed conditions on the information though.  Bron’s rape and subsequent attack in Pittsburgh would not be revealed to anyone but him.  In addition, the confrontation in Chicago and Bron’s mental breakdown following the meeting wouldn’t be either.  He was the one responsible for that.  He left out names except for the people that Cole would deal with directly, namely Jake, Kaylin, and Andrew. He left Mc out of the picture.

Cole listened for over an hour and half to Kevin.  The man was not only telling him what he needed to know but he was also confessing.  Once Kevin had stopped talking, Cole grinned at him.  “Okay so you’re a big fool, who is in love.”

“Yes I am,” he replied.  Cole noticed the twinkle in Kevin’s eyes as he said it.

“I’m not going to say a word to anyone about most of it.  I will tell them you did indeed get married.  You have an instant family, but that you are incredibly happy.  You seem to be handling everything else fine.  When it comes time we will deal with the rest of it if we have to.”

“I know you will.  I’m doing the best I can, but I’m worried about when we do the South American leg.  I want her to stay home.  I don’t want her in those mob of people; she’ll panic,” Kevin spoke trying to reassure himself more than anything else.

Kevin went and made a pot of coffee and grabbed two more beers for them.

“How about some introductions tonight after the show?  She’s going to need a tour ID and so is this Jake you’ve been talking about.”  Cole glanced at Kevin.

“I don’t know.  She’s had a full day with you and Kris already.  We haven’t even eaten yet.”  Kevin spoke as he watched the coffee drip down into the pot.

“I promise just our people and we can get the IDs taken care of too,” Cole pushed Kevin for a yes answer.

Kevin was hesitating, Cole knew it by his response that they hadn’t eaten yet, and it was getting late.  Cole countered with the fact that Kevin used to eat at the venue.

“Look she’s stressed out.  Look how she reacted to you.”  Kevin was running out of excuses to give Cole.

Cole laughed loudly, “I think she can handle it. She’s not exactly soft spoken.”

Kevin smirked, “She can be unless she feels you’re threatening her.  I used to think it was because of what happened to her.  But that is just how she is, she has a temper.”

“I think I figured that one out Kevin,” Cole chuckled loudly.  “Tell you what, we can do the security thing before and then you can grab a bite to eat.  We’ll do the introductions after the show.”

“Okay but let’s see what she says,” as he got up and left Cole sitting there. He had bullied Bron enough over the last two days. This one would be her call.

“Hey Witch, come on time to get up,” he spoke as he gently shook her shoulder.

“No, I don’t want to,” she whined.

“I made you some coffee,” he grinned as she unfolded her body from its tight ball.

“So,” she mumbled and rolled over.

“I’m hungry,” he grinned at her back.  He knew this would get a rise out of her.

“For God’s sakes Kevin,” she snapped as she sat up on the edge of the bed and placed her feet on the floor.  “You’re getting really freakin’ spoiled.”

Bron mumbled and bitched all the way to the kitchen that Kevin was becoming a royal pain in the ass.  Kevin followed snickering under his breath.  Yep I am and I’m lovin’ it.

She walked to the pot, filled her cup, and then plopped down in a chair.

“Sleep well Bronwyn?”  Cole asked trying to make up for his earlier assumption of the woman.

“Yes, thank you,” she grumbled and shot Kevin a glare for not telling her he was still there.

“Cole wants to know if you want to go out and eat tonight?”  Kevin asked but in a non-convincing tone.

“Fine but if that’s the case why did you wake me up?”  Bron eyed Kevin over the rim of her cup.  You’re up to something Master, but I don’t know what yet, she thought to herself.

“Fine see both of you in an hour,” Cole spoke as he got up and headed for the front door.  Kevin followed hiding his smile from Bron.

“Thanks,” he called as he shut the door.






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