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Chapter 63

Bron picked Suzie up promptly at eight.  Suzie mumbled and grumbled her way to the car, telling her she was quitting on Monday.

“You can’t quit on Monday, we won’t be at work,” Bron babbled as she dropped into the ‘Vette.”

One of Suzie’s eyes opened as they hopped on the freeway and headed south, “And why is that?”

“Because today is Sunday and we’re driving to Atlanta!”  Bron slid her glasses down on her face.

“Atlanta!”  Suzie almost spilled her coffee down the front of her new shirt.

“I need a booty call so I figured you did too,” Bron laughed as Suzie figured out she had just been kidnapped for who knows how long.

“Booty call my ass, you’re kissin’ up to him,” Suzie flashed her a know-it-all smile as she pushed the play button.  Backstreet’s Back blared through the speakers. 

“Am not Louise,” Bron drove down the road.

“Are too Thelma and you know it,” Suzie started sing along with Nick’s parts.

“Maybe just a little.  He’s upset over the A.J. shit and that he actually ‘sort of missed’ a doctors appointment.”

“He was on the damn phone; he didn’t miss it.  You’re gaining again; rubberbands aren’t going to hold your pants together forever.”  A small tsk, tsk, came from her, as she waved her finger at Bron, “Too much B and J, you need to start shopping for Maternity clothes,” Suzie’s head bobbed to the time of the music.

“I hear you, that’s another reason we are going to Atlanta.  I already tried shopping for maternity clothes at home; I can’t find anything I like.  They have polka dots on clothes.  I’m well past the polka-dot stage and I’m not Lucy Ricardo.  Everything has bows on it.  What is up with that?  Do I look like a freakin’ present or something?”  Bron didn’t really give what she said to Suzie a second thought until Suzie started laughing obnoxiously.  “Who the hell told you about that?”

“Nick,” she flashed a grin.

“Great, just great.  Does the entire damn world know?  That reminds me, I need to talk to him to when we get there.  I want to know what he thinks of that new visual I wrote, he said he wanted to be a proofer.  He did great on that last one, I love a man’s point of view.” 

“He’s going to hate it, I’m telling you right now.  You two are going to get into it over that one,” Suzie sighed.  This one was not going to fly with Nick, Suzie mumbled to herself.

“You don’t know that until he reads it,” Bron smirked.  “Who knows, he might like it.”

“We’ll see.”  Suzie knew better than to say anything else until he read it and gave her his opinion himself, which she knew he wouldn’t like it.

They had become sidetracked by Bron’s affection for the architecture in Atlanta and shopping.  “I can’t believe we wasted all that this time looking at buildings.”  Suzie’s eyed rolled as she spoke.

“They were beautiful,” Bron sighed as she pictured the southern charm of the older neighborhoods.

“No, Nick is beautiful, dammit, let’s go,” Suzie grabbed Bron’s arm and dragged her along.  They had but one more stop to make.  Bron was looking for something special for later.

Suzie watched her shop, “Try a thong.”

“Yeah right, I don’t get those damn things.  You spend your entire life avoiding your underwear getting stuck in the crack of your ass.  Then they make underwear that does precisely that.  I would rather go without underwear then wear that thing.”

“How about this?”  Suzie held up the garment as her eyes twinkled.

Bron frowned, “Pregnant French maid just doesn’t seem to work for me.”

“It’ll work for him,” Suzie smiled.  “It beats pregnant construction worker.”

“Owner,” Bron corrected.

“Fine,” Suzie shrugged.

Bron grabbed a silk nightshirt off the display then Suzie grabbed her arm again.  “Now what?”  Bron groaned.  

“You just snuck out of Lexington, you didn’t tell anyone, and you didn’t bring Jake.  I’m sure he is well aware by now.  You are trying to make up with your husband.”

Bron held onto the nightshirt and then grabbed the French maid outfit along with it.

“Smart women always have insurance,” Suzie nodded approvingly of both items.  They paid and left to eat a late dinner.

Suzie went first to make sure the coast was clear, she gave the correct names to get the keys to the rooms.  They were more than late.

As they crept down the hall of the hotel, a door opened.  Laughter and a female voice could be heard.  A.J. stumbled out of the room.  They held their spots as they peeked around the corner.  “He’s wasted again,” Bron sighed as she leaned her head back on the wall.  “One of these days, he’s going to need a wake-up call.”

“You know about this?”  Suzie whispered.

“I’m not suppose to, but yes I do,” she whispered as the door shut.  “Mary tried, he has got to want to stop, himself.  She’s barely talking to me, because of the baby.”

“Mary’s jealous, she needs to get over herself.”

Bron cocked an eyebrow at her over what Suzie had said.

Suzie dared her to say something back just with her body language alone.  Bron dropped it immediately.  Suzie glanced down the hall, “I’m going down to his room.  Are you going to be okay?  Do you want me to walk you to his room?”

“Are we on a freaking date?  Do I look sixteen to you?”  Bron stopped the flare of anger.  “Sorry, I know you mean well.  I’m fine and our room is right there.”  Bron pointed just slightly down the hall.

They split up and Bron headed for his room.  She slid the card down the lock, letting herself in.  She knew he would most likely be dead to the world.  Kevin would be wiped out.  He usually slept on the bus but they had planned a mini-intervention with Alex on the ten-hour drive to Atlanta.

Setting her bag down, she prowled around in the dark to find the bathroom.  Being pregnant sucked sometimes, she couldn’t wait until the baby was a little larger and off her bladder.  Changing quickly, she stood in the doorway to the bedroom with the light on in the bathroom.  Kevin had become so secure with Carlos that he actually slept soundly, bare-ass naked but soundly. 

Kevin lay flat on his back, spread eagle.  A soft snore with the steady beat of breathing came from the bed.  His face looked strangely aged to her.  He was frowning in his sleep.  The creases in his forehead were evident.  Kevin was sleeping but not resting.

Bron looked down at her own state of dress and her frown almost matched his.  “This isn’t what he would want or need from me.” 

Grabbing her duffel bag, she proceeded to go back in the bathroom and change again.  After changing, she approached the bed quietly.  Standing at the bottom of it, she debated how she could make room for herself.  Kevin’s body covered a majority of the mattress.

“Up the middle I guess,” Bron snickered as she lifted the sheet.  She saw his feet and had a memory hit her.  Looking around the room, she figured it would be too much trouble to go looking for champagne and strawberries tonight.  “Maybe tomorrow,” she whispered, as she lifted the end of the sheet up.

“You’re so predictable Richardson,” as she snuck the under the sheets and between his legs.  She stopped when she heard his voice.  “That better be my wife or the maid.  If it’s the maid, you’re going to get one hell of a tip.”

Nails, sharp fingernails dug into his upper thigh.  “Nope, it’s the wife.  Witch, ya better sheath those claws of yours.  You are in deep shit with me.  My phone rang half the day and all night.”  The dagger like nails came out of his thigh. 

Kevin could feel her moving under the covers but couldn’t see her.  Her tongue was tracing tantalizing circles on the sensitive skin between his thigh and hip.  “Bron don’t tease me, either use that tongue for a good purpose or get up here and let me use it.”

The room was pitch dark and he had yet to see her but once she took him in her mouth, there was no doubt it was her.  He had been given head so many times in the last ten years he couldn’t even add it up if he had too.  However, one thing was for certain, there was no-mistaking his wife.  She was naïve but attentive, loving and sensual.  She was perfect.

Her free hand slipped between his legs as she used one hand on him along with her mouth.  She would know when he was coming close.  It was his practice for him to place at least one hand on her head.  To guide her pace, and depth, her every movement.  Occasionally he would be forceful, but not often.  It was always towards the end after he held off for as long as he could.  When he wanted it over, it was over. 

He was startled when she stopped and moved up the bed with lighting speed.  Her tongue was in his mouth as he opened to issue a protest at the sudden stoppage of his pleasure.

“Hmmm, I missed you,” she smiled.

“Missed you too,” he panted as he rolled her on her back.  He abruptly entered her. 

Bron couldn’t see his face in the dark, but she knew his emotions were mixed.  He was pissed that she had stopped so quickly but just as delighted as he thrust into her to find her hot, wet, and ready for him. 

“Kevin, slow down,” Bron gasped as she tried to clutch onto to something.  Kevin was now grinding and plunging frantically.  Bron groaned not from pleasure but the realization that maybe that wasn’t the best move to make.  “Kevin please ease up… don’t rush…”

Too late as his mouth slammed down onto hers.  He was stabbing his tongue at her lips, wanting her to open.  Bron was spiraling at the effect he had created in her.  At first she protested, and then she didn’t want him to stop.  Kevin slowed, Bron whined, “Not now….”

A loud chuckle filled the room. 

“You suck Kevin,” Bron’s hips pushed into his madly.  He had done it intentionally, yet again.  “Please, I’m sorry I was being a tease.”

“I don’t like dick teases… I really don’t like sucking dick teases…”  He whispered as he sent her over the edge.  “But I love you.”

“Shit!”  Bron closed her eyes as the rush filled her.

“Nice mouth,” Kevin kissed around her lips.

“You weren’t minding it a few minutes ago when it was taking care of your package.”

“Mmmm, I liked your tongue playing with my package.”

“Geez,” Bron got out of bed, not even bothering to show any modesty.

“Does the peeing part ever stop?”  Kevin grumbled as he waited for her.

“Yes,” Bron scooted back under the covers.

“Tomorrow we talk, no more disappearing acts.  I mean it.”  Kevin waited for her to settle next to him. 

Bron curled on her side and waited.  She rolled her head to the side when she didn’t get her much-loved spoon. 

Kevin giggled, “You can spoon me for change.”

“Ugh, fine but this is the official end of my apology,” as Bron sidled next to him.  She tucked herself up next to his rump.  “Happy now?”

“Yep, cuz as soon as that belly pops up, we won’t be able to do this,” Kevin yawned.

Bron didn’t speak again, he was tired and just wanted her next to him.  She rested her cheek on his back. 

Kevin fell asleep with the quiet reassurance of his wife covering his back.  A smile on his lips knowing that she always would.





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