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Chapter 64

Bron spent the morning being yelled at by Kevin and anyone else who could get in touch with her or him.  Jake called and groveled to keep his job.  Bron wrote as she watched Kevin play switchboard operator.  Finally, he bellowed into the phone that he didn’t want to be called again.  It was over and done with.  They had talked and it wouldn’t happen again, “Right?” he glared at her as Mc hung on the phone.  Kevin turned the phone towards Bron.  “Right!”  Kevin raised his voice.

“Right,” Bron answered slightly piqued at all commotion over it.  “I’m not an inmate!” she yelled.

“You can be,” Kevin frowned at her.

“Oh I’m scared,” Bron laughed at him.

“Smartass,” Kevin’s mood darkened.  “It’s not funny, it’s not safe.  You can go anywhere you want.  All I ask of you is to take Jake with you.”

“I brought Suzie,” Bron blurted out.  Bron quickly quelled his fussing before it could get of hand with one word, “Fine.”  If he somehow found out about the notes, there would be some serious hell to pay in Kevin’s book of rules.  “I’m bored, I’m going for a walk.”  Bron opened the door and entered the hallway.  She heard a girl scream and promptly went back in the room.

Kevin stood looking at her, non-fazed, “They know you’re here, they know who you are.”

“Who the hell told them?”  Bron stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. 

Kevin set his book down and snuck to the hotel door.  He opened it and ducked his head outside into the hallway.  He smiled when he saw Carlos ushering the girl onto the elevator.  “That should teach Bron something.”

Kevin opened the bedroom door, Bron was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling.  “Sorry,” he spoke as he crossed the room.  “I don’t know how they found out, you haven’t been here that long.  They’re good, you know that.”

“This sucks,” Bron tucked her hands under her head.  “My life is over, you should’ve never done that piece on MTV.”

Kevin sat on the side of the bed.  “We didn’t have a choice.  We discussed this.”

“I know,” Bron rolled over too him.  She wrapped her arms around his waist and curled around him. 

He turned his head towards her, “Tell ya what, we were going to play some cards.  The food in this hotel sucks.  I’m hungry.”

Bron lay motionless for a minute to put the clues together of Kevin’s little puzzle.  It wasn’t too hard to figure it out.  Kevin hated hotel food, the guys were going to play cards, he wanted something to eat that was home cooked.  She needed to decide if she was in the mood.  “Okay you win, I’ll cook but you’re spoiled.”

“I know but I’m craving turkey and pickles.  I don’t why but I’m really hungry.”  Kevin left the bedroom, rubbing his stomach.

Bron snickered, “Kevin’s pregnant too, this should be fun.  If he gains with me we’re going to have a problem.”  Hoisting herself up she plodded off to find Carlos.  Carlos was always great at helping out on the food end of the deal as long as he got to eat some of it.

Carlos came and went, then he came again.  His arms bursting and two companions were bursting with groceries as well.  Nick followed in with Suzie right behind him.  Kevin glanced from the television to them and back again.  “Oh what a surprise to see you two here.”

“Shut-up Kevin, I’ll have you know I was kidnapped.”  Suzie wasn’t backing down from Kevin.

Kevin clicked off the TV, “I’m sure it was a difficult decision Suz, knowing what was going to happen when you got here.”  Kevin grinned, but he was enjoying the ribbing they were giving each other.

“Hey if it wasn’t for me, she’d still be dragging my ass around Atlanta looking at stupid buildings.  Instead I delivered a pregnant French maid to you.”

“Shhh,” Bron elbowed her.

“I didn’t see a maid in here last night.” Kevin looked dazed at the thought.

“You didn’t wear it?”

“No stupid, I didn’t, grab a damn bag,” Bron huffed as she charged away from them.

Nick watched Kevin have a mental meltdown and then head towards the bedroom.   

“Freeze Kevin!”  Bron shouted.

“What?”  Kevin looked at her.  Howie and Brian came into the room, Kevin’s brows creased.  He had a mission, he wanted to go look for something.

“Don’t you dare,” Bron came back and handed him a tray.

“That’s not fair,” Kevin whined, as he dropped the tray on the table. 

“Life is not fair for the Backstreet Boy, deal with it Richardson.”  Bron sauntered away from him.

“She has a knack for setting you in your place, doesn’t she?”  Howie laughed.

“Fuck you D,” Kevin began to clear the table for a card game.

“Where’s Gillian?”  Bron buzzed in and out of the room.  

“With Mary,” Howie sighed heavily.

“She’ll be back,” Kevin began to deal the cards out.  “Nick you in?” Kevin doubted it, Nick lost at cards because they didn’t have buttons to push.

“Nah, I’ll pass.  Bron and I have some work to do,” Nick followed behind Suzie and Bron. 

Kevin shook his head, “Fan fic is not work.”  A loud bang in the kitchen did get the attention of the three men.  “I guess I better shut up now.”

Brian shook his head, “Why don’t you just tell her to stop  Tell her you don’t like it and you don’t want her to do it anymore.”

Howie and Kevin both started to chuckle, “Yeah right Bri.”  Kevin shook his head.  “I guess we know who runs his house. 

Brian’s face puckered up, “Yeah me.”

Bron came back in with a large pickle stuck in her mouth, she was smiling.  Kevin started laughing at her as she held it in her mouth with one hand, sucking on it and a tray in the other.

Bron slid the pickle out of her mouth, she glanced to Brian who was blushing, after finally catching on.  Howie shook his head grinning.  Kevin was spacing out in a dream state.  Bron leaned down into his face, “You’re such a pig.”  

“Ehhh, pickle breath,” Kevin pushed her away.  Okay she busted him, he was being a pig.

“Get used it, wait until I crave sauerkraut.”

Kevin’s nose wrinkled up in disgust.  “Whatever, where’s my lunch.”  He glanced up from his cards and caught the flash of anger on her face, “Please.”

“Better…Daddy,” Bron left him there with a smile on his face. 

“She did that on purpose.” Brian watched the entire argument that was about to unfold disappear.

“Yep, she’s good at that too,” Kevin winked at Howie.

People came and left the suite, hearing that there was real food in Kevin’s room.  Carlos pulled up a chair and flicked a sports channel on.  He’s was going to be here for the duration, he may as well be comfortable and well fed.  A.J. has passed out so Billy was babysitting him.

They played and ate for a couple of hours.  Loud voices began to carry from the other side of the room.  Howie looked around Kevin to see Nick, Bron, and Suzie beginning to have heated words.  “Shh,” Howie spoke softly, it wasn’t needed since the other three began to raise their voices.

“Hardened member,” Bron walked around the small coffee table.

“Stiffened manhood,” Suzie looked at both of them.

“Nah,” Nick shook his head.

“Okay what do we have, erection, hardened manhood, stiffened member, or vice versa.  Ummm, appendage.”  Bron paced.

“Appendage?”  Suzie rolled her eyes.

“Well,” Bron treaded the carpet.

Kevin closed his eyes, it wasn’t the vocabulary that bothered him, it was the fact that more than likely it had to do with him.  Howie was grinning like a damn fool at him when he opened his eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kevin turned in his chair with his cards still in his hand.

“Looking for a word,” Bron halted and then paced some more.

Howie looked at them, “Try cock.”

“AHHHHHHHH!” came from all three of them.

“What?” he ducked as Bron’s sneaker flew a little to close to his head.

Nick groaned, “Have some class D.”

Kevin burst out laughing, “What would you know about class?”

Three people frowned at Kevin’s back.

“What about purple tipped penis?” Brian offered, smiling for his efforts.

A steno pad flew at Brian and landed on the table.  “Drive a pen through my eye, why don’t you.”  Bron glared at Brian, Brian blushed.  “It’s not purple, it’s violet mixed with red.  If it’s purple you waited to damn long and now it’s called ‘Blue Balls’.  Right Kevin?”

“You tell me babe, you spend more time down there than I do,” Kevin laughed then flattened the upper-half of his body on the table.  Bron’s other shoe flew by his head.

“Is she running out of shoes?”  Howie smirked.

Nick retrieved the pad from the table not wanting the others to see.  Kevin eyed him suspiciously and Nick wilted slightly against the look.  “Havin’ fun Kaos?”

“Yes,” Nick answered as he took his seat back with the others.  “Okay answer this question for me.  After that, we can work the rest of it out.  Why in fan fiction doesn’t anybody get up to go to the bathroom afterwards?  We all do, at least you girls do, you don’t sleep with that stuff all over you.”

“I give up!”  Kevin bellowed from behind them.  They all turned in time to see Kevin’s cards go flying in the air.  Brian’s face was beet red and Howie was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face.  Kevin was heading for the door.  He glanced back to Brian and Howie who were now actually pondering Nick’s question.

“I don’t know, it ruins it for everyone.”  Bron answered very seriously.

Nick slid his glasses down his nose, “Okay, I was just wondering.” 

Kevin stood at the door with his hand on the knob.

Nick handed the steno-book back to Bron, shaking it at her.  “It’s not you though because it’s not Kevin.”

“Thanks jackass,” Bron whispered as her hand holding the pad dropped to her side.  The pad was torn away from her.  Bron dropped her head, there was no sense in turning around she knew who had it. 

“MARK MAGRATH!  Mark Magrath from Sugar Ray!” 

Bron’s eyes were closed when she felt fingers wrap around her shoulder.  “We need to talk baby.”

She was pulled to the bedroom and the door was slammed shut, then opened rather quickly. “Game over, I need to talk to my wife.”  Then once again slammed closed.

“Moron,” Suzie dope slapped Nick.

“You should be nice to me, we’re not even going out yet,” he grinned knowing that he had never officially asked her yet.  The next thing he felt was extreme pain.  Suzie had a hold on his earring, her lips close to his ear,  “We need to talk too.”  She yanked hard and he had no choice but to follow.

“Owww, Owww, Okay I’m officially asking now,” Nick whimpered as he followed her out the door.

“These women play rough,” Brian watched Nick be led out of the room, begging and pleading for mercy on the way.

“Sometimes it’s fun, you should try it,” Howie laughed leaving a stupefied Brian sitting in Kevin’s suite by himself.  Carlos had gone to check on A.J. and Billy

“Maybe I will,” Brian ambled out of the room.  “I wonder if she would let me.”





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