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Chapter 65

Where is that thing?”  Kevin searched the room; the writing pad had been tossed on the bed.  “Mark from Sugar Ray?  I’ve put up with a lot of shit from you but that takes the cake.  I’m your man, nobody else.”

“What thing?”  Bron thought maybe Kevin was pregnant with his hormones and attitude going one-way one minute and then another the next.  Bron pretended not to hear the Mark comment.  She sort of thought he would react this way when he saw it, she just didn’t think he would see it that soon, she wanted to post it first. It was a hair thing, that's all.

“The French thingy,” he searched the contents of her bag.

Bron shook her head, “Forget it, there is no time.  You have a concert to do in two hours,” she glanced at her watch.

“We will always make time for us.  Come on, where is it?”  Kevin was trotting around the room faster than a Derby horse.

“It’s not going to happen.  You have to pack to leave,” Bron shuffled slowly over to the bed to get her hands on the pad, out of sight, out of mind, she thought to herself.  She was pushed as she reached for the notebook.  Kevin came next shoving the tablet off the bed. 

“Fine, who needs to play dress-up anyway,” He whispered in his ear.

“It’s in the bathroom,” Bron chuckled, poof!  Kevin was gone, off looking for her clothes.

“Sucker!” she laughed as she headed to the bedroom door.  Opening the door, she inhaled sharply and then slammed it shut.

“Nope you’re the sucker if you thought I would let you get away with this.”  Kevin stood with a pair of women’s thigh-high black stockings in his hand, the kind with the sexy seam running up the back.  His fingers were running back and forth over the sheer fabric.  “Mc will be driving you home.  Nick bought Suzie a ticket to fly home, first class.”  His head dipped as he tried to hide his feelings, he was infuriated that she had done something so stupid.  She had put herself out there and it wasn’t safe.  The only problem was she didn’t know it wasn’t safe, he hadn’t told her and no intentions of telling her, yet.  Nothing was going to jeopardize her or the baby’s health.  Mc would handle what he couldn’t while he was away.

Bron huffed, “That is about the lowest thing you have ever done to me.”  She stared at him for a long time.  Things were going on that she obviously didn’t know about or he wouldn’t be this upset.  That and her husband had a fetish for good silk stockings.

“Come play nice with me and we’ll let it go at that,” Kevin whispered as he held out the stockings to her.

“Only because I love you,” she smiled as she grabbed the stockings she was surprised at her husband's reaction. 

Kevin grabbed her arm and yanked it towards him.  Pulling her into a tight hug, he sighed long and low.  “Please promise me you won’t do this again?”

Her hands rubbed up and down his back, her forehead now resting on his chest.  “Are you going to tell me why?”

Fingers grazed his skin and danced up and down his spine.  “Mc will, that is why he is here, that’s why he’s taking you home.  I want you to go home and stay there.”  Kevin backed up towards the bed with her still in his arms.  He wanted time with her but he had little time left.  They needed to get packed up to go.  “The fans know you are here, I don’t want you to go to the show.  As far as I know, they don’t know you’re pregnant.  You don’t look it anyway...”

Bron laid down next him, hitching her leg over his hip, effectively wrapping her entire body around him.  “And you want me too, don’t you Kentucky boy?”

His eyes closed and Bron once again noticed how long his lashes were.  “Women would kill for these,” as she kissed each eyelid.

“Just one woman, I hope.”  A soft kiss returned to her.  She moved even closer to him.  Her hands worked the knots out of his shoulders and neck.  “I know this week is going to be hard on you.  I want nothing more than to be home with you.  I’ll leave my cell phone on.  I can’t leave, you know that.  If you need me, Mc will bring you to me. Kaylin still has all of next week at camp.”  Kevin’s hand sliced through his hair, the pressure was building on him both professionally and personally.

“I’ll be fine, I’ll have my family around me, but you are scaring me.  A.J. is going to have to want this Kevin.  I know that you hate seeing him this way but you can’t stop him.  He has got to want to do this for himself.  You guys have done everything you possibly can.  You’re not going to be able to hide it much longer.”

Kevin frowned; he knew she was right.  It bothered him that night after night A.J. was the party boy, burning the proverbial candle from both ends.  He sounded like shit at each concert; it grew worse as the tour went on.  Nobody would notice but the guys sure did.  They heard the missed notes, flat keys, and saw the skipped dance steps.  They had hired counselors to try and help him.  He’d give them the ‘yeah, yeah,’ and head out the door to get drunk or stoned anyway.   Kevin did his best to keep all of it away from his family.  Bron had enough problems and worried about the world as it was.  She would interfere on his behalf and make matters worse, no doubt.  Kevin lay in the bed with his wife, his thoughts of A.J. so strong on his mind.  His wife’s problems took a back seat, momentarily.   

Both heads rolled to the door, their quiet interlude interrupted.  They could hear people milling about the suite outside their bedroom door.  Kevin wouldn’t push knowing that this was a problem for her.  When she began to unbutton his shirt, it was a clear sign that they would have a union that would be soft, tender, and quiet, but a joining none the less. 

A solemnity had overcome both of them as they dressed.  Walking out to the suite, Suzie was there and in Mc’s face.  Mc’s temper was boiling and his face scarlet red.  “Stay out of it Suz!”  Kevin warned as he slipped a sneaker on. 

Suzie pushed by him to get to Bron, “Take my ticket, I’ll ride home with him.”

“It’s okay,” Bron smiled.  “I’ll be fine, he knows better.  We have some business to talk about anyway.”

Mc gave Suzie a cocky grin, Kevin stood up and slid his jacket on.  “Yes he does Suzie, don’t worry, I’ll kick his scrawny ass too.”

Mc’s lip curled slightly at the reminder of the fisticuffs between Stevie and Kevin.  Mc never had any doubt that Kevin would flatten him or anyone else that came between him and what he considered his.  Kevin was much like him, a jealous and controlling human by nature.  Kevin had better control than he ever could have.  Shaking his head, he waited for Bron while watching Kevin pack up the last of his bags.  He handed Mc Bron’s duffel bag. 

Kevin walked up to Bron; he grabbed her face in both of his hands.  He kissed her ardently; tipping her backwards, the kiss was a reminder for her, a subtle seduction of sorts.  He stood her up, and gave her a squeeze.  Then his nose wrinkled up, giving her his famous weasel face.  “It’ll have to hold you for awhile, I won’t see you again until after Greensboro.  I can’t wait to see my baby!”

Bron was flustered in more ways than one.  Mc’s hand waved in her face, “You with me?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded but was spaced out.  The last time Kevin had done that was in a parking lot in Los Angles.

“Thanks so much Richardson!”  Mc yelled.  “I have a long ride home with oatmeal brain!  Did you leave your mark too, as usual?”

Kevin turned at the door, his head twisted over his shoulder, “You’ll live, respect my wife.  Like I’d tell ya dude… too much information.”

Suzie and Nick were left unsettled as they made their departure.  Bron seemed worried or upset, Suzie couldn’t tell which.

“I don’t get that relationship and I never will,” Suzie looked out the window at the van.

“Don’t try, we already have.  Mc and Bron are different.  Kevin and Mc is just damn weird,” Nick moved closer.  “Can I call you tonight?”

“Yes dork, you can call me tonight,” Suzie smiled at him.  “Call me at Bron and Kevin’s though.”

“She’ll get home in one piece,” Nick reassured her as best he could.  He knew what was going on, he had promised he wouldn’t say anything.  Kevin was stressing and had unloaded on him early in the week. 

“Nick, Bron has been getting....” she stopped; she had made a promise.

“Getting what?”  Nick’s head tilted to the side.

“Nothing, weird cravings that’s all.  I have to go, I’ll miss my plane.”  Suzie stepped out of the car while Nick’s eyes were still closed and his lips puckered.  He was kissing a non-existing person.  She covered her mouth as she laughed.  “I’m sorry.”

Nick’s face flamed red as Marcus laughed at him. 

They said their goodbyes quickly; they would talk later.

“He’s such a player," Marcus sang all the way to the arena.  Nick tried to ignore him but he had to laugh.  He also needed to talk to Kevin alone.  Suzie was trying to tell him something but stopped. 





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