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Chapter 66

“We need to talk... about a lot of things,” Mc held the door open, they were the last to leave.  Bron made one final sweep of the room and it was a good thing she had.  Kevin had left one sock and a t-shirt behind.  She groaned, “Moore Band, figures I can’t run from this damn shirt.”  She placed the lost items in the bag.

Mc opened the suite door to check the hallway; it was empty.  “Let’s go, stay behind me and keep your head down.  Do you understand?”

“I know the drill, drop the drama,” Bron sighed, she was sick of this already. 

“Spark, I’m dead damn serious, don’t screw with me.”  Mc stood at the door waiting. 

She noted his caustic tone and took it for what it was worth.  She felt a little chill in her bones, the ones he had broken so many years ago.  “This is not good,” she whispered to herself.

A good hour went by before Mc relaxed enough to talk.  He decided by the look on her face in the suite that he would start with business first and then go through the personal part of this.  Recognizing the fear in her eyes, he had scared her.  That wasn’t the point of this trip but it was an added bonus maybe she would listen to what he had to say.

“Business is going well,” as he shifted the gears. 

Bron frowned as she saw the tachometer. 

“I gave you the damn car, stop having a hissy fit about it.”  Mc skipped a gear just to piss her off.

“Yes it is, we have MeeMaw’s foundation but I don’t know what we are going to do to bridge the gap between that and the hotel jobs.”  Bron had bid some small projects but nothing that would keep them all busy.

“I booted everyone out of the B & B, it’s time.  We can get some cashflow from that.”  Mc paused and then continued.  “I’m sorry we missed our talk on Saturday.  We have another huge job, an addition, a roof, and a ton of interior work.”

“What?”  Bron had no idea what he was talking about as they cruised down the highway.

“Scouts, Janey wants to re-do it,” Mc grinned.  “Make it a real bar, the place to be in Lexington.”

Bron’s eyes rolled, “Great, Kevin will pitch a petit mal about that.  He likes it being a dive with a jukebox and a pool table.”

“Kevin doesn’t own the place Spark.  Janey and Pete could do great things with that place and you know it as well as I do.  You helped run the bar, I know you see the potential there.” 

“I know… but,”

“Bron, I’ve been seeing Janey.  I cleaned my act up, you can ask Stevie,” Mc rushed out the words before he didn’t have the guts to do it.

“It’s about damn time.  Mc you have problems to work out.  Pete will not stand by and let you use Janey for a punching bag.”  She didn’t understand how this interaction had started but she wasn’t going to fight it either.  Just maybe this was the push that Mc needed to get on with his life and not be in hers so much.  Mc had his moments of love and his moments of anger.  Both could be stifling and confused for one another.  As far as Scouts, she didn’t care what Janey and Pete did with the place.  One thing was for sure, she would make damn certain there was a private place for Kevin, other celebrities, and their friends could hang out and relax.  This is a job they would do because she had a vested interest in it.

“I know, that’s one of the reasons I came to get you.  I asked you not to interfere but I know you better.  I need help to get my life back together.  I want to be a man.”  Mc swallowed hard.  It took everything he had to say those words to her.  He had hurt her in so many ways for so many years because of something that was wrong with him.

Bron un-hooked her seatbelt and almost fell into the backseat as Mc downshifted.  “What the hell are you doing?  Are you trying to get us killed?”

Bron laughed, this would be one of the happiest days of her life.  She reached for her duffel bag.  Placing her butt back in her seat, she gave him an honest to goodness smile.  “How many times have I been in that backseat with you?” she winked at him.

Mc laughed, he couldn’t help it.  It seemed like years of hard feelings and pent up irritation were melting away.  “Shhh, don’t tell your husband, he may make you give the car back.”  The backseat of this car had truly been frustrating for both of them.  Tears and anguish over trying to consummate their relationship.  It usually ended up with Bron getting hurt both physically and emotionally.

Bron pulled a folder out of her bag.

“You have got to be kidding me.  Please tell me that this has not gone beyond our immediate family.”  His embarrassment was laced with anger now, thinking the worst had happened.

“No Mc, I haven’t, I wouldn’t share this with anyone.  I found these this morning.  I think they are from Mary.”  Bron assumed they had talked since she had no knowledge of Mc’s condition until this year, just before her and Kevin were married.  The folder appeared in their suite this morning.  Mary had been doing research and making contacts on Mc’s behalf.

Flipping open the folder, she began to read.

“Read it to me please, I’m the one with the problem,” Mc slowed the car down to a more leisurely pace as they read and commented. 

They discussed, hashed out, and made a plan.  Bron was proud that he had decided to come to her but she did have mixed feelings.  “Why?”

“I owe you for all the pain that I have caused in your life.”  Mc’s hand left the gearshift and grabbed hers quickly.  Bron tried to pull away but she wasn’t fast enough.  “I love you, you’ll always be my first love.  I didn’t think I would ever get over you leaving me.”

“You haven’t, but someday you will,” Bron chided him.

Mc’s head shook from side to side, “Don’t ever change.” 

They stopped to eat and went over their schedule for the next month or so.  Both of them satisfied; they hit the road again. 

Mc had one more subject to cover with Bron, this was the hard one, “Bron, there is trouble with your case.  There have been re-cants all over the place.  They want it to go to a grand jury but Webster thinks it would be a waste of time.”

Bron was stunned as she looked at her watch.  Kevin would be on stage now.  This was something that would affect all of their lives; she needed to speak to him first.  “I have to talk to Kevin.”

“Kevin knows Bron.  He knew before I did.”  Mc waited.


“He’s not thrilled because you are pregnant.  Kevin thought maybe you could just testify at one trial, the murder trial, let the other one go.”

Bron gripped the door, every time someone said that to her, her blood ran cold in her veins.  Her husband was killed, she could never use that other word, it bothered her too much.  Bron debated as to whether or not to tell Mc about the notes.  Better not, he’s in a good mood and happier than she had ever seen him.  She was mulling it over in her head.

Mc understood it wasn’t a snap decision.  “I’ve never seen a man so obsessed over a baby.”

Bron’s eyebrows arched as she leveled a ‘you have to be kidding me’ look at him. 

“Okay, I was possessed when you were pregnant with Kaylin as much as C.W. was and Kevin is now.”  A fast glance to the side and she was wearing the same face.  “Okay, so I still spoil the kid like crazy, I can’t help it.”  Glancing again he could have sworn she hadn’t blinked.  “Stop that!  I’m trying to stick to your rules.  Why can’t we just buy her things because we want her to have them?”  The eyebrows arched even more.  “Fine!  I’ll return the DVD player.”

Bron began to laugh with her eyes closed tightly; Mc truly was a piece of work when it came to Kaylin.  “Uncle Mc is the best!” she always heard.  “Let her have the DVD but don’t buy her a Ferrari for her sixteenth birthday.”

“Okay,” Mc grinned, he could continue to keep giving her his presents.  He loved to watch Kaylin smile, in part, out of his own guilt.  If he had done things right, C.W. would be alive.  If he hadn’t left Bron alone the day of the funeral, she wouldn’t have been violated and Kaylin wouldn’t have heard what had happened to her mother.

It was late at night when they did get into Lexington.  Suzie’s car parked in the driveway of Bron and Kevin’s house.  “She doesn’t trust you most days.  You’re going to have to earn it.”

“I’m trying.  Ever since I called her up in Boston, she was pissed.  She really gave me a beat down. She told me that who and what she was to you was none of my damn business.  She’s so much like you.  I’m glad Kevin talked her into coming down here to work for us.”

“I think you have a crush on our assistant.”  Bron snickered as she got out of the car.  The house was dark and big, she didn’t know if Andrew was home or not.  “It’s late.  Stay here with us.” 

“I don’t think your husband would approve,” Mc flashed her a grin.

Glancing once more back to the house, she was uncomfortable suddenly.  One, that he even cared what Kevin thought, that was a new one on her.  She looked back to Mc, “Please?”

“What’s wrong Spark?”  Mc knew the look all too well.

“Nothing, I just want you to stay.  We can talk in the morning about all the details.  You’re tired too.”  Bron tried to disguise the fear in her voice. 

Mc turned the car off.  “Alright, I’m a starving bachelor these days so I want a big breakfast.” 

“You got it.  Besides I think I managed to starve my son last week.”  Bron slowly walked up the steps.

Mc followed her in the house; Suzie was sleeping in the living room.  “Boo!”

Suzie opened her eyes to have Mc in her face.  She shoved him out of the way.  “Where’s Bron?”

“Right here,” Bron stood behind him.  “Go grab a bed, it’s late.  Mc is sleeping over.”

“Oh, Kevin will just love that,” Suzie rolled her eyes.  “Stevie and Jake are here too.  It’s the male pajama party with the pregnant married woman.”

“Good night Suz!”  Bron called behind her as she headed upstairs.  She stopped and ran back down.  Bending down to her duffle bag, she unzipped the zipper.  Pulling out the Moore Band shirt, she stood up.  The only other two people up in the house were staring at her.  They started to break out in grins and giggles.  “Oh shut up!” she snapped at them as she went up the stairs with the shirt in her hand.

“She’s going to sleep with that dirty shirt, isn’t she?”  Mc asked Suzie.

“Most likely she’s going to sleep in it, not with it,” she yawned her answer and headed upstairs to bed.  Everything seemed okay, she had gotten her phone call from a hyper Nick, and Bron was home. Life was good.





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