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Chapter 67

The house was humming as usual.  Bron was undeniably happy.  Kevin was coming home today; the concert at Greensboro was over last night.  Wango-Tango had gone well.  Her friends had sent her pictures from the Boys performance, Kevin in white jeans and a jersey.  The only topper to that was a shot from the Atlanta concert.  Kevin was going to get his infamous hard-on portfolio updated.  He threatened her with “Ya better not!” she countered with a loud obnoxious snort and her reply, “Try and stop me.” 

Kevin hung around at Mary’s computer as he waited for his ride.  He watched the page for updates, there it was.  “Damn, she did it, she really did it,” he muttered.  The picture went with the comment written under it, ‘Look Kevin is pointing with more than his finger!’

“Witch!” he slammed Mary’s laptop closed. 

Mary frowned at the treatment her computer had received as Kevin beat a path out the door.  Walking over she lifted the screen; she smiled and then laughed.  “Oh Mrs. Richardson you do enjoy getting his goat.  Nice pointer big guy.  I saw that sign they made for you.  You saw congrats to you and the Mrs. and your mind went right into the gutter.  It’s a good thing that they don’t know she is a fic writer.”  Mary powered down and went to check on A.J. he had been out all night, again.

Bron wanted the security and the safety of her husband’s arms wrapped around her.  The notes kept coming even more frequently than before and with more detail.  Lenny knew her every move and expressed an opinion on her daily habits.  He didn’t like the fact that she was pregnant, he didn’t like the fact that she didn’t feel threatened by him anymore. 

You left without a bodyguard, it’s a good thing I’m stuck here.

Never forget Chica I have friends.

I can still reach you if I want too.

I hear the little one loves camp.

The last note Bron had received sent her into a tailspin.  Her first reaction was to pull Kaylin from camp.  She needed to think clearly and concisely about all of this.  Her final decision was based on what was going on from the letters.  Lenny couldn’t get to Kaylin, no details.  Lenny was getting into her life, too many details.  “Kaylin will stay at camp until after the show in Indianapolis.  Kevin will be home then,” Bron spoke to herself, alone in her office.  Going to her filing cabinet after locking the office door, she opened a strong box that was buried in the back.  Unlocking the box, she placed the letter along with the others.  “I have to do something with these but not until I know how he knows what I am doing all the time.  I will not let him get the best of me anymore.”

Suzie called to Bron as she headed out the door to go to work, MeeMaw’s foundations was almost done.  “What?”

“Kevin called, he’s going to be late,” Suzie yelled.

“Okay,” Bron left as Suzie began to start the days’ paperwork.  “Good, I can get this done and he won’t be none the wiser.”  Bron roared out of the driveway towards MeeMaw’s. 

Stretching as she moved out of the truck, she didn’t sleep well last night.  The notes were beginning to rule her thoughts.  She was eighteen and half weeks pregnant, she didn’t think it was possible.  The sun broke through the clouds and shined brightly.  “I guess anything is possible,” she patted her stomach.  “Your father is very excited about today.  We get to see you for the first time.” 

Bron was handed her cup as all of her men gathered around her.  “Well, let’s get this house back on it’s foundation.  We have collar ties and mechanicals to finish.  I have something to do this afternoon.”  She sipped her java as they scattered.  Each man knew his job and how to perform it; they had a set routine and they didn’t need reminded of their duties.  Bron nursed her coffee for a few more minutes.  She had cut back from her three pots a day to three cups a day.  Her fanny usually dragged from her system craving the caffeine.  Kevin had been stupid enough as to try and replace her coffee with the de-caff stuff.  Bron spit the terrible tasting liquid in the sink and shoved her face in his, “Don’t even think you can pull that shit on me.”  Bron grabbed her mug and left.   

Joining her crew, she lost track of time as she worked.  This had now become another regular habit of hers.  Suzie had stepped in and began to remind Bron of where she had to be and when, sometimes even why.  “Clueless much?” she’d quip if Bron was confused.

Again, they were running out of time.  They were supposed to meet the rest of the crew at Scouts to do a tear off on the building from there Bron was going to the Doctors.  Bron became exasperated with all of them and figured she would just do the last collar tie herself.  Lying in the trench, she shimmed under the building to the wall.  She placed the last collar in place.  She instructed Andrew to do his job, which he did. 

Hank and J.D. were now laughing.  Andrew was in a dither.  This was only his second job he had been left in charge of and it wasn’t going well.  His Mom was usually the one to spin the last collar tie in place.  She was small enough to fit between the beam and the foundation wall.  She could squeeze out of the crawl space from the window.  Something went wrong; his Mom was stuck.  It wasn’t life threatening but it was scaring him.  His Mother was pregnant and stuck under the house.

Bron could hear Hank and J.D. laughing at Andrew.  “STOP LAUGHING YOU JACKASSES!”  Bron screamed from under the house.  Her belly was now wedged up tight against the beam blocking her exit. 

It became quiet and she heard Mc speaking to her from the other side of the wall.  “Bron come on.  Stop screwing around and get out of there.  Andrew is scared to death.  I only came over to see what the hold up was, you’re running late.”  Mc was calm in his voice but slightly alarmed to think that everyone on the job site wouldn’t question the fact that she was doing the last tie.  Of course, he knew his partner too and if anyone had balked, they would be fired on the spot, no questions asked, no remorse.

“Mc, help me.”  Bron closed her eyes.  This wasn’t going to go over well, he was mad and she knew it.  

“You’re really stuck?”  Mc’s head popped up between her feet and left just as quickly.  “Move!  Move!”  Mc started yelling as he became angry.  People were just standing there, knowing she was stuck, just made him angrier.

“Great, now he’s going to freak them out and somebody is going to make a mistake.” She heard an engine, then dead silence. “You damn fool, I’m fine.” 

“Guys?” she called to anyone.  She was hoping that this wasn’t a time that had decided to give her a payback.  Both J.D and Hank had warned her, but she had to do it her way.  “If they put a snake in here, I will fire every single one of them,” she hissed to herself.

Someone grabbed her ankles and pulled hard.  “Hey!” she yelled as her stomach felt the pressure from the beam.  “Don’t do anything.  I’ll get out myself.”  Wiggling slightly she tried to move her legs out and then turn, it wasn’t working. 

Bron heard the crane start, “Great, just great.  Don’t do it assholes.  I’m not doing this all over again!”  Someone was holding onto her ankles, she kicked at them.  “Let go of me!  We’ll lose half a day a of work if you do this.” 

Feeling a hand wrap around her other ankle, she became incensed.  “Jesus, not so hard, that hurts.”  The hands were squeezing tightly.  The beam was lifted and she was dragged out of the trench.  The bright sunlight hitting her square in the eyes.  The crane rumbled again as the house was set back down on the beam.

Bron stood up, unsteady for a moment.  Regaining her balance, she dusted herself off and shook out her pant legs.  “That wasn’t necessary Mc,” as she slowly turned to face her partner, “Oh…,” Bron swallowed slowly as the emerald eyes bored holes into her.  The frown growing to a grimace, his face lily white.

“Are you fucking stupid?” he growled at her.

Bron’s brain processed the tone and unnatural stature.  His legs slightly apart, his hands fisted and resting on his hips.

Again, she swallowed the excess saliva in her mouth, “No, I’m working.”  She wet her lips in anticipation for the much larger confrontation to come.  Warning bells and whistles were going off in her head.  Kevin made no bones about the fact that he didn’t like her job to begin with.  Bron turned to leave; Kevin jerked her back to him with such force she almost knocked both of them down.  The whisper in her ear left no room for misconstruing anything.

“We’re late for our doctor’s appointment.  Why?  Because you’re stuck under a fucking house!  Work is over for you until this baby is delivered!”

J.D. and Hank were smirking behind Kevin’s back as she turned around to face Kevin.  “You don’t run my life,” Bron whipped off her work gloves.  There was nothing worse then being dressed down by your husband in front of your employees.

“Fine!”  Kevin stormed to this truck.  It was safer there, if he blew his mind now, he wouldn’t let up.  Sitting in his truck, he waited for her knowing she would come to him.  His hands were shaking as he gripped the steering wheel to steady his nerves.  The very idea that she would put herself in jeopardy made him want to lock her in the house until the baby was born.

Quietly she walked over to his truck.  The door was still open; he was in too much of a shock to close it.  Reaching in, she softly touched his hand.  “I was fine.”

“I was scared,” he gulped for air as he blinked back the tears.  He was fighting the bad vision of a house falling on her and crushing both her and his unborn child.

“I understand,” she whispered as she stood up on the running board.  Grabbing onto his shoulder she boosted herself into his lap.  His face was still pale.  “I do that all the time.”

“Not anymore.  I don’t like it.  You are pregnant.  This is a risky pregnancy or have you forgotten that.”  Kevin stared blankly out the windshield beyond her.

Bron wiggled slightly, “How about no more foundations until after the baby is here.”

“Promise?” he blinked.  He was unable to think now.

Bron’s hand glided over his cheek, “I promise.”  Turning his head to face her, “I’ll think of the look on your face right now before I do something stupid in your book.  I know you keep track.”

Kevin pushed her off his lap; she sat in her seat.  Buckling her seatbelt, she waited.  If he said nothing more, things were okay, for now.

Kevin reached for the key in the ignition; Bron clasped his forearm.  “Are you ready Daddy?” she smiled.

Kevin just about burst with excitement on hearing those words.  “Today is the day,” as his hand settled on her knee, his fingers drumming to the beat of the song playing.  What she had done was extremely dumb, but it was done and over with.  Kevin wanted his time with her over the next two days to be enjoyable.  Mentally he made a note to talk to Mc about this, things would change as of this day.

Kevin strutted into Gabe’s office.  Nodding at nurse Carol but still bubbling.  The office was closed as usual.  “Gabe we’re here!  Sorry we’re late.” 

Gabe opened the door to his office.  Kevin had become accustomed to having Gabe’s sole attention and an empty office.  Gabe slid his glasses down his nose. 

Kevin’s head backed up slightly, Gabe wasn’t pleased.  “It’s Witch’s fault, she was stuck under my Grandma’s house.”

Carol snorted from behind both Kevin and Bron.  Gabe laughed like an old Santa.  “Okay Kevin,” he leaned around Kevin and looked down the hall.  “But where’s Toto?”

“I’m serious,” Kevin tapped his foot on the floor as Gabe and Carol laughed even harder.  Carol said something about flying monkeys from behind him.  Kevin was not amused, this wasn’t Oz.

“I don’t think Bron would take that risk.  Would you Bron?”  Gabe looked at the small woman with dusty jeans on.

“Oh no,” Bron hid the smile. 

Kevin frowned, “She did!  Stop lying to the man,” Kevin stood ready to argue the point.  He didn’t think it was half as funny as the rest of them did.

Gabe let it go, Kevin’s reaction was too true to form, Bron must have really been stuck.  “Are you ready to see your baby now?”

“Yes,” Kevin’s response was as eager as his hands that yanked the front of Bron’s shirt up.

Bron’s lips pursed together as she slapped his hands away from her.  “So much money, so little class.”  Bron shoved by him as she went into the room.  Kevin followed her until she barked ‘out’ to him.

“I wanna stay,” Kevin whined as Carol was still snickering and mumbling about ruby red slippers from behind him. 

“I’ll call you when we are ready.”  Gabe closed the door in face again.

“What do you do anyway?”  Kevin shuffled up and down the hallway. 

Carol walked by with a smirk, Kevin’s nose wrinkled up.  He waited for five minutes and it felt like five hours.  

“Come on Scarecrow,” Gabe spoke as he opened the door.  Carol followed Kevin.  “Carol is our tech.”

“Oh,” Bron watched Carol flick on the machine.  “Let’s take a look. But do you want to know?”

“No,” Kevin answered as he leaned over Bron’s stomach.  “Cool!”  Kevin watched in awe. 

Bron thought she had guessed correctly weeks ago, she saw something and gave Gabe a wink. 

Kevin was thrilled and light-hearted, forgetting all about what had happened earlier in the day.  He was home for two days, now he was getting the opportunity to see his baby, the baby he helped create, the impossible baby.  When Carol handed him black and white scans of the baby, he practically fell out of his boots.





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