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Chapter 68

“Kevin,” Bron called, miffed slightly.  His packing was done and he was leaving early tomorrow.  He had promised that he would help her catch up on the housework.  Kevin being a clean freak flew out the window the day he said, ‘I Do.’  She was up to her eyeballs in laundry.  Grabbing the dishtowels and rags, she headed downstairs to put them away. 

“Kevin, you promised to help me,” she yelled as she stepped on the bottom step.


The clean clothes were thrown in the air and landed with a soft poof on the tile floor.

“Jerk!” her hand went out to connect with any part of him she should possibly reach.  “I thought the panther act would’ve stopped by now!”

“But I like sneaking up on you darlin’.  Now that you’re not so quick and all.”

“Funny Kevin, very funny,” as they bent down to pick-up the laundry, almost knocking heads.

“I got it.  Go sit down on the couch.”  Kevin motioned towards the living room with a dishtowel in hand. 

Bron shook her head, with her hands on her hips.  “It’s dirty now, take it upstairs.” 

Grabbing the laundry quickly, he stepped around her and headed for the kitchen.  “Five second rule baby, it’s not dirty.”

Slowly Bron wandered into the living room.  A fire was burning in the fireplace.  A small smile sneaked out of her as she saw two wine glasses and a bottle of Kevin’s favorite red wine on the table.  “If he thinks we’re doing that again, he’s crazy.  I was busted once by my kid,” she muttered under her breath.  “Or he could want to talk about the fiasco at MeeMaw’s yesterday.”

“Come on,” as large hands landed on her shoulders and steered her towards the couch.  “Time for my Witch to take a break and relax.”

“I’m fine Kevin,” as she sat down, not wishing to spoil what little time they had left together.  So far, they had avoided yesterday, albeit she did think it strange that he hadn’t ruled with an iron fist on the subject of work.  They hadn’t discussed her case or her decision yet.  Things were being put aside for now.

Kevin poured two glasses of the burgundy liquid, “That’s what Gabe told us yesterday.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” as a glass was shoved in her hand. 

“Gabe said a glass of red wine now and then won’t hurt you,” Kevin pushed her hand towards her mouth.  Sitting down next to her, he stretched his legs out and plopped his socked feet up on the table.  Crossing his feet at the ankles, he then tossed an arm around her shoulders. 

Staring at the fire, he let his mind relax.  Off the road for the day felt good.  To be able to do normal things like laundry felt good.  The best was going with his wife yesterday for their first sonogram.  It was a simple one and just a glimpse of a tiny human being.  Gabe told them Bron would have to go for a Stage Two sonogram at twenty weeks.  It was more in depth and much longer, due to Bron’s age.  At that time, they would decide whether or not an Amniocentesis would be deemed necessary.  They had so much to discuss in such a short span of time, this being the most plaguing thing to him.

Kevin scowled at the fire; Bron knew what he was thinking about.  It was the same scowl and the same intensity he wore yesterday when Gabe had explained how the procedure was preformed.  Bron could still hear Kevin’s words.  “Is it necessary?” 

Kevin had questioned Gabe on this over and over again.  Somehow, a needle going through his wife’s abdomen and uterus to draw a fluid sample seem harsh to him.  “We’ll see Kevin,” was all Gabe could offer him as an option.  Gabe left him feeling uncomfortable about the entire test.

Bron studied the man sitting next to her; he was worried over something that might not happen.  “Kevin, an amnio might not happen.  Let’s see what the specialist says.  Gabe said he would be there too. ”

“How come you always know what I’m thinking?” he finished his wine and poured another glass of it for himself.  She was still nursing her first one.

“I don’t know, I just do,” Bron set her glass down on the table.  The wine wasn’t palatable to her at this point.  Lying down, Bron rested her head in his lap.  Rolling onto her side she pushed herself so that her chest was even with his knees. 

Kevin began to slowly administer the non-verbal request for a back rub.  This was his new duty or so it seemed.  She had gained more weight and was spending longer and longer days at work.  Hearing a satisfied sigh come from her, he took the time to make it count.  Work, he hated her work, but he was determined that he would say nothing about yesterday.  Yes, he considered it dangerous and stupid but she had promised not to do it again.  He didn’t really believe her so he had taken some measures so that she would keep her word. 

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

“Welcome.  Since I know I’m not going to get my back rubbed, why don’t you go to sleep if you want too?”  His hands kept moving, working the soreness out of her lower back.

“Let’s just go to bed,” Bron yawned.

“Sounds good to me,” as his head rested on the back of the couch.  Bron removed herself from his lap.  He went and banked the fire for the night as they headed up to bed.  Cuddling close both of them dropped into a deep sleep.

Bron woke but didn’t stir, Kevin was softly singing a lullaby to her stomach.  A brushing of his mustache on her skin tickled her.  It was a kiss.  Bron reached down and touched his cheek, “Save some of those kisses for me.”

He flashed her a grin, he was glad she was awake.  “Well as long as you’re up darlin’.”  Kevin crawled up to her, still thankful that he could crawl on top of her as he did so.

“I’m up,” she gently smiled.  “I’m really up… Look!  So are you….”   Her giggle was abruptly haltered by a set of lips on hers and nipping teeth.

“Smartass,” he kissed down her neck. 

“Always,” she answered as she trailed her fingertips down the side of his neck. 

“I’ll show ya Witch,” he grabbed her head and tugged it to the side.  His teeth settling on his spot.  He licked and nibbled as she giggled.

“Grow up, you’re not in high school anymore,” she slapped at him. 

“Umm…  I know if I was still in high school, we’d be in the backseat of my car.” 

“Oh, you Romeo you,” Bron became silent as Kevin’s hands traced over her body.  Her eyes closed when she felt his hot breath on the flesh of her chest.  The course hair of his beard scratching at her skin making it even more sensitive. 

“I read in my book that when the time comes, I’m not going to have access to these so I’m going to take my time and show them some love,” Kevin licked her nipple and then blew on it.  He watched the peak form just for him.

Bron was having trouble maintaining some calm; her hormones were pretty much dictating most of their couplings.  Fast and frantic, sometimes slow and sweet like in Atlanta.  Kevin gave into her needs most of the time.  Bron willed herself to calm down.  She wanted this to last; he was leaving again tomorrow after breakfast for Indy.  They would have to talk but he would be back the day after.  Kaylin would be back home then too.  Kevin would then leave again, she hated when he left.  In a week and a half they would have the longer sonogram.  Kevin had planned to be at the appointment so it was planned for his only day off the day between the Pittsburgh and Hartford shows.  He did have one other day off but the guys had made plans with the band and the dancers.  It would have been too early anyway.  This day would be one day short of her twenty week.

“You like this, I know you do, let me hear you.”  Kevin reached over and turned the light on.  He had lost her to her thoughts, he didn’t want her to think, he wanted her with him.

“I’m sorry there is so much for us to talk about and I feel like we’re just putting it all out-of-the-way to make love to each other.”  Bron stared at the mural above the bed. 

“Rollover,” Kevin jumped out of bed.

“What?”  Bron was lost.

“Rollover,” Kevin stood by the bedroom door.

“Why?”  Bron shook her head in confusion.  Kevin had left the room, stark raving naked.  Rolling on her back she punched up her pillow, “I hope he isn’t smoking whatever the hell A.J. has been.”

“I haven’t,” Kevin peeked around the door.  He saw that she had done what he had asked.  “Now close your eyes.”

“You’re losing it,” Bron pushed her face into the pillow.  Her mind wouldn’t let the rest of her body relax, it didn’t matter anyway.

“Turn the light off,” she mumbled as she felt the bed shift.

“Nope, I want it on, so I know I’m doing this right,” Kevin straddled her legs.

“I think by now you would know that,” Bron laughed as she began to prop herself up on her elbows.  Poof, her face was back in the pillow, and then she heard ‘Don’t move unless I tell you too.’  “Excuse me,” she struggled against the large hand that was splayed on her back, keeping her in place.

“You heard me, don’t move or I’ll tie your ass up,” Kevin was giggling inside, he was definitely freaking her out with this.  He pulled the blankets and sheets down until they rested on her bottom, her back exposed to him. 

Bron froze, she felt like she was being scrutinized or inspected.  She began to roll only to be stopped again. 

“You just don’t listen to you.  I warned ya baby.”  Bron felt her wrists yanked up to the headboard.  Then she was stunned, her new stockings were being wrapped around her wrists.


Kevin was straddling her legs, biting his tongue to stop from laughing; he had definitely surprised the hell out of her.  Grabbing the object he had gone downstairs for, he lightly dribbled the contents of the container down her spine.  

Kevin felt the rush in his body as he watched her try and struggle; it wasn’t as if he was going to hurt her in any way.  Moving up he straddled the back of her thighs, he was lucky, this would probably be the last time he could do this, her belly was expanding everyday.  Second thoughts hit him while he was in the kitchen using the microwave to heat up the oil.  He wasn’t sure if she could even lay on her stomach anymore.

The tips of his fingers trailed down the oil as he slowly made small circles down her vertebra. 

Bron had stopped fighting and slowly began to calm down when his hands began to rub and caress the sweet smelling oil into her skin.  She could feel Kevin’s erection brushing against her bottom when he leaned down to place feathery soft kisses on her back.

“See, all you have to do is relax and enjoy,” his hands now massaged her shoulders.

“Don’t get any of that on the bed,” Bron murmured half asleep.

“Are you going to sleep on me?” as one of his hands dipped under from the side.  Slowly he caressed her breast, and then the other hand went to the other side.  Satisfied from the feel of her breasts in his hand that she wasn’t go to sleep on him, his hands started to work the oil down the sides of her body.   Feeling his way down her sides, touching every rib and indentation in between.

Feeling a draft of cold air rush over her backside, Bron’s eyes flew open and she tensed.  She willed herself motionless but her body reacted anyway.  A small evil little chuckle from Kevin didn’t help.

“Not this time,” he reassured.  “Maybe another.”  Uncanny was the only word he could think of when they could read each other’s minds.  This was a sensory overload for her because of insecurity, and inexperience, and himself as well.  They had never ventured down that road and he wouldn’t with her until he knew she could handle it.  It would be a long time to come for that experience.

Kissing his name on her tattoo, he rubbed his cheek on her bottom.

With the pace of a turtle, he crept over her, resting his face on her back.  She smelled like sweet almond oil and jasmine.   

Grasping her hips, he lifted them, placing a pillow under that precious tummy.  His knee parted her legs as he again grasped her hips.  Placing a tiny kiss on her tailbone, he sought what he had wanted since he had woke up in the middle of the night.  He slipped into her as slowly as he had primed her body for this.

Bron sighed as the pressure began to build.  Kevin’s strokes were slow and poignant.  He was taking her there again, with a slow methodical pace.  Bron’s hips pushed back into him, she could feel all of him with each thrust he took.

A loud moan filled the air in the room; they had reached the pinnacle together.

“Are you relaxed now?”  Kevin spoke to the back of her head.  Moving out of her and up next to her.

“Oh yeah, I’m real relaxed,” she spoke just above a whisper.  Her voice laced with sleep and the after effects of their lovemaking.  Opening her eyes, Kevin was frowning as he unhitched the knot in the stockings and her arms fell free.

“Love you Witch,” he mumbled as he pulled her hips towards him; spooning her against his frame.

“Love you too Master,” she smiled lazily.  She didn’t miss the discreet little snicker come out of him.  Tonight he truly was and he knew it, he liked knowing it too, typical Kevin.





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