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Chapter 7

Bron sat at the table waiting for Kevin to return.  He didn’t, he retreated to the bathroom to take a shower.  Now she knew something was up.  More importantly, she had to stay calm or tomorrow would blow up in her face.  She finished two more cups of coffee and went to find something to wear.

Kevin came out of the shower and she went in without making a comment.  He saw the clothes she had laid out and was pleased.  The dress that he had bought for her.  She had even laid clothes out for him.  Yep she knows, he uttered to himself. 

Bron came out fully made up but not over done and he smiled.  “Hey beautiful, how do I look?”  He asked, as he flashed a smile that would melt wax, without a flame.

“Handsome as ever Mr. Arrogant,” she clucked, as she slid her panty hose on.

Kevin went back into the bathroom and double-checked.  I few minutes later Bron called him.  He stuck his head out the door as she walked to where he stood.  “Zip me,” she spoke as she turned around for him.

“I like this dress on you,” he said as he pulled the zipper up and teased her spine with his fingers along the way.

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish.  We’re already late,” she murmured quietly.

“I’ll finish it later,” he whispered in her ear.  “When I help you unzip it.”

Bron turned around, “Ya better,” she grinned.  They both grabbed their coats and headed for the front door.

As they pulled into the underground garage at the venue, Bron sighed loudly.  “So are you going to fill me in or just let them spring it on me?”

“He just wants you to meet a few people and get your tour ID straightened out.”

“Okay, but I’m starving,” she said nervously.

“Well there’s a switch,” Kevin laughed as he walked around and opened her door.

They entered the venue as her nerves were jingling on end.  Kevin didn’t stop until they were in the dressing room.  The guys weren’t there yet.  “You need to relax, it’s just a few people that’s all,” he said as he paced the room.

Bron closed her eyes trying not to let her nervousness overtake her.  People shuffled into the room and introductions were made.  She had convinced herself that this was business.  This was all business and that’s all.  She was in complete control of herself by the third introduction.  Business was easy.  What she didn’t notice was that her husband was watching her shift into her business mode and so was Cole.  The fellas had entered and Cole smiled at Kevin.

The guys joined Cole leaving Bron and Kevin to finish what they had been brought here to do.  “Man she’s all business,” Howie grinned at Mary.

“Yes, when she’s working a room, she can charm the socks off of any of them,” Mary smiled.

Nick cut a path through the crowd reaching Bron and Kevin.  “Congratulations Bron!” he screamed as he grabbed her face and kissed her.  He kissed her on the lips, long, hard, and loud.  People in the room began to chuckle as Nick pulled his head back and looked at Bron. 

Bron was temporarily stunned at the outpouring of affection from Nick.  “Thanks Nick,” Bron stuttered. 

A possessive arm went to her waist and she was jerked back towards the hard body she was use too.  “You ever do that again Kaos and I’ll bust you in half.”  Kevin growled at him in using a voice that carried across the room.

“Gee Kev, I was just saying congrats.  Ya know, kinda like Bron says Thank you.”  Nick grinned and wiggled his eyebrows as he bubbled over with excitement.

Bron laughed loudly and patted Nick’s cheek.  “Good one Little Man.  You got me.”

Kevin was pissed; this was important and Nick was screwing around again.  Glancing around the room Kevin saw that the executives from The Firm were slightly amused.  Lucky you Nick, he screamed in head.

Cole came up to the three of them.  “Nice ice breaker Nick,” he chuckled.  “Let’s go eat.”

As the four of them left the room, the fellas followed.  Kevin hung back slightly trying to listen to the comments others were making.  “Man he’s gonna so pay for that,” Howie snickered to Gillian.

“Aww he’s just trying to help,” Gillian grinned at the back of Kevin’s head. 

“Yeah some help,” Kevin spat.  “And you’re right, he will pay for that. Layin' his lips on my wife.”

Everyone gathered for the buffet and sat together.  Nick sat at the far end of the table as far away from Kevin as possible.  Half way through dinner, Bron glanced at Kevin.  “He was trying to help me relax.  He didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I know,” Kevin sighed loudly and looked at Nick.

Nick gave him a lop-sided grin and Kevin returned the smile.  Nick’s smile grew he knew he was off the hook.

The show went on and it was filmed as planned.  Afterwards everyone gathered in the green room.

“Nice job Lurch,” Bron kissed his cheek as he came into the room directly from the stage. 

“Thanks Witch, I’m going to go change,” he mumbled in her ear.  “I wanna go home, I need to help you out of that dress,” she heard as he turned and left. 

Passing Nick at the door, he issued his warning to his baby brother.  “Don’t touch her.  I’ll smack you so hard you’ll need two months off, not one.”

“Yes sir,” Nick spoke as he saluted Captain Kevin.

Bron shook her head at both of them as Kevin continued out the door.  Cole came to her next.  “Let’s get your ID done along with Jake’s.  I wanted Kevin to stay but I don’t think he’s going to.”

“I think you’re right,” Bron answered as she followed Cole.  Jake was at her side in two strides.

Kevin appeared not to long after the IDs were done.  Bron had it around her neck.  He picked it up, turned it around, and read it.  B. Richardson and smiled.  “Let’s go home.”

“That was quick, didn’t you at least take a shower,” Bron asked after noticing his hair was dry.

“No, I didn’t.”  He smirked at her.  “I’ll take one with you when we get home.”

“Oh you will, will you,” she giggled.

“Yes we will,” he smiled.

“I though we’d take a swim first,” she spoke softly.

“We can do that,” he answered with a smile tugging at his lips.

“Hmm skinny dipping maybe.  Unless you’re neighbors are peeping toms,” she snickered as she headed for the door.

Kevin stared at her backside as she walked away.  He blinked once and then again.  “Oh yes!” he groaned, as he ran up behind her and dropped an arm around her shoulders.

Before he reached her Bron winked at Mary and mouthed “Tomorrow.”  Just then, Kevin barreled up behind her.  Mary smiled and nodded as they walked out the door together.

“What’s up with them?  They don’t want to party,” Nick asked Mary.  He was disappointed and it was very obvious. 

“They going to party Nick, by themselves.  We’ll see them tomorrow,” Mary offered to him.

“Great,” Nick grumbled as he walked away.

The first five minutes of the ride home were silent.  Kevin turned and glimpsed at her.  She was sitting with her eyes closed.  “Hey you awake?”


“Thanks for tonight.  That all business side of you comes in handy,” he said as he watched the traffic around him.

“It was business Kevin.  I’ve made up my mind after this afternoon that I wasn’t going to give up.”

“I love you,” he spoke as he turned up the canyon road towards the house.

“I love you too,” was the response he received, as he pulled into the driveway.

“Let’s go swimming,” he grinned as he jumped out of the truck and around to the other side.

Once inside Bron stood in the hallway for a split second.  “Kevin I need help here,” she spoke to him as he headed for the kitchen.  Turning back he automatically went to the zipper on her dress and slid it down.

Bron went to the bedroom and removed her clothes.  She opened the patio door and quietly crept outside to the pool.  Slowly she slipped into the pool, extremely happy that it was March and warm in California.

Kevin watched from the kitchen as his wife slipped into the pool, sans any clothing.  Hastily he grabbed what he had come for and went to join her.





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