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Chapter 74

Bron paced her office.  Suzie hadn’t returned her calls.  She knew Suzie was upset and needed a break from Backstreet.  Right now, after three days with Kevin, Bron needed the break.

“This sucks,” as Bron watched yet another paper airplane fly into her office.  It seemed that Kevin had a new hobby since he was suffering from a case of musical writer’s block.  Kevin was trying to break the record for long distance flight with the perfect paper airplane.  Who would have known that Mr. Environmentalist would be wasting paper?

Picking up the phone, Bron again tried the townhouse in Boston.  As the answering machine picked up yet again, she yelled “I swear if you are in that apartment and you don’t answer the phone I will pack Kaylin up and the dogs up and send them to you!”  Bron growled her frustration into the phone.

“I’m here, I’m here!”  Suzie gasped into the receiver.  “That’s a bit harsh!”

“Good!  How are you?”  Bron quieted down, finally getting her on the telephone.

“Fine,” Suzie sighed.

“Please come back to work.  I need you.  I know you’re upset with Nick about the note.  I know he didn’t mean anything by it.  I really need you,” Bron begged and groveled.

“It can’t be that bad?”  Suzie ambled around her friend’s home.

“It is…  It really is,” Bron whined loudly into her ear.

“Come on?”

“Okay let’s put it this way.  The office now has rules like the house does,” Bron smiled widely, in her head she was screaming, ‘gotcha’.

“Rules?”  Suzie battled at the hand that was trying to distract her.

“Oh yes.  Let’s see.  You are to recycle all the printer cartridges and toner.  Important documents must be shredded and then recycled…”  Bron hesitated.  Suzie would take a lot of Kevin’s shit, but messing with her routine and what she did wasn’t one of them.  She was hoping Suzie wouldn’t up and quit.  There was no mistaking Kevin’s agitation when he couldn’t track down Nick anywhere and his messages were going unanswered.  If Bron’s hunch was right; Nick would be with Suzie. At least she hoped so, if they were okay, she would be okay.

“Oh and he cleaned your desk and re-did your filing, he said it wasn’t in alphabetical order.  How could you find anything… tsk …tsk…  He put cute little labels on the front of the filing cabinet drawers for you too…  he so organized.”

“Excuse me?”  Suzie’s hand slapped the head that was attached to the body that had been attempting to molest her.  She needed her concentration now.

“You know those little paper sleeves for the coffee cups that you order from the coffee service?”

“Yes.  Why?”  Suzie was at a loss as the hand that had been annoying her was now running up her thigh.

“We’re not allowed to use them anymore.  He went and bought ceramic cups…  Kevin said you can wash them after we use them.”  Bron closed her eyes and moved the phone away from her ear.


“It’s not good for the environment you know….”  Bron snickered.  Bron started doing the happy dance and then stopped, she closed her eyes.  Crossing her fingers, she said a little prayer that she wouldn’t quit. 

“That sonofbitchin’ tree hugger you married!  Nick get on your phone and book me a flight to Lexington!”

Bron was happy for two reasons, one Nick was with Suzie after all and two Suzie was coming home.  “Do you want to call me back?”

“No.  Stay on the phone, I need picked up at the airport.”

Bron chirped, “Okay.”  The last few days had been difficult, her mind was sieve and everything seemed to be dripping out the holes.  She usually was very good about organization, however she had missed two important meetings.  Kevin being around and underfoot was not helping.  He was frustrated not being able to accomplish anything in the music department; pestering her seemed to be the daily routine now.

Two of the other lines began to ring as she waited for Suzie to come back.  Bron couldn’t hang up but glanced at the two lines ringing, both of them her office lines.

Kevin wandered into her office, a puzzled expression on her face.  “Aren’t you gonna answer those?”

“I’m busy why don’t you?”  Bron clenched her jaws closed as Kevin took his good old time strolling to her door.  Blowing out a breath, she watched Mc sail by her office window and over Suzie’s desk to answer the phones.  Stevie was behind him and dashed into Kevin’s office.

Mc cut into Bron and Suzie’s telephone conversation and yelled, “Get your ass back here!”  They both heard the click.

“What the hell is going on there?”  Suzie yelled into her ear.

“Suzie please, just get here.  This place is being over-run by testosterone,” Bron groaned as she put her head down on her desk.  Now Mc was yelling at Kevin in the outer office for not helping out.

“Hi Bron!”  A Chipper Nick spoke to her.

“Not now Nick and you better call Kevin back, he’s been looking for you,” Bron wasn’t going to play around on the phone.  Mc and Stevie were peeved as hell as they now stood in her office.

“Chill, I’ll call him later.”  Nick was filling the space as Suzie tried to get a direct flight.

“Please Nick...  I’m begging here,” Bron’s eyes closed slowly as her door was slammed shut.

“Suzie says for you to pick her up at nine.”

Bron hadn’t slept well the night before, this was not going to happen.  “Nine?  Hell, Jake will pick her up.” 

“She said okay,” Nick was waiting for Bron to ask.

“Things okay with you two?”

“Yep, Suzie sent me a note, just like I sent her.”  Nick laughed. 

“Ohhh.  I see.  Evidentially it worked right?”

“Uh-huh, she scared me...  I got the message loud and clear.  Did you know she is a lot like Kevin?”  Nick whispered into the phone.

Bron cracked up so loud, the three men that were outside her office turned to look at her.  “For your safety and well being, I hope she didn’t hear you say that.”

“Nope!”  Nick grinned.  “I’ll see you in a couple of days and tell Mr. Kevin, I’ll call him later.”

“Good-bye Nick.  Be nice to my friend or you’ll deal with me.”  Bron hung up the phone and waited for her door to open.  Like clock work, it did.  Both of them firing questions at her at the same time.  Jake joined them a few seconds later.  One by one, they began shouting except Kevin who had taken residence up at her desk. 

Bron pushed her hand up in the air, the palm of her hand facing them.  “STOP!  Jake you have to pick Suzie up at nine from the airport.”

As the commotion around him increased, Kevin had had the ability to filter it out.  Bron had crossed half of the floor space in her office by the time Mc dodged out to answer a ringing phone.  He answered it and began shouting for her to pickup line two.

“Bronwyn speaking,”

“Where is your husband?”

Leaning back on her desk, she grinned, “Right here working on the perfect B-52 airplane.”

“Nope, it’s a Tomcat,” Kevin sailed his plane across the office.

“Sorry, Tomcat,” Bron rolled her eyes as she picked the plane out of her hair and rattled her words into the phone.

Suzie drummed her fingers on the arm of the couch.  After hanging up with Bron, Suzie could tell Kevin was driving Bron crazy.  She remembered something she had put on Bron desk.  Suzie quickly called her back with an idea.  “He needs something to do,” Suzie remarked. 

“Oh yes, I agree,” Bron glanced to the side to see Kevin grabbing for another piece of paper from her desk.  “Not my budget.  Thank you!” as her hand slammed down on the paper that was going to be the next plane.

His hand reached for a different piece of paper.

Suzie was now whispering, she didn’t want Nick to hear her. She knew that he would be talking to Kevin later and didn’t want him to screw up her plans.  She cared about Nick, but Nick would give up the information to save his own hide.  “The bottom tray on your desk, in the very bottom.  Pull that out and read it.  But don’t let him see it, I have an idea.”

Bron had heart palpitations thinking somehow Suzie had seen one of the threatening notes she had been receiving.  As quickly and as carefully as she could, she searched the tray.  Finding the sheet, she frowned.  “I don’t get it?”

“You wouldn’t.  You’re not a sports nut like your husband.  Put that away we’ll talk tomorrow when I get into the office.”

“Okay but...”  Bron was distracted as Kevin fished through her desk drawer looking for something.  The notes were in her desk, she would have to move them.  “Kaylin’s crayons are down in her room if you want to put an awesome logo on that Tomcat of yours.”  Bron stifled the giggle as Suzie nearly busted her eardrum laughing.  Bron stepped lightly around Kevin’s planes after saying goodbye again to Suzie.  “I wouldn’t want to crush your air force or anything.”

“It’s called a squadron,” Kevin had her ruler in his hand and was pointing at her.  “Get it right.”

Shutting the door, she melted back against it.  Her hand still on the knob.  Before Mc could open his mouth, she launched her defensive maneuver.  “She’s coming back tonight, so chill.  I promise it won’t happen again.  The business will not suffer because of Backstreet.”

“It damn well better not.  This is all I have now.  Being legit sucks, I’m broke.  Why the hell is numbnuts staring at the phone and not answering it?  Is he stoned or something?”  Mc was pointing to Bron’s office.

“Umm…  He’s busy Mc,” Bron managed to get out before the door in her office opened and she almost fell into it.

“Does Kaylin have any markers or colored pencils downstairs?”  Kevin’s head turned to the side, and slightly down to look Bron in the eye.

Mc looked from Bron to Kevin and then back to Bron.  Kevin was holding his prized possession.  “Real busy I see?”  Mc simply walked out of the offices.

Bron nodded and Kevin left.  She ducked back into her office and retrieved the envelope with the notes.  She needed to find a better place to hide them until she could figure out what was going on and why Lenny was sending them.  More importantly how, the man was in jail.

After she grabbed them, Bron walked out of her office.  Seeing the mail on Suzie’s desk, she sifted through it.  There was another letter.  She wasn’t as scared as much as she was pissed now.  This was getting to her no matter how hard she tried to not let it, it did.  “I’ll figure this out, you bastard, and then you will pay for this.”





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