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Chapter 76

The next morning Bron yawned at her desk, she couldn’t seem to wake up.  Half of her night spent making love to her husband, the other half worrying.

Suzie walked in promptly at 9:30 bearing two cups of coffee.  “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”  Bron grabbed for the cup.  “Being late?  That’s pretty funny.”

“I needed a break,” Suzie sipped hers.

“Oh, is that what they call it?” Bron’s eyes were twinkling.  “Did he break you?”

“Now who is being funny?”  Suzie let the comment roll.

Bron reached for the paper that she had locked in the desk drawer.  Pulling it out, she handed it to Suzie.  “I don’t understand what you have in mind for this.”

“Mmm,” Suzie set her coffee down on the desk.  “We’re going to do this, you and I.”

“I can’t coach soccer!  I don’t know jackshit about soccer!  I’m pregnant, I can’t do this.  Nervous Nelly barely let’s me breathe as it is.”  Bron pointed to Kevin’s office.

Suzie turned and saw him working intently at his desk.  His head was down, his brow furrowed together, and he was biting on his bottom lip.   

Bron’s mouth hanging open made Suzie laugh.  “What is he working on?”  Suzie could see that he was fully engulfed in his project.  Bron closed her eyes when he cocked back his arm and launched his latest creation.  “It must be nice to be idly rich and bored.”

“Explain this please?”  Bron tapped her finger on the sheet.

“Just a minute,” Suzie looked at the phone and then her watch.  She pounced on it when it rang.  “You’re late.”

Bron’s mouth fell open once again and then she grinned when she put the caller on hold.  Hitting the intercom button, “Mr. Carter on line two Kevin.”

“Hey you’re back,” he waved at Suzie through the offices.  “Mr. Carter?  Look, he’s your fuck buddy, not mine.” 

“Obviously you’ve missed a few websites in your reading Kevin, because most say you are.”  Suzie shot him a mischievous look.

“Hey you two!”  Bron yelled from her desk and he had heard her; the blinds in his office went down via the remote control.

 “Your husband is rude,” Suzie grimaced.

“No shit.  Okay, the soccer thing.”  Bron once again tried to get a handle on what Suzie had planned.

“He needs something to do, so we’re going to give him something to do.  By the time they get back from visiting A.J., we will have a soccer team formed, but we’re going to do this so that he steps in.  By the time we are done, he’ll be coaching this team until they go back on tour.”

“Huh?”  Bron was dazed at this point.  “So what am I suppose to do?”

“Absolutely nothing, you are going to be the coach, I’ll be your assistant.”

“Suz I have work, I have the kids.”  Bron spoke as Kevin’s blinds went up in his office the phone still in his ear.  “I have Kevin to deal with.”  Kevin must have been upset with Nick, the body language and frown showing.

“Am I right that you can handle him when he’s angry?”

Bron’s face scrunched up, “Depends on which side of Kev I’m dealing with.”

“The good side,” Suzie watched Kevin head for his door.

“Not a problem, you and I’ll will have a team meeting tonight after I call and get on the rooster.  Then I’ll get the rest of the things we need.”

“Whatever, just let me know.  I guess you’ll be staying for dinner?”

“Oh yeah, I haven’t even looked at my desk yet,” Suzie frowned at Kevin as he walked in.

“Yeah, your filing was a mess.  You had things filed with numbers not names.  I wrote the names in and then alphabetized them for you.”

“OH NO!”  Bron put her head on her desk.

“You Ass!”  Suzie shouted out as she left.

“What did I do?”  Kevin looked at Suzie as she began to open file cabinet drawers and moan.

“We are a construction company, jobs are labeled by Job Order Number and Contract Number.  I don’t use names... Names like Marriott don’t mean a thing to me since I do more than one Marriott job.  One two eight nine seven tells me Marriott Job, Atlanta, Ga.”

“OHHHH,” Kevin was astounded.  “Sorry,” he quipped.  Now he needed a place to go before the two of them jumped him and beat him to a pulp.  “I think I’ll go pick up Kaylin.”

Bron never flinched as he tore out of the office and downstairs.  Leaning back in her chair, she watched him pull out of the driveway.  “I should’ve done that days ago.”  Pulling her body out of the chair, she went out to help Suzie put the office back to normal.

By the end of the day things were back where they belong.  Kevin showed up with Kaylin just before dinner.  “Smart man,” Bron set the table.

“Hey baby,” he gave her quick hug and a kiss.  “Did you miss me?”

“No,” Bron began pulling silverware out of the drawer.

“I’m really sorry, I was just trying to help.”  Kevin pulled her closer. 

“I know, I know,” anger petered out.

As they sat down, Suzie joined them for dinner.  Kevin wasn’t too sure if he should open his mouth.  When he finally did, it was to utter an apology.

Bron looked at Kaylin pensively.  “Do you still want to play summer soccer?”

“I can’t.  They don’t have enough coaches.”  Kaylin pouted.

“Sure they do,” Bron pulled the cap out from behind her back.  Suzie had not only put the office back together, she set up a complete team, with uniforms, caps, socks, and pants.  On top of that, she had ‘Coach’ shirts made for her and Bron.  “Meet your new coaches.”

“You’re my coach?  You don’t know anything about soccer.”  Kaylin seemed happy but baffled at the same time.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.  I don’t, but Suzie does, so she’s going to teach you.”  Bron casually slid her eyes towards Kevin to judge his reaction, so far, so good.  He’s hasn’t commented.

Kaylin looked from woman than the other.  “Then Suzie should be our coach.”

“No way in hell,” came out of Suzie as her fork was in mid-air.

Kevin cocked an eyebrow at her, as if to question Suzie’s involvement with that many little kids.  She would blow this if she wasn’t careful.  “Well Kaylin, your Mom is pregnant.  I’m sure Kevin doesn’t want you kids to use her for target practice in the goal.  Besides, we all know, it’s the assistant coaches that do all the work.  Right Kev?”

Kevin grinned, “Yep, that’s true.  My assistant football coach was rougher on me than my coach.”

Bron and Suzie quietly listened to Kevin’s endless football, baseball, and basketball stories.  Bron stood up and began to clean off the table.  As she walked by Suzie, she smiled, “I’m gonna kill you,” she whispered.

Suzie’s discreet giggle didn’t seem to stop Kevin and Kaylin’s conversation.  Both of the women watched as Kevin sent Kaylin off for some paper, markers, and a binder.  “What are you doing?”

“A play book, every team needs one,” Kevin ushered Kaylin out to the dining room.

Bron turned to Suzie with the biggest smile plastered on her face, “Have I told you lately that I love you?”

“I’m not done yet, Mc and him will be coaching this team very soon.  We are going to teach these kids soccer, Boston Urban style.”

“Tell me that doesn’t involve blood, it doesn’t sound nice.”

Suzie laughed as she grabbed her coat to head out but she never did answer Bron.

Sitting in the kitchen with a view to the dining room Bron watched the two of them work.  Kevin had an understanding of soccer and he was relaying it to Kaylin.  Kaylin seemed genuinely interested and stuck with it.

Bron wandered by them and upstairs to which neither of them seemed to notice.  She needed to make a call from her bedroom, wanting nobody to hear the call.  Dialing the number, she hoped he was home.

“Hello Kevin,” was the cheering greeting.

“Hi Mike,” Bron took a deep breath.

“Bronwyn, how are you?”  Mike Webster was expecting to hear from Kevin not Bron.  Kevin had begun a habit of checking in with Mike every couple of days.

“Fine,” Bron mumbled.  Mike could pick up on anything; he had been a detective for too long so there was no sense trying to hide it.

“What’s bothering you kid?”  Mike knew something was up.  Bron had been quite happy to let Kevin check in with him and now she was calling him.

“Kid?  Kid, I think not.  We’re the same age dork,” Bron laughed.

“I know, but I didn’t marry a teen pop-star.”  Mike laughed into the phone.

“Kiss my ass Webster,” Bron laughed back at him.

“Why ya callin’?”

“Well, I have a really dumb question for you.  Lenny is in jail right?”  Bron asked as her face scrunched up.  The man was on trial for murder, she should know better.

“Yes Bron.  It’s not like we let him out on the weekends to party with his family.”  Mike thought he had just heard the strangest question of his entire career.  Linking that with the fact that it was Bron calling sent up red flags to him.  “Why did you ask that?”

“Just checking,” Bron watched the door to their bedroom.  “Um... does he get visitors?”

“Yes,” Mike rubbed his temples, nothing like playing trivial pursuit with Bron.  He was trying to figure out the why of this conversation, since she was lying to him.

“Do you know who visits him?”

“Bron, how many times have you bailed Mc out?  You know how this works.”  Feeling a bit flustered, he barked at her, “Okay Bron let’s just cut to the chase here.  What is going on and what is the point to this call?”

“No point just a few questions.  Mc was never arrested, must be all the grease he was coated with they couldn’t make anything stick.”

A punctuated pause came from Mike as he thought about all those times that one of his buddies was on the wrong side of the law.  He thanked his lucky stars that he was far enough away to not have to deal with it.  Now, on the other hand, he was right Mc territory, lucky for him Mc didn’t have a territory anymore.  Mike thought he would never see the day that Mc walked the straight and narrow.  It seemed he had met a woman named Janey in Lexington who had a little boy.  The woman’s brother was a cop.  Mc laughed aloud as the thought rambled in his head.

“Look, if you need to know, I would have to take a look at the Visitor’s Log.  I’ll do it tomorrow and I’ll call you back.  Something is up and if you don’t spill it by tomorrow, I’ll call Mc.

“No Don’t!”  Bron nearly fell off the bed.

Webster registered the strong reaction to that call being made.  He would talk to Kevin tomorrow before he talked to Bron. 

“I’m just a little nervous about the trail.  I feel strange like someone is watching me,” Bron told the truth but not all of it.  She wasn’t going to let Webster know about the notes.  She probably should, it would be the best way to find out if they were coming from Lenny.  Bron didn’t know if they were monitoring his mail.  The trial seemed to not be getting as much press nationally, as it was locally.  However, then she would have to deal with Kevin, she’d prefer not to do that until she had some type of solid information.  She thought if anyone they knew showed up on the Visitor’s Log, then Webster would tell her or he might catch on.

“People are following you, it’s called the press Bron.  You married a man that is in the spotlight.”

“I know,” Bron groaned.

“Bron, you have Jake, use him.”  Mike was wary.  First thing in the morning, he was going to the jail and checking the logs.  Two and two were adding up to five, not four.

“I’ll call you because I have some meetings tomorrow.  Is that okay?”  She crossed her fingers hoping that Mike’s ability to register lies wasn’t blowing up his internal Richter Scale.

“That’s fine, call me after lunch.”

“Okay.  Hey Mike?”  Bron checked her wishful thinking.

“Yes Bron?” as he rubbed his weary eyes.

“I know you worry about Mc, but he’s doing great.  He’s having surgery next week”

“You shittin’ me!”  Mike’s mouth fell open.  Then his eyes rolled, “Painful?”

”I don’t know, I don’t have a penis so I would assume an implant would hurt.  He’s doing it for his new lady.”  Bron covered her mouth from giggling.  “It’s a secret, I’m the only one that knows besides Andrew, I mean it, not even Jake or Stevie know.  Just Andrew and I.  Andrew is helping him.”

“Call me tomorrow,” Mike groaned as he grabbed his crotch.  The thought of a medical instrument in that region was too much for him.





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