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Chapter 77

Bron was running down her schedule when Suzie arrived at her normal time.  Kevin was long gone; he had a flight over Kentucky today.  He had been looking forward to it for weeks, and then he was off to visit some kids at camp.  Kevin wanted a bird’s eye view of the damage that the mountain mining had caused.  Bron’s morning routine was now heading back down the path of normal. 

Precisely at four o’clock in the afternoon, cars began pulling into Bron’s dirt driveway.  She was confused but it settled in as she watched a ragtag bunch of kids filter out of the cars.  Yelling from her office, “Do we have a practice today?”

Bron’s intercom light glowed.  “We have an intercom, why don’t we use it?”

Leaning down Bron smiled and screamed into it, “Answer me!”

Suzie now stood in her doorway with her finger in her ear, “Yes, we have practice.  Kevin is right, you do have a big mouth.”

“Let’s go,” Bron grinned.  She had to admit Suzie had one hell of plan to take care of her problem.  “I hope this doesn’t blow back in my face.”

Bron waddled in front of Suzie, “You’re waddling.”

“Kiss my ass Suz,” Bron continued down the stairs.  “Why the hell would you have all the kids come here?  We should have had it at the park.”

“I thought it would be easier the first time.”  Suzie counted the kids; they were all here.  Actually, it was part of her plan to introduce Kevin to the kids and make them comfortable together.  Suzie was afraid that the younger ones would be looking for Kevin from Backstreet and not the Kevin who Kaylin lived with.

Bron didn’t say much as Suzie coached the team.  Bron disappeared and then reappeared in a short time with treats for the kids.

“Very good,” Suzie smirked.

“Screw you, I wasn’t into sports in school,” Bron’s lip curled.

“We know what you were into,” Suzie snickered.

“Yeah boys!”  Bron smiled as a shadow was cast over her.

“Hey baby,” Kevin watched the kids.  The kids acted normal which gave him some relief.  The last thing he wanted was for Kaylin to make friends with kids that only wanted to be her friend because of who her family was.  The kids huddled up on the field in deep discussion.

Out of breath, Kaylin ran to Kevin, splitting from the pack of kids.  “Hi Kevin,” she puffed.

“Hey sweetheart,” Kevin tousled her damp blonde curls.

“They want you to play, if you want too.  Mommy sucks as a kicker.”  Kaylin whispered in his ear with her tiny hand cupped over her mouth.

“She does huh?  Okay, but only for a few,” Kevin grabbed a few soccer balls and headed out to the makeshift field.  “And watch your mouth Kaylin,” he chastised her on the way.

“Oh my God, it’s working,” Bron mumbled.  “I wonder what she said to him.”

“You doubted me?”  Suzie mocked her.  “Who the hell cares, it’s working.”

Both of them watched the team field kicks from Kevin.  Kevin called them together and they talked.  His hands were flying in the air with excitement.  Patiently, they waited for the team to finish and then Suzie blew the whistle.  Kevin turned and pouted at Suzie and Bron.  Suzie ignored him.  Bron laughed, “You’re cutting in on his play time.”

“Too early,” Suzie sing-songed back to her.

The kids ran to get their treats as Kevin, Logan, and Kaylin took their time.

“Okay guys, your Mom’s are coming soon so let’s figure out a time for our next practice.”  Suzie took charge of the kids.  Kevin hung back and listened.

Bron was amused, Kevin couldn’t stand the fact that someone else was in charge, but he was handling it.  Now the light bulb went on, Kevin was getting new troops to be put in charge of.  All but one of them would follow him blindly and not ask questions.  Well maybe two, Logan was Kaylin’s constant companion.  “I’m going back to the house, you two make sure that the kids get to their Mom’s.  I’ll start dinner,” Bron spoke.

What Bron didn’t see was Suzie call Logan and Kaylin aside.  She gave them instructions that they were to show up early for the next practice, and they would be taught a few extra things in the next couple of days.  Suzie scheduled the next practice for when Kevin left with the rest of the guys to see A.J.  The first game of the season was the day that they came back. 

As Kevin listened, he was glad he had re-worked his flight so that he would be there for the first game.  Nick was ribbing him on the phone when Kevin had told him.  “Hey first games are important.  It’s important that I be there for Kaylin.  There is nothing worse than having your parents miss your games.”

Nick cut the conversation short knowing he was hitting a sensitive spot with Kevin.  Kevin’s dad had missed all of Kevin’s success but he hadn’t missed a game.  There were still days that it bothered Kevin and he openly discussed with it everyone that would listen, even the press.

Dinner was long done and over with as Kevin tried to work in the studio.  Nothing was coming to him and it was getting late.  Finally giving up, he called it night.  Making his usual rounds, he checked the house and set the alarm.  Andrew was lying in bed watching television.  Kevin poked his head in the door.

Andrew had a stupid grin on his face.  “I’m a big boy, you don’t need to tuck me in.”

Kevin leaned out in the hall and then stuck his hand back in the room.  He shot Andrew the finger and laughed.  “My house boy!”

Andrew rolled with laughter on his bed.  “Love you too Kev.”

Kevin walked down to the opposite end of the house to Kaylin’s room.  The door was open, as he leaned on it and saw her sleeping.  Kaylin hated the door shut; Kevin found that out the hard way one night.  He recalled that night and the next night very vividly as he stood watching her. 

Kaylin was in hysterics in their room, screaming she was scared.  Kevin felt like the biggest ass in the world that night.  Kaylin was scared shitless and it took over an hour to calm her down.  Finally, she settled between him and Bron in the bed.  Kevin grumbled at having the sanctity of his bed invaded by the five year old.  Shutting her door was a mistake he wouldn’t make twice. 

Lucky for Kevin, Andrew clued him in the next day.  Yes, Kaylin was scared, but not as much as she pretended to be.  The next night she again showed up in their room feigning being scared.  Kevin shook his finger at her.  “It’s not going to work.  Andrew told me how you pulled this last time with your mom and dad.  He told me that your Dad once called you were the best form of birth control going.  You are not sleeping in this bed for the next two years like you pulled on your parents.  Nope, I won’t stand for it.”

“Kevin!”  Bron was pissed as she smacked his head with her open hand.

“She is not sleeping in here.”  Kevin rolled out of bed, completely dressed.  Grabbing Kaylin by the hand, he walked her back to her room.

Bron stood at their bedroom door listening to the two of them as they made their way back to Kaylin’s room.  Clearly Kevin was prepared for this, he was wearing sweats.

“I wanna sleep with you and mom.”

“No!”  Kevin wandered down the hall with her.

“Why?”  Kaylin sniffed.  “I’m scared.  You don’t love me.”

“Stop while you are ahead, the Oscars are over.  You are not sleeping with us.  That is my bed, yours’ is in here.  I sleep with your mom, not you.  Just because your mom was into the family bed thing, doesn’t mean I am.”

Bron heard a snicker and she turned to look down the hall.  “I’m pissed at you.  He didn’t need to know about that.”

“She suckered you Mom and you know it.  She won’t sucker him.”  Andrew shut his door so that his mother didn’t come down the hall and rap him a good one.

Her blankets were kicked to the floor.  Walking in, he covered her up; she curled up in a ball.  “That looks familiar.”  Yawning he headed to his own bed.  Entering his room the light was on but Bron was sleeping with a book, pad, and pen in her lap.

Carefully, Kevin pulled the objects from her grasp.  He glanced at the binding and looked at his sleeping wife.  “Well now this is different.” 

Taking a seat in the leather wing back chair that sat in their room, he glanced at her notes.  “I see we have now accepted the fact that we are having a baby.”  Picking his head up he looked at her.  “Took you long enough.” 

Kevin read down the list of names.  “Boys…  Let’s see, Caleb, nah too old fashioned.  Joseph… boring….  Nicholas…  “  His head snapped up and he glared at the sleeping form, “No fucking way.  One Nick is enough, baby.  He’s not mine, but some days it sure as hell feels like he is.”  Kevin scribbled the name off the list.  “Oh and the winner is Kevin Scott Richardson Junior.  No, No, you are not doing that to my son.  Jerald hates it and I won’t do that to my kid.”  Kevin wrote down some names he liked, and then he turned to the Girl’s names.  “You like those Scottish and Irish names, Witch.”

Kevin flipped the pages on whim; he checked his name out.  “Handsome…  Gorgeous... well maybe to some.”  He flipped more pages and looked up Bron’s.  “’White breast’   Yep they are white, most of the time.  Your nipples are darker now, more like copper.”

Bron suppressed the giggle, leave it to the jackass to do a comparison.  She didn’t stir as she listened to him chatter to himself.  Besides, her mind was made up, if it was a boy the name would be the same as his father’s.  Their son would be a junior.  If it was a girl, she had leeway.  Bron knew the sex of their baby but she was not going to tell a living soul.  Bron heard the book snap shut and then the lights went out.  Kevin moved into bed quietly and tucked up next to her.  Rolling she faced him, “I will have a junior.”

“We’ll see baby, but I’m saying no.”  Kevin faced her. 

“I don’t care,” Bron spoke in the darkness.  “It’s what I want.”

“Ya know what I want?” as one of his hands danced under the sheet and up her thigh.

“I gave you that last night, I think you’re oversexed.”  Bron yawned as she pulled the sheets tighter around her.  “I want a Junior.”

“There is no such thing as being oversexed when you are married,” his face rested next to hers, as his hand became more persistent. 

“Sure there is and when I get what I want, you’ll get what you want.”

“You can’t play that way, it’s wrong.  I don’t allow that, you know it.  You can’t play in that arena with me Virg, you’ll lose, you’ve lost before.”

“Says who?”  Bron rolled away from him.

Kevin sighed, “You’ll cave by tomorrow morning.  Those hormones of yours cannot go twenty-fours hours without me.  Your body craves me, it withers under my touch, you tremble when my skin sears yours…. When my stiffened manhood grazes your thigh... You…

The talking stopped since Bron had begun to touch him in the right places and slide her body over.  Kevin moaned when she wrapped her small hand around him.  Replicating what he really wanted as her hand slipped up and down his shaft.  “Mmm,” he kissed her sweetly to egg her on.  Kisses always worked with her, she would be putty in his hands in a few minutes. 

Bron was trying to back off slowly just to give him a taste, but now that he was plying her with kisses, she had doubts if she wanted to play this game tonight.  It was bad enough that he was tossing her words back at her. 

Assessing Kevin’s current state, she was crazy for doing this simply because the repercussions could be nasty.  His eyes were closed and his breathing slightly ragged.  Kevin’s hands were kneading her ass as he tried to pull her closer to him but not so close as to impede her hand movements.  Just as quickly as she had started, she stopped and rolled over.

“You’re playing in the wrong park Witch,” was growled in her ear. 

Bron was going to reply but didn’t have the opportunity as her nightgown was pushed up over her breasts and her underwear yanked down her legs.  Placing her hand on the mattress to help herself roll she was really going to let him have it with both barrels.

As she came up, she found her body swiftly placed on all fours, Kevin on her back, sliding into her body.  “I don’t know how many times we’ve talked about your teasin’ ways.  I thought I had made myself very clear.”  Kevin huffed as he pounded into her.  He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now.  He’d be damned if he was going to be teased and then cut off on a whim, over a name no less.

Bron started to protest but his hands bracketing her hips as he thrusted into her; silenced her.  “Sorry,” she whispered as he came inside her.  Now she was afraid that he wouldn’t return the favor simply to just prove a point.  He had pulled that one on her before too.

She felt his fingers search her out between her legs and she groaned when he brushed against her.  He was being deliberately slow in giving her release.  Yet again, Kevin had a point to prove.  She was his for the taking and she wouldn’t hold it back from him. 

“Does that feel good?” he kissed the small of her back as he inched forward. 

She didn’t answer him, she couldn’t if she wanted to.

“Does it?” as his hand pulled away.  One

“Yes!” she shouted into her arms.

“Do you want me to finish it?”  The cynical laugh that followed his comment turned up her anger even more.  She was angry about everything lately and half of it he didn’t even know about it.

“Fuck you!” she tried to pull away.

“Now, now darlin’, just relax,” Kevin whispered knowing he had gone too far now.  His hand returned to its previous place as he sent her over the edge.  Kevin held her tightly with his arm around her waist as her body shook and pressed against his hand.  “I think I have once again made you understand.  You don’t play there.” he spoke in a low tone then lightly kissed the nape of her neck.  Rolling off her he landed on the bed with an ‘Oomph’ .

Scooping her still shaking body next to him, he turned her and spooned her.  “Love you Witch.”

“Love you...” she yawned and closed her eyes.  Bron felt the covers being pulled over their bodies.  Quietly, she drifted to sleep wrapped in his arms.





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