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Chapter 78

Soccer practice had gone well.  Logan and Kaylin were given extra instructions.  Bron nearly died when she overheard the conversation between the ‘Assistant Coach’ and the two kids.  “Suzie you can’t teach them that shit!  Not without explaining to them why!”

“Who is in charge here?”  Suzie looked at Bron. 

Bron thought maybe if the kids understood why they were being taught how to play soccer in this manner, it would make more sense.  They couldn’t give all the details since Kaylin cracked easily when it came to Kevin.  If the lion roared, Kaylin blabbed everything she knew.  “Please, this is wrong.  People will think I’m a terrible mother if I teach her to kick kids when they are down on the field.”  Bron was sitting on the fence over a stupid game of soccer. 

“Take a walk with me guys,” Suzie walked up to the provisional field in the backyard. 

Bron’s head was pounding from the headache.  She had missed her doctors’ appointment yesterday because of soccer practice.  She wouldn’t have known had her mother-in-law not called her.  Bron asked her point blank how Anne knew everything about what was going on at Dr. Gabe’s. 

Anne cheerfully replied, “Because I’m seeing him.”

Bron smiled, she liked the idea of Anne seeing someone.  Anne was full of life and vitality; she needed a man in her life.  “The boys don’t know, do they?”

“No dear, and they don’t need to know.  I’m their mother and they need to respect that,” Anne spoke her perfectly rehearsed line.

Bron snorted, “You are a chicken and your three boys are going to go apeshit!” 

“I’m just concerned about Kevin dear.  I’m sure Jerald and Tim will understand.  I know Tracy does and so does MeeMaw and now you.  Right?”  Anne wanted reassurance that her secret was safe.

Bron rolled her eyes, “Trust me, I’m the last person on the face of this earth that is going to tell your baby boy that you are doing the nasty with my OB.”

“Bronwyn Richardson!  We are just dating, that is all.”

“Yeah and your son doesn’t have a dark side and Suzie and Nick are just really good friends.”  Bron was chuckled, she knew better than to buy that line.  She was married to the gene pool and knew they were all cut from the same cloth.

“It’s our business,” came back with a familiar ring to it.  It was the authority that her own son used to try and rule the roost.

“I’m not sayin’ a word.  Look, I have to go.  I have a soccer game to coach.”

“We’ll pick up Kevin and meet you there.”

“Thank you,” Bron chimed into the phone.  At least she wouldn’t have to face him just yet.  Gulping, she felt a little queasy.  Of course, Nick sending Suzie all the freaking candy and flowers wasn’t helping.  Every time she turned around there was a delivery for Suzie.  She probably could have told her to have the deliveries made to her own place but then Suzie wouldn’t share her stash with her. 

Bron casually ambled by Suzie’s desk.  “You ready?”

“Yes, and stay out of my candy.  You’re eating too much of it.  You’re going to get sick or make the baby sick.”  Suzie watched the lid on the box being raised.

“Oh Turtles, I like these.”  Bron pilfered Suzie’s candy and proceeded downstairs. 

They headed for the park for the first game.  “I dunno,” Bron drove into the graveled parking lot.  “Maybe we should just ask them to do it?”

“Hell no.  I’ve worked really hard on this plan,” Suzie scowled at her as they unloaded the equipment from the back of Kevin’s four-runner.  She was almost positive that after this, Kevin would never touch her desk or filing system again.  Kevin would be too busy after today.  By God, she swore that man would drive anyone crazy when he was bored.

“Yeah be proud!  You’re corrupting children.”  Bron slung a bag half way over her arm before it was removed from her grasp.

Bron froze as Mc took the equipment bag from her.  “You shouldn’t be carrying stuff this heavy.”

“For God sakes!”  Bron slammed the wheel gate closed.

The game began and for the first part of the game, the team was being trounced on.  Kaylin was upset and angry.  “You guys suck as coaches, we’re losing.”

Bron narrowed her eyes at the stamped duplicate of herself; she had to admit; they did suck.  Bron hated to lose as much as Kaylin did.

Bron didn’t hear the commotion behind her, however Suzie did.  Casually, she looked back to see Kevin taking a seat on the bleachers directly behind their player’s bench.  Bron wasn’t even aware that they had arrived, she was talking to the team.

“Kaylin, can I talk to you?”  Suzie pulled Logan and Kaylin down to the other side.  As she singled the two out, she heard Bron trying to give the team a pep talk.  It was now or never because Bron was going to back out of this and rather quickly too.  Suzie was not going to be stuck with that many five and six year olds for the next month. 

“But Suzie, we can’t do that.”  Logan was the voice of reason.

“What if I told you just this once, and not hard?  I bet Kevin and Mc would be your coaches after this game,” Suzie whispered under her breath.

“Kevin is going back out with the guys,” Kaylin shifted feeling uncomfortable.  Kevin had told all about how to behave at a game and what was important. 

“Look you, if he isn’t your coach, I will be.  Who would you rather have?”  Suzie was cursing under her breath.

“Kevin,” Kaylin grumbled.

“Then do it!”  Suzie snapped as she walked away from them.

Logan dropped his head, “I’m going to be in big trouble.”

“I’ll do it, not you,” Kaylin heard the whistle blow and Suzie leveled a glare at them.

“Suzie you didn’t?”  Bron went to grab the kids before something terrible happened.

Bron didn’t get far as the ball came down the field.  Kaylin picked her leg up and tripped one kid. 

“HEY!” was shouted from behind Bron.

Kaylin then lightly kicked the other play in the leg.  It wasn’t too blatant but at least one person caught it.  The same one who saw her trip the kid in the first place.

The shouting continued and went right on by as a very tall, dark haired, Kentuckian, blazed out onto the field.

When he came back, he had the renegade players by the shirt collars.  Kevin slammed both of them down on the bench. 

The referee was in awe, it happened so fast. He met Kevin on the bench.  They huddled over the two culprits.  Words were exchanged and then Kevin marched right to Bron and held his hand out. 

Bron blinked not sure what to say to the breathing mass of hot-blooded and ill-tempered male in front of her.  She took off the whistle that rested around her neck on a nylon cord.  Bron placed the whistle in the palm of the hand that was resting at the tip of her nose.  The fingers moving rapidly, signaling to her, ‘Gimme’.

Kevin leaned down at her, “You are banned from ever coaching a little league team again.  You are lucky that they don’t have to forfeit the game.”

“Can I keep the hat?”

“NO!”  Kevin whipped the hat off Bron’s head; he then slammed his UK baseball in its place.  “Go sit in the bleachers with my Ma, you idiot.”

Bron shrugged and went to the bleachers.  This wasn’t the time to rile him up anymore than he already was. He didn’t really have to insult her.  “Hi Anne,” Bron smiled as she took the spot that Kevin had occupied.

Anne looked at her like she lost her mind.  “What happened Bron?”

“I guess I’m a lousy coach.  I just got fired.”  Bron’s shoulders went up and down but she contained her amusement.

Suzie eventually escaped Kevin and Mc’s sudden interest in her involvement.  She joined Bron on the bench.  “I got fired,” she smiled.

“Yeah?  Me too,” Bron winked.

They discreetly high-five each other.  It wasn’t discreet enough.  The tall, dark-haired man that had fired them both saw it.  Mc caught it also.

“We’ve been suckered.”

“What the fuck?” Mc frowned.  “I do not believe this shit.  You know Kevin, if Bron was with me, she wouldn’t have even thought about pulling a stunt like this.  Those together is just wrong, damn wrong.”

“Well, let’s coach.  I’ll deal with those two later,” Kevin blew the whistle for a time out.  

“Don’t drag Suzie into this, you’re asking for trouble.”  Mc walked subtly next to Kevin as they went down the list for rotation.

“Oh, I’ll let Nick handle her.  She was a little upset about the office.  I think that is what brought this on.  I’ll take care of the wife.  Look at it this way; It could be worse, we could be stuck in the offices all day with Batman and Robin.”

“Good point,” Mc crossed his arms.

“I’m going to need a few days off…”

“I know I haven’t forgotten.  Bron still thinks she is the only one that knows.  She did tell Webster though.  I told you not to tell her, she has a big mouth.”  Kevin waited for the rage and for Mc to flash and go after Bron, he didn’t.

Mc closed his eyes and visualized beating Bron to a pulp.  However, the woman was pregnant and he actually liked Kevin, so he wouldn’t do that, this time.  “Remind me one day to kick her ass.”

“Unfortunately Mc, you have done that on several occasions.”  Kevin looked up from the rooster.  “It won’t happen anymore.  My interest is why Bron called Webster in the first place.”

The two men continued their conversation as they finished the game out.  Packing up the equipment, the team waited for their customary treats.  Kevin pulled out his wallet, leaning down he handed the money to Kaylin.  “I’m not going to bust you for this because you were set up.  It’s hard to tell an adult no.  Go with your team to candy shack and take care of this.” 

Janey stepped up to join them.  She hadn’t figured out what had happened but it wasn’t according to the rules.  “Logan?”

“Janey don’t, it’s not his fault.”  Kevin looked at her as if to let it go.  “Go with them and help them sort it out.  By the way, soccer practice is tomorrow, my house.”

“Okay and thanks Kevin.”  Janey ushered the kids towards the refreshment stand.  “Mc honey, let’s go.”

Bron sat on the bleachers waiting.  Kevin walked up to her.  “Truck…  Now.”

“Who the hell do you think you’re talking too?”  Bron’s nose wrinkled up.

“You,” Kevin looked at his mother and Gabe.  “We’ll see you in the morning Gabe.”

Kevin grabbed Bron’s hand and pulled her off the bleachers.

“Hey, we have to wait for Kay…”

“Kaylin is spending the night at my mother’s.”

“I don’t want her too…”

“Really?”  Kevin buckled his seatbelt and started the truck, now that they were both in the vehicle.  Adjusting the rear view mirror, he checked for kids behind him.  Turning in his seat, he placed his right arm behind Bron as he turned and looked out the back window.  “You should have thought about that before you set me up to be a soccer coach.  Before you taught our daughter how to play dirty.  Before you called Webster behind my back, asking strange questions.  Before you divulged Mc’s surgery to Webster.  Kaylin is staying at my Mom’s until we sort all this shit out.  Andrew is staying with Mc.” 

Kevin’s eyes were burning a hole through her body.  Bron couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer for any of his remarks.  “I’m going to kill Suzie and Webster.” 

“Oh no-no-no-no.  Don’t blame them for this.  You could have stopped all this.”  Kevin waved a finger in her face.  Promptly, he peeled out of the parking lot spewing dirt and gravel.

“I’m hungry.  Do you want to stop and eat?”  Bron batted her eyelashes at him and rubbed her stomach.

The chuckle that ripped from him answered her question.  Bron groaned,  “And that would be a no.”





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