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Chapter 8

Bron didn’t hear him enter the water nor did she see him.  She knew he was there, she could feel his presence.  “What took you so long?”

I thought a drink was in order, she heard as the moon came out from behind a cloud.  She swam on her back towards the voice.  She bumped into him misjudging how close he really was.  “What are we celebrating?” she asked, as strong hands up-righted her in the water and a glass was held to her lips.

“Us,” he replied as he tipped the glass back. 

Bron coughed, “Easy Kevin or are just trying to get me plastered.”

“Whatever works,” he flashed a smile at her as he treaded water to the side of the pool and set the glasses down.  He went and reclined on the built in steps of the pool.  His gaze settled on the diminutive figure swimming laps in the pool.

Finally, she had de-stressed herself enough and swam to him.  Swimming up to him her hands landed on his thighs and she pushed herself up.  She gingerly kissed him quickly and swam away.

“You’re being a real tease here wife,” Kevin groaned as he watched her slicked body cut through the water, courtesy of the moonlight.

“You call it teasing.  I call it foreplay,” she laughed from the other side of the pool.  Bron waited for his response but it never came. 

Abruptly she felt hands snaking up her body as he wrapped himself around her.  “You want foreplay.  I’ll give you foreplay,” he chuckled in her ear as he swam back to the steps with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. 

“That’s really not fair Kevin.  I didn’t even hear you coming,” she giggled.

“Hey growing up in a camp helps,” he spoke to her as he settled her on the steps in front of him.  Slowly he began to inch himself between her legs.  He bent backwards and soaked his hair.  Using both hands he slicked it out of his face.

“I bet it does.  Sneaking up on little girls Kev, really.  Playing a little jaws were we.”

“I got jaws baby and I know how to use them,” he snickered as his hand were working there magic under the water.

“Show me,” she half whispered and half groaned.

“Okay darlin’,” he answered, as he raised himself out of the water, licked her breast, and quickly sunk back into the water.

“Big deal,” Bron groaned impatiently.

“Not impressed,” he said with an amused grin on his face. 

“No not really,” she answered as his hands had retuned to her lower body under the water.

“Let’s try this,” as he did the same thing to the other breast, but not stilling his hands and fingers.  His mind was on overload.  Wow look at that, I never imagined she would look or taste so good in this setting.  I wonder if it’s the moonlight, the water or both.  He was getting distracted by his own decadent thoughts.  Soon they would have their own place.  He could play her body at will and at his command.  This wasn’t bad but it wasn’t home either.

“You’re not amusing at all,” Bron said flatly.  Her body was screaming and he was doing it.  He was making her wait for her release.  He was relishing this, he controlled her and he was yet again letting her know it in his own way.

Kevin presumed she couldn’t hold out much longer.  His hands and fingers had been exploring.  He had parted her folds and waited for the water to hit her.  Kevin watched her quiver at the feeling of the rush of water.  He wanted to suspend this, to keep the feeling going.  He stopped and sat next to her on the steps.  Smiling he leaned back, and placed his arms on the edge of the pool wall.  Kevin waited for the reaction as she just looked at him and he smirked at her. 

“You’re the tease,” she hissed as she turned to one side and then sat on his lap.

His smile grew even more.  “Hey you wanted it Witch,” he snickered.  As he leaned forward, he kissed her.  It was tender and gentle.  Gathering her closer to him, Bron opened her mouth to him as his tongue slid in.  They began an erotic battle.  Soft whimpering came from her as his hands had retuned to below the surface.  Kevin kissed her face and neck, in time coming to rest on ‘his’ spot.  Tenderly he lifted her hips and settled her back on his lap.  This time he was inside of her.  His rhythm was slow and methodical at first.  It was to continue to build the fire all over again.  His thrusting became more intense as the desire for release became stronger and stronger.  It had started as a flicker, then a flame, and then a full-blown explosion.

Bron heard him muttering under his breath so close, so close and indeed they both were.  Bron squeezed her inner muscles tighter around him and a groan escaped both of them.  Kevin embraced her tightly to him as they enjoyed the waves or pleasure rolling through their bodies.

The water cooled their bodies as he reached behind him and grabbed the glasses again.  Handing one to her he clinked his glass to hers and kissed her again.  “To us, always and forever. Forsaking all others.”

“To us Master.”

“Ya gotta stop calling me that darlin’,” he flashed her a beguiling smile.

“Why it’s true.  I think you just proved that didn’t you,” she remarked honestly.  She looked at the amused green eyes staring back at her. 

He only laughed as he grabbed her glass and stood up.  “Let’s take this inside.  Come on Witch, time for bed,” he said with delight.  His point had been made and she understood.  She rose to her feet and walked up the steps out of the pool.

Bron watched the water ripple off of his body as the moon shown through the darkness.  Kevin headed for the bedroom patio door.  “Damn that man has gotta an ass,” she groaned.

He heard it and grinned.  I maybe an ass man, but she’s an ass woman, he chuckled to himself good-naturedly.

Trailing in behind him she went for one of the two towels she had tossed on the bed.  She grabbed both of them quickly.  A fleeting thought in the back of her mind of maybe.

“Are one of those for me?” she heard the bottle clink against the glass.

“Yes, but I just thought I’d like maybe help you out,” she said quietly.  She knew after last night she was entering Kevin’s territory without being asked to do so.

“Ya did, did ya,” as he came to stand next to her.  She wrapped one towel around her after she had dried her hair.

“Well not tonight,” he whispered, as he undid the towel she had just placed around her body.  He watched it fall to the floor.  His eyes traveled back up to her body.

“Can’t blame me for trying,” as she stepped forward and kissed his shoulder.

“Come on darlin’,” as he crawled on the bed.  “Come lay with me,” holding his glass of wine and not spilling a drop.

Bron gave up, he wasn’t going to budge.  She crept up the bed and lay next to him. 

“Drink,” as he lifted the glass to her lips.  She sipped and he returned it to his own lips, draining the contents.

A shiver worked its way down her spine.  Something was different and it was getting to her.

Kevin watched her apprehension grow and was entertained.  So old but so young, he thought.  She was always nervous when she didn’t quite understand.

“You love me?” he spoke, as he rolled on his side, pulling her towards him.

“Yes,” she said complaisantly as he shifted her body more to his liking.

“Umm, good.”  His hand tugged her leg over his thigh.  “Cuz I love you Witch.” 

His hands pressed against her bottom and pushed her even closer to him.  He brought her hand to his lips.  He kissed the tip of each finger and guided her hand down to his growing erection.  He kept his hand on hers and glided her hand up and down his shaft.  “Feels good,” he whispered as he released her hand. 

Bron kept the pace that he had set but squeezed slightly harder.

“Easy baby, not so tight.  I want this to last a little.”  He idly traced her areola with his finger.

Staring up she saw the sweat begin to bead on his forehead and neck.  His hips began to move with her hand, thrusting harder into her palm.

“Stop darlin’,” he groaned as his face rested next to hers.  Reaching down he removed her hand from his body and placed it on his hip.  Gently he pushed himself into her as he held her leg over his.  Running his hand up and down her leg.

Bron began pulling her leg away and pushing her hips into him.  “Patience Witch,” he uttered softly.  She was imprisoned by his body and had to take what he was willing to let her have.  It was his pleasure, his time, and his pace.

She lay quietly after their bodies rocked each other to oblivion and back.  She couldn’t sleep.  She was trying to figure out what had just happened.  Kevin’s breathing had slowed and softened, he had fallen asleep.  Out of the clear blue, she was rolled over on her opposite side and spooned.  His chin rested on top of her head as he cuddled her.  “Stop thinking and go to sleep,” he spoke into the dark as a sheet and blanket fluttered over her.

“Yes Master,” she whispered as she relaxed against him.

He surpressed the laugh at her remark.  Yes Bron I am your Master, aren’t I, he mused in his head.  “Night Bron, sweet dreams.”

Sleep over took her and dreams were sweet pleasure and erotic.  Her and Kevin making love all night and all day.  They were different though in a way.  They were more fulfilling to her then ever before.





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