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Chapter 80

Bron stood in the offices; it was well after eleven in the morning when Suzie joined them.  Bron wasn’t really surprised since over half of her crew was hung-over.  Her son, who seemed to be the only one not drinking last night, had spilled the details.  Nick called early in the morning, Bron talked to him and tried to calm him down.  It worked for a couple of hours, now he was calling Kevin.

Kevin saw Suzie coming, he had just gotten off the phone with Nick.  Okay this was his little brother and he needed to stand up for him.  It wasn’t like she couldn’t go out, but hell, he didn’t like it when Bron went out with ‘her boys’ either.  Kevin could make a point here with Nick and maybe let both the women know that it just wasn’t a cool thing to do.

“Good Morning Suz!”  Bron yelled as loud as she could. 

Kevin stood behind his door.  Bron was going to let her have it, he knew it.

“Bite me Bron,” Suzie grumbled as she followed Bron into her office. 

Bron slammed the door shut and then giggled.  She put her finger over her mouth.  “For his benefit, on occasion I have to act like a boss.”

Bron handed her a cup of coffee and some aspirin.  “Nick’s pissed, big time.”

“He’ll get over it.”  Suzie slammed the aspirin to the back of her throat.  “How is the Coach this morning?”

“We talked, he’s happy to be coaching.  Kevin said we should have asked, he would have done it.”  Bron snickered.

“I’m so glad the big guy is not pissed at me.”  Suzie closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

“I’m glad you had a good time, because I think this soccer thing was a great idea.  Kevin wasn’t too bad last night.”  Bron opened her door; she had seen Kevin lurking outside her office window.  Now he was ducking down and eavesdropping.

“That’s good.  I wouldn’t want the other half of my Manwish to be upset.”  Suzie yawned, “I have to admit Bron, Kevin is doing better since he met you.  At least he keeps his crotch grabs contained to the show.  He’s not scratching either.”

Bron stood with a stupid grin on her face, chuckling but her mouth was pinched shut.

“Thank Suzie, I never knew,” came from the door.

Bron snorted as Suzie opened her eyes.  Kevin smirked and made an adjustment to his package just for her benefit.

“Bron, you’re dead for that.”  Propelling herself past Kevin to her desk. 

Kevin clapped as he went by her and did a little dance.

“Man, he can be annoying,” Suzie flicked on her computer.  She had been sitting at her desk no more than fifteen minutes and Kevin appeared in front of her.

“Hey Suz?” he turned on the charm, leaning down nice and close to her.

“Don’t stick up for Wonderboy.  He’s been out and partying with Tony and his crew having a good time.  I should know I get the early morning drunken phone calls.”  Suzie eyed Kevin up and down.  “By the way, wash your own damn coffee cup.  I don’t do dishes.”

Kevin let out a low whistle and headed right back into his office.  “That isn’t worth it but someday, I’ll get even with her.  I’m half her Manwish.”  Kevin went into the studio and began fingering the keys.  He hoped and prayed that something would come to him.  Kevin plucked away and then began to sing a few bars of this and that.  Nothing special, just something until he warmed up. 

Getting up, he pulled the studio door open, he was waiting for the rest of Bron’s crew to blow in and back out again.  They would get the ear chewing that Suzie should have gotten. 

Kevin tickled the ivories some more until he heard them all roll in, then he shut his door.  As he did, he heard one of them humming something and he liked how it sounded.  Kevin plinked a few keys, he liked the melody but the words were escaping him.  Stopping he wrote down a few of the notes and played them again.  He switched a few things around and played it again.  The melody he liked but the words weren’t coming. 

Something hit him as strangely funny and he sang it.  He laughed even louder when he played it again and again.  It was silly but it seemed to lighten his mood and bring on the creative flow.

Suzie dropped mail on Kevin’s desk and saw him laughing in the studio, she knocked on the window to show him the mail.  Kevin nodded an acknowledgement to her.  His lips wrapped around a pencil. 

She hit the speaker to the studio and actually gasped when she heard what he was singing.  “Oh, this is too easy, but I so owe her.”  Suzie left the speaker on, Kevin would never know.

Suzie went into Bron’s office, where Mc and Stevie hovered over the drafting table, Bron sat at the desk.  Jake sat on the couch watching all of them.

Suzie tapped her on the shoulder, “He’s playing and singing away, something clicked.”

“I’m so glad to hear that.  Do me a favor, flick on the intercom, I want to hear him.  These guys have never really heard Kevin sing by himself.  I think they would be surprised.”

Suzie agreed; she liked Kevin’s voice too.  The first time she heard him just singing around the house was a little odd, but she was accustomed to it now.  The fact that Bron would get the payback from hell and so would Kevin was the icing on the cake.

Suzie left Bron’s door open and took her seat.  Bron would be flying by any minute now.  She hit the speaker and the intercom was on.

They heard Kevin play a few notes, the guys turned and looked at Bron.  “I want to hear him, shut-up.”

They went back to work and listened to Kevin begin to play a melody.  Mc turned to Bron, “He’s pretty good.”

“Yes he is,” Bron boasted some more.  She was quickly deflated when over the intercom came Kevin singing in full voice. 

“An Ode to my wife.  She may be old...  She maybe gray…”

Bron’s head jerked to the speaker.  They heard Kevin hit the keys, it sounded like dink, dink, dink.

“She’s still a great… Roll in the hay…  The moon will set…  The sun will rise...  I’ve found heaven between her thighs.”

“KEVIN!”  Bron screamed at the top of her lungs, she didn’t have much choice over the loud and obnoxious laughter in her office.  She ran pass Suzie right into the studio. 

Suzie was almost crying as she went to hit the button to turn it off.  “Don’t you dare,” Mc grabbed her arm.

Bron’s voice filled the office.  “You sonofabitch!”

Kevin’s voice in a full panic with a twang came next.  “Don’t hit me, stop swinging, what the hell is the matter with you?”

The guys were cracking up in the outer office.  They could hear Kevin trying to defend himself for a good five minutes.  Bron came flying out of Kevin’s office and back into hers.  She slammed her office door shut so hard the directive was very clear; leave me alone.

Kevin came out with his lips pursed together.  Mc was still in hysterics, “Very nice, think you’ll make the top twenty count down with that one?”

Kevin snarled and then looked at Suzie.  “I’m going to my Mom’s.”  He pulled the collar up on his jean jacket.  Jerking his hat down over his head, he headed for the exit.  Balling up his fist behind his back, he shot all of them the universal signal, middle finger straight up.

“So Suzie, how’s your head this morning?” Mc asked. 

“Much better now,” she said with tears of laughter in her eyes.  “Hey MC, have you seen where my candy went?” 

MC laughed even harder, “I bet I could take a wild guess.”

“Yeah, me too.  I’m not even going to ask her.”  Suzie said as she looked toward Bron’s office door.

Kevin heard the cackles and laughter the entire day in his head.  He postponed the doctor’s visit since Bron was ornery already.  Why turn it up some more.

Kevin actually snuck back in the house long enough to change clothes for soccer practice.  After practice, dinner was more than quiet.  Occasionally Andrew would snicker, Kevin would shoot him a shitty look. 

Later that evening, Kevin and Brian were working out last minute details on the phone when Kevin’s door burst open.  A blonde waif skidded to a stop and then ran around his desk.  Diving into the cubby underneath that was normally reserved for his legs.  “Bri, hang on,” Kevin looked under the desk as she wrapped her arms around his legs.  “What are you doing?” he asked as he covered the phone.

His door flying open again and he heard a small whisper, “Hiding.”

Kevin’s head snapped up and he saw Bron full of steam and brandishing a wooden spoon.  “Hey darlin’.”

“Don’t darlin’ me, I’m still pissed at you!  Is she in here?”

Kevin could not believe the wrath that Bron had going on since this morning. 

“Who honey?” he chuckled, knowing full well ‘she’ was wrapped around his legs.

“That little monster that I gave birth too.  You know the one who once again has emptied my house out of all my Godiva!”

Brian’s laughter came over the phone line.  Kevin had forgotten about him temporarily with the goings on around him.

“What’s the matter Bron?”  Kevin grinned.

“She took my candy.  Again!  And Suzie’s,”  Bron bellowed.  “I’m gonna kill her.”

“I’ll have to call you back Brian,” Kevin snickered as he listened to Brian beg him not to hang up.  “Kaylin needs my help.”

Kevin hung up the phone and quickly came from behind the desk.  “Baby, I don’t think she meant any harm.  She really just wants a healthy baby, she’d do anything to protect it.”

“She tossed Godiva, that’s not right,” Bron was whining now.  “You’re singing bawdy songs about me and she throws away my only source of comfort.”

Kevin closed his eyes so he could temper his words.  Bron was getting more and more difficult everyday since Nick had begun sending the candy.  Thank God they were almost to Gabe’s point of no return.  “She just wants to take care of you.  I’ll talk to her, I promise.”

“All of the guys must of ate Suzie’s stash too; there’s none left,” Bron said with a pout.  “She is so dead when I catch her.  She even went in our room and took my M and M’s.”

Inside Kevin was cheering for Kaylin, but not on the outside.  Nope, he was going to be nailed for aiding and abetting.  Of course, he had done most of the candy collecting so by all rights he had to defend Kaylin.  Kaylin must have picked up where he left off.  Bron had been off the chocolate for a while but because of Nick, it had begun all over again.  “I’ll take care of it.  I’m sorry I embarrassed you earlier, sometimes I do things to loosen up,” leaning down he kissed her forehead.  “She wants a healthy mom and a healthy baby, you can’t be mad at her for that.”  Kevin was moving into smoothing mode, he had gotten quite good at it lately.

Bron’s shoulders slumped forward, “You’re right.”  Suddenly she stood up straight, “Wait!  I think I have some Lindt stashed in the bar downstairs.”

Kevin laughed as Bron split out the door as fast as she had come in.  Walking over to the desk, he rolled his high-back leather chair out.  Leaning down, he looked into the cubby, “You can come out now,” Kevin smiled.

“Can you stay home instead of leaving?” a little voice asked him.

“No, but you should be a little more careful.”  Kevin opened one of his desk drawers and produced a box of Lindt chocolate.  “Wanna piece?”

“Ohh, she’s gonna get you,” Kaylin giggled as she took a piece.

Kevin dropped in his seat.  Pulling Kaylin up on his lap, they ate their booty.  “Yeah, but I’m bigger and I’m not afraid of spoon wielding Moms.”

“Ya damn well better be!” came from the door.

“We’re busted,” Kevin laughed as he licked his fingers. 

Bron walked forward took one piece and then left.

“Wow,” Kaylin looked at Kevin.

“Wow is right kiddo,” they demolished the evidence of Kevin’s pilfering together.  As it was, he had some serious sucking up to do tonight.  He made a bargain with Kaylin, she would not bug her mother tomorrow to do anything.  They would make breakfast in bed for Bron, together.  Kaylin was to sit and watch television or something until he came to get her.  Bron had told him that she was going to see Gabe in the morning since someone had so very nicely cancelled her appointment.  She would go to Gabe’s before she went upstairs to the offices to work.





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