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Chapter 81

Bron was sleeping in this morning, it didn’t happen too often.  Kevin knew that most days when she had the opportunity, she couldn’t sleep late.  Bron’s internal alarm clock would go off and she would be wide awake at four in the morning.  On occasion, Kevin would actually mumble, well more like a moan, as he rolled on his stomach and went back to sleep.  “Go to sleep,” he would groan into his pillow.

Today he was up early, beating her out of bed.  He slipped from the bedroom and down the stairs to find Kaylin sitting at the kitchen table.  “I was very quiet.”

“I see that,” Kevin yawned as he stumbled for the coffee pot.  “You have to learn to sleep Bounce, you can’t be like your Mom.”

“Why?  I can do more if I get early,” Kaylin sat drinking a glass of milk.

“Not at this hour,” Kevin cocked an eyebrow at her.  “Go let the dogs out.”

“I did,” Kaylin feet swung in the chair.  Kevin turned to look out the kitchen window; it was pitch black out.  He couldn’t see the dogs but he could hear them.  “Okay,” he poured his coffee, thanking his wife for installing a commercial restaurant grade Bunn coffeepot.  Kevin had complained when she spent mucho bucks on the damn thing.  She pleaded that she had one at home and anyone with any sense would’ve shipped it down here.  “I can’t live without my coffee!” 

Sipping the brew, he smiled.  “I love your Mom.”

“Me too,” her feet still swinging back in forth. 

Kevin was annoyed and entranced at the same time.  “Sit still.”

“I am, you’re grouchy today.”  Kaylin jutted her chin out.

Kevin chuckled, “Just like your Mama.  Let’s get breakfast rolling before she wakes up.  Now you made a promise to me, Right?”

Kaylin’s eyes danced with excitement, “Yep, I’m to stay out of your hair and behave.  I get to go back for more horse riding lessons.”

“You’re a pretty good girl most days.”  Kevin slid the heavy wooden chair to the countertop.  “Come on, let’s get busy.”

“You’re going to let me help?”  Kaylin went and stood on the chair.

“Doesn’t Mom let you help?”  Kevin’s crinkled brow mirrored his confusion.

“Nope, nobody is allowed in her kitchen, unless we’re making cookies.”

“Oh,” Kevin shook off the sleepiness as he headed into the pantry.

The two of them worked as a team and Andrew showed up and pitched in as well.  Kevin took the tray upstairs, leaving the two of them to clean up.  He didn’t feel bad, they had volunteered.  Kevin whistled as he opened the bedroom door.  Bron wasn’t in bed but he could hear the water running in the shower.  “Dessert first,” he grinned as he set the tray down. 

Half way to the bathroom the water stopped.  “Dammit,” he grumbled as he slipped his sweats back on. 

Bron walked out very slowly covered in a towel, well barely.  The back completely open, most of it covering her protruding belly.  “We need bigger towels,” she raised her eyebrows at him as he watched her walk by.

“Nah, I like the view,” he shot her a cheesy grin as her naked butt waltzed by him.

“Not funny.”  Bron smelled the tray before she saw it.  “Oh, what this?”  Bron eyes were seeing what her nose was smelling and her mouth was watering.

“It was suppose to be breakfast in bed but you’re not in bed.”  Kevin’s mouth moved from side to side.

“I can be,” she grinned as she slipped between the sheets.  The towel tossed to the floor.

“I’m likin’ this,” Kevin grabbed the tray.

As Kevin walked towards her, she saw his pant leg twisted.  “Fix your pants, now you can’t dress either.”

“Well I was going to join you in the shower but you beat me out here.”

“In that case,” Bron pulled back the sheets.  “Feel free to join me.”

Kevin didn’t need to be asked twice as his clothes flew off faster than a hummingbird could fly.

“I like this.  You got up early, just for me.  The Sun isn’t even up yet.  You are feeding me starch-laden food covered in sugary syrup.  My pancakes have chocolate chips in them.  Strawberries on top too, nice touch.  Now, what the hell did you do?”

Kevin grabbed her fork and fed her a mouthful of strawberries.  “I wanted to show you that I love you.  That I love all the things that you do for me and my family.”  Kevin dropped his eyes and then raised them to hers.  “I want us to talk more.  We talked more the few last nights than we have in weeks.”

“Okay, we’ll talk more.”  Bron’s mouth was watering.  “After breakfast.” 

A lazy breakfast, a lazy morning making love.  “It doesn’t get any better,” Kevin lay facing her. 

“Sure it does.  By the way, did you have aliens abduct Kaylin or something?”

“No,” Kevin pulled her closer.  “I told her if she stayed out of our hair until we came out that she could start riding lessons again.  I was thinking she could maybe get a horse down the line.”

Bron snorted as she crawled out of bed.  “Man, she has your number Master, she has your number.  Now go shower we’re going to be late seeing Gabe.”

“I won’t shower, It’ll save time.”  Kevin sat on the side of the bed.

“You have to shower, you smell like sex.  We can’t go see Gabe if we smell like sex.”  Bron went into the bathroom.  

Kevin chuckled, “He’s your OB darlin’, I think he has figured out that we actually do have sex.”

Turning on the water, she yelled back.  “Any ideas on how to conserve water?”

“JUST ONE!”  Kevin beat a path to the bathroom, almost tripping over his own two feet.  “Wait for me!”

Suzie had muscled Kaylin and Logan upstairs after finding them downstairs trashing the kitchen when she came in.  As she stamped the contract, she saw the postage machine was running low.  “Damn it!”

“You shouldn’t swear,” Kaylin smiled.  “Kevin doesn’t like it.”

Suzie’s narrowed eyes focused on the said troublemaker.  However, it didn’t last long as Andrew came into the offices with a huge bouquet of balloons, wrapped in tissue paper.

“Nick is really trying hard Suz!”  Andrew set the arrangement on the corner of her desk.  “There has to be over twenty balloons here.”

“Oh he’s so sweet,” she smiled as she grabbed the card.  Then Suzie shrugged, “He’s not allowed to send candy.”

“Gee I wonder why?”  Andrew’s sarcasm, much like Bron’s, shining true.

“Are you going by the post office?” she peeked under the white tissue paper.

“No.  I’m late anyway. Tell these two to sit right here and don’t move until you get back.”  Andrew brushed by them as she left.

“Yeah right?”  Suzie eyed them.  “Do you two think you can stay up here and stay out of trouble?”

“Yes, we can play on Kevin’s computer.”

“Fine by me,” Suzie marched into Kevin’s office and flicked it on.  Placing chairs in front of the computer, she looked at both of them.  She loaded the game for them to play in the CD drive, “Don’t move from here, I won’t be that long.”

“Okay,” they smiled.  Suzie had this insane idea that they might stay out of trouble.  They looked so angelic sitting there playing the game.

Kaylin and Logan played for as long as the game held their attention.  “Suzie got balloons, let’s go look at them.  I bet they’re from Nick.”

Both of them snuck into the reception area.  “She’s lucky,” Logan pulled on the string to bring one down to their level.

“Why would he send balloons?”  Logan jerked another one down.

“He’s not allowed to send candy,” Kaylin answered as she picked at the package taped to the back of the balloon.  “I wonder what these are?  All the balloons have one on the back of them.”

“I dunno, think we should open one and find out?”  Logan looked at Kaylin to see if she was going to go along with it.

Kaylin looked into her Mom’s office, “Just one.”  She removed the foil packet from the balloon.  Getting it open didn’t prove as easy.

Logan grabbed it and tore the wrapper.  Both of them looked at closely.  Kaylin looked at Logan and back at the object.

“I know what this is,” Logan smiled.

“You do not,” Kaylin frowned.

“Yes I do.  Look, they’re baby balloons.  The kind that the clown at the Pizza Shack makes the animals with.”  Logan looked with superiority at her.

“It is not, you’re lying.”  Kaylin wasn’t buying it, Logan didn’t know what they were anymore than she did.

“Yes it is.  Watch,” Logan began to blow up the object.  He battled to tie a knot in the end of it.  “See, now you make an animal.”  Logan twisted the long column in different ways.

“Cool!”  Kaylin exclaimed.  In her excitement, she grabbed another balloon and took the baby balloon packet off the big balloon.  She unwrapped hers and made a snake.

“This is fun,” as Logan grabbed another one.

Before either of them had realized it, the office floor was covered with little round and square packets.  “Hey this one is weird, it has bumps.”

“This one is purple.”  Kaylin proudly displayed her handiwork.

Bron and Kevin had showered and were ready to go as they went up to the offices to tell Suzie they were leaving; stopping on the stairs as Suzie called up to them when she came in the front door.  “Hey lazy asses, it’s about time.  The sun rose.  Did you find Heaven?” she snickered at Kevin.

“Beast woman,” he mumbled as Suzie joined them on the stairs and they walked up to the offices together.  Kevin looked at Bron.  “That’s why her and Nick get along so well, they’re both obnoxious.”

“Where did you go?”  Bron queried.

“Just to the post office, the postage meter was low.”  The three walked into the offices

“What the hell is this?  GOD DAMMIT!”  Bron began to shake as she saw Logan and Kaylin blowing up condoms.

“Fuck!  Oh Man, This totally backfired on me,” Kevin groaned.

“YOU!  YOU!”  Bron was looking at Kevin; she couldn’t get much else out.  “YOU DID THIS?”

Kevin didn’t answer as he watched Suzie quickly grabbed the ‘animal balloons’ from the kids.  One look at Bron made him do a serious scan of the room for anything that could be fired at him.

This was suppose to be a joke, a take off on the ‘Nick is your fuck buddy thing’ and ‘I’m half your Manwish’.  Kevin thought he could send Suzie twenty balloons from Nick with a condom taped to each one of them.  He really had to bribe the store clerk for that one, and pay cash.  It would be totally untraceable back to him.

Bron reached out and grabbed Kevin by the throat, he was startled and stumbled backwards.  “You don’t even know what a rubber is, as far as I am concerned, so do you want to tell me why you sent them to my best friend?”

Kevin pried her fingers off his throat, “Now darlin’…”

“Just run Kevin and save your ass,” Suzie laughed as she heard his boots thump into the boards on the stairs.  Bron, the screaming banshee, right behind him.

Just as they ran out, Nick walked in.  Suzie looked down at her arms, which were filled with the kid’s handiwork.  Her eyes shot to Nick quickly,  “I can explain,” she whimpered.

“Oh, you gotta lot of explaining to do,” Nick huffed.

When Suzie walked back to her desk she dispensed with the offending items, she was embarrassed.  The kids were looking at her, full of guilt but not really understanding the entire episode.

Bron stormed back in, “You two, get your asses in the truck!”

Nick started to turn and head out the door to the truck.  Suzie almost did too until Bron barked.  “Not you two!  Those two!” she yelled at Kaylin and Logan who shuffled out the door with lowered heads.

Suzie stood facing Nick who was seriously pissed, “Why are you here?”

“Because I wanted to see.  Because you weren’t home last night when I called all sixty-two times.  Because when I talked to Kevin he said you went drinking with twenty guys!”  Nick face was red hot.

“Well I’m a grown woman, I can do things if I want too.”

For the first time Nick had the feeling he had just stepped into Kevin’s life.  “Bullshit!”

Bron and Kevin dropped Logan off after Bron went in and explained to Janey what had happened.  Logan was admonished for touching other people’s things.  Janey told Kevin he needed to grow up and stop acting like such a teenager.  Pete, Janey’s brother, hid his amusement; he thought it was pretty damn funny actually.

Kaylin waited in Gabe’s empty office for Kevin and Bron.  Doctor Gabe gave her a coloring book about being a big sister and some crayons.  Bron hissed at her, not to touch anything.

As they walked out, Kevin reined in his smile.  Bron never spoke as she silently pointed towards the door. 

“Are you okay Mom?”  Kaylin asked.

“I’m fine,” Bron quipped.

“Mom is just a little heavier this time,” Kevin giggled and received a smack in the chest.  “Okay, not a little, Mommy gained sixteen pounds in two weeks.”

“Shut up Kevin!”  Bron went right for the truck and didn’t speak to him again.





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