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Chapter 82

Bron cast a glance out back as she walked up the steps to the house.  Both Suzie’s car and Nick’s rental were gone.  Mumbling to herself, she ignored Kevin and Kaylin as she went up to her office.   

Slamming the door shut she cursed the day while her office phone rang.  “Condom critters, sixteen pounds, no damn assistant here…. Hello!” she barked into the speakerphone while kicking her shoes off and tossing them across the room. 

“Hi Spark.  We have a meeting tonight at nine, at Scouts.”  The familiar voice of her business partner jingled in her ear.

Bron frowned, she didn’t want to do a meeting tonight, “Mc, I’m really not in the mood.”

“It’s business, you will be there.  I’ll pick you up, dress a little dressy.”

Bron’s hand smacked down on the button.  She wanted to fight, scream, and yell.  Mc must have known; he’d hung up on her before she could give him a reply.  “Some things never change… I’ll be ready commander… I just don’t know who is the better dictator in my life you or my husband.”

Closing her office door, she went back downstairs.  A meal would be in order.  “I suppose I should feed them, it is my motherly and wifely obligation,” she grumbled on the way down.  A thumb on her left temple and her index finger on her forehead, she tried in vain to rub the headache away.

A smell caught her senses and made her dance into the room.  Suddenly her day seemed a little better.  Walking directly to Andrew, she cupped his face in her hands and kissed him on the forehead.  “I love you, my son.  Only you would know how to fix my day.”

Kevin was standing by the window taking deep breaths.  “What the hell is that smell?  It reeks and it’s stinkin’ up the whole house.”

Andrew and Kaylin laughed.  Kaylin offered the explanation to Kevin, “It’s dinner.”

“What is it? Roadkill?”  Kevin’s cheeks puffed out and his nose wrinkled as he watched his over animated wife head for the stove.  Bron lifted the lid to the pot; the smell from the kettle was overwhelming.  Kevin leaned over to the screen of the window to breath.  “Please tell me you are not going to eat that?”

“It’s the one thing that I love when I’m pregnant.  Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, hot dogs, and …”

Andrew laughed, “And a half a bottle of ketchup.”

Kevin’s eyes grew even larger as he watched the pile of mashed potatoes build on her plate.  The potatoes were then covered with the nasty smelling sauerkraut.  “Bron you’re gonna get sick if you eat that.”

“I’ll be fine,” she smiled as she poured ketchup on the mashed potatoes and the sauerkraut.  She mixed them together in one big blob.  “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No,” Kevin shook his head.  “I don’t think I can handle that.  Do you eat this all the time?”

Andrew laughed as he speared a hot dog.  “I lived on this when she was pregnant with Kaylin.  My dad almost went nuts.  She fed it to us every other day.”

“I ain’t eatin’ that shit,” Kevin frowned as he headed to the refrigerator.

“You know the rules Kev.  Eats what is put on the table or go hungry because nobody is going to make you anything else.”  Kaylin smiled, she had remember one of Kevin’s rules, well it wasn’t any different than her Mom’s rules but considering how much trouble she had been in lately, it was better just to impress Kevin.

“Kaylin, don’t remind me.” Kevin had the milk and went in search of a box of cereal to call dinner.

Once seated back at the table he looked at Bron, “Ehhh.”

“Oh ehhh yourself.  You’re babysitting tonight, I have a meeting.” Bron spoke fast hoping he would just say yes and let it slide.

Kevin’s spoon paused in mid-air as his head turned towards her, his mouth open.  “Since when do we have night meetings?”

Bron shrugged, “I didn’t call it, Mc did.”

“Yep, I’m going too,” Andrew smirked a little.

“Whatever,” Kevin waved his spoon in the air. 

Bron could tell it wasn’t sitting well but he was letting it slide since he had one major screw up today.

After dinner, Andrew spoke up, “Suz called, she’ll be at the meeting too, Mc wants her there.  I guess he’s gearing up for his vacation.”  Andrew watched as Kaylin left the room.  He was shocked when Kevin’s voice boomed through the kitchen.

“Kaylin!” Kevin sat with his elbows on the edge of the table, his fingers laced together.

Bron winced; yep he was pissed.

“What?” Kaylin had come back and now stood at the door.

“One, you didn’t asked to be excused from this table and two, you didn’t clean up after yourself.  You’re supposed to be helping around here.”  Kevin was serious and a little pissed about this meeting shit. 

“May I be excused Mama?” Kaylin smiled; there was no way she was asking Kevin.

“Yes and I will take care of your plate.”  Bron raised her eyebrows at Kevin in a warning gesture.

Kaylin took off with her dogs behind her.

“You keep letting her off the hook, she won’t learn manners,” Kevin scoffed as he cleared his dishes from the table.

“Manners? Should we talk about manners?  Where does it say in the Book of Etiquette you can send my assistant rubbers?” Bron’s words and tone carried a punch.

Kevin understood as he sighed heavily at the sink.  “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.  It was joke that went bad.”

“I thought it was funny,” Andrew added and then decided it wasn’t such a hot idea.  “Excuse me,” he grabbed his dishes and dumped them in the sink, practically fleeing the room to get the hell out of the way.  He knew the calm before the storm bullshit applied to his mother ten-fold.

Bron picked up her dishes, walked towards Kevin, and deposited them in the sink.  The days’ emotions were now catching up with her.  She was tired; she had gained too much weight for someone who was only twenty-four weeks pregnant.  The condom episode had upset her only because the kids were involved, she also knew that Kevin was kicking himself in the ass over it.  He viewed himself as a role model and took great pains and effort to demonstrate it.

Propping her elbow on the sink and placing her head in her hand, she looked at him and waited for him to speak.  She waited and waited.  “What do you want to tell me Kevin?”

Kevin’s head dropped and then slowly swung to the side to face her.  His eyes were have closed and then quickly opened. “We’re not going back on tour until end of August. A.J. needs more time.”  Kevin had been waiting to tell her feeling that she would just get keyed up about it.

Bron watched him bite his tongue waiting for her to explode.  They were good together but sometimes too much togetherness caused for them to step on one another’s nerves. 

She needed to let him know that things were okay and only going to get better.  She did have that little problem with Lenny and the letters that she was working on, but right now family came first.  With Kevin out of sorts, Mc going in for surgery, poor Suzie was being driven nuts by all of them.  Bron chuckled and wondered at the same time if Suzie knew the tour was cancelled.

“Good, we have a nursery to paint and we can do that in two weeks.” Bron’s smile grew slowly as she watched the excitement take over Kevin.  She felt confident enough in this pregnancy to talk about it so why bother ignoring it anymore.  Also it would give her husband something to do besides music, soccer, and him driving her and Suzie up the wall.  “Then there is the baby’s furniture.  I have some things of Kaylin’s down in the barn.  I think tomorrow you and I are going to go down to the barn and see what I still have, you know, sentimental stuff.”

Stepping forward, she wrapped her arms around his waist.  Automatically his arms folded around her shoulders.  She could feel the weight of his head on the top of hers as he rested his head on hers.  “Just hold me,” she whispered quietly.

“Sure darlin’, sure.”  Kevin understood that for most people this was no big deal but for Bron to just come out and say let’s get things moving, it was a big step.  She had been afraid of losing this baby from the beginning. 

Gently, they swayed in each other’s arms, in the kitchen.  No music, no sound, just the two of them, until the dogs came barging through the doors barking like crazy and Kaylin screaming right behind them.  “They took my pillow!”

Bron started to laugh as she rested her head on his chest.  Kevin joined her as their peaceful interlude was trashed once again. Lifting her chin with his hand, he held her head in place as he looked down into her warm brown eyes.  “Someday I’m gonna do you on that damn kitchen table, woman.”

Bron grinned, “Oh something to look forward too.”

Two dogs and one kid raced around the table.  “What the hell are you doin’?” Kevin shouted as he the three participants froze.  Justin looked at Kevin, barked, and bowed down to him.  Brit had Kaylin’s pillow with the Nick Carter pillowcase hanging out of her mouth.  The pup’s tail was wagging a mile a minute.  “Oh I see, demolish my house, but get me to help so I don’t yell.”

Bron laughed as Kevin took off with the dogs chasing him and Kaylin chasing the dogs.  “This house is insane.  Shit, I wonder if I should tell Suzie that Britney ate Nick.”  Bron laughed, as she wandered back up to their bedroom to get ready for her meeting.  Kevin would clean up the dishes later when Kaylin had gone to bed, no doubt.

Shaking her head she watched one adult, one child and two massive dogs run up and down the hallway upstairs and in and out of rooms.  “Kevin you’re going to blow your knee out again!” Bron shouted as she stood at their bedroom door.

“Nah it’s fine,” Kevin yelled as he dodged a dog and a small blonde girl.

“Gotcha,” Kaylin yelled as she latched onto his shirttails.

“Wanna bet?” Kevin laughed as he proceeded to head towards Bron with her child hanging onto the back of his shirt.

Bron opened the bedroom door just in time as the ‘Playful Party’ nearly mowed her over to get into the room.

Kevin froze as he stood in his bedroom.  Kaylin was looking from the object and then back to Kevin, then back to her mother.

Bron started laughing as she put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Her laughter carried enough that Andrew had to come see what was making his Mother so happy. 

“What are you doing in the picture?” Kaylin looked at Kevin, the real one.

Bron had tears running down her face.  She clamped her mouth shut trying not to laugh.  This was a Suzie prank and she definitely had the assistance of one Mr. Nick Carter.  The note strategically placed at a certain towel split that said.  “We love you Bron.  Suzie,” was the dead give away.

Nobody on the face of the planet had a picture of Kevin standing in a hotel bathroom, waxing his chest. The picture was now blown-up to life size and had been made into a cardboard cutout.

Kevin lurched for the offending object and picked it up.  He placed it Bron’s closet and shut the door. 

Bron’s tongue glided over her upper lip as she waited for him to say something, anything.  One thing for sure, she wasn’t giving up that wonderful picture.  Kevin wasn’t going to let her have it willingly.  Kevin was embarrassed as hell.

Andrew elbowed his mother and then piped up.  “Do you think that putting your waxing self in the closet is going to help?”

“You tell Suzie I want to see her first thing in the morning,” Kevin growled as he grabbed Kaylin’s hand and dragged her out of the room.

“She doesn’t work for you!” Bron reminded him.

Kevin’s head popped back in the door.  “I know!  The pranks stop now.  If either one of you say anything about that picture, there will be hell to pay.”

Bron smirked, she was used to Kevin’s threats.  Andrew wasn’t as he looked at him questioningly. 

Kevin caught the doubtful look, “If you want to continue to live in my house, you won’t say a word.”

Andrew sighed as he watched Kevin stomp off.  “Poor Suzie, we should warn her tonight.”

“Ahh, Suzie is fine, he knows he deserved it.  Nick on the other hand might have something to worry about.  Now go, I have to get dressed before your brother gets here.”

“What’s up with tonight anyway?” Andrew stood at the door.

“I think he’s just scared Andrew and this is his way of loosening up and getting everything in order.  I think he thinks they are going to sever an artery down there or something and he’s going to die.”

“What a way to go,” Andrew smiled.

“Be nice Andrew, he’s still your brother.”

Andrew shrugged, sometimes Mc felt like his brother, sometimes he didn’t.  Usually that didn’t happened when Mc was giving his mother a hard time, then he wasn’t his brother, just a jerk.





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