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Chapter 83

Bron wasn’t concentrating well on Mc’s directives at the bar.  He was prattling on about what should be done, how it should be done, and when it should be done.  She was waiting to get time alone with Suzie and she was still somewhat lost in the kiss that her husband laid on her just before she walked out the door.

Mc stood watching the two of them kiss.  Andrew couldn’t watch and had begun to stare at the floor.  Finally Mc interceded, “Okay, you made your point, she’s all yours, we don’t want her, now break the lip lock.”

Kevin grinned back at Mc.  “Just making my point.”

“Oh, did you ever,” Bron gasped.  She turned to Mc, “If you don’t want me then, I’ll stay home with him.”

“I love you Spark, I just want your mind, not your body.” Mc clamped down on her elbow and steered her out the door.

“This sucks, I want to stay home…”

“Have fun honey,” Kevin flashed a cheesy grin as he leaned on the door with his hands tucked under his armpits.  His eyes locked on the ass of the woman he loved.  The dress she had on was a little too slinky for his tastes since he wasn’t with her.  If he had been with her, it would have been okay.  It almost caused an argument upstairs when she yelled at him, “What do you want me to wear Master, a paper bag over my head!”

“Thanks Kev, she’s useless now...” Mc groaned then yelped since he had been slapped.

“Hit me again and you’ll be sorry,” Mc warned Bron.

“No I won’t,” she smiled with a little too much confidence.

“You’re so out of hand,” Mc punched the gas pedal with his foot and headed to Scouts.

Bron’s named being called snapped her back to the present meeting at Scouts. “What?”  Bron looked at Mc, her lips curled in a funny pucker.

“I will kick your husband’s ass if you don’t pay attention,” Mc  sat back in the chair.

“Look, you’re not having heart surgery here, give me a break.”  Bron surveyed the table of eyes peering back her.  J.D., Hank, Andrew, Stevie, Jake, and Suzie.  Their facial expressions reflected her feelings as well.  “This isn’t the end of the world,” Bron quipped and then motioned Mc to follow her to the back of the bar to a small table. 

When Jake stood, Mc flashed him a look and he quickly sat back down. 

They took a table for two in the back.  Sitting down, Bron reached across the table and grabbed his hand.  “I love you, I don’t want anything to happen to you.  You are really scared and you are freaking everyone else out around you.  You are going to be fine.  Do you understand me?”  Bron waited for Mc to either knock her off the chair or just let it sink in.

“I don’t like this,” Stevie uttered as he watched the two in the back.

“She’s just trying to calm him down,” Suzie’s voice broke the silence.

“We know how well she does that,” Hank chuckled.

“It’s not funny, my brother is nervous as hell.  He should have done this a long time ago and didn’t.  Mc should’ve done this for her, not Janey.”  Andrew added his two cents and all eyes turned towards.

“A little jealous there baby boy?” Stevie quipped.

“No more than you Stevie, no more than you.”  The chair legs scraped across the wooden floor as Andrew headed towards the front door of the bar.

“You’re an ass Steve,” Jake shook his head and followed Andrew.

“What did I say?” Stevie looked from Suzie to J.D. to Hank.

“You don’t think that after all this time that Andrew wasn’t secretly hoping to have them together?”  J.D. leveled a glare from hell at Stevie.  It wasn’t something he did often.

“Are you kidding?” Stevie for the first time was shocked.  “Shit, I thought that was the last thing that kid would want.”

“You’re an idiot,” Suzie eye’s squinted in the darkness as she watched the two in the back.

“And you’re a secretary,” Stevie leaned forward, “We all have our places in this drama.”

Suzie snorted at him, “Yes we do and the fact that the main man in her life doesn’t like you but likes me, just kills you.”

J.D. and Hank laughed loud enough to catch the other patrons’ attention but not the two who had been sequestered away from everyone else.  The four of them sat and waited for all the parties to return to the table.

They watched Janey walk up to Mc and Bron, Mc dismissed her immediately.  Suzie winced, “That has got to hurt.”

“I would say so, nothing like dismissing the love of your life for your business partner.” Hank shook his head back and forth.

Andrew sat out in the hot July air; he was wrestling with his own emotions.  He had watched Kevin kiss his Mom and his brother didn’t react.  Kevin was a great guy but maybe the realization that his brother was important to him too, hit him out of the blue. 

“Hey buddy, you okay?” Jake stood next him.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just uncomfortable all of sudden.  It’s like old times but it’s not.” Andrew leaned on the rail.

“It takes some getting used to but he takes good care of your Mom and she’s happy.  Kaylin seems happy too.  What about you?” 

“Yeah he does.  I guess I am too.” Andrew watched Jake scan the parking lot.  Jake seemed tense lately and taking his position as security a little too seriously. 

“I’ll be damned,” Jake grinned.

Andrew watched the large man smile, “What?”

“It seems we have company tonight that maybe doesn’t want to be seen,” Jake leaned on the post and folded his arms.

“Should I go get Stevie and Mc?” Andrew whispered as if the unseen ‘company’ could hear him as his eyes darted around the parking lot.

“Not necessary, neither of these two are a threat,” Jake laughed.

Andrew’s eyes followed the direction that Jake was looking and he began to chuckle.  “Are they nuts?”

“No, just a little jealous maybe.” Jake stepped back into the shadows as Andrew did the same.  “Let’s just watch for a minute then maybe we’ll bust them.”

Kevin pulled into the parking lot.  He recognized every single car there, including the silver rental that had been parked in his driveway earlier that day.  Nick was here checking up on Suzie for sure, now he had something he could bust him on.  The cardboard cut out was over the top and Kevin was still stewing about it.

Pulling his truck a few spaces over from Nick, he waited a minute.  Nick was concentrating on the bar and didn’t notice him.  Kevin quietly got out of his truck and headed for Nick’s car.  Wrapping on the passenger side window with his knuckles, he leaned down and looked into the car.

At first Nick jumped, he was a little antsy about this to begin with and then someone knocking on his window made him jump.

“Open up dawg,” Kevin leaned into the window wearing a fierce face.

“You gonna hurt me?” Nick quipped.

“I might if you don’t open up the fucking door,” Kevin stood with his lips pursed together and brows furrowed.

“I know this is a mistake,” Nick mumbled as he unlocked the door.

Kevin opened the door, dropped in the seat, pulled his legs in, and then slammed the door.  His head turned to Nick swiftly. 

Nick squinted waiting for the blast.

“If you ever pull a fucking stunt like that again, I will thump you so hard you’ll be in another fucking century.”

“It was a joke,” Nick offered meekly.

“It sucked, Kaylin saw it, Bron won’t give it up.  I asked her what the hell she was going to do with it.  She told me when I wasn’t home she would roll around naked on it.  I told her at her size that she couldn’t roll much.”  Kevin started to crack a smile.

“Ouch,” Nick’s teeth clenched together as his neck muscles tightened up.

“Ouch is right, she hit me with her hairbrush, again.  That fucking hairbrush hurts,” Kevin leaned back in the seat.

“She’s abusive,” Nick swallowed.

“Oh please, you have no room to talk.  Your ex kicked your ass, every day.” Kevin chuckled.  “What are you doin’ here dawg?”

Nick looked suspiciously at Kevin, “What are you doin’ here dawg?  Your woman steppin’ out on you?”

Kevin laughed so hard, he frightened Nick.  “No, it’s simple, I’m jealous.  I don’t like it when my wife goes out with me lookin’ hot and I’m home babysitting our daughter.  What’s your excuse?”

Nick shifted around in his seat looking for the right thing to say so that Kevin wouldn’t rag on him for eternity.

“She’s trustable Nick, don’t worry.” Kevin leaned back in the seat. 

“I didn’t say that,” Nick whined.

“Don’t have to Bro.  You wouldn’t be sitting in a damn parking lot in the dark if you were comfortable with it.” Kevin had time to adjust to the amount of men that Bron had around her.  Nick hadn’t made that adjustment yet.  Truth be told Kevin hadn’t fully adjusted either, otherwise he wouldn’t be sitting in the parking lot with Nick.

“Who is watching Kaylin?” Nick wanted to change the subject. He wasn’t used to a woman who had a life separate from him, who didn’t depend on him.

“My Mom and don’t change the subject Nick.” Kevin opened the window.  “Listen, they are as independent as hell.  They will never come to us for anything unless they really need it and money wouldn’t be it.  I saw Suzie’s paycheck, she won’t be asking you for a dime but you might want to hit her up for a loan to pay the boats off.”  Kevin’s eyes were twinkling.

“Why are you telling me this shit?” Nick tossed his body back into the bucket seat.

“Because she likes you dude for you, not for what you have or can give her.  You flew your ass all the way to Lexington because she didn’t answer her phone.  You called the woman sixty-three times.”  Kevin began to become restless in the car.

“Sixty-two.  We had a big fight tonight.  I told her that I wanted her to move to Florida, she told me no.  Her place was here with you guys.  She said that working for Bron can be a real bitch some days…

“Bron can be a real bitch some days…”   Kevin interrupted as he studied his thumbnail in the dark.

“Suz said sometimes it’s like working in hell when both of you are there but that she doesn’t want to give it up.  She said I had no concept of money and that I would have to be more responsible.”

“Oh,” Kevin was becoming even more uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going.

“Do you think I have any concept of money?” Nick asked honestly.

“Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.”  Kevin shrugged, what else could he say.

“You built your house and studio,” Nick was defending the recent family compound purchase.

“Yes I did for my wife and children, not my parents, sisters, and brothers.” Kevin’s arms crossed over his chest. 

“She’s right, isn’t she?” Nick looked at the one man that he truly respected.

“In a way yes, but you are doing it for your family.  When and if the time comes, I’m sure you would do the right thing for your family.” Kevin offered the tidbit to relieve Nick’s mind.

“I would Kev, I would.”

A long sigh from Kevin and he turned his head towards Nick.  “Okay the shrink session is over for the night.  Now we are going in the backdoor of the bar and claim our women.”

Kevin opened the door and put one leg out on the ground.  Nick’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.  “Why the back door?”

Nick could see Kevin rolling his eyes from the dome light in the car.  “Because you peckerhead, my wife will kill me if she finds out I’m checking up on her.”

Nick laughed the entire time they headed to the backdoor of Scouts.

“Where are they going?” Andrew watched the two tall men sneak out back.

“Backdoor, most likely.  They don’t want to get busted.”  Jake was highly amused at the entire situation.  He grabbed his cell and made a quick call.

“Kevin won’t like that you called his mother to check on Kaylin.” Andrew had heard the conversation.

“Part of my job,” Jake grinned.  “Now let’s go have some fun with all of these amusing people.”

“Are you going to tell Mom and Suzie?” Andrew followed behind Jake.

“Hell no, that would take all the fun out of it.” Jake ambled back into the bar.





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