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Chapter 84

Bron casually strolled back to the table, chatting with people she met on the way.  Mc went straight to the bar to get Janey’s attention.  She worked the crowd around him and paid him no mind.

“He really screwed up,” Suzie watched the interplay.

“Who?”  Bron sipped her soda, as she sat back down.

“Mc.  Janey tired to talk to him when you two were talking.”  Suzie’s eyes still rested on Mc who was having some difficulty with this.  He was very much like Kevin, a take-charge kind of guy.  Janey was very much like Bron and would tell him to kiss off.

“I know that, she should have known better than bother us when we were speaking,” Bron set her drink down and turned to look at the crowd.

Suzie smirked as she glanced from Jake to Bron and then back to Jake.  Jake was looking at the ceiling and pretending to whistle.  He was staying out of this little problem. 

Jake had heard it but he didn’t actually believe it.  He also saw Suzie wearing an incredibly goofy face.  “Suz, wanna dance?”

“I think we’d better,” as she scooted her chair back and stood.  She followed Jake out onto the dance floor.  “I don’t understand that remark she just made.”

Jake snickered as Lisa Lisa blared in the background.  Leaning down, he spoke into her ear.  “I don’t think Bron is willing to play second fiddle just yet in Mc’s life.  She is used to his full, undivided attention at all times.”

“She’s married,” Suzie gawked at him.

“I know, but that didn’t matter before when she was married,” Jake cracked a huge smile.  The smile wasn’t for the remark but the fact that he watched two tall men, one blonde and one dark haired with a ponytail take a seat in the deepest recess of the bar.  He smiled even more when the older man reached up and unscrewed the light bulb in the cheap lamp above the table.

“I don’t think Kevin is going to like this.  He already dislikes Stevie.  I’m sorry, I know Stevie is your friend but he’s sneaky and he has the hots for Bron.”  Suzie quipped.

Another Eighties favorite came on and they continued to dance to Whitney Houston.  Jake dipped Suzie backwards, “He has always liked Bron.  Stevie fell back in love with her after C.W. died.  Mc put the brakes on that when he handed Bron to over Kevin.  Hence, he doesn’t like Kevin and Kevin doesn’t like him.  Kevin knows damn well how Stevie feels about Bron so don’t worry about it.”  Jake pulled her up and spun around.  “So how is that Carter treating you babe?  Because if it isn’t good, just let me know and I’ll rough the little shit up.”

“Nick is treating me very well, there is nothing to worry about.”  Suzie smiled.  “I’m more worried about Bron’s territorial instincts over Mc.”

“Old habits died hard, she’ll realize eventually that she is no longer the center of Mc’s universe.  When it happens, we’ll be there to catch her when she falls.  Deal?”  Jake spun her around.

“Deal, now about Stevie?”  Suzie began to start all over again as Jake led her back to the table and to her chair.

Bron was now in back shooting pool with a bunch of guys.  Suzie smirked as Andrew joined his Mother.  Stevie came over to Suzie and Jake, he looked liked he was eating ground glass.

“What is up with you?  Why aren’t you back their doing your job?” Stevie began to question Jake as he sat down.

“Shut up Steve, I don’t listen to you or anyone else.  Besides she’s being watched.”  Jake pointed to the bar where Mc sat with his back to the bar and totally focused on the pool table room.

“For a big guy Jake, you dance rather well,” Suzie tried to switch the conversation.

“For a woman dating a much younger guy than her; you’re doing rather well,” Jake lifted his drink in mock salute.

Suzie took the ribbing good naturedly, as it was intended, and playfully swatted at him. 

“Watch the threads woman,” Jake reprimanded her.

“You pimp daddy,” Suzie sipped her drink as she watched Bron dance with a complete stranger who had asked her.

“No Kevin, is the head pimp daddy, not me.”

Suzie laughed insanely at the off color remark.  Kevin as a pimp was too damn funny of an image to cut loose of.  She would let Bron in on that one later.

Bron finally re-joined them and a glass of orange something hovered next to her head.  Turning her head slightly, Mc was there.  “Drink the juice, you need the fluids.  You know how dancing dehydrates you.”

“Jesus!”  Bron grabbed the glass gulped it down and handed it back.  “You’ll never change.”

Sliding her chair forward, she swept a look over Jake, “Not bad, you still got it.”

“I never lost it,” Jake smoothed the arm of his shirt.

“Neither have we,” Stevie joined in on the fun, his irritation taking a momentary backseat.  Holding his hand out, he waited for his partner to join him. 

Slowly she came to her feet, turning her head back to them she smirked, “Now watch the pros.” 

The dance floor pounded to Benny King’s ‘Stand By Me.’

Suzie watched as well as Mc and the rest of the table.  She didn’t like the familiarity between the two, they moved like lovers not friends.  Mc’s voice quietly whispered over the table, “He won’t act so don’t worry.  He knows I would bust him into tiny little pieces.  Of course Spark there, well we know how the obvious just blows over her, so we don’t have to worry about that.”

“You sure?”  Suzie questioned.

Jake smiled, “We’re real sure.”

“Okay,” Suzie sat back as Stevie and Bron re-joined the table.  “You dance well together,” she eyed Stevie.

“We should we’ve been doing it for years.  Mc doesn’t dance but he does like to watch Bron dance.”  Stevie ignored Suzie’s voice inflection; she was hiding her venom towards him but not very well.  Glancing to Bron who now stood up again and was shaking the hand of man who set him back a pace or two earlier.  The man left after a short conversation.

All eyes focused on Bron, she offered a lame excuse of who had just come to the table, “He wanted to dance, I said I was tired.”

Janey worked her way to them without her tray.  “I’m off for the night, so now I can play,” latching her arm around Mc’s waist.

Suzie studied Bron for a reaction and she got one.  Bron’s lips formed a tight line and her eyes hardened a little.  Then, just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. 

Mc handed Bron another glass of juice, “Drink up, I don’t want to have Mr. Pop Star pissed at me.”

“You’re being a little over protective,” Bron grumped but drank it anyway.

“You’re being a little jealous,” Suzie smiled knowing everyone heard her, including Bron.

Bron’s eyes narrowed as she turned to her friend.  She dropped her head a little then looked at Janey, “She’s right I am.  I like you, it’s just that, I kind of still think of him as mine.” 

A slow whistle came from Jake that was rather loud.  “Whoa, she admitted it.”

“I admit when I’m wrong,” Bron sulked slightly.

“Don’t worry Bron.  If I feel threatened at all by you.  I’ll just call your husband and tell him you’re kicking your heels up with all these men.”

“That’s pretty low Janey,” Bron’s eyebrows furrowed together.

“You have a husband, you don’t need two,” Janey smiled brightly as her eyes traveled around the table.  “Or three, or four, or five.”

“Okay I get the point, the jerk is yours,” Bron laughed as they were interrupted by a very hot looking guy named Jess who asked Suzie to dance.

“Damn he’s cute, who is he?”  Bron elbowed Janey for the information.

They watched the two dance; they looked cute together.  They seemed to be having a good time.  The man escorted her back to the table where conversations began again.  The conversation halted when a tall man, with long hair, a beard, a piercing in his lip stood next to them.  His chain still swaying on his leg from where he had walked to joined them.  He was dressed from head to toe in leather.

“ZZ!”  Bron squealed.

“How are ya?” he nodded.  “Care to dance?”

“Love too,” Bron smiled and latched onto the man’s hand.  He carefully steered her towards the dance floor.

“Who the fuck is that?” Stevie’s face paled as the sight of the grubby guy.

“Chill! It’s just ZZ,” Suzie sat back full of confidence.

Mc glowered at the two on the dance floor.  “Suz?”

“The tattoo guy, that’s all, so chill out,” Suzie watched the men at the table tense.  She knew that Mc wanted more information.  Mc was doing better than Stevie at letting Bron just be herself.  “Boy you guys sure are a narrow-minded bunch.  He’s a nice guy.”

“So, he got to see her ass?” Stevie’s hand swiped over his face. 

“Yep, that is the artist himself.  The one she dropped her pants for,” Suzie was hiding her smile behind her drink.  “But we know it was all for Kevin.”

Mc laughed at Suzie’s smartass comment since she was intentionally firing up Stevie and it was working. 

“Lucky fucker,” slipped out of Stevie before he could stop it.

“That’s it, I’m outta here.  You guys are sitting here talking about my Mom’s ass,” Andrew groaned as he stood up and then stopped, he didn’t have a way home.  Mc tossed him his keys, “Janey we’ll take me home.”

“Maybe, he might just come home with me,” she kissed his cheek.

“Okay, the old men are leaving now,” Hank stood up along with J.D.

“Don’t worry Stevie, I’ve seen Bron’s ass many, many times, it’s nothing special,” Jake hopped on Suzie’s bandwagon of fun.

Andrew groaned as he began to leave the table, he shot Jake a conspirator wink and headed towards the back door.  Jake’s laugh was as loud as the music.

Andrew paused at a table deep in the back.  “Mom is so gonna kick your ass,” he grinned as he saluted Kevin and Nick on his way out the door.





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