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Chapter 85

Kevin’s moan was audible two tables in either direction.  “God dammit,” Kevin swirled the tequila in his glass.

“I don’t believe this bullshit.  They have danced with every guy in here.” Nick’s head wobbled from side to side.  “Look at Suzie now, she is dancing with that kid again.  That dude is trying to grope her ass.”  Nick stood up but Kevin pushed him back down in his seat.

“It’s handled,” Kevin winced as he downed the rest of his tequila.  Evidentially, Suzie was being watched by Jake and Mc too.  The two of them walked to the dance floor together and politely escorted the man out the front door.  Jess’s hands were roaming in places without the lady’s permission.

“I like those two,” Nick smiled a drunken smirk.

“Goody for you,” Kevin ordered another round as he watched his pregnant wife dance with a biker type.  His head swung from side to side, this did not make him happy.  His wife was obviously pregnant; she couldn’t hide it.  She was wearing wedding rings, and none of this seemed to stop any of the dumb fucks from asking her to dance.  “I don’t get it!” Kevin slurred his speech.

“Get what?” Nick sipped his beer.

“She’s pregnant, they can see that, she’s not drinking, but they are all over her.”  Kevin watched as one of the biker’s friends asked her to dance and she did.

“I heard that some men get turned on when they are with pregnant women, it’s sort of the ultimate, ya know?” Nick spewed and then regretted it.

“How would you know Nick?” Kevin’s glare could have set Hades on fire.

“I just heard man, not me, ick, no thanks, too big, no bounce.  Hey, how do you do it anyway?”  Nick was stumbling and stretching to bail himself out of this one.

“We manage dammit,” Kevin drained his fifth tequila and turned to face the dance floor.  Bron was happy and having a great time.  A great time without him.  She was smiling and laughing.  Kevin frowned; she should have stayed home with him.

Kevin heard the first three notes of Prince’s When Doves Cry, as he heard the song he saw Stevie get up from the table quickly.  “Fuck him, he ain’t dancin’ with her to that song anymore.”

Nick steadied the table as it rocked around a little.  Kevin had gotten up so fast he almost knocked it over.  “Uh-oh,” Nick jumped up from the table to go directly to Suzie.  Somebody was going to get hurt, he didn’t want it to be Kevin, Kevin was drunk.

Suzie’s eyes almost fell out of her head as she saw Nick approaching her from the opposite end of the club.  “What are you doing here?” she yelled at him.

“We got a problem,” Nick looked directly at Jake.

“Drunk?”  Jake had known already.

“Five tequilas and this song, what do you think?”  Nick answered.

“Fuck,” Mc was out of the chair and threading his way onto the dance floor as the chorus kicked in.  Jake went to the other side and worked his way into the center. 

Bron and Stevie were lost in the music, nobody around them existed, just the two of them.  The music flowed over them and through them just like old times.

Turning her head slightly, she smiled. “This brings back memories, not just this song, the dancing too.  I like this song and I still miss him.”

“It sure does Spark, it sure does,” Stevie’s hands settled on the mock waistline of Bron’s, now lost due to her pregnancy.  The front of him faced the back of her.  It felt good to hold her again as he wrapped her arms around her. The lyrics hit home like a ton of bricks.  One very big difference from a few months ago when they last danced to this song in Toronto, Bron wasn’t crying.

Bron really didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics anymore; those days were gone.  She would always love the beat of this song though.  She smiled as she shifted her hips and Stevie’s hands dropped a little.  She thought maybe he was getting a little too friendly.  “Stevie, back off before I hurt you.”

From behind both Bron and Stevie, Kevin tapped Stevie on the shoulder, Stevie turned and saw Mc standing behind Kevin.  Bron was facing the other direction and saw neither of them.  With a fury that would have sent most men full tilt and ready to fight, Stevie stepped away from Bron.  Kevin took his place.

Bron felt the pressure of the hands that had left her body and then abruptly return.  The hands went from her waist to the top of her thighs.  They were gripping her in an inappropriate manner and she gave serious thought to digging her nails into the top of Stevie’s hands.  When she looked down at the hands, they were larger, stronger, and wore a wedding ring.  A tiny smile played on her face as she brought her head back up.  Longer legs and bigger feet were dancing behind her. From across the dance floor she could see Jake, now walking away.

The hands traveled from the sides of her thighs up to the back to her rear.  A squeeze that was none too gentle and they returned to her hips, pulling her entire body back towards a body that she was more than familiar with and intimate with.  Leaning her head back she sighed, “You’re supposed to be at home babysitting,” she smiled to the crowd.

It didn’t take long for the word to get through the crowd that local celebrities were present. 

The scratch of a beard on her cheek and hot breathy words that were slightly slurred came to her ear.  “You do not dance with him anymore.”

“You’re jealous,” she murmured as lips trailed over her neck.

Kevin paused, he wasn’t going to admit that to her. “We’re going home.  I’m going to do you on our kitchen table,”  

“If you last that long,” Bron quipped. 

She was spun around and grabbed by the back of her neck.  It was swift enough that Mc jumped, not sure how unpredictable Kevin was when he was drunk. 

Lips slammed into Bron’s and a tongue pushed its way into her mouth.  It coursed over her teeth and tongue and down the back of her throat.  “You doubtin’ me darlin’?” he questioned as he pulled back and looked at her.

Neither of them obvious to the fact that the music had stopped and the crowed focused on them.  When Bron saw what was happening, she was mortified and took a moment to gather her thoughts, she patted Kevin’s chest.  “Of course not,” she smiled and went up on her tip-toes.  Kissing his cheek, she smiled, and went back down her feet.

Kevin returned the smile somewhat placated with her show of affection for him above all the others that she danced with tonight.

Suzie watched Stevie quietly leave the bar as the two began to dance to the next song.  Nick dropped his head waiting to get blasted for being here.

“Are you going to ask me to dance since you two have been playing spy all night or are you just going to stand there?” Suzie’s arms were crossed in defiance as she waited for Nick to say some thing.

“Look I didn’t like you dancin’ with all those guys.  I understand you don’t want to move down to Florida and shit, but don’t do that kind crap to me, it bugs me.”

“Well then ask me to dance and I’ll dance with you,” she wasn’t giving him any ground not to give her an explanation.  The problem seemed to be Nick didn’t seem like he was going to give her one for being in the bar. 

Nick held his hand out and she grabbed on.  Leading her to the dance floor, they managed to get a spot close to Bron and Kevin.

 “Hello Nick,” Bron smirked as she swayed with her husband.

“Um Hi,” Nick mumbled.

“Funny seeing you guys here.” Bron wanted to get to the bottom of the problem.  If Kevin didn’t trust her, she had to know and know now.  She traveled in her business just as he did and he would have to understand that she would always be faithful to him.

“Well Kevin found me in the parking lot,” Nick grinned.

“Shut up Nick,” Kevin pulled Bron away from them. 

Suzie of course, danced right back over to them.

Bron continued to talk, ignoring Kevin’s as his hands which were exploring more places than they really should in a public area.  “Kevin doesn’t trust me, that is why he came here.”

“No Kevin trusts you.  He said he was jealous,” Nick offered Kevin’s enlightenment that Kevin had given him in the car. 

“I’m going to kill you Nick,” Kevin groaned as he tried to move away from them.

Suzie’s head tilted slightly to the side, a probing question on her mind.  “So Kevin, How is your Mom?”

A grunt from Kevin confirmed what Bron wanted to know.  Kaylin had been deposited in the hands of Mrs. Richardson because her son was a jealous man.

“Thank you for telling me Nick.  Now I’m going to take my drunken husband home and he’s going to do me on my kitchen table.”

“GAWD,” Suzie closed her eyes.  “Too much information.  Why do you do that?  I will never be able to eat on that table again.”

“Yeah for me, less people at my house.  Witch, you gotta a big damn mouth,” Kevin covered her mouth with his.

Nick and Suzie took their cue and danced away from the couple.

The biker type man that had danced with Bron earlier now stood in front of Kevin.  The guy was really bold as he watched Kevin and Bron kiss.

Kevin picked his head up, licked his lips and then leveled a glare at the guy. “Can I help you?”  Kevin was used to his life being intruded on but not his kisses and if this guy knew how much his wife loved his kisses, he wouldn’t have the balls to be standing there watching them.

“Is that him?” the guy quipped.

Bron laughed, “Kevin meet ZZ, he did my tattoo.”

“OH thanks, but don’t do anymore even if she bribes you.”  Kevin held onto her hand as he talked. 

“Yeah, it’s you, I’d recognize those lips anywhere,” the man laughed at him.

“Thanks, I bet you don’t have a lot of call for that kind of tattoo.”

“No, your wife was the first but she was cool about it.  Anyway I wanted to meet you, it’s not every day that I put lips on someone’s ass.  Congratulations on the baby.”

“Thanks, nice job by the way,” Kevin laughed.  His drunken haze now clearing along with his temper.

“I’m going to bring my friend to you, she is going to get a Thor tattoo.”  Bron let the man know.

“You know where I’m at,” he smiled and walked away.

“Let’s go home,” Kevin waved at a few people on their way out the door.  He was leading Bron by the hand as they left.

“Well, they will either kill each other or love each other.  I’ll guess I’ll find out in the morning.  I am not eating off that table ever again.”  Suzie spoke as the two went out the front door.

Nick gave Suzie a squeeze, “Let’s go back to your place and talk, we need to talk about so much.  I have some good news and some bad news about the tour.”

“No demands, no tantrums,” Suzie reiterated what she had said earlier.

“Okay,” Nick fished his pocket for his car keys.

“Good, then you can explain to me why the two of you have been spying and how long you have been here.”

“Oh that,” Nick winced.

“Yeah that,” Suzie grabbed her purse and headed for the door.  





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