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Chapter 9

Bron was wrestled from her sleep by an argument with her inner self.  He’s gonna kill you, her inner self kept preaching at her.  You still have time to fix it.  Why don’t you ever leave well enough alone?  

He’ll be mad, but I can make it up to him, she argued back.

Well if you wouldn’t have done it in the first place you wouldn’t have anything to make up for.

Stop it, I know what I’m doing.

Okay, but it’s going to snowball on you.

No, it’s not.

The argument ended with Bron’s eyelids flying open as she heard the sound of chirping birds outside.  She tried to sit up but had to extract herself from underneath Kevin first.  Silently she was scolding him for sleeping on her and not the bed.  She also yelled at him for screwing up her sleeping schedule, now she was in a time crunch to pull this off.

As she crawled out of bed she snickered to herself as her hand brushed up against him.  “Little old for wet dreams Master.”

Grabbing a robe she headed off for the kitchen.  Coffee first, then think, she grumbled.  Two cups down she could think at least semi-coherently.  A quick glance at the clock and she knew she would have to get moving.  A barbeque was the order of the day.  At least the boys were coming; she really needed them today.  Nothing like the Backstreet Posse to back you up, God I hope they do, she mumbled. 

Dinner preparations began and she scurried around the house.  She was making a mental note of things to avoid.  The main thing was to let him sleep as long as possible.  If he were up, he would know she was having a little party.  He said no one was to bother them.  Well, they weren’t really, she had invited them. 

By noon she was ready to wake him up.  Everything was back to where it should be except the fridge was stuffed to the hilt with food.  At least he had slept and she didn’t need to pacify him and try to get her objectives done at the same time. 

Gingerly she opened the bedroom to find him sitting on the edge of the bed.  The sheet lay across his hips and she watched him yawn and belch.

“So nice, getting up in time for lunch,” she grinned from the door.

He picked his head up half asleep and looked at her.  He was too busy scratching an itch under the sheet to give her a vocal response as he nodded at her.

Bron left him sitting there.  She assumed he would get moving when he was ready.  She idly went through the house checking last minute things and halted in the kitchen.  She put fresh coffee on spying him sitting at the table, staring off into space.  Bron giggled, he has got to lay off the wine, it messes with head the next day.

A cup of coffee was placed in front of him and a ‘thanks’ was mumbled.  Bron watched him drain one and then another.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” he spoke as he left the kitchen.

Bron was thinking aloud to herself when she jumped.  He had answered her question for her.  “Damn sneak,” she uttered. 

“The movers are coming tomorrow.  Kris is going to keep on eye on everything for us.  She’ll return the keys to the landlord.”

Kevin went to open the fridge to find something to eat.  It didn’t look like Bron was going to wait on him today.  As he went to open the door, she jumped in front of it.

“What do you want?  I’ll get it.”  She spoke in rapid succession.

“I don’t know what I want.  I want to see what’s in the fridge,” as he began to push her aside.  Bron steadied herself with little effect.  He moved her aside like a paper doll.

He bent and looked inside the fridge, “Umm.”  He surveyed the contents.  The shelves were ladened with food.  Guess we’re having company for dinner and it’s not just Mary, he noted mentally.  Grabbing an apple, he shut the door and looked at her.  Bron was gripping the counter top as her face blanched.  “This is fruit, you should try it sometime.”  Kevin walked to the patio door debating whether or not to let her off the hook.  He halted in mid-stride and turned.  “I’m going to clean the pool since we’re having company.”  Just as suddenly as he had stopped he continued out the door.

“Whew,” Bron leaned up against the countertop.  “That was much better than I had expected and I do eat fruit, jerk.”

It was quarter to two and Bron finally had to sit down.  Her nerves were raw, they needed to get here soon.  She watched him through the patio door clean the pool.  It was the visual of all visuals in her mind.  Black trunks, no shirt, and no shoes.  A small amount of perspiration had begun to cling to his skin.  Just enough to make it glisten in the sun.  Words were running through her mind.  Nice six-pack, wide shoulders, strong back.  His hair was hanging down loosely.  Nice hair, I like that hair.  Come on turn around for me baby.  I wanna see, was screaming through her head. 

Kevin watched as the smirk on her face grew on the other side of the glass.  He knew what she was doing.  He stopped for a split second and flexed for her.  She shook her head and laughed form the other side of the door.

“Nothing like getting busted,” she giggled as she heard the doorbell ring.  Bron did a flat out run to the door and yanked it open.  She sighed loudly seeing Mary, Gillian, and the fellas.

“We’re glad to see you too!”  Mary grinned.  Whatever Bron had planned, she was seriously worried about it.  Nothing would make Bron react like this unless she was having second thoughts.

“I really appreciate this,” she smiled as she stepped inside and let them in.  Brian bolted through the door but the others hesitated.

“He knows you’re coming, he’s out cleaning the pool.”  Bron spoke.  That was all they needed to hear as the fellas almost steamed rolled over Mary and Bron to get in the backyard.  They had discussed it on the way over.  Mary had let the boys know that Bron was up to something and she needed their help.  They just wanted front row seats for the action.

“Jesus I didn’t think you guys were gonna get here in time,” Bron groaned at Mary and Gillian.

“So why do you need us here anyway?”  Mary eyed her once up and then down as her and Gillian followed her to the kitchen.

Bron was about to respond when Kevin saw Mary and came strolling into the house.  “Mare can you do me a favor”

“Shit,” Bron hissed.  “It can wait Kevin,” as she walked past him.  Large hands grabbed her shoulders and steered her towards a chair.  A polite shove and she was sitting in the chair.

“No it can’t.  Mary can you look at this?” as he yanked the strap to Bron’s tank top down the side of her arm.

“Do you mind, everybody is watching,” she spat back at him.  Christ sakes, good thing he didn’t bite my inner thigh.  The guys were watching from outside what was going down.

Bron felt a soft brushing of hair next to her ear.  “Serves you right for planning another surprise party,” rumbled through her ear in that deep bass voice.

Mary came around, looked at her shoulder, and laughed.  “Hmm, let see, an animal bite.  Bron does this animal have a rabies shot?”

“I’m not sure,” Bron groaned as her head fell forward on the table into her folded arms.  Mary was going to have fun with this and never let her forget it.

Mary examined it closely, “Is it licensed?”

“Yes,” Bron groaned even louder as Kevin giggled from behind her.

“How about distemper?”  Mary chuckled as Gillian joined in.

This is so humiliating, Bron griped to herself.  “Distemper no, bad temper, frequently,” Bron laughed unable to resist the bait that Mary had thrown her.

“Okay that’s enough from you three,” Kevin warned them.

“She’ll be fine Kevin.  A Tetanus shot probably wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Mary grinned at him.

“Sorry, I just had one in January,” as Bron grabbed her shirt strap and pulled it back up.  She sat up and glowered at Kevin.  “Happy now?”

“No, let her see the bruise on your leg.”  He frowned at her.

“Kevin I ran into the coffee table, that happens, it’s a bruise, that’s all.” 

Bron scooted her leg back under the table but not before Mary caught sight of it.  “Bron when is the last time you actually went to a doctor and had a physical, and I don’t mean the Emergency Room or me.”

Bron’s face turned sour.  Mary knew when and she was just giving Kevin something to bitch about.  “Let’s see Kaylin is six going on seven, so six weeks after she was born.”

“Jesus Christ Bron!”  Kevin barked at her.  Bron winced at the sudden exclamation.

“What, I’m fine,” Bron defended herself but scowled at Mary for bringing it up.  It was one of Mary’s pet peeves.  It was suppose to be, she was a doctor.

Mary shook her head and walked outside onto the patio.  Kevin followed her, not to discreetly either.

“Kevin, get her in to get a physical.  It doesn’t have to be soon but she’s bruising an awful lot lately.  She’s most likely anemic and just needs some vitamins.”  Mary answered him before he could ask.

“She takes vitamins,” Kevin laughed.  “Well if that’s what you call them.”

“What kind?”  Mary asked.

“Flinstone’s,” he snickered.

Mary sighed at him, “Just get her in when you can.”

“Okay,” Kevin was satisfied with the answer Mary had given him.

The party had kicked into gear on the patio and everyone was enjoying the sun and the day.  They chatted and caught up with the events of the weekend.  Kevin went into the house for something and Bron quickly turned to the group.  “I might need your help today,” she said boarding on hysteria by now.  It was quarter after two already.

“Why?”  Nick asked.

“I think I did something really stupid that is going to send him flying off into outer space.”  Bron spoke as she watched Kevin leave the kitchen.

“Oh please tell.  What scheme have you cooked up this time?” Mary said dramatically.

“It’s not a scheme, it’s a G. G.,” Bron smiled meekly.  The girls would know, but the guys wouldn’t.  She didn’t really have time to explain it either.  Kevin hadn’t come back you yet.

“A G.G. for who, Kevin?”  Gillian inquired.

“What the hell is a G.G.?”  A.J. looked at Gillian dumfounded.

Gillian laughed, “A G.G. is a guilt gift from Bron.  When she feels she has hurt your feelings or has done something to upset you, she gives you something to make herself feel better.  They’re usually very nice too!  Do you like my watch?”

Bron opened her mouth to make a remark.  It never came out as, “WHAT THE HELL!!?” was echoed through the exclusive neighborhood, not just the Richardson house and backyard.  No doubt who it was either.  Kevin had a big mouth and even if he was inside the house.





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