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Chapter 90

Not too long ago, Nick was covered in paint as he came onto the patio.  Bron stood up, grabbed his hand, and walked him back in the house like a small child.  Nick now sat on the edge of a chair to eat, as clean as can be.   Suzie was not willing to give up her entire seat, so they shared one.  Without warning Nick stood up and a funny expression crossed his face.

“What?” Suzie looked at him.

Turning around he lifted his shirt, “Something just bit me.”

Suzie lifted his shirt a little higher.  Checking his back out, it didn’t look any different, “I don’t see anything.”

Nick pulled his shirt back down.  Walking to the table, he loaded his plate for seconds.  As he went back to the chair something stung him in the thigh.  “Damn bugs,” he slapped his thigh at the point where he had been bit again.

The sixth bug bite set Nick off.  “You got any bug spray?” he rubbed his calf.

“What for?” Kevin sat back on chaise lounge.

“Bugs, dumb ass.  You have some really big bugs up here.”  Nick was checking his calf out looking for tell tale signs of some beast having set it’s fangs into his flesh.

“Really, must be those Kentucky Skeeters.”  Bron bit her tongue trying not to laugh.

“In the middle of the day?  I don’t think so.” Nick took a step forward and something crunched under his foot.  Lifting his foot, he looked down to the concrete.  “Altoid?  Did I drop my Altoids?”  Nick began to fish through his pockets for his ever-present altoids.

As he stood up, he yelped.  Something nailed him just a little too close to his groin.  This in turn made him cover himself for protection.  All eyes were now on Nick as his hands were protecting his manhood.  A scowl on his face as he tried to figure out what the hell had just happened.

Suzie flew out of the chair and directly to Bron.  Shoving her hand in Bron’s face she spoke.  “Gimme it!”

“Give you what?” Bron tried to play dumb.  Kevin walked over and pulled an object from underneath Bron’s maternity shirt.

Kevin handed it to Suzie.  “Pelting Nick with Altoids is one thing.” Suzie lowered her voice, “Aiming at his package means you are taking away from my fun.”

Kevin laughed as Bron dropped her head.  Bron’s shoulders shook.  Now Suzie felt like a heel.  “Look, I’m sorry….”

Bron’s head came up and she was laughing.  “Kevin says my aim sucks.”

Kevin nodded, “She almost castrated me once.  Careful Nick, those Kentucky Skeeters might be related to that Kentucky Wildcat.”

Nick grinned and bobbed his head up and down, “You’ll get yours Bron.  Maybe not now cuz of the baby and all but I’ll get you.”

Bron looked to Kevin for help.  “You started it, I’m not protecting you.”

The meal was over with and the dishes were done, hours had gone by.  Bron now sat in a chair with her feet up on Kevin’s lap.  Occasionally she would move around but not much, she was finally relaxing.  The foot massage he was giving her felt heavenly.  Everyone seemed to be just sitting back and enjoying the spur-of-the-moment party.

Kevin built a fire in the fireplace that sat at the other end of the pool against the garden wall.  The fireplace versus gas grill was a bone of contention for both of them.  Bron wanted to cook on a gas grill; Kevin wanted wood for ambiance.  Both were installed to settle the argument.

Kevin disappeared into the kitchen and re-appeared with treats for Logan and Kaylin.  His family had left hours ago feigning tiredness.  Kevin had called Jake to get the candy bars and marshmallows for S’mores while they were at the grocery store.

Bron tried to steal one and was frowned at just about everyone at the party.  “It’s only one.”

“No that would be two.  Don’t forget the Reese’s cup you ate in the truck on the way home.”  Suzie tattled on her friend.

The S’more was quickly snatched away from her, “You suck Kevin.”

“You eat shit Bron,” Kevin handed the S’more to Nick.  “Enjoy.”

“Oh it’s so good Bron,” Nick smiled when he bit into it.  The gooey marshmallow oozed down his chin.  Suzie was licking her lips wanting to possibly help him clean up. 

“You’ll pay for that.” Bron’s face not telling what her plans were next.  “I bet you never try to take my table apart again.”

“Dude, don’t mess with my kitchen table,” Kevin squared his shoulders.  “I have fond memories of that table.”  Kevin chose his words carefully since Kaylin was now firmly planted his lap roasting marshmallows.

Nick dropped his head a little; he had been caught.  “I won’t,” he smiled as he sunk his teeth into the gooey chocolate mess.

“Kaylin honey,” Bron smiled

“Kevin said I can’t share with you Mommy,” Kaylin giggled as she sat in Kevin’s lap eating up the S’more and all the attention she was getting from Kevin.  She offered Kevin a smidgen, the small piece slid down his chin.  Bron leaned forward and kissed him, getting her chocolate fix at the same time. 

“Hey, you can’t have any Mom,” Kaylin pushed Bron away.

“I think you are jealous Kaylin,” Bron spoke with amusement.

Kevin smiled, “Don’t worry ladies, there is enough of me for all of you to share.”

A S’more appeared by Bron’s side.  Andrew bent down and handed it to her.  Bron patted his leg, “You’re such a smart son.”

“Andrew,” Kevin frowned.

“He told Nick how to take the table apart.  Andrew is sucking up to get back in her good graces.”  Mc sat on the other side of the table with Janey as close to him as he could get her.

Bron watched the people still gathered at her house, it was getting late.  Kaylin had drifted off to sleep in Kevin’s lap.  Stevie sat and talked to Jerald and Jake.  It seemed that Jerald’s new girlfriend couldn’t make it.  Jake was always dateless, he was always dateless; the man was a snob.  Stevie, well, Bron originally wanted to pair Janey off with Stevie, but that obviously didn’t work out.  She needed to find a woman for Stevie.  Suzie had crossed her mind at one time but Bron closed her mouth about it.  Suzie would steam roll over Stevie.  Stevie needed a woman that was sweet and good-natured, a woman who would be devoted to him and him alone.  She had an idea but it would have to wait until tomorrow to take action.

“Bron, stop looking at me like that.  You have that matchmaking look on your face.”  Stevie tilted his beer bottle at Bron.  “Stop her Kev before we all end up married and pitifully whipped like you.”

“Hell you need a woman… So does Jerald… Hey Jer, Mom said that you’ve been seeing someone.  Anyone from around here?”  Kevin seemed to loosen up over the evening.  It seemed as though he and Stevie may have reached an understanding of sorts.

“No,” Jerald coughed. 

Jake licked his lips and watched Jerald squirm. Jake had the inside track on Jerald’s new flame. 

“I wasn’t thinking of you Stevie.  I was thinking about Jake.”  Bron’s smile grew; she couldn’t let them know what she was thinking.

Abruptly Jake stood up, “No, no, no, no….” His hands now in the air.  “I’m going to bed.”

Bron stood up and followed him.  Mc and Janey as well as Jerald took that for a cue to leave.  Kaylin yawned as Kevin struggled to get out of the lounge chair with a sleeping child. 

Nick grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses, and Suzie’s hand.  “We’re breaking in your Jacuzzi.”

Kevin closed his eyes for a millisecond and cursed the day his youngest brother began dating his wife’s assistant.  “Don’t even go there.  You got your freak on in my damn barn dawg, I saw both you up there today.  Ya wanna save one place for my wife and I to ‘do it’.”  Kaylin stirring in his arms was enough to get him to stop as he watched Nick do as he damn well pleased. “I’m tellin’ you, ya better not.  I’m gonna talk to the wife tomorrow Suzie and your house will be done by the end of the week.  I can promise you that much.”

“Yada yada,” Nick blew him kiss, as in kiss off.  Clearing his throat, Nick walked closer, “Night Princess.”

“Night Uncle Nick,” Kaylin clung to Kevin tightly still asleep.

Kevin couldn’t lose it now but he owed Nick a good ass kickin’, even if it had to wait for them to get back on the road.  Taking Kaylin upstairs, he helped her change into her nightgown.  Tucking her in as he kissed her goodnight.  Reaching the door he heard a little voice call him back.  “Are we still going riding tomorrow?”

Coming back into the room, he pulled the blankets up to cover her some more.  “Yes.  I promised you I would take you to your riding lesson and then we will go riding.  You were very good today and I thank you for that.  There is a lot going on around here, especially all the fuss about the new baby.”

Kaylin nodded in agreement.  “I can’t wait until my sister gets here,” she smiled a sleepy smile. 

Kevin wasn’t sure where that had come from, “Did Mom say you were going to have a sister?”

“No, but I want a sister,” Kaylin again yawned.

Kevin wasn’t going to go there tonight.  They would have to sit down and talk to her tomorrow.  They needed to explain that it might not be a sister and they wouldn’t find out until the baby was born.  “Night Bounce,” Kevin gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked back to the door.  The voice once again called him back.

“Yes Bounce?” he leaned back in the door.  Going in would set him up for more conversation.  Kaylin loved to turn bedtime into a game. 

“I love you Kevin,” she turned in the bed to face the door.

“I love you to Kaylin,” Kevin smiled as he walked away from the door quietly.  His step a little longer and his pride just a little bigger.  There was something about hearing little kids say that  they love you. You always knew they meant it.

Kevin scratched his head as he went into their bedroom, he wanted to ‘do it’ with his wife, in their hot tub, under the stars and moonlight.  Unfortunately Bron wouldn’t get it on with him with Suzie and Nick already fornicating in his outdoor hot tub.  His mind whipped back to a time when they may have happened, a wilder, and younger Kevin.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Bron spoke in a voice he hadn’t heard in awhile.  Kevin equated it with the ‘Cat in heat’ sound.

“Oh you have, have you?” he answered as he took in the sight of his naked wife standing in their bathroom. 

Bron’s body glowed partly from the flicker of the flames from all the candles she had lit and partly from wanting, wanting him.  “Mmm- hmmm.  You’re all smelly from today.  You worked very hard and I appreciate that.  I think you need to take a bath and I’m your personal body scrubber.”

Closing his eyes tightly, he grinned.  “Thank God for you.”  Kevin chuckled as he followed her into the bathroom.  Bron had the unique ability of turning a sour moment into a good one.  His outdoor fun plan had been immediately replaced with indoor fun.

“We are going to have sex in this tub because the lovebirds are copulating in our tub outside.”  Kevin pulled her in along with him.

“Well I never,” Bron winked.

“Liar,” he laughed.  “Just last week we…” a sponge hit him in the face; he quieted down right way.  “Remind me to bleach that hot tub out tomorrow.”

“Oh I will.  No little Nick’s running around.”  Bron snuggled in his arms, grateful that he could still wrap them around her.  “Nick hung a note on the nursery, he asked me to wait until tomorrow; he isn’t done yet.”

“I’m surprised that you are really waiting.” Kevin sat back so that Bron could lean back against his chest.  “Are you waiting because he asked you too or because you are just scared to go in there?”

Bron’s silence indicated that the answer laid in the second part of his question.  He would let go, there was no sense in stressing her out.  “Kaylin thinks she is having a sister.” Kevin grabbed a washcloth sopped with water.  He squeezed the cloth square and watched the water run over Bron’s stomach.

“Kaylin thinks that because that is what she wants.  She is used to getting what she wants.”  Bron twisted in his arms.  She didn’t want to talk about kids, people, or anything else.  What she wanted was for her husband to make love to her.  Her hands skimming through the water, she found what she was looking for in the form of everything that made Kevin a man.  A groan reaching her ear affirmed that what she was doing, she was doing right.  Kevin had stopped talking and began mumbling and moaning.





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