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Chapter 92

Bron poured grain into the buckets of the two horses that now occupied the barn.  She couldn’t stand it.  Oh yes, Kevin had a point to prove and he did it rather well.  After taking Kaylin to her riding lessons and spending a leisurely afternoon together, they headed home with a horse trailer hitched to Kevin’s truck.

Kevin laughed all the way home as Kaylin bounced in the backseat ignoring his attempts at telling her to stay in her seatbelt.  “Wait until mom finds out you bought horses!”  The sparkle in her eyes was worth the wrath of the wife when they returned home.

Kevin tossed his head back and laughed a good old fashion belly laugh.  “Yeah wait until mom finds out!”

The horses were settled into the stalls and he left Kaylin to finish what she needed to do.  Kevin flew up the stairs before Kaylin and locked his office door.  Leaning back in his high-backed leather chair he waited for the hurricane to blow into his office.  He waited and waited and waited but it never came.  Opening his door, he was blasted with the words, “YOU ARE SO DEAD FOR THIS!”

Suzie was grinning at her monitor since she knew Bron was about as mad as she had ever seen her. 

Bron was so angry that she actually went downstairs, saw the horses, came back up to the offices, made a few phone calls, and then sat patiently waiting outside Kevin’s office for the chicken shit to come out.

“Now baby...” a drawl that was as thick as the humidity drifted around the office.

Bron gave him a shove into his office and then slammed his door.

Picking her head up, Suzie waited to see if the door would open again or not.  It did.

“Hold the assholes calls and if there is anything left of him when I’m done, he can call them back.”  The door slammed shut.

“Oh Kevin you just made a big boo-boo,” Suzie answered the ringing phone.

An hour slowly ticked by when Bron came out of the office.  Suzie blushed as she looked at her, “Hmmm.”

Bron combed her fingers through her hair.  “Hmmmm... What?  Any calls for me?”  Bron half-smiled but wouldn’t look her in the face.

Kevin silently crept up behind Bron and wrapped his arms around her.  He didn’t care who was in the office.  “Wanna fight again?” he snickered loud enough for Suzie to hear.

“He cheats, he doesn’t play fair.”  Bron stated as a fact.  Her face still flushed from more than embarrassment.  

“Lost again, didn’t you Bron?”  Suzie was openly laughing now.

“You suck,” Bron marched into her office.

Suzie waited for the door to close.  “Jake will be thrilled,” she directed her comment to Kevin.

Kevin rubbed his hands together with enthusiasm.  “Ohh, we’re playing for points.  Who has the sheet?”

“It’s on the back of the board downstairs.” Suzie eyed the figure walking away from her.  “Hey come back here,” she waved him back to her.

Kevin walked backwards and leaned on her desk, “Yes Miss Suzie?”

“How the hell did you get away with that little trick?”  Her eyebrows indicated she was very curious on he pulled this off.

“Oh I think you know the mechanics.  Don’t you?” his grin boarded on insanity.  “Tell me I didn’t waste an hour this morning bleaching out my hot tub for nothing.”

“Very funny, you know what I mean,” Suzie lowered her voice.

Kevin clapped his hands together, “Simple.  I told her that it made Kaylin very happy.  The horses would be a great chance for us to bond and that the barn needed to be enlarged.”

“Ah-ha, you gave her work to do since she can’t work,” Suzie grinned.

“Exactly!”  Kevin clapped his hands together and stood up.  Bron’s door opened and she seemed a little more comfortable now from what he could see.  “Yes?” he opened his arms for her to come to him.

“What are you going to do tomorrow if she wants the Taj Mahal?”  Bron leaned on her doorframe as she waited for him to answer, she wasn’t moving towards the spider’s web either.

Kevin danced over to her similar to the way he danced in Nobody But You; which had both Bron and Suzie laughing. 

“Simple, if we can’t buy it, you can build it!”  Dropping a kiss on her nose, he danced out of the offices and out of sight.

Bron stood laughing, wiping the tears from her eyes.  “He bought those horses so I will never get the hell off this farm.  There are too many creatures relying on me here.  I swear he is so caveman.”

“Kevin, caveman?  Nahhh,” Suzie laughed.

“Get to work!” Kevin’s voice boomed through the upper level of the offices.  “Hey Bron, I’m kicking your ass on points!”

“Oh nobody told me we were playing!”  Bron eyes twinkled with amusement.  “He’s going down.”

“I heard you say that before.”  Suzie quipped again as Kevin’s voice came over the intercom a few short minutes later. 

“Dammit Bron, get Suzie’s house done, the washer is full of Nick’s shit again!”  Kevin bellowed. 

“Go finish your honey’s wash,” Bron went into her office and waited for Mc to call.  They would have the house done in a couple of days.  Kevin had called her while he waited on Kaylin to take her riding lesson.  He in no uncertain terms told her that the work had better be done.  Suzie needed her space and he needed his even more. 

“I don’t do Nick's wash! He does his own wash,” Suzie continued to type until a pile of wet clothes landed on her desk.

“KEVIN!” she yelled at him as reports began to pick up the water from the damp wad of fabrics.

“I don’t do Carter’s wash!” Kevin stormed out of the office.

Bron shook her head as she picked up the wash. 

Suzie’s jaw dropped, she didn’t expect Kevin to react like that.  Worst of all, Bron now had Nick wash. 

“I’ll finish the wash, you finish that visual and please tell me he didn’t see you typing it?”  Bron rolled her eyes.

“Of course not, he was doing his ‘I got one over on the wife’ imitation.”

“Oh, he is in for a big surprise,” Bron snickered as she walked out with her arms full of soaking wet clothes.

“I’ll say,” Suzie worked on the visual as calls went over to the service.  She could return the calls later, visuals were important.  Once she accomplished one thing, she moved on the next.  The day had been very strange, even for this house.  All of the scheduling had to be redone since what was left of the construction crew had been sent to her house to finish the work so that she could move in.  This was supposed to be a side job for anyone that wanted it.  It was an arrangement that had been working fine until the work began to backup.  Suzie was paying cash to the guys to get it done, but many of them had been sent out of town to finish one the hotels.  Suzie didn’t want to ask and it wasn’t until Kevin dictated that it be done that the job became a legitimate job.  Bron sent two full crews out to begin the finish work on the house.  She didn’t argue and Suzie groaned when she thought of the money involved.  

Bron’s only reply was, “Don’t worry about, you can always baby-sit.”  The laugh that erupted from Bron almost scared Suzie. 

“Dammit, she got me again,” Suzie placed her head on her desk.  “This is so unfair.”  Bron’s laughing didn’t seem to make her feel anymore comfortable with the idea either. 

Letting out a big sigh before she went into Bron’s office, she proceeded into the office.  “I’m going home.”

“This is home, for a couple more days anyway,” Bron frowned.  “I’m sorry they are going as fast as they can.  I have to still get Kaylin packed and dinner on.”  Bron yawned, “I’m really starting to feel tired lately.”

“Thanks for the help but I don’t know how I can pay you back.  Two full crews is not exactly cheap.”  Suzie dropped in the chair.

“Don’t worry about it.  I talked to Mc, it’s on the house.  He knows that you keep everything organized and me sane.  He’s okay with it.  Things are going to get crazy over the next few weeks.  I know that you don’t realize that now, but it will.  Mc is having his surgery.  Mc does more than anyone realizes and we are going to have to do double time to make up for it.  I don’t know how long it’s going to take him to get back on his feet.”  Bron paused to catch her breath, “Kevin is playing his cute little games to keep me in an upbeat mood.  He’s trying hard, the horses were really bought for Kaylin.  We had talked about it but we never actually made a final decision together.” 

A slight knock on the door and Nick entered the office.  It was time for him to get ready to leave.  All that was left was the packing.  Bron smiled as she looked at both of them, “I guess I’ll go start dinner... Take your time.... I haven’t the faintest idea what we are eating.”

Bron left the two of them in the office, knowing that they needed some privacy.  “Too be young and in love,” she whispered as she was pounced on again by her husband while she stood in the laundry room.

“You’re not in love with me?” he purred in her ear with a deep sexy voice that never seemed to fail to make her weak in the knees.

“Oh I’m in love with you, I just wish I was younger.” She smiled up at him as she folded the wash that she had put in the dryer earlier. 

“But I love you just the way you are.  You are like a fine wine baby, you get better with age.” 

Kevin had kissed her like he hadn’t done in a long time, it was tender and passionate.  It was one of those kisses that you had to fan yourself to recover from. 

A soft smile played on his lips as his dimple began to show.  “Are you doing Carter’s wash?”

“We need to use the dryer, stop it.”  Bron brushed his hand away from the shirt she was folding. 

Standing in the doorway, Suzie cleared her throat, she didn’t want to interrupt the two but Nick needed to finish packing.

Kevin leaned back on the wall and folded his arms.  “Where’s Nicky?”

“Packing,” Suzie grabbed his clothes.

“Suz, his two dress shirts need to be ironed.  I didn’t get them out of the dryer on time.”

Suzie snorted, “That’s what the fluff cycle is for.”

“Suz, you need to do Nick’s ironing,” Kevin reiterated what his wife had said with a hint of amusement in his voice.  “Bron, where are my boxers?”

“Right here,” Bron handed him the pile of all black boxer-brief. 

Suzie’s made a funny noise and then looked back at Kevin, then to Bron.  “Nick can do his own wash and he doesn’t need to iron.    They will get all wrinkled once he packs them.” A quizzical expression on her face, she uttered the plaguing question, “All black boxers?”

A hand came over Bron’s mouth as she began to answer Suzie’s question.  Kevin looked down at Bron, she in return rolled her eyes at him and nodded her head as if she wouldn’t tell.

“My drawers aren’t up for questioning, at least they are clean.”  Kevin answered and released his captive.

Bron was in domestic mode, “You should help him Suz.  I’m mean really, he is your man,” Bron pulled Kevin’s pants from the dryer and folded them, complete with creases down the legs.

Kevin had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face and Suzie knew why.  Kevin had the complacent wife he had always wanted, for a few short minutes anyway.

“You are a hypocrite Bron.  You stand there and tell me I should do ‘my man’s wash’.  Fine, then next time the faucet is dripping let Kevin fix it.  Oh, by the way I am helping Nick pack.”

Bron ‘s face burned flaming red.  Suzie was right, she was being a fraud.  Here she was a woman running an extremely successful construction company, competing in a man’s world on daily basis and usually beating the pants off them in the process. “Kevin doesn’t know how to fix the sink or faucet,” was the only reply she could come up with.  “You still need to iron that shirt!”  Bron yelled as Suzie walked away in a mock huff.

“I can’t fix a sink or faucet?” Kevin leaned down to his vertically challenged wife.  Getting nose to nose to her, he spoke.  “I fixed your plumbing, didn’t I?”  Kevin ambled away laughing his ass off at his stunned wife who stood in the laundry room speechless.

It was going to be a long couple of days with Kevin, Kaylin, and Nick gone.  Mc in the hospital wasn’t going to help much.  Bron only hoped that she wouldn’t get another letter, she couldn’t take much more pressure, but she wasn’t about to admit that to any of them.  Her husband’s and best friends antics were keeping her laughing.  It’s better to laugh than cry.





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