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Chapter 93

Bron supervised Kaylin as she packed her suitcase and backpack for her trip with Kevin.  Kaylin would add items that weren’t needed and Bron would shake her head and remove them.  “Kaylin you are only going for two days, you do not need to pack your entire room.”

“But I’ll miss my stuff...”  Kaylin spoke with a small pout on her face.

Sitting on the bed, Bron watched her move around the room a little.  “Are you going to miss me?”

“Yes Mom, I’ll miss you.  You can’t eat any candy when I’m gone.  It’s not good for sissy.”

A knowing nod from Bron was all that Kaylin needed.  Placing her head in her bent hand, Bron didn’t miss the sissy comment.  Kaylin was insistent that she was going to have a girl.  This might be a good time to bring this up, Bron looked at the ceiling then down to the floor.  Trying to broach the topic with a six-year was not going to be easy.  The scientific route might be the best way to go.  She could leave out details that she deemed inappropriate for Kaylin.  “Bounce, do you know where babies come from?”

Kaylin stopped her packing, which probably was a good thing since Bron saw more Beanie Babies going into the suitcase than clothes.  “Yes, Andrew told me that the stork brought them.  Then he told me that I was hatched on a rock in the sun.  But Kevin told me that babies come from mommies.  I knew that… Because you are getting bigger because my sister is in there.”

Bron knew better but she had to ask, Kevin having a talk about this with Kaylin must have been a sight to hear and see.  “Kevin told you, did he?  Hmm.... What else did Kevin tell you?”

Kaylin’s excitement seemed a little over the top.  “He said that when a man and woman love each other they get married and show each other how much they love each other.  They share stuff.  Then they have a baby.”

Bron grinned in her head, typical Kevin, about as obtuse as he could get while still telling the truth.  Bron leaned over the suitcase and plucked a few stuffed animals out.  “Two, that’s it.  You can’t be carrying these around everywhere you go.  Don’t forget you are going to Disneyland too.”

“Guess where else I get go?”  Kaylin practically jumped on Bron. 

“I don’t know, let me guess.  A radio show?  TRL?”

“Both of those,” Kaylin nodded as she changed into her nightgown. 

Bron placed the suitcase next to the bed.  They had an early flight out.  Kevin had to make the rounds around L.A.  From there, he had a TRL appearance to do with the fellas.  The next day had been set aside for fun and games.  They would fly home the day after Mc’s surgery.  Bron saw a marked change in Kaylin as she tucked her in.  “So where are you going besides all those wonderful places?”  Bron could tell  Kaylin had a secret.”

Kaylin smiled a gigantic smile, “The House of Reptiles!”   

“Oh God!  You are not allowed to bring anything home.  Do you understand me?”  Just the thought of it made Bron break out in a cold sweat.  No wonder Kevin hadn’t told her, she would have said no.

“Mom?”  A scrunched up face looked up to her and it wasn’t the face of Nick Carter that was predominantly printed on the sheets.

Bron sat on the edge of the bed and ran her hand over her cheek, “What baby?”

“Will you love my sister more than me?”  A large question from a small mind but an important one.

“No, I won’t love the baby more.  The funny thing about being a mom, is that when you have a new baby, you don’t love your other babies less.  You love them all the same.”  Bron saw the look and knew that Kaylin still didn’t believe her.  “Bounce, when you have another baby you don’t take the love you have in your heart for one baby and give it to another.  If you did that, you would split your heart.”

Kaylin snuggled down in her bed, “Really?”

“Really.  See if people were to do that, it would make your heart smaller and smaller; that just wouldn’t work.  Instead, your heart just gets bigger and you have more love to share with everyone.”  Bron loved the innocence of this conversation. 

“I can’t wait until my sister gets here,” Kaylin’s hand suddenly rested on Bron’s stomach.

A dilemma, a dilemma, Bron thought.  If it isn’t a girl, we will have a problem.  “Kaylin, it might not be a girl.  What are you going to do if it’s a boy?”

Kaylin’s face screwed up faster than the taste of bad medicine.  “It’s a girl... That’s what I want.”

Now Bron was kicking herself, boy did I spoil this kid, she groaned quietly.  “Kaylin I know that Kevin told you about babies but he didn’t tell you everything about babies.”

Bron watched as Kaylin sat up in the bed just as quickly as she had gotten into it.  “He told a fib?”

“No, no, he didn’t tell a fib,” Bron thought maybe just too get even with him, she should tell Kaylin he had fibbed.  Kevin had a knack for weaving a cute little fairy tale for her.  “When a man and a woman love each other, they show it in a very special way.”

Kaylin blurted out before Bron could finish,  “What special way?  What’s that?”

Kaylin was a little too interested so Bron backed off slightly; this was about the sex of the baby, not sex.  It would be a long time before she would have that talk with her.  Wincing slightly, Bron’s mouth kicked into gear,  “He gives her his Ys.”

“Ys?”  Kaylin looked puzzled.

Oh my god, you really just told her that, you dumb ass.  She was chastising herself internally.  How the hell can you explain Y’s to her without making it even more of a mess than what it is.  Bron continued to speak to herself in her head trying to find an angle to cover everything but miss everything in the same token.  After all, Kaylin was only six; she just wanted her to understand that it might not be a girl. 


Squishing her eyes shut, Bron then opened them.  “They share things, special things.  One of the special things is that Mom’s always have Xs...”

“Always?”  Kaylin’s head titled closer.

“Will you stop interrupting me so I can finish,” Bron frowned, now she was stuck, she really had opened a can of worms.

Dropping her head, Kaylin waited.  Her mom wasn’t happy.

Grabbing her chin, Bron brought her face up to hers’.  “Yes Mom’s always have X’s.  But Dad’s are special, they have X’s and Y’s.  Depending on whether the dad shares an X or a Y is what determines if they are going to have a boy or a girl baby.  If Kevin shared a Y with me then you will have a brother.  If he shared an X, then you will have a sister.”

“Oh Xs and Ys, I get it.”  A long yawn followed the innocent statement.

Standing up, Bron tucked her in, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Bron needed to lay some ‘Mommy Mojo’ on Bounce to make it clear the entire purpose of the conversation was so that Kaylin understood that she could end up with a brother as well as a sister.  Yes, Bron knew the sex, she had seen it on the sonogram, and she had enough experience to see it as plain as day.  The difficulty was not revealing this information.  If she were to just tell Kaylin, one way or another, everyone would know. 

Leaning down, Bron switched the nightlight on next to the bed.  “Just know that whatever the baby ends up being, you need to love it just the same.”  As Bron walked to the door she chuckled to herself, Kevin had really stuck her in a spot.  Kaylin was curious and she had a thirst for science.  Pausing at the door, she turned her head over her shoulder.  “Bounce, remember the dad determines what the baby is going to be.  If it’s a brother don’t blame me, blame Kevin, the Xs and Ys.”

“It’s a girl mom, I told Kevin that is what I wanted.  I Love you.”  The little eyes closed weary from a very exciting day of new horses and talk of Xs and Ys.  It didn’t matter, she wanted a sister, she had a brother and he was jerk, well not all the time.  Andrew takes her to the Dairy Queen but he spends all his time talking to girls.

A soft chuckle escaped Bron’s lips, “I love you too Bounce.  Sleep tight, you have a very busy day tomorrow.” 

Bron laughed all the way down to Andrew’s room.  She knocked once and waited.  Andrew yelled a “Come in.”

“What are you working on?”  Bron watched him sitting at his desk in the corner. 

“Just reading...”  Andrew snapped the book closed quickly.

Bron’s ‘Mom Alarm’ blew off as she walked towards him.  She snatched the book away from him.  “Not you too,” she groaned as she read the title, the same title that Kevin had been coveting for months now.

“I bet we get signed copies as gifts,” Andrew couldn’t help but laugh.  He had picked the book up and had intended on hiding it from Kevin just for fun.  As he began to read the book, he enjoyed the frankness of the content.  The pages were dog-eared, sections highlighted, and notes in the margin.

“I had better not see you have a need for Pregnancy to Parenthood for a long time to come.  I’m not ready to be a grandma.”

Andrew became squeamish at the mere thought of it.  “Give Kevin his book back.  That thought just turned my stomach.”

Bron patted his cheek, “I’m so glad to hear that.  You might want to check out A.J.’s room, he’s always leaving magazines behind.  Who knows, you might even find a chick mag in there.”  Bron tousled his hair and Andrew feigned disgust.

“I’m a man, don’t do that,” he pulled away from her. 

“Oh I see, you’re a man now.  Well to me, you always be my little boy.  All mothers think that way.  If you don’t believe me look at Anne.”

“Mom you can be a little sickly sweet but don’t ever stop.  We are going to be so busy while Mc is out of service.”  His face reddened a little at what he had said.

“We’ll manage, I promise.”  Bron pulled the door shut and went to find Kevin.  He was easy to find; he was still packing.  Bron tossed the book on the bed.  The book went immediately from the bed to the carry-on bag.  She was hoping he wouldn’t take the damn thing.  If anyone saw him reading it, then they were all screwed.

Sitting on the bed she slowly sat back, her feet were killing her.  Slipping her shoes off, she tossed a pillow down to the end of the bed.  Her feet were so swollen she barely recognized them.  Hoping Kevin wouldn’t notice would be a big wish on her part.  Wondering what he would say, that would tell the true story.

Kevin glanced more than once at her ankles.  Not sure what to say he fluffed the pillow for her that they were resting on. 

“Thanks,” he heard her murmur as she closed her eyes.

“Does Gabe know about this?”  Kevin questioned after he had finished packing and stood at the bottom of the bed.  Now he was beginning to feel bad over leaving.

“Not yet, but I’ll tell him, so just chill out.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s hot and humid out.  I’ve had a long day.”

“Kaylin went to bed late, she’ll be ornery tomorrow.”  Kevin tossed his clothes in the chair and proceeded to crawl into bed.

“Not my problem, it’s all yours.”  Bron heaved herself out of the bed to throw a nightgown on.  “I understand you had a little talk with her today... Birds and the Bees...”

Joining him in bed, she made herself as comfortable as possible but the room felt very warm.  Her comfort level didn’t last long as she got up once more and turned the air conditioning up.  Smiling as she stood in front one of the vents.  “That feels so good.”

“You’re turning into a popsicle,” Kevin questioned whether he should say anything or not.

“I like it, it feels good.  About the birds and the bees chat?”  Bron opened one eye at him. 

“Oh that, I didn’t go into detail, so relax.  I just cleared up some misconceptions again.”  Kevin folded his arms behind his head.  The sheet draped over his hips or barely anyway.  One bare leg stuck out from underneath and rested on top.  Yep he was giving her a pretty picture, and by the look on her face, it was working.  If tonight can be better than what had happened earlier in his office, he’d be a happy man.

“Misconceptions?  Oh you mean the stork.  I’m sure Andrew told her she was hatched on a rock in the sun?”  Bron laughed, C.W. had told Andrew that when he was a gullible eight years old.  “Don’t blame him, he is repeating what his father told him.  Kaylin can pester the hell out of someone if she wants too.  Most likely she had questions and went to Andrew to have them answered.” 

Bron liked the image Kevin was giving her; she knew it was for her too.  Slowly she crossed the carpet to him.  Sitting on the edge of the bed on his side, she ended up forcing him to move over.  He, of course, obliged her. 

“I wish she would have come to us.  I don’t like that,” Kevin’s eyebrows peaked to his hairline as Bron’s nightgown hit the floor a lot faster than she had put it on a few minutes earlier. 

“I think we need to do some sharing of that stuff you told her about.”

“Stuff?  Oh that stuff,” he mumbled as her hand pulled the sheet back. 

Kevin closed his eyes as his wife’s fingers wrapped around his shaft.  His arms, naturally wrapped around her.  “I like stuff...”

“You have a lot of stuff,” Bron laughed as he penetrated her. 

Kevin cocked one eye open, “Aren’t you just damn happy about that.” 

“Oh yeah,” as she ground herself down onto him.

The words became useless and hard to come by as they settled into a different form of communication.  One based on body language and guttural sounds.





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