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Chapter 95

Kevin arrived home two days after Mc’s surgery.  He had taken an extra day to do some press with Krystal.  Of course, he was asked every time about the baby.  His only response was that they were very happy and that is how he left it.  Kevin wouldn’t give a date or any other information.

Bron hadn’t been harassed much to his and her relief.  Someone always seemed to be watching her back so that she was never within a camera’s viewfinder.  One time Andrew even dumped a load of dirt on a guy, professing it was an accident but Bron knew better, her son was enjoying the game of cat and mouse.

Eventually the press realized that the harder they tried, the more they would be deterred.  Kevin had always been a hard one to spot out in the open, they always would find out after the fact that he had been some place or had done something.  It seemed his new wife was just as good at eluding them as he was, if not better.

One person however did notify the press of Bron’s comings and goings at a local hospital.  The reporter that had the valued information did his homework and found out that her business partner had been hospitalized with an emergency appendectomy and then sent home rather quickly.

It seemed that Kevin’s wife, the elusive Bronwyn Richardson was now caring for her business partner in their home.  So much for her seeing her outside of the Richardson Compound, as it had came to be referred too.  One of the reporters was brave enough to walk right up to the door of the Richardson house since no security gates were installed on the property.  When the door cracked open a large man with dark skin and bright white teeth answered the door.

“The lady of the house home?” the reporter inquired congenially. 

The man answered him with a question, “How did you get pass Justin and Britney?”

The reporter became overly excited, N’Sync was at Kevin Richardson’s house.  That would be a leader at his paper.  “Justin and Britney are here at the Richardson’?”

“Meet Justin and Britney,” Jake laughed as he opened the door.  Two dogs with heads the size of automobile tires stuck their noses out the door.  The larger one growled and it was salivating.

“Holy Shit!” the reporter screamed as he tore off the front porch and ran like the dickens down the driveway.  The bigger dog was going to eat him alive and he was sure of it.

“You are so mean Jake,” Bron rewarded each dog with a biscuit and scratch. 

“I’m mean?  I don’t reward them for that,” Jake laughed as she gave each dog another treat.  “Did you see that dude run?  Damn, I think Jussy was going to eat him.”

Kevin arrived not too shortly after that.  He had been stopped down at the road and told that his dogs were out to kill.

Kevin laughed, “Yeah right, my dogs…”  Kevin halted the conversation, maybe it was a good idea that word got out about the dogs.

Kevin came in the side door to find Mc sitting at the table.  “Oh you’re sitting up, that’s good because we’re leaving.  We need some family time, alone.”

“I heard you fucked up,” Mc moved in the chair slowly.  “Don’t fuck up again.”  Mc’s movement revealed he was in pain.  “I’ll stay here to watch the house and cover soccer while you get out of town for awhile.  Because if you don’t take her out of my sight I’m going to punch her lights out.  I’m not kidding either, she’s clucking over me so much, she’s driving Janey nuts too.”

Rushed conversations, booking flights, and packing were all revolving around talking.  Kevin was brought up to speed that Suzie’s house was done and she was moved in.  Deliriously happy to have her own place.  Bron had begun to plan a housewarming party.  Kevin wouldn’t get the chance to see the house until they came back. 

On his way in the house, Kevin had cast a glance towards the backyard and had seen that the framework for the new barn had been started. 

They were going to go to Florida until the day before Kaylin started school.  School started on Tuesday, which worked out well for them since Bron had a doctor’s appointment on Monday with Gabe for a second glucose test and possibly another sonogram.  The tour would be starting up again a week after Kaylin started school. 

Kevin needed to talk to Bron about the tour kicking off.  It was on a Friday so he wanted her and Bounce to be there.  He wanted his family around him and so did the others.  The guys had decided that having as much family in the audience as possible would be best.  Everyone needed to show that they supported A.J. and what he had done.  Kevin had a catch-22; he wasn’t sure how he was going to get Bron to go out in public as pregnant as she was.  Yes, people now knew but being in the public eye was not something his wife did willingly, pregnant or not.  He would talk to her about it while they were in Florida.

Arrangements were made so that Kevin, Bron, Kaylin, and Jake were flying out that day. 

Mc came into the office that afternoon moving faster than he had been and whistling. 

“Aren’t we chipper?”  Suzie grinned.  Suzie had stood on the sidelines and watched the interaction between the two business partners.  Bron was catering to his every whim, even the ridiculous ones.  Mc had been trying to get her to cut him lose.  They battled more and more every day over his ability to function at work or rather his inability.  Suzie had whispered in his ear that Kevin wanted to take them to Florida when Mc was pronounced healed by his physicians.  Mc pronounced himself healed, as Kevin drove up the driveway.

“The woman would suffocate me to death,” Mc laughed as entered Bron’s office and seemed quite at home.  Stevie joined him, not much later.

“And you love every minute of it…”  Suzie went back to her typing. 

Bron gave Kevin her infamous silent treatment until they were in Florida.  They hadn’t had a chance to talk and she was still blaming him for Kaylin’s slip up.  Bron checked the house out and wandered from room to room.  It was very masculine and it was going to change.

Kevin didn’t say a word until she spied a barco-lounger in the corner.  He watched her nose wrinkle up at the sight of it.  “That chair is not leaving that spot.  You will not change or move it.  Other than that, I don’t care what you do in this house.  That’s my chair, leave it alone.”

Kevin watched her make a call, grab her purse, and head out the door with Kaylin and Jake following like good little foot soldiers.  “Martha Stewart checking in,” he laughed as he began to go through the house himself and get rid of things.  It had been a long time since he had been here.  Cleaning was the first thing that needed to be done.

After a week of cleaning, painting, and redecorating, Bron settled into a comfortable pace.  She fussed outside with the flowers around the pool.  Trying to keep busy and staying away from the press.  She had been approached once at Home Depot.  Jake was now in charge of running errands.

Bron had been on the computer almost every night typing until Kevin pulled the plug one night.  She slapped him a good one and then understood that he needed time with her.  She set her writing aside the rest of the evening as they curled up on the couch watching television.

The next morning Bron woke up in a miserable mood.  The humidity was getting to her.  She didn’t care that they could grow their own oranges in the backyard.  Bron wanted to go home. 

Kevin came out dressed in odd pants.  She knew them as his golfing clothes and thanked her lucky stars they weren’t plaid. “Golf!  Golf!  I thought you were going to spend the day with us.  You’ve been on me about not spending time with you.  She watched the emotions play across his face.  Guilt wasn’t one of them, dammit.

“But babe, I promised A.J. and Nick I’d go,” Kevin was trying the obligation card first.  He didn’t get a response just a small huff.  “I went with you yesterday, boot shopping to be exact.”

“I needed new boots,” Bron’s eyebrows went up suspiciously.

“Not in Florida,” Damn, she’s not going to let me go.  I gotta go, I wanna go.  I even went shopping with her for freaking workboots, she isn’t even working. If I get my way, she won’t for a long time either.

“What’s the point of golf?  I mean really, chasing that ball around in the grass, beating it to death with a metal club.  It’s prehistoric for God sakes.”  Bron was going to take a stab at it; she wanted her way.

“Darlin’ please… Come on Bron,” pleading was next in Kevin’s book.

“You promised!  What am I suppose to do while you’re gone?  It’s not like I can actually go anywhere thanks to your big screw-up.  Besides there is no point to golf.”  Bron could taste success; he couldn’t fight it on her level. 

“There is too!”  Kevin’s arms crossed over his chest as he leaned down to her face.  She was lying on the chaise getting a tan.  He looked at her tummy, which seem to grow larger and larger everyday.  He thought about telling her to turn the chair because she was getting an eclipse from her belly on the left side.  Shutting his mouth seemed more sensible if he indeed wanted to go golfing. 

Lifting her sunglasses, she squinted at him, “Prove it.”

“Are you guys going to fight again?” a question from the pool.

“No,” Bron lowered her shades back down as she answered Kaylin.

“I’m bored,” Kaylin swam around the pool.

“Swim and shut up,” Bron countered.  You could give her daughter a million things to do and she’d still be bored.  They had run all week getting her ready for school.  Clothes, shoes, sneakers, and all the school supplies.  In the end, they dug out one of Kevin’s old suitcases to bring Kaylin’s new things home in.

“Stand up,” Kevin stood in front of Bron.

“Why?”  Bron mumbled now completely satisfied that she had won.

“Cuz I want to teach you about golf,” Kevin motioned her to get up.

“Ahh, fine!”  Bron grumbled as Kevin held his hand out to help her up.  Getting in and out of chaise lounge chair this far into a pregnancy wasn’t easy.

Setting his bag down, he pulled a club from the center.  “This is a golf club,” Kevin grinned.  If this worked out right, he would be golfing and never hear another word about it. 

“No shit,” Bron cracked sarcastically.

“Here, stand in front of me,” Kevin positioned her in front of him.  Kevin wrapped his arms around her.  Leaning close, he eliminated any space between their bodies, his hips pressed into the small of her back.  Taking a side-glance, to make sure Kaylin wasn’t paying them any attention, he swayed from side to side brushing against her backside  “This is the shaft…

“I’m going inside,” Kaylin yelled as she walked up the steps of the pool and through the patio doors.

If Kaylin opened her mouth one more time before he got out the door, he would ground her.  He refocused, “Okay where were we?  Oh yeah, this is the shaft.  At the tip is the head.”

Bron repeated his words and then quietly snickered.

It’s working, he chanted in his head.  “Now Darlin’ you wrap your hands around the shaft with a firm grip.  But remember to keep your wrists lose so they don’t tire.”

“Okay,” Bron laughed, her mind had taken a right hand turn.

“Now you bend your knee’s slightly and keep your hips straight.”  Kevin knew he had lost her when her hips were going the opposite of his.  Her bathing suit causing a noted friction against the front of his shorts.  “You with me babe?” he whispered in a husky deep voice near her ear, his breath gently caressing her ear.  Bron backed into him again and it wasn’t an accident, her swaying hips had begun to cause a temperature increase in both of them.  “Bron, shame on you, Kaylin is just inside.”  Kevin snorted.

“You win Kevin, go golfing.”  Bron had something pop out of the blue into her head.  Now she needed to get rid of Kevin as fast as possible so she could get the idea written down.

Kevin watched Bron waddle into the house.  Grabbing his clubs, he smiled as he tossed the ball up in the air and caught it with the same hand.  “I knew I would Witch,” as he swaggered into the house and out the front door.

Hours later, Kevin leaned on the club as he watched A.J. sink another one.  Nick was fooling around in the golf cart, threatening to run them both over. 

“We need a new caddy,” A.J. muttered.

“No shit,” as Kevin lowered the club next to Nick’s head.  

“How’d you get her to let you come golfing again Train?”  Nick sat in the cart waiting.

“Easy, I gave her something else to do,” he laughed as he jumped in next to him.

“Like what?”  A.J. stood on the back of the cart.

Kevin glanced at his watch, “Right about now she should be posting a new visual on golfing.”

A.J. looked at him puzzled and confused, “Huh?”

“Just a few keywords and Bron lost it,” Kevin made his weasel face laugh.

“Like what?”  Nick was curious now too.

“Shaft, tip, head, and grip took care of it.”  Kevin grabbed his bag as the cart stopped outside the clubhouse.

“You comin'?”  A.J. asked.

“Nope, I gotta get home,” Kevin tossed his bag over his shoulder.

“Come on, ” Nick whined.  “She made Suzie stay home and I don’t have anyone to hang with.”

“I can’t Kaos.  I have a needy wife at home.  She didn’t make Suzie stay home, Suzie has to work.”  Kevin pulled off his spikes and began slipping his sneakers on.

“You can’t do the nasty anyway.  Bron is getting to big,” Nick frowned.  He wanted more time with his brothers and without the women around.

Kevin grimaced; Nick knew too much about was going on at his house sometimes, it’s a good thing this wasn’t one of them.  “There are other things Nick.”

“Like what?”  Nick yelled halfway across the parking lot.

Kevin turned around and headed back to him.  “Well Nick, see that’s what separates the men from the boys.  If I told ya, I’d have to kill you,” he laughed as he and A.J. walked away leaving Nick sitting in the cart by himself.

“Such a boy,” he laughed as he swung his clubs into the truck.  Grabbing his wallet, he flipped it open, pulling out some money.  Handing the A.J. the cash, “You kicked my butt again.”

“Bron will be kicking yours when you get home.  You blind-sided her with that one.”  A.J. flashed him a shit eating grin.

“Yep and I’m going to love every minute of it, don’t kid yourself,” he bragged just before he drove off.





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