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Chapter 96

“Hey ladies!  Where are you?”  Kevin called as he set his clubs down in the foyer.  Jamming his keys down into his pocket.

“Back here!”  Bron called from the patio.  Bron was sitting in a chair, waiting for him.  Just as she had finished her new visual earlier, it dawned on her that she had been suckered.  “How was golfing?”

Kevin dropped in the chair, “A.J. kicked my ass.  I lost big bucks to tattoo boy.”

“Serves you right for playing me the way you did.”  Bron gave him a smirk. 

Kevin leaned back in the chair and casually crossed his legs.  His head tilted to the side and the dimple began to peek out.  “I wouldn’t do that.” 

“Man, that is weak even for you,” Bron laughed as she sipped her coffee.

Kevin’s head dropped briefly but when it came back up, he was smiling his ass off. 

Reaching over Bron, patted his hand, “That’s okay, to make up for it, you are taking us out to dinner.”

“I am?”  Kevin questioned her willingness and sweet tone.  His head screamed set-up but hey he owed her that much.

Two hours later Kevin was sitting in the middle of the Arabian Nights Dinner attraction.  Kaylin’s face was literally glowing with the excitement as the horses pranced around.  Kevin moaned, as Bron patted his hand.  “It’s okay Aladdin, there is only one kid you need to impress.  Besides who the hell would look here for us?” 

Kevin shook his head, she was right, and nobody would look for them here.  Once Kevin loosened up, the family had a wonderful time.  They laughed all the way home, since Kaylin now wanted to join the circus as she called it.. 

Getting her to bed became a challenge since she still hadn’t calmed down from the show.  Finally, the couple collapsed on the couch.  “Damn, that kid is hyper some times.”  Kevin leaned back, “Just like her mother.”

“Come on, admit it, you had a great time.”  Bron sat next to him.  Grabbing his hand, she rubbed the sensitive palm.  “Do you want to read it?”

Kevin bit his bottom lip; then rushed to the computer that had been set-up in the living room. 

Bron watched him navigate to the website from behind him and then stealthily made her way out of the room.  He would meet her when he was done; hopefully he liked it.  It wasn’t what he was expecting; he would be in for a shock.

Kevin moved about the bedroom quietly, he laughed as he read the short a few times.  Bron must been in a humorous mood, since The Closet had been born while he was gone.  There was no visual posted about golf, just a short about the guys when they were much younger.

Bron felt the bed move, the long arms wrap around her.  “Pretty damn funny baby.”

“Glad you like,” she turned as best she could.  “Can we go home tomorrow?  I think the crap has died down.  I would like to get Kaylin on schedule before school starts.  It just a few days earlier.”

The bed felt great as he lay flat on his back with his wife resting next to him.  “Yeah, I guess so.  But we need to talk about something first.”

“I’m not going,” Bron’s words were clear and direct.

“You don’t know what I was going to ask,” Kevin turned on his side to face her.  Bron lay on her side with a hand tucked under her face staring straight back at him.

“Milwaukee.  I’m not going.  Gillian called while you were gone and told me the grand plan.”  Bron closed her eyes.

“Can we at least discuss this?”  Kevin moved a little closer as his hand rested on her hip.

“No,” Bron shoved his hand off.  Kevin played dirty when he wanted his own way.  Even by her accounts of what went on their bedroom, he was way ahead in points.

“Suzie is going,” Kevin paused.  “Gillian will be there and it’s a Friday.”

“No, I’m not going out in public looking like this.”  Bron rolled over, placing her back to him.

“Why not?  It’s not a secret anymore,” He was trying to get her to at least think about it.

“Have I thanked you for that lately?”  Bron’s hand was snagged from grabbing onto a vulnerable piece of flesh.

“Are you mad at A.J.?  Is that why you aren’t going?”  Kevin was leaning down her, bearing all his weight on her.  Effectively pinning her to the mattress.

“This has nothing to do with A.J. and you know it.  A.J. did the right thing.  IF he can stick with it, more power to him.”  Bron’s mind fired off one hundred and one excuses of why she couldn’t go.  None of them were going to fly.  “Besides I don’t think Gabe would like the idea.  Flying in and out so quickly.  You know what I mean?”

“Now that was weak for you.  But you’re still going, I want you there and you will be there.” 

Bron felt the bed shift again.  Now Kevin had placed his back towards her.  Punching her pillow, she grumbled a parting shot of “Wanna bet?”

Kevin smiled in the darkness.  He was internalizing his feelings again.  It seemed since they had arrived in Florida, they were just a normal family.  They had gone to the movies, and to dinner, things they rarely did at home.  There were no calls to take, people weren’t running in and out of the house all the time.  They were a unit with one child and one on the way.  The only signs that pointed to this not being a realistic, permanent thing, was Jake.  Andrew not being there either, but then Andrew was old enough to be out on his own. 

Kevin wanted normal above anything else.  He had always said that he was going to raise his family in Kentucky, just like any normal family. 

Closing his eyes, Kevin began to formulate his plan.  Bron would be in Milwaukee, front and center, in the pit, where she belonged.  Kaylin would be sitting right next to her, where she belonged too.

Finding a way to pull this off was going to be difficult.  Of course, he always had an ally in Mc.  He would talk to him when they arrived back home.

Kaylin wailed for two hours before they left the house and all the way to the airport.  Under threats of never getting on either one of her horses again, she quieted down in the plane.  Kevin handed her one of her books and a death glare to go with it. 

A loud, “Hmmmpfff,” came from Kaylin as she slammed her small body into the seat.

Kevin leaned over and whispered something to her that Bron couldn’t hear.

Kaylin laughed and said, “Mom won’t let you.”

Kevin’s face glowed red with anger.  Leaning in even more, so that Bron could hear what he had to say, he whispered in a tone that made Bron squirm a little.  “She thinks that you won’t let me spank her.  You better fill her in right quick about how that works.”

Bron blanched and made Kaylin switch seats, “Sit over here baby.  Kevin’s grumpy today because he is as spoiled as you are and he didn’t get his own way either.”

“Grumpy my ass,” Kevin snapped the Orlando Sentimental open.  “She keeps it up and one these days.”

“Be quiet, someone will hear you,” Bron gave Kaylin a granola bar to munch on. 

Kaylin sat and fiddled with the book, until the granola bar was gone.  “Mom?”


“Those Xs and Ys...”

“Here have a cookie,” Bron swallowed the excess saliva in her mouth hoping Kevin hadn’t heard what Kaylin had said.

If he did hear it, he didn’t call it to Bron’s attention.  Bron reached into the bag of Chips Ahoy and came out with two.  One for Kaylin and one for her.  It was almost to her mouth but fingers wrapped around her wrist and pulled it away.

“Where’d you get these?”  The question was asked as a bite was taken out of her cookie.

“The store, not get your hands off my cookies.”  Bron pulled her arm back only see Jake begin to smirk at the end seat.  “Read your paper and leave us alone grumpy.”

“Limit the cookies...”  Kevin words stopped as his finger was nipped at. 

The flight landed smoothly and Andrew picked them up at the airport.  Suzie was busy with her new place.  “I’ll go over later.  Kaylin can go with me.” 

“Kevin you can kick Mc back to his house, he doesn’t listen to me.”

The dogs shot out of the house to greet them like water buffalos.  The barking, tail thumping, and spit flinging in overdrive.

“Feels good to be home,” Kevin laughed as Brit ran circles around his legs until he set the luggage down and gave her some attention.  The dogs began to growl and Andrew turned to Kevin.  “Stevie is here...”

“I know,” Kevin grabbed the luggage.  Kevin shouted out in the house for Mc and Stevie as the luggage was deposited in the laundry room. 

Kaylin had played with the dogs on the way to her room.  Kevin called her back.  “Next time you behave better on the plane.”

“I’m sorry,” a little pout formed.

Mc came up to her and she reached up to get a hug.  Mc shook his head.  “Did you create a problem on the plane?”

Kaylin’s chin dropped as fast as her smile fell to a frown. 

“You know how to act.  Why did you do that?  Your Dad would be very disappointed in you.”  Mc didn’t say another word and motioned Kevin not to when he had every intention of interfering.  

Both men watched Kaylin shuffle quietly to her room with the two large mastiffs following her.

“Mc that wasn’t right.  I can handle Kaylin, she was just upset, she didn’t want to come home.  We had a great time down there.  It was a very normal time, like a regular family.”  Kevin didn’t appreciate the interference.

“So I’ve been told.  You even let the kid bury you in the sand at the beach.”  Mc laughed.  “Sometimes you have to pull her back.  That kid has a great life now, that’s because of you.  I thought it would be easier if I said something rather than you.”

“I don’t want you to bring her father into this.  She doesn’t need reminded that he isn’t here.  We talked about C.W. while we were down there.  All of us, like he was part of the family.  I don’t want that kid to ever forget her father.”  Kevin spilled because he needed someone to spill to. 

Kevin could hear Bron’s voice through out the house.  Shaking his head, he turned to Mc.  “I need to talk to you about something.  I need some help with the lady of the house.  How’d things go while we were gone?”

“Just fine,” Mc uttered as he followed Kevin up the stairs to the offices.  “The dogs only ate one reporter.” 

“Ha, ha,” Kevin’s sarcasm checking in. 

Bron went up the stairs in front of them and then back down with the phone stuck firmly to the side of her face.  Rolling his eyes, Kevin looked at Mc, “Girlfriends... Gotta catch up, they’ve been out of touch for twelve hours.  It’s a record for them.  So what’s been goin’ on?” 

“Andrew has some strange ideas about school, wait until his mother finds out.”  Mc was giving Kevin the heads up on this one; he would need it.

“Okay shoot,” Kevin’s office door closed after the two of them made their way in.

Bron began to flit around the kitchen while she talked to Suzie.

Stevie sat waiting for her to pull the phone out of her ear long enough to talk to him.  He heard everyone’s name mentioned from Gillian to A.J. to Mary.  Bron’s body posture changed immediately, Bron was blowing her mind about something Mary had done or not done.

Once Bron hung up the phone a half hour later, she smiled at him.  Giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  “Eavesdrop much Stevie?”

“Now and then,” his head weaved back and forth to avoid the mock punches she was throwing at him.  “You look good Spark, all tan and cute.”

Her hands moved like fire as they pinched his cheeks, “Just for calling this old woman cute, you can stay for dinner.  ANDREW!”

“Ehh,” Stevie’s squinted at the volume.  “You do have an intercom.”

Bron placed her hands on her hips, “Why does everyone always tell me that?”

“Maybe it’s because you have a big damn mouth.”  Kevin stood in the doorway.

“You weren’t complaining,” she quipped as she dropped the chicken in the grease.

“Oh fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Are you gonna make biscuits baby?”  Kevin stood with a baking sheet in his hand.

“For you, anything, but you leave Bounce alone.”  Bron smiled.

Kevin placed the baking sheet back in the pantry.  “Not up for game playing on that one.”

“I was teasing, go get the damn tray and I’ll make you your biscuits.” 

Kevin trotted in and on the way out almost fell over the blonde elf that had given him a hard time all day.

“I’m sorry I didn’t behave like I should have.”  She stood looking up at him with a tear-streaked face.

Kevin scooped her up, “It’s fine, but know that I expect better next time.  Your mom was right, I was grumpy.  I wanted you and her to go to Milwaukee when the tour starts again.  I wanted you to see the show again.  Would you like that?”

“YES!”  Kaylin yelled about as loud as the baking pan being slammed onto the countertop.

“That’s really low,” Bron stood on the other side of the kitchen.

“Low yes, but it works,” Kevin set Kaylin down and whispered again to her for the second time today. 

Kaylin ran to Bron and hugged her around the legs.  “Thanks for taking me on vacation and letting me to go to Disneyland.  Thanks for letting us go to Milwaukee...”

Bron wanted to shoot Kevin with daggers or at least something. “Oh and the House of Reptiles.”

Kevin’s nose wrinkled up, “I didn’t think you would want to go to that one.”

“Suck up,” Bron uttered as she went back to her cooking.





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