A Penchant For Pirates

Chapter 16

Kevin stormed around the Quarterdeck like a small hurricane waiting for Nick and Ray to finish their assigned tasks in the Galley.  His mind clicked away as A.J. followed the course Kevin had charted to head south to the islands.  Kevin wasn’t ready to return home yet.  In the back of his mind, he thought they all could use one or two more conquests before they were to return.  The men would appreciate the earnings and so would he.  If he could take in at least one more ship he would no longer need to be a privateer, at least he hoped so.  The other dilemma was down below the main deck.

A.J. watched the Captain strut about the Quarterdeck, amused as hell.  There were many times he had seen this behavior in Kevin but they were so far in the past.  Kevin would impatiently pace the deck, gnaw on a fingernail, and then pace some more when he was truly agitated by something.  Years ago, Isabella would cause Kevin his anxiety by putting him in his place.  A.J. would chuckle, for he and all the crewmembers knew that Isabella not only had Kevin’s hand but his heart as well, he would do anything to appease or please her.  Whenever they had had a particularly loud argument or a matter unsettled, Kevin would escape to the deck and pace it out.  The men usually snickered at him as they watched Kevin’s shoulders slump forward, he would glance over his shoulder to see if they were watching him, which indeed they always were, and then he would head down to his quarters to apologize to his wife for upsetting her.

A.J. listened as Kevin did his job of Quartermaster and barked a few words out.  “Does that make you feel better now?”  A.J. asked Kevin as he nodded at the crew that was normally under his command.  Kevin now stood next to him.

“Yes,” Kevin looked off into the horizon hoping that like some gypsy fortuneteller it would tell him what the future would be.

Kevin barked some more and walked back and forth more. 

A.J. sighed as he watched Kevin try and calm down.  Isabella had been gone so long and he didn’t think Kevin would ever get back to the way he used to be until Kevin came back to the ship one day with Nick.  Nick slowly took the place of Isabella by tormenting Kevin as much as possible starting at such a young age.

Cap’n!”  Nick shouted as he and Ray stepped onto the main deck.

A.J. and Howie exchanged looks wondering what was in store for the two youngest members.

Kevin bounded down the stairs of the Quarterdeck and stood below on the main deck waiting for the two wayward souls to make their way to him.

“Any idea what wound him up?”  Brian had heard the commotion and joined A.J.

“Ray I believe.  He’s a disrespectful and stubborn boy,” A.J. pointed down to Kevin who stood at the base of one of the masts.  “I do believe he is going to break the boy of his bad habits.”

Brian wasn’t alarmed in the least, A.J. had a twinkle in his eye when he said.  “Much like he tried to do to Nick?”

“I would assume,” A.J. watched the sea as he held onto the wheel.  “I do believe that he will be slightly surprised, not to mention angry, when he finds out that it is a girl with an attitude, not a boy.”

Brian stared blankly off to the side, he couldn’t tell if A.J. knew the truth or if he was fishing for a confirmation of his own suspicions.  Brian needed to confide in someone, Kevin wasn’t going take the news well.  “Does anyone else know?”

“Nay, they don’t know.  I’ve protected that girl since the about the third day she was on this ship.  I watched her sneak around and let her stay onboard thinking I could have a piece of fluff to warm my bed on this journey.”

“That piece of fluff has attitude,” Brian laughed.  His laughter caused Kevin to turn in their direction and glare.  “She stole coin from me.”

“Aye, I figured that out, but then I thought it was best to leave her with Nickolas, she’s seems very…  Hmmm.”

“Innocent,” Brian bowed his head.

“Her innocence will be lost if the crew finds out she is a mere girl.  I’m not sure if they would obey any of our commands and then there is the Cap’n.”

Brian closed his eyes and shook his head, “We’ll discuss more of this problem later.”

“Aye, we will,” A.J. answered with his full attention on the three at the mast.  “You had better get down there and hope nothing happens.  I think he is going to give her a rigging lesson.”

“Oh no,” Brian flew down the stairs as quickly as Kevin had a few minutes earlier.

Kevin stood and pointed at Nick, “Take him up, but show him the proper way, no fancy steps.”

“Take him up?  Up there?  Are you crazy?”  Nick forgot his place momentarily out of concern over Ray.  “He’s never been up in the rigging.  He could get hurt.”

“That is why you are going to show him the right way, so he doesn’t get hurt.”  Kevin stood with his feet planted slightly apart so that his body swayed gently with the ship.  His arms crossed over his chest as he spoke to Nick, “Nick start out.”

Raina desperately wanted to scream that she was scared, she had never liked heights, and this was much higher than any tree she had ever climbed. 

Nick almost refused as his faced turned red with anger.  Kevin’s brows arched high on his forehead daring Nick to take such measure.  “Fine!”  Nick turned to Ray.  “Watch me, it’s hand, foot, hand, foot.  You will always have at least one hand and foot on the ropes.  I don’t want you to fall.”  Nick saw the fear ripple over Ray’s face.  “With some practice, you can do this,” he smiled as he ignored his overbearing Captain and friend.

“Soon, I’m growing old,” Kevin mocked them.

Nick saw Ray’s expression change from fear to a hardened disgust for Kevin.  Nick hid the grin as Ray planted a firm foot on the first rope and reached up to grab the one above her head.  She scrambled up the robes like a cat chasing a mouse.  Kevin frowned and Nick laughed.  “I think he has the hang of it.”

Kevin squinted up towards the sky.  Ray was almost at the top and then he saw her foot had mis-stepped.  “Lock your leg on the rope!”  Kevin yelled as he furiously climbed up the ropes with Nick doing the same, slightly behind him and on the other side of Ray.  Kevin reached Ray just as her foot slipped through the ropes and to the other side. 

Ray was too scared to scream as her foot glided through the ropes, causing her to lose both her balance and her grip.  She felt her body begin to fall back towards the deck of the ship.  She heard the men below shouting her name.  Everything was turning upside down, as her head fell back.  Her body felt weightless as her foot became unattached from the rope.  She was falling backwards to the deck below.  Then she was up-righted and slammed into the ropes, face-first.  Her body was being crushed by a larger object, a much larger object that covered her entire body and pressed against her

“You’re foolish!”  Kevin was yelling at her.  “Grab the ropes!”  Kevin leaned on the small boy as much as he dared without snapping the young ones bones but he was so afraid Ray would fall.  He was also angry at himself for goading the child into.  Ray was very easily provoked when it came to anything to do with him.  “Grab the ropes!”  Kevin yelled as he pressed into Ray with everything he had.  His chest was pressing into Ray’s shoulders and his hips into the boy’s bottom to prevent him from falling. 

Ray was frozen; she couldn’t move, mostly from fear but also a strange sensation that came over her as she felt the Captain pressing the front of his body into the back of hers’.  She gasped when she felt his legs go between hers and forced her to bend her leg.  A large hand grabbed onto the back of her thigh and pushed her leg and foot up onto the ropes.  “Step up!” was shouted next to her head.

Kevin tried to see the boy’s face, his eyes were closed tightly, and he wouldn’t look.  Kevin cursed loudly and reached under the boys arms to his ribs.  Once he had a grasp on the small frame, he slid down the ropes to the deck below, with the child plastered to his body.  On the way down the ropes, Ray was pressed tightly to his body.  A thought flickered through Kevin’s mind and it angered him.  He felt his body tighten like the quiver of a bow being drawn back by a fine hand.  Then he groaned when he understood that what he was feeling for this child was lust.  The thought horrified him because simply because the child was a male.  He couldn’t deal with it, it was not him, he didn’t prefer men, he preferred women.  How could this small being bring these emotions out in him?   

The lust was quickly replaced with anger as Ray slid down his body and he enjoyed the sensation.  Agilely, he landed on his feet with a spring in his step and slammed Ray on his feet.  “You’re confined to our quarters!”  Kevin was screaming and not paying attention to his crew who were clapping and carrying on since he had saved the young ones life.

Nick scurried down the rope and grabbed Ray by the arm.  He didn’t give her a chance to argue as he towed her down to the Captain’s quarters.  Shoving her inside, he slammed the door.  Nick was huffing from the speed at which he had traveled down the rigging, across the deck, and snatching Ray.  “Did he notice?”

“Notice what?”  Ray spoke with a shaky voice.

“Your breasts you fool!”  Nick wanted to scream it all the way to the colonies.  “You rode his body like a woman!  He knows these things.”

“I don’t think so,” Ray blinked as she stared at the door waiting for the Captain to come barging in full of fury.





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