A Penchant For Pirates

Chapter 2

Nick swung lazily in the hammock as he waited for the Captain to finish dressing.  This used to be his hammock when he was Kevin’s cabin boy.  They had finally docked in Devon, England and their wares had been unloaded under the cover of darkness.  Items were set aside for the auction as per the contract.  They stood on deck and watched the off load earlier this evening.  Kevin’s face was grim when he spoke.  “I have to look at least somewhat respectable until the time is right.  The rest of the goods we will sell to the highest bidder.  That will be Sir Alex’s job.”

As soon as they docked Sir Alex and Sir Howard departed the ship in search of buyers and bidders for their treasures and goods.  Arrangements had been made for them to also seek out Jocelyn’s whereabouts if they were able.  If not, they were to return to the ship.  Each man would get time on shore, but one officer had to remain on the vessel at all times.  “To prevent looting from pirates,” Kevin laughed. 

Nick’s eyes settled on the man that was preparing for a night of searching for Jocelyn.  A few tidbits of information had drifted back to them as gossip from the docks.  It appeared as if Jocelyn had been a very busy and sought after lady. 

Nick studied Kevin’s reflection in the mirror as the man shaved.  His thoughts drifted back to the conversations they had last night and old memories.  The domino game had been completed and the two friends sat and drank a fine brandy and philosophized about life.  Well Kevin rambled on about his philosophies, Nick listened.  Kevin could be long winded and a slow talker.  The alcohol seemed to make him even slower speaking but never dull witted.

Nick was rolling his eyes at his senior officer as Kevin’s lips loosened even more with each ounce of liquor that he took in.  “What are you going to do when we dock?”  Nick assumed that Kevin would go in search of a woman, for it was his custom to do so.  Alex, Howie, and Brian would laugh after the Captain returned.  For they knew, whether the woman was good or not depending on the length of Kevin’s absence.  A short stay meant the woman was a lousy tumble, a long one, well there was only one who had succeeded in that.

Nick understood that this docking was far different than the rest; Kevin would look for Jocelyn, not just any wench to satisfy his lust.  Kevin and Nick had spent a great amount of time together.  Nick had seen many different sides of Kevin; from sorrow, anger, and then to lust.

Nick sighed quietly as Kevin still stood shaving.  “It takes him a decade to get ready to go somewhere,”  Nick’s memory went further back in time, to the time he had met Jocelyn.

One meeting with Jocelyn was all Nick could endure, since then he veered away from her as much as possible.  She was a woman who was shrill, brassy, and rude.  Nick preferred a woman to be soft, sweet, and gentile.  None of these qualities could be associated with Jocelyn.  The first time he had the pleasure of meeting her, she had alarmed him.  Kevin had been teasing him about not being a true man at the age of sixteen years, never lain with a woman.  Jocelyn grabbed the front of Nick’s pants and yelled very noisily in the tavern full of men and their crew.  “A virgin?  At your age...  I can take care of that for you boy.  If’n the Captain will let me?”

Nick couldn’t shift, the woman had him by his sac.  As she squeezed him, he went up on his toes.  Nick froze and looked at his superior, whose eyes were now closed.  Nick could feel the color draining in his face and then resurfacing so warmly.  “Sir?”

“Let go of the boy Jocelyn, he needs a gently ride for his first ride, not a spitfire like you.  He is capable of finding a woman.”  With the words spoken, Kevin pulled Jocelyn into an embrace.  It was just enough for Kevin to slide a glance beyond Jocelyn to see Nick beating a path out the door and away from the woman in his arms.  A quiet laugh escaped Kevin and he wondered if Nick would ever find a woman that he could couple with, without guilt.  Jocelyn’s hands were undoing Kevin’s lacings and working their way over his manhood.  “Slow down Jocelyn, let’s take this upstairs.”  Now he wanted relief and he wanted it now.

Nick adjusted his body in the hammock and began to sway idly again as Kevin still took more time than usual to make himself presentable.  Nick had to shake his head from side to side as Kevin primped.  The Captain was in search of a whore and looking pretty dandy, as well as randy.  Nick would never forget the words that Kevin had imparted on him last night after he asked a very simple question.  Nick had seen the bolt of fabric that had been stored under the Captain’s opulent bed.  After inquiring whom it was for, Nick was told it was fine silk for Jocelyn.  Nick had wondered many times how the Captain had felt about Jocelyn.  For all the years that they were together, Kevin only spoke of three women in his life; his mother Anne, his departed wife Isabella, and Jocelyn. 

Last night Nick had stared directly at Kevin when he asked his question, “Do you have your heart set on Jocelyn?”

Kevin leaned back in his chair, removing the front legs of his seat from the floorboards.  “My heart?  On Jocelyn?” he laughed.  “No boy...”  

Kevin’s chair thumped as the legs of the furniture contacted with the floor loudly.  Hastily, he stood up and reached for the bottle.  “I thought I had taught you everything you should know.  I see I have missed a few things.”  Kevin took a swig from the bottle, more than a swig, a bit too much as his face wrinkled up.  Slowly, he moved to stand next to Nick.  “Nickolas, you never give your heart to a whore.  You give her this.”

Nick’s eyes rolled as Kevin grabbed the front of his pants and his manhood.  “Jocelyn is a whore.  This is what a whore gets.”  Again, the captain grabbed himself and then let go. 

Kevin took his chair again and poured another glass.  He held the glass and studied the finely cut crystal.  His look settled on Nick, yes he had been remiss about a few things with this young man.  It was time to enlighten him about the ways of women.

Sternness had overtaken Kevin’s face as he stared at Nick.  Nick waited for him to speak again; the Captain was prone to temper tantrums when he was questioned. 

A loud sigh punctuated the air as Kevin sorted out his words before he spoke.  Silence hung in the air between the two men.  “Jocelyn will go with any man for the right price.  A whore gets your manhood.  A Lady gets your heart.”  Kevin thumped his chest lightly.

Nick didn’t flinch.  “But I thought Jocelyn meant more to you...”   Nick stopped speaking seeing the anger rise in Kevin.

“Are you not listening to me lad?”  Kevin’s glass was smacked to the table.

“No, you don’t make sense.  You said you loved Isabella and you tell me that all the time.  I’ve seen the changes in you Captain.  You will always love her but you need to move forward.  You need to soften your heart.  You speak of Jocelyn as much as you do Isabella.”  Nick was stunned when Kevin began to laugh loudly.  Nick understood it was the liquor that had put his guardian and Captain in this mood.  It was also the only time that Nick would not get a pounding from the man for speaking about such subjects. 

A great smile graced Kevin’s face.  “Nickolas, Jocelyn will always go where it is most profitable for her to go.  I pay for her services, in advance, for the amount of time that I will be in port.  She will forever want money and coin.  That is not the type of woman you shackle yourself too.”

Nick eyed the Captain more and then concentrated on the dominos that lie on the table.

“Nick?”  Kevin frowned at the young man that sat across from him.

“Yes?”  Nick gave him a passing glance.

“I could not bring a whore home to my family.  Jocelyn fills a place for me that others do not.  There are no parties, dances, or balls.  I don’t have to be polite when I bed her.  Just pay her.”  Kevin’s head lolled to the side.

“Just the lovemaking?”  Nick questioned the man.

“Yes Nick, just lovemaking.  I see it this way, a whore gets your manhood, a lady gets your heart, a woman gets your accepted wisdom, a wife gets all three.”  Kevin watched the boy man smile proudly.  Nick finally understood.

Sliding the dominos into the bag, Nick left them on the table.  Sliding his chair out he ambled over to the hammock.  He swung up into the hammock and grinned.  “One more time for old times sake.”

Kevin nodded as he blew out the lantern and began do undress for the evening.  He chuckled as Nick grumbled about the movement of the ship on the water.  “You have your own space below deck if my cabin isn’t up to your standards anymore.”

“I hate it down there, with the entire crew.” Nick laughed as his body became reacquainted with the swinging of the hammock.  Almost swinging out of the sling twice and hitting the floor.

Kevin clapping his hands together brought Nick back from his memories as he lay daydreaming.  Kevin straightened the cuffs on his fine coat of velvet.   “Let’s go find my whore boy.  I can’t get out of these breeches fast enough.  I can almost feel a pulse down there, that ain’t a good sign.  I need a woman to ride.”

Nick snickered as he followed Kevin up the stairs and across the deck to the gangplank, “You could always take care of it yourself.”

“Or, I could make you do it,” Kevin gave him a wry grin but then slapped the man on the back when his face turned alabaster.  “You never can take a joke Nickolas, it was just a joke.”





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