A Penchant For Pirates

Chapter 3

Five miles north of Devon and two pubs later, Kevin and Nick found Jocelyn working at an Inn.  Nick recognized the bawdy laugh as it cut through him like a dull blade.

“CAP’N!” she yelled as she threw her arms around Kevin, nearly knocking the man over.  Nick took two steps back from the couple.  Jocelyn was fair to the eye but was rather plump.

“It’s nice to see Jocelyn,” the Captain smirked as her hands ran the length of his body.

“What brings you to these parts Cap’n Kevin?” she grinned and winked as her hand pressed into the front of his pants.

“Your parts,” he grinned devilishly back at her.

“Oh now, I see there handsome.  Have a seat, I’m an honest woman now.”

Nick bit back his laughter as he watched Kevin’s ego take a beating. 

“What?”  Kevin looked at her as she rested her hand on his shoulder.

“Just pullin’ your leg there handsome.  But I am trying, I work here servin’ drinks.”  Her fingers pressed into the firm flesh of Kevin’s body.  Leaning down she whispered in his ear.  “It’s not like they don’t know me and all.  The keeper here lets me pick my men, he doesn’t force them on me.  For that, I give him a bigger share.”

“Oh,” Kevin stretched his legs out under the table.  “In that case let the man know you will be in my company for a few nights.”

“Few nights...  Me thinks you aren’t staying long... Or is it your age there Cap’n?”  Her not so subtle hand dropped down to rub against the crotch of Kevin’s pants.

Nick looked towards the ceiling trying to avoid the obvious and look uninterested in the conversation between the two. 

Jocelyn’s hand shot out to Nick’s head.  Her fingers danced in his hair.  “How are you little one?  Did the Captain find you a good roll yet?”

Nick was mortified as the men in the tavern laughed.  Closing his eyes, he stood up.  “I’ll retrieve that package you brought sir.”

Jocelyn and Kevin watched Nick skulk out of the establishment.  “He’s so sensitive.  You need to toughen him up or he’s going to get eaten up in this world.”

“I know, I know,” Kevin patted her behind as the innkeeper called her to the bar.  “Run along and finish up.  Tell the man you have a paying customer who will tip him separately for your time and rather well to boot.”

“Aye, Cap’n that I will,” she purred in his ear. 

Kevin felt Jocelyn’s tongue run along the edge of his ear and his blood pulsed.  She was a good wench and did a job willingly and with enthusiasm.  He could request that she take his hardened member into her mouth and she did so eagerly.  Most of them would, who were in her profession, but not as willingly as Jocelyn did.  She was the only woman that had as many endless positions and talents as he did when it came to mating.  Never a better whore he had found.  They all wanted to sink their hooks into him and make finer ladies out of them.  Jocelyn wasn’t the sort, she never asked and he knew she never would.  The woman may make her living selling her body but she enjoyed what she did as well.  Kevin often marveled at her antics and wondered why the King of England didn’t have her as a paramour in his court.  A fine courtesan as she.

A burly man dropped a frosted mug of ale on the table in front of him.  Kevin’s head snapped up as he looked over the man from head to toe.  It was the man from behind the bar.

“I’m Edmund, the keeper of this place. “  Setting another mug down for the lad that was coming back through the door amongst the chortle of the other patrons in the bar.  “Jo said I needed to speak to you.” 

Kevin turned slowly in his chair when he heard Jocelyn let out a yelp and smack a man for grabbing at her.  Nick stopped in front of the man who was twice the size of him and glared.  Jocelyn slipped behind the bar and out of harms way.  “Aye, you do.  Jocelyn is to be at my disposal until I depart.  I will pay you half now and half when I leave.”  Kevin now faced the man waiting for his response.

Edmund wrung his hands together in anticipation.  “Whatever you be needing Captain Richardson, I’m at your service.” 

Kevin in general was a good judge of character.  This man he did not like instantly.  He smelled foul and his teeth were yellow, craggy, and broken.  It wasn’t the looks that bother him as much as the gut reaction that the man was giving him.  Edmund was untrustworthy and unpredictable from what he could make of the man.  He would speak with Jocelyn later about the treatment she was receiving from this man. 

Kevin nodded his understanding to the man.  He would not reach for any coins in Edmund’s company.  “I’d like to eat.  Do you have food in this Public house?  I could go for a good meal as well as my friend here.”  Kevin pointed to Nick who had now joined them. 

Nick rested the fabric on the bench beside him.  Grabbing for the ale, he took a long sip.  The brew was cold and tasted like it was heaven sent just for him.

“Aye, we do sir.  I’ll have to wake my cook but I’ll tend to all your needs.  It may be a bit.”  Edmund was resting his gaze on Nick’s back and shoulders.

Kevin’s eyes darted from Edmund to Nick.  “Christ the man is a boy lover.  No wonder he is so willing to please.  I’ll have to keep a close eye on Nickolas, the man is looking at the boy like he is a leg of lamb,” rambled in Kevin’s head.

Kevin chuckled as he requested a meal.  “Lamb if you have it.”

Edmund’s hand brushed against Nick’s form.  Kevin watched Nick not recognize why the man was being so familiar with him.  Nick was lost in his drink.  “I’m hungry.”

“If you were paying attention Nick, I just ordered a meal of lamb.  Edmund needs to wake his cook and we’ll eat.”  The fleeting thought of Jocelyn saying the man didn’t force men on her was now understood by him.  “Of course not, he would keep them for his own use.”

“What?”  Nick’s puzzled face stared back at him.

Kevin’s face flamed red when he realized that he had spoken the words aloud.  “You go back to the ship tonight.  No where else.”

Nick’s mouth fell open.  “But I wanted to sleep in a bed that didn’t move, just for one night.”

Jocelyn had been eavesdropping as she passed by the table.  It was honorable thing the young man had done to stand up for her in this place.  She hated this place but it was the only place that she could be employed and make better tips than she did wages.  Tilting her head towards the bar, she saw the look in Edmund’s eyes as he went to rouse the cook.  Edmund was communicating with a few other customers in the tavern and she didn’t like what she was seeing.  There was a mix of people in this bar but all were men.  Some liked to fornicate with women, some with men.  Checking to make sure he had left, she stopped at Kevin’s table.  Setting her tray down, she placed her palms flat out on the table, wide apart and she stared at Nick.  “You’ll be doin’ exactly what the Cap’n tells you boy.  This place ain’t for pretty young things like you.”

Kevin comprehended the words.  “You’ll do as I say.  Do not question me for you will be reprimanded.”

Nick’s agitation was apparent as Jocelyn saw that Edmund had returned from the kitchen and was heading back to the table.

“Your supper will arrive soon.  So boy will you be needing a bed for the night?”  Edmund leaned down into Nick’s face.

Nick gulped, he felt like he had been hit with a stone.  His eyes became dilated, as he stood aghast. 

“Nay Edmund, the boy will be staying with us.  The Cap’n likes the three of us.”  Jocelyn cooed as she sashayed by them.

Kevin spit his ale out; that was new information to him.  Standing up, he was going to pummel someone.  His first tumble with a good wench in ages was being ruined.

Nick with lighting speed was up and across the room.  “I need to check on the carriage!” he called out as he ran out the door.

Kevin stood with his fists clenching in a fit.  “Sir, my son only sleeps with females.  I would be appreciative if you and your friends would keep your distance.  He does not comprehend these things well.”

Edmund sulked, “The boy is dim-witted?”

Kevin was about to give up.  “No, he is not dim-witted, just unschooled in your ways.  Leave him alone or you will never see the other half of this.”  Kevin reached for his moneybag.  Thrusting a large sum of coins at Edmund.

Edmund’s eyes rushed from the open palm of the Captain to the door where the young blonde boy had just taken his leave.  The currency that was being shown to him was more than his business made in two months.  “I get your point Sir.  Your dinner will be here soon.”

“Thank you,” Kevin cleared his throat as he watched Edmund return to the bar.  Kevin stood and waited for Edmund to signal his friends to withdraw, which he did.  A few head bobs were exchanged and a silent understanding had been made.

Jocelyn pushed Kevin back into his chair.  “The boy will be fine now.  A wee bit uncomfortable but he’ll be fine.  I’ll go get him while you stay here.  I don’t want ya disappearin’ on me now.”  Jocelyn kissed his cheek as she fondled his hair.

“Please do Jocelyn, I’m tired and I want to go to bed.”  At the moment, Kevin’s stomach was arguing with his manhood.  The stomach was winning.

“Just calm down sweetheart.  Let’s get you something to eat first.”  Jocelyn coaxed his good mood back.  “I’ll take care of Nickolas.  You’ll be needin’ your strength for later.” 

A small smile tipped the corners of Kevin’s mouth.  “That I will Jocelyn.  That I will.”





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