A Penchant For Pirates

Chapter 33

As Ray kicked and shrieked obscenities at him, he wondered if any of the Officers would dare to follow him to his cabin. As a last measure, he thrust his cutlass into his door as a warning before he yanked Ray into the room. Ray landed with force on the far side of the room a resounding thud filled the air. Kevin dropped the bar in its cradles, turning he placed his hands on hips and glared at Ray.

Nick tried to follow them but it was hopeless. Every inch of his skin burned and he fought tears as he tried to force his body prone to walk. Falling to the deck, his body was then hoisted up by Howie and Brian. Placing on arm on each of their shoulders, he felt their hands wrap around his waist to steady him. A.J. latched on to help as well, Nick being a large man; it took the three of them, until Shamus stepped in to aid them.

Shamus physically picked up Nick and headed below deck. Gently he placed Nick's feet on the floor. Nick fell to the bed on his stomach, hissing from the pain. "When I heal, I will kill Kevin."

Shamus chuckled along with A.J. "You need to get a might bigger boy to take the Captain on. I do not think he is done with ye yet over the girl."

Ray scrambled to stand, very afraid but still very heated. She would wait for him to advance on her, he no doubt would. Her back and bottom smarted from landing so roughly on the hard boards.

"There are consequences for lying to me. I think you know what they are going to be." Kevin pulled his shirt up and over his head. Never taking his eyes from her, he tossed the shirt to the corner. "Come here Raina," he issued the command.

"No, you want me, you come for me," Ray hissed as she reached for the knife that still sat safely tucked in the back of the waistband of her breeches. Unsheathing the shining object, she pointed the blade at Kevin. "You will not touch me." The thought that he would not harm her slipped from her mind. Kevin had one thing on his mind, he was going to lay with her, whether she wanted to or not.

"I'm going to touch you Ray." He stepped forward grinning at her, his arms folded over his chest, his hands tucked under his armpits. The stance she had seen before, feet planted firmly but apart. "And when I'm done, you will beg me to touch you again, and again, and again."

Taking a casual step towards her, Kevin did not expect Raina to launch herself at him. Kevin sidestepped her, but not quickly enough, as the tip of the blade caught his bicep. The sting caught him off guard as he looked down at his arm. She had sliced him; blood seeped from the wound.

Ray stood back and waving the knife at him. Swallowing her fear, she dropped to a crouch ready to go at him again should he come near her. She wanted away from him, far away, but she couldn't reach the door. When he outright laughed at her, she charged at him again.

Ready for the knife, he tore it from her grasp, and threw it across the room out of her reach. Securing both of her hands in his he spun her around like a child's toy top. With great relish, he knocked her to the floor then dropped on her. The weight of his body rested on the saucy mouthed chit.

Ray lay underneath him pinned to the floorboards, he laughed as she squirmed under him. His heavy body now resting on her hips to keep her in place, Kevin leaned down and placed his face a mere hairs-width from her. "You'll pay for that you little hell cat. You're going to pay me back for everything, your passage, all the things that you have done to me."

Ray fought as Kevin had taught her to do. Yes, he had taught her to fight well, but not against him. He was sitting on her and laughing at her. Her ridiculous attempt to escape only served to heighten his desire for her. In vain, she tried to kick her legs, causing him to slide further up his body. Her hips now rested, nestled between his rock hard thighs. "You hid from me. You nearly drove me mad with lust and I thinking you were a male."

His hand began to move under the fabric of her shirt. She twisted and tried to bite him. Pulling back, he gave her a haughty smirk. "None of that now Ray," Grasping both of her hands in one of his; he forced her arms over her head causing her chest to heave up. He reached for his own knife.

Ray wasn't going to comply to any commands and pitched under him violently. Now she was afraid, very afraid. The man that was staring at her with the cool green eyes had nothing but lust and satisfaction on his mind. He was a beast and she would make sure that he would not be feasting on her. Willing her muscles, she pulled on the strong hand that had held both of hers in a fierce grip. She could feel the ache of her bones as he increased the pressure with each movement that she fought him.

Pulling the knife, he slit her shirt from hem to collar, straight up the center. Kevin sighed, as he took in the sight of tightly wound cotton bands hiding her breasts. His knife started at the bottom and began to slice the fabric away, strip by strip. Once the bands were cut, his fingers traced the red marks from the bindings. He had seen them before but that was knowledge that he was not ready to impart on her. The milky color of her skin again reminded him of porcelain. Her breasts were delightful to him. Licking his lips, he could almost feel the tight peaks forming in his mouth as he sucked and nipped on them. Her maneuverings irritated him; he applied sudden pressure to her hands, forcing her back to arch towards him once again. He couldn't wait any longer, this erotic dream had danced in his head for too many moons. "I'm going to taste you now," Kevin leaned forward making sure his chest touched with hers first. His skin seared hers as bent down, brushing against her skin; so soft next to his, so sweet, so young.

"YOU BASTARD!" Ray yelled and tried to push him off her body.

Hearing Ray scream from Kevin's cabin, Nick struggled to right himself from the bed but the pain overwhelmed him. "Ray has never lain with a man. She is an innocent!" Nick yelled at all of them as they continued to hear Ray screaming from the down the hall. His eyes closed, he did not wait to see if they would react. None of them would see an innocent harmed. Kevin's one rule of conduct that would never be broken, not even by Kevin himself.

Ray began to open her mouth to scream again, when Kevin jumped from her body. The door to the cabin was being broken down.

On his feet, Kevin held his knife, prepared to defend Ray and himself from any harm as the door shattered open.

"You will not do this to her, she is an innocent!" Brian surged into the room followed by Shamus, and A.J.

Quickly Kevin dragged Ray from the floor by her hands and forced her behind him. Calmly he looked at them, trying to anticipate their next move. The words echoed through his head that she was an innocent. As well as his own chant that innocents in his care were to go unharmed.

A.J. went for Kevin's knife and received a slash to the hand for it.

"You know better." Kevin held onto Ray who had her back to him. She wore nothing to cover her upper body and she was trying to hide herself, even from the ones that had come to her rescue. "I won't harm her. I simply wanted to frighten her." Isabella's voice from the grave caressed his mind. "Do not harm the ones you love."

Shamus, Alex, and Brian studied Kevin's face; it blanched as if he had seen a ghost. They watched his body tremble from rage and then something odd happened. Slowly Kevin let out a breath as he dropped his head.

He felt Ray tremble behind him. He could feel her sense of fear and her inability to catch her breath as she struggled to even out her breathing. This was wrong, very wrong, and inside he knew that as angry as he was, he was not a savage. Pointing to the corner, he motioned for one of them to hand him something.

Shamus very delicately produced what the Captain wanted.

Kevin ripped the object from his hands. Grasping the object, Kevin turned around carefully to block the view of the others. Gently he glided his shirt over her head. He helped her slide her arms into the sleeves, noting that she wasn't fighting him. Grasping her chin to force her to look at him, he turned her head. Kevin frowned when he saw that tears clung to her lashes. Her eyes closed tightly. Leaning down, he placed his lips to her ear.

Ray could feel the small puffs of warm air on her neck and next to her ear. She felt soft lips press to flesh of her neck just below her ear. Her stomach turned upside down and inside out for a moment as his lips rested on her skin.

"I'll have a bath brought to you. You will stay here until I return. No harm will come to you from me or my crew, you have my word." Kevin dropped his hands and silently he walked to where he had tossed her knife. Leaning down, he picked up the knife and walked directly back to her.

Ray shadowed his every move with her eyes. She did not step back from him when he walked towards her. Something had changed in the man that was going to hurt her and she sensed the shift immediately. Her fear left her slowly as her heart pounded loudly, she was sure that the others could hear it beat.

Forcing her hand up to chest level, he squeezed her wrist until her hand opened to him. He placed the knife handle in her palm, pressing it. "Use this if you need to." Kevin released her hand turned on his heel, walking out of the cabin. Turning back, he looked at Shamus and Alex. "Shamus, repair to door." Kevin locked onto Alex's eyes, "Watch over her."

Three men stood struck stupid. "I'll go see to him. He is probably go to Nickolas." Brian marched off leaving Shamus and A.J. to deal with the aftermath of a broken door and a solemn Ray.

Howie flew out of Nick's quarters and to the door of Kevin's cabin. "At least you made it in time."

"Not by much," A.J. shook his hand as the blood dripped from the wound.

"'Tis fine now milady," Shamus turned his back to Ray and began to right the door properly.

Alex looked from Howard to Raina and then back again. He let out a slow breath and then opened his mouth.

"DO NOT YELL AT ME!" Ray shouted. Her lips quivered as the tears began to fall freely from her eyes.

"Oh No, no, no, no.. no," Alex dropped his head as Howie left them as fast as he had come to them.

"Don't cry, don't cry, please don't cry." A.J. tossed a cautionary glance over his shoulder. One, he was making sure Kevin wasn't behind him so that the man didn't take another swipe at him. He also wondered where Howard, the great lover, had run off too. "Please stop crying, that is the one thing that I can't take from a woman."

Ray smiled at him, or at least tried too. "You're the Quartermaster. You are supposed to be heartless."

"I am," A.J. barked at her as he wrapped her in a hug. "He'll not harm you, at least not yet." A.J. swayed with her in his arms and then suddenly stopped hearing Kevin's voice. Stepping back quickly, he waited for the Captain to enter the room.

Kevin stood watching Shamus fight with the door to get it back on the hinges. Not pleased as to how well things were not going, he helped the man place the door back on the pivots. Noticing a few things, he issued a command to Shamus.

Men grunted as they brought a huge tub into the room. Ray had yet to move from the center but promptly skidded out of their reach when they brought the heavy object in the room. Pails of hot water were passed in then poured into the vessel. The room filled with people as the repairs to Kevin's door were underway and water flowed into the tub at the same time.

Ray felt uncomfortable in front of all of the men. Some would steal a glance her way and flash a smile. Some of the smiles were unsettling, they weren't meant to be friendly she understood that much. With both hands gripped on the front of his shirt that he had covered her with, she slipped to the door. As she stood next to the entrance, she snuck out into the corridor. Something grabbed onto her forearm and caused her to gasp loudly. Pulling on her arm caused her to come face to face with her captor. "I only want to see Nickolas." She set forth her intentions.

Without a word, Kevin pushed her back into the room. His eyes blazed at her that she would be so daring. "He's fine and he's resting."

Ray was not going to be able to leave this cabin anytime soon if Kevin were around. The crowd in the room dwindled as the tub became full of steaming water. The crewmembers that worked on the door seemed to be finished as well. Kevin spoke to Shamus off to the side.

Raina watched Shamus leave and she glared at Kevin.

"Don't be looking at me like that," Kevin took a step across the room causing Ray to barrel to the other side. "You've only been spared because you are an innocent. I did not expect that from a tavern whore. I guess I'll just have to be a little sweeter with you next time." Kevin charged off and up the stairs.

"He's going to kill me," Ray gasped at Alex.

Alexander heard Shamus return and decided to have a little talk with Raina. Eventually she would end up in Kevin's bed. The man had just announced his intentions. It was the how that A.J. might be able to help Raina handle. He had watched her expressions for months. He had shadowed each and every one of her moves when he could. If his suspicions were correct, Ray desired Kevin as much as Kevin desired Ray. If Nick was correct and Ray was an innocent, then the logical conclusion would be that Ray did not understand that she was attracted to Kevin. He would need to have some time alone with her to find out just how much knowledge Ray had of men and her own body. "I don't think Kevin wants to kill you." A.J. grabbed for her hand.

"No, something far worse," she bit her bottom lip.

Alex said nothing but the comment let him know that his thinking was heading down the proper path. Ray knew what was a foot; she was just afraid.

They dropped the grasp on each other's hands quickly as Kevin stormed into the room along with Shamus. Both men pulled a trunk from the corner. Kevin stalked around the room like an animal. He looked for something. He found the object that he was looking for and tossed it to Alex. "See that she dresses properly or I will."

Alex and Ray stared at each other in confusion. A.J. shook his head as he went to the trunk. After turning the lock with the key that Kevin had supplied, he lifted the lid.

Ray gasped as she fell on her knees to the trunk.

Alex's hand and eyes searched the trunk. All women's clothes, a trousseau, all to fit Ray's tiny size. The trunk held clothes, from dresses for day and evening as well as sleeping and under garments, small leather slippers, and ribbons to tie up her hair. "Where the hell did these come from?"

Ray held up a dress of shimmering pale lilac. She giggled as she spun around holding the dress to her body.

A.J. blinked, had she forgotten that moments ago, she was almost attacked by the very man that had given her these things. He watched her twirl around the room. "Are all women this way?" he consulted himself in his head.

"I've never seen such finer things, it's as if they were made for me."

Brian entered the room, "They were made for you. My cousin had them made for you. Very quickly and for a large sum to employ that many seamstresses."

Ray tossed the dress back in the trunk. "I'll not wear it."

"I think you will," A.J. approached her. He had recalled Kevin's words that she dress properly and he meant that he would do it if Alex didn't. Kevin had very strong feelings for the young girl standing in the room with him. The Captain had never had clothes made for one of his women before. A bolt fabric given to someone like Jocelyn or Celestine, yes, clothes never. Ray was taking a special place in Kevin's heart. "Ray we need to talk to you about Kevin."

"I don't want to talk about the beast." Ray turned away from them. The discussion closed as far as she was concerned.

"I'll do this," Brian threw his arms up in the air.

"No, no, not you. You're to… Medicinal about these things." A.J. knew what Brian would do. He would explain the mechanics if she did not understand. Then he would explain his own religious ideas about a joining. The thought left a foul taste in Alex's mouth. Ray needed the experience to be natural and not pre-conceived with no guilt on her part.

"I am not," Brian balked at him.

"Yes you are." Howie spoke from the doorway, where he had decided to join in on the conversation.

"Then you do it Howard," A.J. smirked at him.

"No," Howie brushed his fingertips along his lapel. "Hapless virgins are not my calling. Brian, Kevin needs to be stitched. He's up on the deck. Leave A.J. to explain."

"Explain what?" Ray questioned.

"Take your clothes off and we'll talk." A.J. looked through the trunk again.

"I don't think so," Ray snarled at A.J.

A.J. turned and crossed his arms, "I don't want your body." His head shook from side to side. "Kevin knows that, that's why I'm still in this room with you. So you should know that as well." A.J. walked to the tub and swirled his hand in the water. "I suggest you get in your bath before it cools."

Ray didn't move.

"Or before Kevin comes back," A.J. added some leverage to his words. Being a gentleman, A.J. made sure the door was barred and his back was turned as she undressed. Hearing the splash of water, he turned to find her sunk in the tub up to her neck in the water. "We need to have a little talk."

"Yes?" Ray covered her breasts with her arms under the water and tried to squirm further down in the tub.

"It's about women and men and how they get along," A.J. began to laugh as he truly was going to try to educate this girl. He could kick the person who had forgotten to do this. This is what women do. Jocelyn should have done this, but A.J. sighed and his heart squeezed. Knowing where Ray had come from and the things that he had heard, the girl had only seen the bad side or the paying side of things. Alex would have preferred that his own wife were here to do this and then thought better of it. J.C. would probably scare the virginal Raina to death. "About feelings and the things they do to a person…." Alex pulled Kevin's chair out from the desk. He was looking at the back of Ray's head and nothing else but the large vat she sat in.

"Okay," Ray relaxed around Alexander; she had always trusted him as she trusted Nickolas. "I'm sorry, I've only bathed in front of Nick."

A.J. paused, closed his eyes, tilted his head, and then stared at Ray as a mental picture formed in his mind. "Don't ever repeat that to Kevin."





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