A Penchant For Pirates

Chapter 35

Kevin's hand sought out the flesh that his eyes could not see. His fingers danced up her spine as he lay her down. Sitting up on the edge of the bed, he stopped and stared at her for a moment, only a moment.

Ray's fingers melded around his and she squeezed tightly. Kevin was seeking permission from her and she willingly gave it to him. If Nick and Alex were correct, she had nothing to fear from the man, whose hand now lay softly on her breast.

His stroking of the ribbon that held the robe closed ceased as he pulled on the satiny fabric. Her body quivered as his fingers worked slowly at the ribbons of her top. Parting the robe with one hand, Kevin placed his other on her side. Leaning down, he placed his face next to her mounds. Pushing the fabric with his face, he sighed as the fabric drifted aside. His tongue sought out what he had viewed only twice and he tasted.

Her skin scorched as he laid his lips to her breast as he bent over her. Her arms went up and her fingers wound in his hair. She hissed when he bit down her and her back arched, wanting him to take more of her. Sensations and new feelings collided in her body.

Kevin was lost in the reactions, the swirling of all of his lust and desire becoming a tightly wound ball in his gut. Forcing himself at a measured pace to lie on the bed next to her, he still suckled her breast, not wanting to lose the contact. He wanted her bare; he wanted to see all of what she offered him. His hand glided to her shoulder, pushing the side of the gown and robe down in one fluid movement.

Ray pulled her arm out of the garment. She no longer wanted to feel the luscious fabric against her skin; she wanted to feel him against her skin. She pulled at his shirt, only to have him pull it over his head and toss it to the floor. Her hand landed on the flat plane of his belly. Her fingers circled in and around the short hairs above his breeches. Her curiosity to know what lay underneath drove her crazy. Her fingernail scrapped the tender skin below his belly button causing his body to shudder.

Kevin lifted his gaze from her bare-chested form to her eyes. Her hands touching him, upon his skin, caused a delicious curl in his belly that he felt all the way to his toes.

Ray looked at him, questioningly. His face had soured.

"You shouldn't look at me so." Kevin admonished her as he pushed her hand away. If his trousers were any tighter, they would split wide open. Never a woman had looked at him so angelically since Isabella. Their wedding night, Isabella behaved in the same manner. He was not comparing the two, for Ray was a different creature, one who needed stability and security.

Ray could see that his face was serious and his expression guarded. "Why? You don't like me to touch you?"

A short puff of air expelled from his lungs. "Aye, I like it when you touch me but you shouldn't."

"But if feels nice when you touch me," Ray's spoke as her cheeks pinked. "You said I would beg you to touch me." Ray frowned. "Is that it Captain? You want me to beg for you to touch me?"

Kevin watched her lips purse and turn into a pout. "No, you'll not beg tonight Raina." Kevin pulled himself from the bed and removed his breeches, the pain of being tightly bound in them had become too much. Coming back to her, he climbed on the bed and kneeled at her feet. He couldn't help but notice where her eyes were focused.

Raina stared at his hardened manhood; she had never seen a man in such a way. Animals were one thing. Kevin was man, not an animal. Her brow wrinkled as she thought about what Alex had told her, as well as what Nick had. She looked at Kevin, still confused. Her head tilted at him slightly to the side.

His couldn't pull from the sight of her lying on her back with her garments pooled around her waist. She had made no urge to cover her breasts from his view. "You are very bold." He shifted on the bed moving towards her feet.

"It's something I haven't seen before," Ray quipped, miffed that he would take her task for such a thing.

Kevin said nothing as he kneeled by her feet. The woman now stood on the threshold of half wanton-wench and half chaste-child. The way she touched him, the way she continuously stared as his engorged state, pushed him to his limits. His hands touched the dainty ankles. Kevin's fingers took time to caress the strong calves as they journeyed up her legs to her hips. Her skin was supple and warmed to his touch, almost calling him. He took great pleasure in the knowledge that no man had done this before him. Her legs did not close as he advanced and touched the soft skin of her thighs. Sliding his palm over her hips, he brought the gown and robe up with his hands. Pulling her up, he removed the thin fabric. Sighing, he finally dared to look at her body, her whole body that was bare to him as she settled back down into the pillows. The lantern flickered in the room, a soft amber glow. Going back down to her feet, he waited for her to look at him. He wasn't seeking her permission, what was going to take place was written in stone. Kevin wanted her to be bold and watch him; he liked it.

She observed him remove her clothing without a word. Everywhere he touched, she could feel her skin jump, and she welcomed the event not fearing it. Her insides seemed to skip every time he touched her, her skin felt taught around her own body. A sense of something to come that would far surpass the now. The nearness of him was broken and she scowled at him as he returned to the foot of the bed.

Kneeling, he rested back on his calves and surveyed what was about to be his. His desire roared as he looked at the creamy white creature who was willing giving him her innocence and was so much more bolder then any woman he had ever taken.

Strong fingers encircle her ankles as he separated her legs. Once her legs parted, she focused on his hands. She tried to beat down the awkwardness, and then she turned to his face. His eyes seemed glazed as he stared down at her. Ray became self-conscious and began to draw her leg away from him. Her efforts were met with a steely grip and a ferocious glare from Kevin. Insecurity crept into her mind as she watched his eyes sweep up her body slowly. His grip loosened on her ankles but did not let go.

Kevin took in all there was to see. Raina, naked and open to him, tugging her legs slightly more, he sighed. His eyes traversed her body like a mapmaker; learning each contour and crevice, each valley and peak, committing all of them to memory as he spread her legs wider. Her limbs, creamy white and untainted by anyone but him. Cutting his eyes up to her, he saw the insecurity. The lack of trust, as if he were inspecting her from head to toe, which is exactly what he was doing. His eyes dropped to the curve of her knee as he bolstered her feet in his hands forcing her legs up higher. The sweat began to bead on his brow as his eyes look intently at the curly dark patch between her legs. All at once, his body surged forward and his face nestled that very spot. He willed his breathing to slow as he inhaled her essence, like the first rose of the season ready to split open its tight bud.

Ray was heady with a new feeling that shocked her body. Kevin's face was between her legs. She gasped when his shoulders slid under her legs and forced her legs higher in the air. The breathlessness didn't last long and a strangled moan escaped from her, her body began to shake. His tongue was touching her, his lips sucking her very tenderly. A nip and her hips jerked. Hands wrapped around her hips as they began to move towards his face. She couldn't stop the sensation, the craving of wanting him there, the feeling overwhelmed her.

Kevin held her in place as he gorged himself on her womanhood. Ray didn't understand that her body was not only responding him but had surrendered itself to him. Her hips thrust at his tongue wanting more from him. With great care, he held her firm and caressed her to her first orgasm. He didn't yield to her as she pulled at his hair with one hand, yet pushed at his shoulders with the other.

A strangled cry came from her lips as she wrapped her fingers tightly in his hair. The room filled with dazzling colors and stars seemed to dance in her head. She felt fingers inside of her and her body seized onto them, not wanting to let them go. She moaned as the fingers moved inside of her, in and out and opening her. She could feel the stretching and the aching need for more.

Ray's nails dug into his scalp and he thought she had drawn blood for the second time as she pushed his face even deeper into her body. To get a response from her such as he had only made the next act so much sweeter. Coming up on his knees, he heard her grumble at the disconnection. "Easy love, easy." He smiled at her as his hand stroked his own member.

Ray watched his hand stroke his cock. Timidly her hand touched his fingers.

His body shivered at the innocent who was turning and twisting under his ministrations.

Covering her body with his, he eased over her. The head of his manhood poised at her entrance, he rubbed himself against the swollen lips of her labia and entered only slightly. Raina's muscles stretched to accommodate his hard shaft. The warmth and wetness was driving him wild. The need to fill her and release his seed in her caused him to further push into her. The stubborn piece of skin that would be torn, her maiden head, tapped his tip. Slowing himself, he pulled out and re-entered her again. He needed to keep the flames of passion rolling through her body so as to overcome the pain that would come next. Dipping down his head, he captured her lips to his.

Ray felt his lips on hers, she moaned impulsively, as he began to tease her with his tongue. Opening her mouth as he probed her, she became lost as his tongue drove into her mouth. The wet organ tickled her in places she did not know could be tickled. Urging him for more, she delicately pushed her tongue into his waiting entrance.

Kevin groaned as the beast under him and in him drove him to surge forward with his arm wrapped around her waist. He didn't pull back but paused as her hips wrenched in his hands. Slowly he pushed forward more. His eyes sought out hers to see her reaction. She seemed dazed and cautious until he sought out her breast with lips. His hips moved slowly as he stroked into her with short bursts. She was tight around him and small. What more could he ask for knowing no man had possessed her so. No longer able to abide by his patience he began to move in and out of her with more force. His body slicked with sweat and his breathing labored as he sought his release. Kevin's hips jerked harder and harder into her, his hands pushing on the backs of her thighs, raising her higher and higher seeking to go deeper and deeper into her.

Raina couldn't control her body as it surged up to meet his, Kevin's strong hands holding her legs in the air, his fingers biting into her flesh. He grunted each time he thrust into her. Ray felt feverish and tried to find relief. Kevin's finger were once again between her legs as her left legged wrapped around his hip.

"Good my love, so good." He groaned as she wrapped her other leg around his hip. She heard noises from him that were nothing like she had heard when he was with Jocelyn. Grunts and moans followed by breaths of air that he took in sharply. As his fingers rubbed her between her legs, she no longer cared if Kevin could breath, she couldn't breath either. "OH!" Ripped from her as his fingers clamped down on her and he thrust into her one final time.

Hot, sweaty, and exhausted he lay on her trying to pull himself and his thoughts together. Shaking his head, he ran his fingers through his hair. Stretching his arms lightly he wrapped them around her and hugged her for dear life. Ray's legs were still wrapped around his hips as him member pulsed in her. He felt her muscles tighten and release around him, milking his seed from him. It was the most astounding experience he had ever had with a woman. The act was demanding on him as well as her and mutually satisfying.

"Kevin?" Ray whispered quietly. She heard nothing but a grunt from him as he lay on her. Her fingers glided through his hair. "Did I hurt you?"

His shoulders shook with laughter and he scrambled to kiss those adoring lips. "Nay, you almost killed me."

"I'm sorry," Ray quipped and tried to pull away from him.

"Oh love, I was teasing. Any man who made love to such a woman as you would feel the same way." Kevin rolled on his side and brought her with him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Ray questioned, she didn't think she had, she felt wonderful inside. She was giddy with excitement at the newfound feelings.

"No Ray, you were perfect." He kissed her again erasing her doubt.

Hours passed with two more bouts of lovemaking. When Ray tried to begin a third, he begged off and her face curdled at him. "I'm exhausted, I'm hungry… Let me sleep."

Ray finally settled after jarring the mattress more times than was necessary to make her point. She wanted explanations and knowledge, so she asked. She compared what Alex had said to her to what Nick had said. Then she compared her own experience to Alex's and Nick's words.

"I'll thump Alex soundly tomorrow in the head." Kevin frowned listening to the off color descriptions that Alex had taught her. The language was fit for a brothel not a bedroom.

"Nickolas." Ray smiled and cuddled up next to Kevin

Sharply fingers wrapped around her chin and jerked her head towards his gaze. "Tell me you did not whisper another man's name while in my bed?"

"Only so I can remember to thank him. He said it would be beautiful if I were with the right person. It would never be the same with another." Ray sighed contentedly as she laid her head on his chest.

"I'm going to give that boy anything he wants tomorrow." Kevin stared at the moonlight as it danced over her exposed legs. Covering her, he waited. Pulling her close as her talking had ceased and her breathing hinted at sleep. His mind whirled with thoughts and things that were incomprehensible to him. Making love to Raina was like no other. His heart swelled as he pulled her nearer. No other man would ever lay his hand upon the woman lying next to him. No other sweating body would ever lie between her thighs as he had. Kevin's mind raced until he had satisfied himself that Ray would be his for always. Tomorrow she would be issued an ultimatum, either be his wife or his indentured servant to pay for her passage. Either way she would be in his bed, permanently. A soft murmur next to him caused his breath to hitch in his throat. Ray turned slightly in his arms, her head now resting on his arm. Her hand comfortably placed on his stomach. Her fingers actually touching the fine hairs that hinted as to what was below them. He mused and mulled over his plan. No, Ray would have to be his wife. She would balk and defy him at first. As a last remedy, he would offer her the latter of the options. But he had finally found his salvation and he wasn't letting her go. She had control of his manhood; the lady in her had taken his heart as well. She accepted his wisdom some days and a wife owns all three. Kevin looked down at his manhood, which jerked uncontrollably and smiled, it liked the idea as well.





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