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The Hard Rock was quiet that February night in Toronto.  It was getting late and the concert was over.  The DJ was playing tunes for the small group of women in the back of the bar.  They were huddled around the tall tables not to far from the raised VIP section.  The women were in their late twenties to their mid thirties he guessed and they were wound up like nothing he had seen.

The only other guy in the place other than workers had come into the bar with the 5'2" brunette.  She was talking to the entire group.  The gentleman was standing 10 feet back from the group just watching them.

The DJ just kept staring they weren't listening anyway.  All of the women sat intently listening to the short woman.  He couldn't believe it but not one of them would take their eyes off of her.  Not one person was speaking; they just sat there mesmerized by her words.

The gentleman standing back picked his head up, caught the DJ staring at the group, and just smiled.  The DJ grinned, loaded the CD changer and walked to the bar. 

The gentleman couldn't really blame him for taking a break.  He thought hell, he could have left and they wouldn't have noticed.  Nope this group was not interested in anything but her.  A couple of more rounds and they would be toasted and he could go to bed.

He was relaxed and just watching, but still alert.  The two bartenders and the DJ were chatting.  He heard a phone ring at the other end of the bar.  The bartender walked down and picked it up.  The bartender searched around the bar and nodded.  He looked at the women and counted them.  He then repeated the number into the Phone and hung up.  Stevie immediately went into defense mode.  He moved up a couple of feet to a tall table with a stool and sat. 

Stevie watched the barmaid go to the girls and take an order.  She came over to him and asked him if he needed anything.  He asked what the ladies had ordered to drink.  She told him, he knew now she was drinking to get drunk.  She was having a blast and the shots would pay her back in the morning.  He asked the barmaid if it would be too much trouble for a cup of coffee.  She smiled, "No problem.” 

He returned the smile, "It's gonna be a long night." 

"I'll keep your cup full all night,” she stated.  "That group looks like they could be a serious handful,” she chuckled. 

Stevie grinned back at her. 

"What has them wound so tight, they don't even know the rest of us are here?" the barmaid asked. 

"That's easy they went to the BSB concert," he snickered.  

She smirked back, "That explains it.  I'll be right back with your coffee."  Then she walked back to the bar.

Watching her walk, he thought if he hadn't been working that might be something to pursue.  Stevie jumped at the sudden movement behind him and was kicking himself in the ass for not paying attention.  As he slowly turned he recognized the faces of the Backstreet Boys as they walked through the door and took the table directly above him.

He turned back and looked to the ladies, then back to the gentlemen seated above him.  The smaller blonde nodded back.  He looked at each of them and figured they were no threat to her, but this could be fun.

The barmaid returned with his coffee after dropping off a tray laden with shots to the ladies and taking an order for the boys. 

A few minutes passed.  From above him he heard "Holy Shit!  They’re getting hammered big time.”  A small chuckle came out of the rest of them. 

The women were so engrossed listening to the brunette they didn't even notice their idols sneak in, order, and get their drinks.

Stevie heard the youngest one say, "Shit they don't even know we're here."

The tattooed one spoke up, "What's the matter Nick, your ego can't take it."

Stevie tried to suppress his laugh as best he could with no luck.  Good Lord if they only knew what was going on over there they would be out of here in a flash.

Stevie felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see A.J. leaning over the bar rail.  "What's so funny big guy?”  Stevie just looked at him, "Nothing."

Nick asked "Do you know them?"

Stevie replied, "Yes."

"What are they talking about that so interesting?”  Nick asked.

Stevie just shrugged his shoulders, he couldn't think fast enough.  What the hell could he say to him?  They are talking about you guys and knowing her most likely sex.  Shit, shit, shit, think stupid, think, went screaming through his brain.

Stevie turned to him and posed a question.  "Do you ever go on the internet?"

"Oh yeah, all the time I love it!”  Nick exclaimed.

Kevin spoke up "ALL the time, shit you have a game paddle in one hand and your mouse in the other."

"Yeah, well you have been on it an awful lot lately," Nick smiled.

Stevie stood back and watched the friendly banter go back and forth between the guys.  They all were whining that Nick and Kevin spent way too much time on the internet.

Brian got up and excused himself saying he was tired.  A.J. told him that he was just a chicken shit afraid of being caught out.  Brian flashed a grin, "You betcha," as he left.

Nick turned to Stevie, "Hey, why did you ask me that?"

Stevie answered Nick's question with another one.  "Do you ever read the fan fic stuff?"

Nick's face blushed.  A.J. choked on an ice cube.  Howie was grinning from ear to ear.  Kevin was laughing out loud.  Nick answered Stevie with a, "Yeah man!" and Stevie chuckled.

Howie turned to Stevie smiling. "If A.J. was just a fraction of what they make him out to be he'd be dead."

"Shit Howie you’re always somebody's brother or best friend you never get a piece," A.J. chuckled back.

Kevin never said a word he just stared at his glass in his hand.  Nick burst out in a fit of giggles, "I know what you’re thinking about."

"Shut up Nick!" came out of Kevin.

Looking at A.J. Nick said to him, "I sent him this fic I found about him written by some chick named Kaylin.  It drove him nuts it was hitting way to close to the real thing."

Nick smiled and looked at Kevin.  Kevin had such a grip on the glass his knuckles were white.  Nick figured Kevin was imagining that was his throat. 

Kevin's eyes were closed and the only thing he could think of was he was going to kick Nick's ass at the first possible opportunity.

Stevie's mind was clicking a mile a minute.  This was a damn mistake.  I really stirred the pot.  He turned to A.J., "That's a bunch of your fan fic writers."

A.J. just grinned and looked at Howie and Nick.  "I worship those ladies.  They make me look so good."

"You should see this new one about Train this Kaylin wrote, it was so hot it smokes your screen.  I can't wait for the next chapter," Nick announced and then flashed Kevin a broad smile.

Kevin turned to Nick eyes narrowed and stared him down.  Nick just dropped his head and snickered.

Stevie had to fix this and fast, he looked at Nick "Why don't you just watch for a minute and you might learn something."  Nick was definitely pissed off by that comment judging by his reaction.  Stevie looked at Howie and Kevin who were smirking.

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