The Closet

“Kevin’s back!”

“Shit!”  A.J. ran to shut the light off.

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea...  He’s gonna kill us.  He said not to touch his stuff.”

“Shut-up and hide,” A.J. scrambled around the room looking for a good spot.

“You’re the one that wanted to see his new video camera.”

“You didn’t say no,” as A.J. went into the closet.  Nick stood in the middle of the room in a panic.  Following A.J. seemed like a good idea.  Yanking on the louver door, he stepped inside to join his cohort in crime.

The doorknob to the hotel room turned.  Kevin’s voice was loud and off from his normal tone.  Both Nick and AJ heard a female giggle.

“He’s got a girl with him Bone.  Why does he have a girl with him?” 

Nick, at the innocent age of thirteen, hadn’t quite got the gist of things yet. A.J.’s hands flew over Nick’s mouth.  “If you shut-up and he doesn’t find us, you will find out,” A.J. spoke in a very low voice

“After you,” they heard.

A.J. leaned on the closet door; it opened slightly from his weight.  Both of the closet dwellers froze.

Through the small crack of the door, they spied.  Nick and A.J. leaned onto each other for support, one on each side of the closet door.

“If Lou finds out, he’s dead,” A.J. whispered to Nick.

“Lou?  What about Donna?  She’s gonna kick his butt...  No girls remember.  I heard Donna tell Kevin and D that.” Nick giggled at the thought, for a change the older ones were going get it.

Kevin walked in, looking over the room.  Howie wasn’t back yet.  “Have a seat, sorry there’s only the bed.  I have a roommate, but I guess he isn’t back yet.”  A soft deep chuckle filled the room.

“What a shame,” a sensual feminine voice answered him.

“Ain’t it now,” Kevin’s nervous laugh kicked in.

A.J. had to cover his mouth...  Mr. Smooth alright.

They watched her perch herself on the edge of the tiny twin bed.  Kevin was leaning on something, they couldn’t see what.  Nick and A.J. listened to the small talk between the two.  The closet was getting warm with the two young bodies stuffed in it.  Nick moved slightly and bumped into Kevin’s clothes that were hanging next to him.  This resulted in blocking A.J.’s view of the room.  A.J. slapped him as they quickly turned back to their vantage point having negotiated the clothes out of the way as quietly as possible.

Kevin was looking directly at the closet with a suspicious look on his face.  He could have thought he heard something come from it.  Nah, it couldn’t be, he barely had enough room to hang his stuff in it.  Hearing ‘Come sit with me’ brought his attention back to his ‘guest’.  Slowly, he ambled over and sat down on the bed.  Shifting slightly to face her, he smiled as he leaned down to kiss her.

The girl pulled away from him and then leaned back for another.  Kevin of course had every intention of obliging her and then some.  Hey if she was willing, he was ready.  Gently, he ran his hand up and down her arms and around to her back.  His fingers drifted up her sides and then back down.  Making their way into the bottom of her tight little sweater was not a challenge.  They pushed up into the front of her sweater, taking the sweater along with them.

“A.J. what is he doing?”

“Man, you are such a blonde Nick.  They’re making out.”  A.J. wasn’t much older but he had some knowledge.  Well at least the amount of knowledge that Kevin and Howie had decided he could handle.   A.J. was lucky, his Mom was cool, he could ask her anything... Then there was Nelson his bodyguard, he was cool too.

“We gotta get outta here,” Nick whispered desperately.

A.J.’s head snapped to the side.  The dimly lit closet didn’t hide his facial expression.  “Whatta’ we do?  Say ‘Sorry Kev we lost something in your fucking closet.’  He’ll tear us apart.  Just be quiet.”

“I don’t wanna watch this,” Nick was now whining in A.J.’s ear.

“Then close your eyes or keep them open, I don’t care.  I’m not stepping out this place until he is gone.”

“This ain’t right A.J.,” Nick’s whine becoming a little louder now.

“Oh and having Kevin beat the tar out of you is?”  A.J. could hear the loud sigh from Nick.  He had won and they were staying.  Besides, it beat a trip to the hospital because in he didn’t think any of the guys would save them from Kevin on this one. 

Both of them took their totem pole like stances again.  “Oh God,” Nick groaned.  What he got was an eye full of the girl’s chest with Kevin’s hands splayed over one of her bare breast.  Her nipple nestled between Kevin’s long fingers.  The girl was sucking on his ear, her hand resting on Kevin’s groin.  He tugged and rolled the pink nub between his digits.  Kevin and the girl were leaning back on the mattress enjoying the feel of each other.

A.J. leaned closer, enjoying what he was seeing.  God forbid if anyone ever found out.  The door squeaked rather loud.  Both of them stood stock-still.

Kevin’s head turned to the closet once again.  A few crazy things ran through his head.  It was quickly dropped when the girl began to dip her hand into the waistband of Kevin’s jeans.  Casually, he slid his hand down to his button, unbuttoning his jeans.  The girl’s hands dove into his pants.  He was more than content to keep this little creature happy.  She grasped onto his hardening shaft and Kevin groaned, falling back on the bed.  Kevin rolled half onto her.  His left hand skimmed up her leg, inside the short little skirt she was wearing.

The two amigos both turned to each then back to her and blinked, mouths hanging open as the girl’s skirt was dropped to the floor followed by her underwear.

“She’s naked,” Nick blurted out and blinked at A.J.

“No shit,” A.J. snickered.  Thank God the closet was dark because he had this stirring in his lower body that was rapidly going out of control. 

The closet was beginning to get stifling, so were Nick’s pants along with A.J.’s.  They both heard movement and moved to their positions.  “What’s she doing?”  Nick whispered in A.J.’s ear, delivering some spit with it along with his words.

A.J. frowned as he raised his shoulder to wipe the Nick slime off.

“Shit!  A.J., she’s kissing his ‘thing’”

“It’s called a penis, now shut-up.”

“Man that’s gotta hurt,” Nick watched with interest, not really sure if he understood what he was seeing.

Kevin was licking his lips as he guided the young girl with his hands.  A louder moan came as she repositioned herself on her knees between his legs.  Kevin’s moans increased loudly with his fingers firmly planted on her scalp, pushing her further down on him.

“Man, what is she doing to him?”  Nick was now really lost.

“It’s called a blowjob moron!”

Nick’s head shook back and forth, he wasn’t convinced.  “She ain’t blowin’ it, she’s eating it.  Man that’s gotta hurt.”

“He don’t look like he’s hurtin’ much...  Does he?”  A.J. could not believe how naive Nick was.

Both of Kevin’s hands held her down on him.  His hips rising and falling to their own rhythm as she used her hands and mouth on him.  Kevin bucked forward as her mouth came off of him.  His ejaculate coated her lips and cheek.  Pulling her up to him, he kissed as he rolled her onto the bed and her back.

Nick’s felt a little sick to his stomach.  “Yuck... he’s kissing her....  she just...”  

“Shut-up,” A.J. bitched at him.

Nick covered his eyes with his hands but he couldn’t plug his ears at the same time.  A.J. was watching and he knew it, but he wasn’t going to look.  Now the guttural moans and groans were joined by the squeak of springs.  Okay he would look, but just a peek, the girl was calling Kevin’s name really loud. 

“Jesus, do you believe this?”  A.J. elbowed Nick.

“I’m not lookin’” Nick slapped A.J.’s hands away from his face.

“Nick, you can’t see shit now, so chill man,” A.J. was half laughing as the spring noises became louder. 

Nick ventured a quick look, he shouldn’t have.  Kevin was on the top of the girl.  Nick’s eyes were scarred for life at the sight of Kevin’s naked ass humping away.  Quickly, he closed his eyes and mentally yelled at himself. 

The closet voyeurs were now on their knees in the closet.  Both of them sweating like pigs.  The air was thick and heavy.  Sitting, they waited for the other two occupants of the room to leave.  They watched the lovers dress and leave after what seemed like forever.  When they did, they both fell out of the closet and gasped for fresh air.

“Get up, let’s go,” A.J. was on his feet by now.

“Get up, I can’t even breathe,” Nick was sucking air like he had never before.

“You are such a virgin Nick, come on,” A.J. swatted at him.

“Ow, you poked me in the eye,” Nick’s hand now covering his injury.

“You don’t get moving, he’s going to be poking you in the eye.” 

Both of them high-tailed it to their rooms before their great leader could return.

Kevin whistled as he walked into his room.  He dropped into bed, happy as clam.  His tension was gone, for tonight.

The wake up call was too early.  Howie strolled in just in time to avoid getting blasted by Donna.

“Ready Boys?”  She called not wanting to physically go into the room.

“Almost,” Kevin headed for his closet.  Throwing open the door he grabbed his clothes.  Walking back to the bed, he dumped them in his suitcase.

Howie spotted something on the floor, “Hey you missed something.”  Pointing to the closet floor.

Kevin walked over and picked it up.  He flipped it in his hand a few times.  “D did you see Nick in here yesterday?”

Howie laughed, “Hell no, after he broke your razor trying to shave the lint off his sweater,  I think he knows better.”  Howie watched Kevin’s face turn dark.

“I will kick that little shits ass!”  Kevin had thought about what had happened the night before, the noises, the squeaks, the movements in the closet.

“What did he do now?”  Howie sighed, it was going to be a long day.

Kevin thrust the object at Howie, “A Mariokart Card.  Why is that in our closet?  That’s one of his best ones.”

“That’s what I’d like to know.  I had a damn girl in here last night, a little tension breaker.”

Both of them heard Nick in the hall.  Kevin raced for the door; Howie beat him to it.  “If Donna finds out, we’re screwed.”

“I’ll kill that little prick,” Kevin ran his hand through his hair as he thought about the night before.

“Be smart, first confirm, then we’ll nail them together.  Donna, Johnny, and Lou will never know.”

“How?”  Kevin grumbled, fit to be tied.

“He doesn’t do this shit by himself, I’m sure A.J. is part of it.  First we confirm it.”  Howie opened the door and called Nick.  “Nicky!”

Nick bounced the hall, “Yeah D.”

Kevin, in the mean time, had his own little evil thoughts going.  Pulling the lollipop out of his mouth, he grinned at Nick.  “Wanna lick?”

Nick’s face turned red than white. “No thanks Kev.”  He ran as fast as his little legs could take him.  He knew he was busted when he couldn’t find his favorite card that was always in the back pocket of his jeans.  He had to find A.J. and fast.

“Donna!”  Kevin called, he turned back to watch Nick run even faster down the hall, away from them.

“Yes Kevin, please give us break.  Don’t start complaining about Nick now.”  Donna rolled her eyes as the eldest Backstreet member.

“Oh no, not at all,” Kevin chuckled.  His arm dropped around Donna’s shoulder.  “As a matter of fact...  I’ve been thinking.  Me and Little Man, we need some brotherly bonding time.  So, I was thinkin’ maybe he could bunk up with me at our next stop.”

Donna’s face glowed, she knew Kevin held a special spot just for Nick.  “That would be wonderful Kevin.  I was really worried, his parents aren’t going to be around for a few days.  He could use some time with you.”  Donna stopped to take a breath.  “It’s so sweet of you,” as she patted his chest. 

Kevin turned back down the hall to see Nick bopping around like a damn basketball.  Kevin let loose with a laugh that made Nick stop in his tracks.  Turning back to Donna, Kevin smiled, “Ain’t it real sweet of me.”

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