The Closet II

The flight attendant announced to the passengers to prepare for landing. 

“A little excited Nick?”  Kevin watched the thirteen-year-old bounce in his seat.

“This is so cool.”  Nick was in awe that they were going to Sweden.  He was scared to death to fly and landing and taking off were the worst.  He had heard stuff about the girls in Sweden.  After hiding in Kevin’s closet, his curiosity had been tweaked.

“Slow down buddy,” Kevin captured Nick by the back of the shirt collar before he could run over the passengers.

“Chill out dude!”  Nick tried to shrug lose of Kevin.  Reaching down, Nick grabbed his duffel bag.  Grabbing both straps on the bag, he pulled.  The bag didn’t budge and he almost fell over it. 

“Hold up Nicky,” casually Kevin grabbed the bag and swung it over his own shoulder.  No sense in Nick being embarrassed, just yet anyway.  Besides, he was going to get a new razor out of this, one way or another.  To this day, he couldn’t fathom why Nick thought his brand new electric razor would shave the fuzzballs off his sweater.  

“Thanks Kevy,” Nick chirped as he bounced off the plane, leaving Kevin with both of their bags.

Kevin shook his head and Howie laughed.  “He’s chipper now, just wait,” Kevin drawled lazily as he once again touched the inside of his coat pocket for his trump card on Nick.  “Yes Nicky my boy, your time is a comin’.”

They rushed to the hotel and dropped their luggage off.  They had promotional stops to make for the better half of the day. 

With the promo work done, they decided to take a walk around Stockholm.  The guys wanted to see the sites.  Kevin was labeled chaperone since the rest of the adults were busy having strategy meetings.  They were trying to book studio time and more promo work, if it was possible.

As the guys strolled down the street, a disagreement broke out between Howie and Kevin.  Brian, A.J., and Nick stood in silence as the two older members argued whether to go left or go right.  Kevin wanted to go right, Howie wanted to go left.

Kevin threw his hands up in the air, “Fine!  I don’t really care.”  Kevin gave up, lagging behind the rest. 

As he ambled behind them, he took in the sites, especially the ones of the female persuasion.  Ogling a pretty, petite, blonde, he slammed into Brian.  “What the hell did ya stop for?”  He shouted at his younger cousin.

Kevin heard the blonde he had been eyeballing giggle.  “Real smooth Kevin,” he groaned in his head.  A.J. was snickering too.

Suddenly aware of his surroundings, he shook his head.  The neighborhood had become splattered with neon signs.  Mostly red neon signs with three X’s on them.

“Kevy Kev, those girls are naked,” Nick squealed with enough excitement that you had thought the kid had found Santa Clause.

“Way to go D!”  Kevin growled as he fished something out of his pocket.  Quickly, he turned his back to all of them.  Just as quickly, he returned the item to his pocket.

“I didn’t know!”  Howie defended his lack of direction.

“Come on fellas, we need to backtrack.”  Kevin placed a hand on A.J.’s shoulder.

“Like hell,” A.J. mumbled as his eyes gobbled up the treats of exposed women.

Nick was almost drooling at the sights around him.  Large hands covered Nick’s eyes.  “KEVIN!” Nick whined as he furiously fought for his next peek.  Trying to scratch and claw the large paws away from his eyes.

“Forget it, you don’t even know what you’re looking at.”  Kevin held his grip.

“Yeah I do!  It’s naked girls!” he squeaked.

Kevin laughed as Nick fought him.  However, Nick’s cheeks pinked when Kevin let go and a ‘Lady of questionable employment’ walked in front of Nick.  Kevin had been two-steps short of taking the half-pint and tossing him over his shoulder. 

“Let go!”  Nick yelled as he was dragged backwards towards where they had come from.  “Come on Kev, we’re just lookin’.”

“That’s about all you can do at your age.”  Kevin laughed.  He needed to get them back on track before he caught some serious shit from Donna.  Paybacks were one thing, but knowing Nick and A.J., they would go back to the band and spout off about where they had been.

As they walked back, it struck Kevin as to how funny some of their chorography was.  Nick was up on stage doing hip thrusts and didn’t really have a full grasp on what he was doing.

“Sorry Kev,” Howie offered his apology as he slowed down to walk next to him. 

Kevin caught the wink and grinned.  “An honest mistake D.  No big deal.” 

Both of them were silent as the trio of Brian, A.J., and Nick pulled a little ahead of them.  Howie whispered, “Did you get what we need?”

Kevin’s hand shot out and Howie laughed at the telephone number written on Kevin’s hand.

Kevin stuffed his hands in his coat pocket as the walked down the street.  “He’s more than curious now.”

“Of course, it was an accident.  Things happen,” Howie laughed.

Three heads turned back to look at the two older ones who were laughing their asses off.

“How much trouble do you think we’ll be in if we get caught?”  Howie waited for the younger ones to get a little further ahead of them.

Kevin walked a block before he answered him.  “About as much trouble as he’s going to be in if they find out he was spying on me.”  Kevin believed Nick needed this to teach him a lesson.  A lesson his family would never teach him but an older brother would.  The way he figured it, Nick didn’t have an older brother, so Kevin would be more than happy to fill those shoes, especially after his little voyeur stunt.

The five entered the hotel and went directly to their floor.  Entering the floor, they began the process of finding their luggage.  Nick followed A.J. to a room.  A.J.’s belongings were there but not his.  Howie’s stuff was in A.J.’s room.  Next, he checked Brian’s and then went to find Donna.  Well actually, he started yelling first.  “Donna!  Donna!  I can’t find my stuff!”

Donna heard him yelling since her suite door was open.  Sighing loudly, she looked at Kevin who now stood with his arms crossed at the door.  “I did thank you for doing this, right?”

Kevin nodded and grinned; his dimple showed.  “Yep.”

“Nick!”  Donna stopped him with her call as he ran down the hall.

“Yeah!”  Nick bounced into the room.  “Hey!  I can’t find my stuff.  Nothing is here…”

“Shush!”  Donna stopped the flow of whining.  “Your things are in Kevin’s room.”

Nick looked towards Kevin; Kevin was smiling at him.  It wasn’t his happy smile, it was the one he hated the most, the ‘I’m gonna knock your damn head off’ smile.  “Kevin’s room?  Why?”

“Because your parents aren’t here to keep an eye on you,” Donna smiled.

Kevin winced; maybe this wasn’t a good idea, as Nick bounced in place.  Up and down, side to side.  Well, there was still that closet problem Nick had.  “Because I asked her to put you with me.  We haven’t been spending enough time together.”

“Oh cool!”  Nick bopped around in his place some more.  “Wanna play ball?  Wanna play a video game?”  Nick stopped talking when Kevin frowned; these were not Kevin’s ideas of fun.  “Oh I know.  You wanna go work out or somethin’?”

Kevin laughed aloud at the twig of a thirteen-year-old standing in front of him as he walked over to him.  “Yeah little brother lets go work out.”  Kevin slapped him on the back so hard Nick thought Kevin had slammed his left lung out the front of his chest.

“Boys!”  Donna directed her glare to Kevin.  

Nick mumbled something about changing into sweats.  He was coughing and rubbing his chest as he went down the hall.

Kevin threw his hands up in mock defense.  “Sorry, I keep forgetting he’s just a little thing.”

Kevin saw Johnny come out from the elevator rubbing his temples.  This was Kevin’s chance to set this up.  “Why don’t you two go out to dinner tonight?  He looks like he could need it and so do you.  You’ve been working pretty hard for us.”

“I don’t know Kevin…”  Donna hesitated at the invitation.  They were in a foreign country with a hand full of minors.  Her husband passed by her, looking wore out. 

Hearing noises in the hall, she saw Nick and Brian wrestling in the hallway almost toppling a maid’s cart.  “Boys!” she yelled, they stopped and apologized.  “We could use a night out.”

“Come on go, I think D and I can handle a bunch of little kids.”  Kevin cajoled.

“Are you sure?”  Donna looked at him seriously.

Johnny dropped a stack of papers and began to curse.

Kevin smiled, “If not for yourself, do it for him.  He needs to get away from us for a little while.”

“We’ll do it.  You are in charge as of right now.”  Donna smiled, thrilled at the prospect of a quiet evening out and real food, not a teenagers’ burger joint.

Kevin sidestepped the wrestlers in the hall.  He walked in D’s room.  A.J. sat on the bed.  “Take a walk Bone.”

A.J. normally would give him a hassle but the match in the hallway looked a lot more fun then listening to Kevin and Howie talk.

Kevin smacked the door shut as A.J. left.  Grabbing the phone, he called the number on his hand. 

Howie was just about in tears by the time Kevin was finished.  “I can’t believe you’re actually going to this.”

“Hell, the peckerhead deserves it.  He watched me get a damn blowjob.  The little shit doesn’t even know what the hell it is.  At least he had better not know.”  Kevin walked out the door and barked, “Knock it off!  Let’s go Nick.”

Kevin wasted as much time as possible.  They hit the arcade after working out.  Then he plied Nick with two chocolate milkshakes, three burgers, and fries.  “Where the hell do you put it?”  Kevin asked as he shook his head. 

Nick mumbled with his mouth full of food.

Kevin shrunk back slightly then checked his watch.  It was time to go back upstairs.  “Come on,” Kevin stood up and waited for him. 

Nick grabbed his shake and followed him.  He was enjoying his time with Kevin.  Kevin was being nice to him.  Then he thought maybe he should be worried, Kevin was sneaky.  “Are you still mad about the razor?”

“Nope, but you owe me a new razor.” Kevin waited for the elevator door to open.

They saw Johnny and Donna dressed up and ready to go.  Kevin shoved Nick down the hall towards their room. 

“Where they goin’?”  Nick looked back at them.

“Out, they’re adults,” Kevin gave him another push.

Nick looked at him somewhat strangely.  He was being just a little pushy.  “Knock it off!”

Donna and Johnny hesitated in the hall hearing Nick yell.  They boarded the elevator as Kevin and Nick stood in the doorway to their room.

With his back turned to Donna and Johnny, Kevin reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the Mario card.  He waved it in Nick’s face, “No, you knock it off.  We need to have a little talk.”

Nick’s face turned from pink to red to light white, to seven shades of pale.  Swallowing hard, “That’s not mine.  I didn’t lose that in your room.”

Kevin leaned down into his face and snarled.  “Did I say it was yours?  Did I say I found it in my room?”

Nick took one look at Kevin and knew he was in for it.  Dropping the shake, he ran down the hall like a streak of lighting.  The elevator door slammed shut, Nick bounced off the closed doors and fell to the floor.  “DON’T LEAVE ME DONNA!  HE’S GONNA KILL ME. PLEASE DONNA COME BACK!” 

A.J. was the first one in the hallway.  He watched Kevin drag a screaming Nick back to his room.  “I’m glad I’m not roomin’ with your cousin B-rok.”  A.J. and Brian headed downstairs to eat.

Kevin tossed Nick in the room and slammed the door shut.  He held the door closed with both hands out in the hallway.   

Howie was laughing in the hallway with Kevin as they waited for the person they had made the call to, to show up.  Some people walked by and stared.  The door was going boom-boom-boom in the frame.  Not to mention, the young gentleman holding the door shut with his foot on the wall.

It was difficult to ignore the frantic little voice on the other side of the door begging for mercy.  “Please Kevin, I’m sorry…  I really am, I’ll never do it again.”  “

“You’re damn right you won’t!”  Kevin barked back as he heard the elevator chime and turned towards it.

“It was awful Kevin, really!  I wasn’t gonna look!”  The voice sounded somewhat pathetic from the outside. 

A very tall, very curvy, and buxom brunette stepped off the elevator.  She had a slip of paper in her hand.  She followed the hotel door numbers right to Kevin and Howie.  “Sir, I’m Elisa.  I’m looking for a Mr. Doroughson.”

“Thanks Kev,” Howie groaned.

Kevin bit his bottom lip; he wasn’t expecting such a hottie.  She didn’t look like the type of person that would be in this line of work.  “Um…  We’re Mr. Doroughson.”

“You are?” she looked at them and began to walk away.  “I don’t do two at once in my line of work.  Please understand that it can be dangerous.”

“Oh wait!  Miss…  Miss…  Elisa…”   Kevin called to her.

The young woman returned to them.  “Yes?”

“We didn’t hire you for us, we hired you for the gentleman in here,” Kevin still held the door shut.  Nick was beginning to sound pretty damn pitiful to him too.

“Oh I see,” she cocked her head to the side.  “A birthday perhaps?”

“Yeah, Yeah, that’s it…  It’s Nicky’s birthday.”  Howie caught sight of the bag she was carrying.  He eyed it closer.

Her hand gazed his cheek.  “IF you want to see what is in the bag, you pay first… eh?”

Kevin’s eyebrows shot to the ceiling as he delved into his back pocket for his wallet.  Kevin peeled the money out and Howie’s eyes bulged when Kevin poked him.  “A thousand dollars!  We’re paying a thousand dollars for a hooker!”

The woman slapped Howie’s face so hard he stumbled backwards.  “I’m not a hooker, I’m a dominatrix.”

Kevin stood speechless as Howie opened his wallet.  “Man, she whacked you good.”

Howie’s eyes rolled, now he was having second thoughts.  He paid the woman and pointed to the bag.

When she leaned over to open the bag, the boys got an eye full of a leather bustier.  “The usual gentlemen.  Handcuffs, whips, chains, clamps, etc…”

Kevin’s head back up and he turned to Howie.  They must have read each other’s mind.  “He’s a minor you know?”

“I don’t do minors!” she handed the money back to the men.  She bent again and zipped the bag.

“Wait a minute,” Kevin stopped her.  When she came at him, he tossed his hands up to block himself.  “What if we just hire you to scare him a little?”

The woman heard screaming on the other side of the door.  “How old is he?”

“Thirteen,” Howie mumbled.

Hearing that, she turned on her heel, “I don’t think so gentlemen.”

“Hey wait a minute.”  Kevin yelled.  Quickly he grabbed Howie and shoved him in front of the door.  Kevin ran after Miss Elisa.  For few minutes they chatted.  He watched the woman cover her mouth and giggle.  When she did, Kevin frowned.

Howie was so intent on watching them that he didn’t see Nick open the door.  Nick leaned out the door, not sure what to expect.  “Wow she’s pretty.”

The woman turned and smiled at him.  She began to walk towards Nick, wearing a huge smile.  She approached him, “Hello little boy.”

Nick frowned; the older women always did that to him.  “I’m not little, I’m Nick.”

“Let’s see how little Nick is… eh?”  She shoved her way into the room and then slammed the door loudly.

“What the fuck did you do?”  Howie looked at him amazed.  “Are you nuts?  She’s gonna kill him.”

“Nah,” Kevin laughed.  “I told her what he did to me.  She laughed; her sister did the same damn thing to her.  She said she always wanted to get even.  She promised not to have sex with him, he is a minor and we all could get in trouble.  She said she would just scare the shit out of him.”

“Oh,” Howie was still shocked.

They leaned on the door.  Hearing the sound of whip snap in the air followed by, “KEEEVVVVINNNNNN!  HELP ME!”

Kevin and Howie stood in the hall laughing, tears coming out of their eyes.  “He screams like a girl,” Kevin laughed.

A.J. and Brian strolled down the hall after visiting the arcade.


Kevin’s head tilted, he looked at A.J.

A.J. thought for a moment, he had two choices, give in or run.  He chose run, Kevin right on his heels. 

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!”  A.J. ran up and down the hall with Kevin chasing him.  Finally, he stopped in front of the door that Nick was behind.  He dropped his shoulders and sighed.  “Okay Kev, I’m ready for my punishment.”

Kevin smiled a lazy smile, “You are huh?”  Knowing that A.J. wasn’t as innocent as Nick, he was more then prepared.  He had a guest waiting for him also.

“Oh yeah, please,” A.J. was practically drooling as he heard Nick screaming his head off.

“I’m glad to hear that.  You’ll never sneak in my room again will you?”

“Uh-ah,” A.J. shook his head and smiled.

Kevin knew better, A.J. was a sly one.  The door opened to A.J.’s room.  Kevin pointed to the door, “There’s your punishment.”

A hulking, huge blonde stepped out of A.J.’s suite.  The figure was dressed in leather from head to toe.  A riding crop dangled from the person’s fingertips.

A.J. started to freak, Kevin laughed.  “Meet Sven A.J.  He promised to be real nice to you.”

“AHHHHHH!”  A.J. ran with Brian into their room and locked the door.  All they could hear was the earsplitting laughter in the hallway.

Both Brian and A.J. sat on the floor in front of the door, blocking it.  “Are all of your relatives as mean as him.”

Brian shrugged, “I don’t think so.  Then again, not everyone wants to watch Kevin with a girl either.  That’s sick Alex.”

Hours later Kevin lay in his bed trying to fall asleep; Nick bunking with him was hampering this idea.


“Yes Nick,” he mumbled into his pillow.

“I am really sorry…  I won’t do it again… I wanted to leave but I didn’t know how to just walk out of there… Then I let A.J. talk me into staying… Then into looking.”

“I understand Kaos, just don’t let it happen again.  You can’t let A.J. lead you around like that.”

“Okay I won’t,” he heard Nick sigh and turn.  Kevin welcomed the quiet at last.  His eyes started to close and he became relaxed.


“What Nick?” he moaned and whimpered.  All he wanted to do was go to sleep.

“I can ask you anything and you’d tell me the truth right?”

“Yes Nick, I would tell you the truth.”  Kevin hoped that was the last question for the night but he had a feeling it wasn’t.


“Okay Nick last question or I’m gonna throw your ass out in the hall.”  Kevin punched his pillow out of frustration.

“Does it hurt when they eat ya?”

Kevin laughed so hard he fell off the bed.  “No Nick it doesn’t hurt, trust me.”

“You shouldn’t of kissed her after she did that,” Nick mumbled as he yawned.

“Go to sleep Nicky,” Kevin sighed.  How the hell could he be mad at someone so innocent.  Deep down inside, he hoped Nick would always stay that childlike.

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