~The Tile~

Okay so it was a normal task, no big deal, “Yeah right,” he grumbled to himself.  Checking the address on the slip of paper in his hand, he climbed out of the truck.  I hate being sent out to do this stuff.  She could do it herself but nooo, she says I’m too anal.

The place was upscale but not in flashy way.  Walking up to the glass doors, he yanked one of them open.  The ‘ding-ding’ of a bell made him jump.

Walking in, he surveyed his surrounding, waiting for something or someone to jump out at him.


“Can I help you?” said a voice that was cheerier than the sunshine outside.

“Uh-yeah, I’m here to pick out some tile for by my contractor.”

A slender red head came from behind a tall metal rack, that was filled with cardboard boxes.  “Hi, I’m Delaney,” she smiled, offering her hand. 

She watched his expression; his eyebrows were arched in surprise.  I guess I’m not what he was expecting.  Good Lord he’s gorgeous, I’ll work a month of freaking Sundays to do this job. This should be interesting.  I wonder if it shows on my face that I’m a huge fan, shit, I hope not.

“Nice to meet you Delaney, I’m Kevin, Kevin Richardson.”  Wow, this is not going to be easy and she’s a fine piece of work.  Oh, look at the legs, long legs and short-shorts, best thing in the world.  I like that tee, you can almost just imagine what’s under it.

An inordinate amount of time past as the individuals seemed to size each other up.  “What can I help you with Mr. Richardson?  Any particular color, substance, or style you want?”

 That hair with those legs is distracting, you are here to pick out tile Kevin, that is all.  No hugging, no touching, amazing hair, they way it glistens in the light.  It looks soft.  I wonder if it’s soft?  Tile, Kevin, Tile.  “Red...” he mumbled.

“Red tile?  Okay that’s a start,” she smirked.  Red tile my ass!  You’re staring at my hair.  I think if I asked right now, you would actually run that wicked tongue of yours right up my leg.

“No-no, not red.  I’m sorry, I’m just not sure, I think maybe blue, maybe blue and white.”  It’s getting warm in here.

“Why don’t you look around and see if you can find something that might interest you or if you prefer, maybe I could send you in a particular direction?”

Kevin cleared his throat, “Well I’m environmentally conscious and safety is a concern.  I like marble but it comes from the earth, slate is good.  I wonder if they blow up mountains to get this stuff?  I’m just not sure, it’s for my bathroom.”  I sure as hell hope that sounded like a half –way decent answer.

“Why don’t you look at some Corian, it’s a man-made material, it will last a lifetime, it’s durable and safe.  You can even get a non-skid surface and grab bars.”  Okay that was TMI but what the hell, he’s already side tracked and confused.

“Yeah maybe I will,” Grab bars, who the hell needs grab bars, I’m not that damn old!  I can do a lot damage in a shower with the likes of you, you need the grab bars.

She swayed back to the office and sat down at the desk, ignoring the frown he had shot her.  Oh Delaney O’Brien you had better be careful, he thinks you just took a shot at his age. 

The phone ringing interrupted her fun.  She spoke on the phone to her boss, re-assuring him that there special client was here, confused but he was here, and that this may take awhile.

“Delaney, I know you are a fan but work comes first,” sent her thoughts to a grinding halt.  She was watching him wander the cases of tile.  He would pick one up, study it, and then set it back down.  “Yes Rich,” she groaned into the phone, and then hung up on him.  At this point watching Kevin Richardson strut in front of her in a t-shirt and well worn jeans, complete with raggy bottoms was much more interesting than Rich.

The phone rang again, she checked the number, it was Rich.  “I’m busy,” she snickered at the phone.  Inhaling sharply she sighed as he bent over a case of tile.  “Ohhh,” she bit her lip.

Standing up suddenly, he turned and flashed her a devastating grin.  I caught that little noise, you were checking out my butt.  I hope you enjoyed that little show.

Shit, he heard me.  “Something you need help with?” as she jumped to attention, almost falling out of her office chair.  Giving it a slight kick, she sent it flying into the file cabinet.  “They can be dangerous,” she chuckled.

“I have it narrowed down to these four.  So give me the pros and cons.”  I bet you could be dangerous in that chair too. 

He had four tile aligned next to each other.  As she surveyed them, “Hmm shower.  Well Slate with soap is not a great idea.  Now marble will scratch and is unforgiving with fragile items.  Porcelain can be hard to keep clean and it chips.  The Corian is easy to clean and easy to fix if it gets marred.  Once you decide on which type, we can decide on the finish.”

“Finish?”  Kevin questioned.  Man, she lost me, how embarrassing, hell it’s tile, it’s shiny or it isn’t.

“Mmm-hmm.  Finishes can range from Antique, Honed, Semi-polished, Tumbled, Flamed, Cleft, or custom.  From there you get into color families and subtle differences and then the sizes.”  She repeated her standard sales pitch.  She watched his face turn red from either temper or embarrassment, she couldn’t tell which.

“It’s tile!” he growled at her.  The woman had just rattled off too much information for him to digest.  Too many choices at once for him to make a decision.

Ahh, temper, she sniggered.  “What color is your bathroom?”

“Different colors,” his face contorted in confusion.  His green eyes now turned on her, beseeching help.

“I think you should get a decorator, it might help,” she spoke softly as not to offend.

“Know any?” he grumbled as he flipped the piece of marble tile from front to back in his hand.

“Hi I’m Delaney O’Brien, tile seller and certified decorator.”  She repeated the words but wanted to shoot herself.

“You’re hired.  When can you come by?”  It was his turn to smile, he has just been had, but what better way to be had than a sexy red-headed, legs to her throat, short-short wearing decorator.

“How soon do you want me to come?” her head tilted to the side. 

You can come right now baby, but I would like to think I had a hand in that, or at least a tongue.  Kevin was grinning from ear to ear.  “How about tonight, unfortunately my wife is out of town, that is why I get to do this.”

“I see,” she swallowed.  Delaney calm down, your face is fire engine red right now because you just took in the double meaning of what you just said to him.  Trouble is, I think he did too.  I wonder...  “Tonight would be fine.  I need your address and a time.”

Pulling his wallet out, he removed a slip of paper and a business card.  Grabbing the pen that was stuck in her hair he jotted down the information.  “See you at six?”

“Fine,” she blipped out.  Oh lord that felt good, he barely touched with those long fingers.  They’re so soft and strong.  He smells so good.

Kevin left the store with a chuckle as he watched the ‘titty hard-on’ form on the front Miss O’Brien.  “Somedays it’s good to be me.”  Grinning as he pulled away from the curb.

Sharply at six, the gate was buzzed.  “Prompt, I like that,” he waltzed over to the door.  As he opened the door, he hoped she would notice that he was maybe a tad under-dressed for this little meeting. 

Throwing open the door, Delaney gaped at him.  “Sorry I just got out of the shower.  I’ve been working since I left your place.  Come on in.”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded as she walked in.  Okay Delaney, do not let the dripping wet, just got out of the shower, he’s shirtless and barefoot bother you.  Thank God he did his jeans.  Okay, God I need a drink.

“Can I get you anything?” he raised his arms up and his chest puffed out as he slid his shirt over his head.

“Water,” she croaked as she watched his nipples harden.

“Okay, nothing stronger?” he checked the cheeky grin he had on his face.  Hot and bothered, just the way I like it, he sang to himself.

He left her standing in the living room as he trotted to the back of the house.  Coming back he approached her slowly, “For you Delaney.  Come on, I’ll show you the bathroom.”

The hell with the bathroom, show me the bedroom.  Delaney, he’s a married man, I’m sure he’s a loving husband.

Kevin grabbed her hand softly, tugging gently, “It’s this way,” as he cocked his head to the side. 

Delaney’s eyes bugged out when she walked into the master bath.  I wanted to see the bedroom, this wasn’t how I wanted to see it.

“So what do you think?”  Kevin gave her a slight push into the bathroom.  Joining her, he followed her eyes around the room, they settled on him.

“Big,” she murmured.

A smile lit up his face, “Me or the bathroom?”

Her eyes squeezed shut as her face burned from the heat of all the blood rushing to it.  Opening one eye, she peeked at the arrogant male in front of her, “Both.”

A laugh rumbled from deep within in his chest,  “I appreciate your honesty but seriously, check this out.”  Kevin stood in a space that had lines drawn on the floor.  “This is where I want my shower. Picture this, the shower, faucet here.  A ledge along here.  I want one of those European numbers that sprays your whole body.  I want it to be sleek and modern.  Can you picture this in your head?”

Picture?  Picture!  For God sakes, strip the clothes off and give me more of a visual.  It can’t get any hotter in here, I’m going to explode.  I wonder if the fan works in here.  “I’m trying...” she stopped speaking as she was grabbed and yanked into the shower.

“Okay does that give you a clearer picture?” he said in voice that would melt wax, without a flame.

Quickly she moved away from him.  “Oh yes, it’s clear now,” she bumped against him and let out a gasp.  Oh shit, he is definitely a happy guy, in more ways than one. 

“What’s wrong Delaney?” as his hand pushed a lock of hair away from her ear.  His lips rested painfully close.  She closed her eyed when she heard him say, “I thought you would like my shower.”

“I do!” popped out before she could close her mouth.

A hand nestled in her hair on the opposite side of where his lips were.  Tugging slightly, her head followed his pull.  His lips tenderly brushed the long column of her neck.  “You’re very pretty Delaney.  I like you as my decorator....” 

A soft nibbling began on her skin, gentle little bites.  Oh no, stick a fork in me, I’m done. 

Fingers played along her side and made their way to her breast.  A gentle squeeze and she let out a moan.  The squeeze turned into a kneading motion, then stopped.  The fingers went down to her stomach.  Her shirt was lifted and she could feel his fingers on her hot skin.  Her knees started to buckle but she was pulled back and propped on him for support.  His hand trailed back up to her chest and inched under her bra.  A soft sigh escaped from him as he finally felt the nub, that he saw this afternoon, grow taught under his handling. 

The sensation rippling through her body was enough to make the earth shake and her to lose her footing again.  “I... I....,” she stuttered.

“Shh,” as he moved her to face him.  “Pretty Delaney, pretty hair, pretty eyes...” he whispered as he planted little kisses around her lips.  His hands were busy removing her clothing, grasping, groping, and unhitching.  “Pretty wet...” as his hand slipped between her legs.

“Oh God,” she heaved as his fingers parted her outer folds and entered her.  “Please... I... I... don’t...”

“Relax Delaney, everything is gonna be just fine,” as his eyes watched her face.  Her expression was one of pleading and one of agony.  His thumb began to slowly circle her bud.  Her breath quickened as she gripped his upper arms, holding on to him, her nails digging into his skin.

Stopping, he pulled his fingers away, she almost cried.  Slowly he reached down and undid his jeans.  Smiling like a Cheshire cat at her as he pushed them, along with his boxers, to the floor.  

One swipe of his hand and her panties rested on the floor.  Picking her up by the waist, he held her against the drywall and thrust into her.  Her body lurched forward as she wrapped her legs around him.  “Oh!” she shrieked, as he plunged into her.  She held on as he reached his orgasm, he fought to steady himself, knowing she wasn’t there yet.  Maneuvering his hand between them, he returned the favor in double time to her. 

The back of her head rested on the drywall since he had set her down after uncoupling them.  Her breath was still uneven and her skin was slick with sweat, but cooling quickly.  She opened her eyes and focused on a spot above her.

“What are you thinking?” he whispered softly as he watched her ride the high down.

“What are we going to do about carpeting?” she laughed.

A hearty laugh filled the room.  The sound echoed off the empty space like a tomb.  “Rug burns I guess.”

She giggled, “I think you need the grab bars.”

His head bobbed up and down, “No I think you need the grab bars.”  Reaching down, he pulled up his boxers and jeans.  “Come on, get dressed I want to show you something.”

“What?” she reached for her clothes, now self-conscious of her nudity.

“The kitchen counter.  I’m having a hard time with that.” as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down, not hiding his intent or devilish grin.

“I’ll bet you are,” she laughed as she followed him, dressing at the same time.

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