The Women of Books

I'm glad you stopped by to meet the

women of Books!


Yes I've been playing with Poser and a few other programs.

Just click on the images to see the full picture. The files

are too large to load in the entire page!


"The Celtic Wizard"




"He Thinks he's so smart... "


Meet Raina

"A Penchant For Pirates"

"He'll never know...

He'll never find out..."

Meet Sheridan


"He's late again..."

Meet Angelina



"He said he wanted to surf...

I just want to see him in the

wetsuit... "

Meet The Mystery Lady

"The Book Series"

"Okay, he wants to go camping...

in his woods....

fine, my rules..."


Meet the Mystery Kid

"The Book Series"



More to come but I need to get some work done! LOL

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