~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 1

Kevin sat in the postproduction meeting in California for the video that they had just finished last week.  As Brian had said, “We should call it Sinking not Drowning.”  None of the men were particularly pleased, even though it was a rough cut.  This meeting had been called to decide what to do with it.  Should the video be re-worked or scrapped entirely and a new treatment started.

As they were discussing their options Kevin heard his mother calling to him in his head trying to get his attention.  The thing that took him by surprise was that he wasn’t resting.  She shouldn’t be able to contact me unless I’m resting.  He ignored the first few calls to get his attention as he was trying to concentrate on the meeting.  He sighed loudly and his brothers turn to him.  He smiled trying to cover for his faux pas.  Boy she’s determined, he uttered to himself.  To which he heard, “Yes I am dear.”

“What do you want Mom?”  Kevin asked as he tried to concentrate on two conversations at once.

“I need to talk to you Kevin,” Anne pleaded with him.

“Use the phone mom, use the phone...”

“I have, you haven’t called me back in days.  I’m worried about my baby,” Anne smiled to herself when she heard Jerald laugh to her.  “Anne, mothers guilt, shame on you.”  She snickered at the comment while she sat in her kitchen in Lexington.

 “I’m sorry mom.  You’re not suppose to be able to do this, I’m not resting or sleeping.”

“I know dear but it’s a gift to you from your father.”  Anne waited to hear the reaction he was going to give her.

“Tell him I said ‘thanks’, we’re not speaking...”

“Kevin I have had enough.  You stop this behavior right now.  Your father did everything he could to help you.  He even went to the Council himself.”

Kevin let the statement settle.  He did, why didn’t he tell me that? “Oh...,” was his only response to this newly acquired knowledge.

“He shouldn’t have to tell you Kevin, he is your daddy,” Anne continued scolding him.

Kevin wasn’t sure what to say next.  He was saved from further communication as the decision to re-shoot the video was made.  They needed a director and a treatment.  Someone knocking on the door of the office stopped the conversation among the men.  Three men yelled come in and Kevin heard his mom.  “That’s Nigel dear, I think you will love his concept.”

Nigel Dick entered the room and addressed the group.  “Hello gentlemen, how have you been?”

Brian looked at Kevin and winked.

 “Guess I’m always the last to know,” Kevin grumbled looking at his band mates.  All of them returned an all-knowing smile.

Nigel settled into the chair and explained his treatment.  Something with nice outdoor shots and the boys.  Straight forward and simple.

“Where do we shoot it?” Kevin asked knowing full well Nigel already had the answer.

“A Spanish mission up in the hills, you’ll love it.”  Nigel’s eyes were twinkling, “The location would be perfect.”

Kevin thought about it, he liked the idea but wanted to know where the idea had come from.  Nigel was known for being the epitome of professionalism and they had worked together before.  They were always happy with the product and successful.  “What made you think of this idea and the location?”

“Oh it came to me in a dream...  I was quite surprised actually.”  Nigel answered as he shrugged his shoulders.

Kevin looked at Brian hearing a small chuckle escape him, “I’m not.”

“When do we start?” came from A.J.

“Tomorrow if you want.  I’ve already checked out the location and took some preliminary shots.”  Producing a file, Nigel slid it down the table.

Nick picked it up and looked at the photographs and mock-ups that Nigel had provided for them.  Nodding he passed the folder on down the table to the rest of the group.

Kevin was last and nodded his approval, “Looks good.”  Closing the folder, he raised his head to look at the fellas.  They smiled stupid grins, “Tomorrow is fine.”

Standing up Kevin walked out the door with Nigel.  As the door closed the exchanges began.  “He knows something is up,” A.J. spoke as he glanced to Brian.

“Sort of,” Brian answered.

A booming voice ripped through the conference room.  “He knows there is a re-shoot and nothing more.  You are not to interfere in any way, shape, or form.  I’m going out on a limb here and hoping my son still has some sense left in that obstinate head of his.”

Three ‘yes sirs’ and one ‘yes uncle’ were heard echoing through the room.

A feminine chuckle was heard by all present in the room.  “Hi Mrs. Anne?”  Nick laughed. 

“Hello Nicky, how are you?”

Nick groaned, man he hated it when she called him that.  “I’m fine,” he rolled his eyes to the guys.  They snickered softly at Nick’s awkwardness.

“Take care of my son, boys.  He’s coming," Anne whispered as she departed.

They could tell she was smiling, she always smiled when she talked about her children. 

“We will,” they chimed.

The conference door whipped open.  “Okay fess up, who has been talking to my parents.”  Kevin stood there waiting for answer just outside the door.  None of them would answer him.  “Fine, I’ll deal with you later.  I’m going home.”  The door slammed shut loudly.

“Great, nothing like irritating the man and then having to spend the entire weekend with him,” Howie moaned.

Kevin spent what was left of the day cleaning his house.  Muttering and mumbling, bitching and moaning the entire time.  “I can’t believe that my parents would stoop so low as to say we look like a wet boy band.”

“I didn’t say that your mother did.  Come visit me.”

There was no mistake on Kevin’s part on who was speaking to him.  “No, I have plans.”

“Kevin come, it’s been so long.”

“I don’t want to.  Tim and Jerald show up and they get on my case.  I’m not in the mood,” Kevin sighed, he was melancholy enough without becoming his brothers verbal punching bag.

“Fine, I’ll come to you,” Jerald answered his son as he materialized in front of him.

“Whoa, you have never done that!”  Kevin slowly set the cleaning rag down and walked towards him.  “Can I hug you and stuff?” he asked as he drew closer.

“Sure,” Jerald smiled and opened his arms.

A tear slid down Kevin’s face, this feels so good he thought.

“Yes it does son,” Jerald uttered, feeling the same pain that his son did.  “I miss you too,” he smiled at him.  “I’m so proud of you.”

Kevin reached up and wiped the tears from his eyes.  “I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t ever apologize for feeling Kevin.  You’re only human.”

Kevin was so stunned he didn’t quite know what to do with himself.  His dad was always around and he could go visit him in the Otherworld.  But this was so different, so moving for him.

“I wanted to see you.  Kevin you need to find someone for yourself.  You need to start looking, you’re running out of time.”

Kevin dropped his head, “I don’t want anyone else.”

“You won’t know unless you look Kevin.  Open your eyes.”

Kevin became uneasy, why are they always pushing me?  I hate this.  I had the one I wanted to spend eternity with.  She put the bracelet on, no free will bullshit!!!

“Kevin I know that your heart is broken and it’s not easy.  However, maybe if you just try.  Think of it as a football game.  Give it your best shot, “ Jerald grinned, He could read Kevin but Kevin couldn’t read him.  He just needs a little push that’s all.  He’s almost there, he’s just angry with me.   “Just promise your dad you’ll try.”

Kevin shifted slightly in his shoes, “Okay I’ll try.”

“I have to go now but remember one thing.  I’m proud of you and I love you.”  Jerald saw the sadness come to his son upon hearing those words.

As he was preparing to leave Kevin jumped towards him.  “Can I have another hug?” 

“Yes you may Kevin,” as he lovingly embraced him.  “You’ve gotten bigger, my boy,” as he patted his back and vanished.

Kevin’s arms dropped to his side.  He thought he would be sad and upset but he wasn’t.  That hug would last him a lifetime.  The fact that his dad was proud of him made it even sweeter.

Kevin locked up and headed to bed.  He couldn’t recall when the last time was that he was this happy.  He was actually smiling as he fell asleep.  That hadn’t happened in ages.





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