~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 11  

Catherine relented and let him come over when he called the next time.  He explained that he would be out of town for a couple of months but that he still wanted to call her when he could.

Kevin had to turn down his feelings for her until they returned from touring.  There was no way he could function and deal with a new relationship at the same time.

They had one last date that ended in a kiss that was deep and wanting for both of them.  Catherine felt insecure and unsure when he left.  Putting him out of her mind was the best thing she could do.  As the weeks rolled by, she caught snippets of the tour on the television.  Jenna and Debbie were full of facts and information, which they loved repeating to her.

Kevin would call her every few days and they would talk.  Constantly reminding her to practice her meditation skills.  He even managed to make a tape of his voice for her and mail it to her.

A couple days before he was due home, she took her students to the reading room at on campus.  They combed through the books wearing the required white gloves.

Jenna was in the corner with Debbie when Catherine heard them shriek and she almost dropped the book she was holding.  “Ladies,” Catherine frowned.

“Look at this,” Jenna ran towards her with the book.  Catherine waited as Jenna spun the book around.

Catherine glanced at it, “It’s an interruptive picture Jenna.  It’s history, there are no known pictures of Cernunnos and his guard.”

Jenna leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You better look real close at that picture does it remind you of anyone?”

“Of course not…,” Catherine stopped speaking.   Her mind shot into overdrive, no way, it couldn’t be. It’s impossible, she kept saying to herself.  Quietly she shut the book and looked at Jenna.  “I’m going to see if they’ll let me borrow this.”

Catherine headed for the desk while Paul confronted Jenna and Debbie.  “What is that all about?”

“Nothing,” Jenna answered.  Jenna had sat back and watched for weeks Paul’s personality changed.  He used to be a typical jock, now he was dark and moody.

Paul had constantly pestered Jenna about Catherine asking all kinds of personal questions.  Jenna of course said nothing and had been ignoring him.

Catherine came back and dismissed the students.  She held Jenna back to speak to her.  “Can you come over tomorrow, early?”

They both turned to see Paul standing at the door.  Jenna left and Paul followed.  Catherine stayed behind and sat down to read the book.

Paul grabbed Jenna by the arm, “What the hell is in that book?”

Jenna jumped at the anger, “Nothing, what is wrong with you Paul?  You’re giving me the creeps.”

“Hey I’m sorry, really Jenna I am.  I’m just under a lot of pressure at school.”  Paul let her go.  He had been so down lately that he didn’t even understand it.  Debbie kept telling him it was because he had crush on the Professor.

Jenna nodded knowing that he had been, “Look Paul, she’s with someone so forget it okay.  Why don’t you just try and be a good student and friend.”

Paul let out huff of disappointment, “Let me guess, a Backstreet Boy.”

Jenna’s lips went from side to side as she debated, “Yes, now leave it alone.”

“More her type,” Paul moaned.

Jenna swatted him on the back, “Besides I hear Amber, the hottie in Spanish class has a crush on you.”

Paul’s smile returned, “You mean the one with the big set of…”

“Yes,” Jenna groaned as they linked arms and walked to their cars together.

It was closing time and Catherine had to leave.  All the way home she was putting pieces to the puzzle together.  The books, candles, stones, knives, and other equipment.  Kevin showing up at the hospital the way he did.  The book that had been mysteriously flipped the other way.  Even Bert’s odd behavior around Kevin.

Getting ready for bed, she began her nightly ritual.  She brushed her hair the customary one hundred strokes.  The curtains fluttered open and she felt a cool breeze.  It broke the monotony of it all.

Her sleep was uneven and frightening.  All the things that she had studied over the past years swam in her head.  They were animals, ancients, and Gods chasing after her.

She was running through the woods, woods that she didn’t recognize.  The moon was full, she could feel the sharp branches and twigs cutting into to her skin, stinging as they tore into her and the long white dress she wore.  Her heart pounded in her chest, she had to get away.  Turning her head swiftly, she and the person chasing her entered the clearing.  She began to scream when she saw it was Kevin.  His eyes were a horrible glowing green and he wore a menacing face as he bore down her.

Swiftly he knocked her to the ground and fell on her.  She begged him to stop as he pulled her back through the trees.  “I don’t want this,” she kept screaming at him.

“I do,” he screamed back as he forcibly dragged her back to the gathering of people.  “How dare you make of fool of me,” he growled as she stood before everyone there.  “Finish this now!” he yelled at a man.

Catherine screamed and begged him, telling him he was breaking the rules, he couldn’t do this, as the silver bracelet was snapped around her wrist.

A thump on her head woke her from the horrific sight, she blinked and Bert sat on her pillow.  Bert sat washing his paws and then leaned over for a nuzzle.  Scooping the cat up she hugged him tightly.  “Oh Bert, what a bad dream I had.”

Bert bounded off the bed meowing the entire time, announcing that his breakfast was late.

Shaking her head, “I’m glad you’re so concerned Bert.”  Walking to the kitchen, she fed the impatient cat.  After making coffee she hastily dashed to the shower not knowing what time Jenna would be showing up, but if she knew Jenna, it would be early, very early.

Dressing quickly, she poured her first cup of coffee and spilled most of it when someone knocked on her door.  Unlocking it, she let Jenna in.

“You look like hell,” Jenna walked in and to the coffee pot.

“Tell me you didn’t skip today,” Catherine joined her at the pot.

Jenna grinned, “Okay I won’t tell you then.”

Catherine shook her head.  “I think you’re on to something.  I know it’s weird, it’s folktales, not possible, but something is there.”

“So you’re dating the horned one?”  Jenna cracked.

“Not funny!”  Catherine grated her teeth.  “It may be just a coincidence, that book is from hundreds of years ago.”

Jenna opened the book again, “Doubt it, it looks like all of the them, except Nick, he dressed as a jester.”

Catherine’s shoulders shook and the laughter bubbled out.

Jenna joined her, “Pretty accurate actually.”

Catherine paced the kitchen as Jenna read.

“Listen to this, there is cauldron called the Gnudstrup Cauldron.  People believe that he is depicted on it.  The legend says that a piece of the cauldron was broke off and forged into a silver bracelet.  Whoever posses the bracelet is the God.”  Jenna paused and continued reading.  “If he chooses to take a mate, she will wear the bracelet for eternity and he will wear a matching one.  They belong to each other forever.”

A gurgle came from Catherine and Jenna watch the blood drain from her face.

Dropping the book she went to her, “Catherine, what is wrong?”

Steadying herself, she repeated her dream to Jenna, softly and without hesitation.

Jenna’s nerves were on edge by the time Catherine finished.  “Maybe you just read about the bracelet somewhere else.”

Catherine pranced around the kitchen, “So according to the book if he has this bracelet then he is?”

“That’s what it says, here’s a picture.”  Jenna set the book down for Catherine to look at again.

“Kevin has this cabinet in his den, it was locked and the light was off when I was there.  He let me look inside but some things were in boxes.  I wonder if he would keep it in there?”

Jenna sat and watched, waiting for Catherine to finish her thinking.  Catherine was going way off the deep end with this theory.  Jenna knew there was only one thing she could do and that was to prove her wrong.  Really Kevin Richardson, a Wizard and God.

Catherine began to fidget, “If we could look in the cabinet, not touch anything, just look, we would know, right?”

Jenna shook her head no, “How are we going to do that?”

“We can go there, I know where he lives,” Catherine squeezed her eyes shut.

“Oh you think he’s going to say sure Cath, it’s me, here see,” Jenna replied mockingly.

Catherine raised her head and smiled, “He’s not home until tomorrow, they’re doing something on MTV.”

“Are you sure?”  Jenna asked with a grin.  Her blood beginning to bubble with excitement.  Jenna had a lust for intrigue, this would be fun, if Catherine would do it.

Catherine nodded and clicked the television.  They watched and not five minutes past that the ad ran.

Jenna questioned the soundness of the idea, “How are we going to get in?  Don’t they all live in those gated communities?”

“We could try?”  Catherine mumbled.

“Let’s go,” Jenna grabbed her coat.

“Shouldn’t we wait until dark?”  Catherine asked seriously.

Jenna closed her eyes and shook her head, “That’s right you only do bad stuff when it’s  dark.”

Catherine frowned at the saucy teenager.  “I’m sorry breaking and entering isn’t my trade.”

“Not mine either,” Jenna giggled as they both walked out the door.

Getting by the guard out front was easier than they both had thought.  Catherine pulled into Kevin’s driveway.  It looked quiet; it was the middle of the day.  They climbed up the hill on the side of the house.  Both of them climbed over the fence that bordered his backyard.

“We’re gonna get caught,” Catherine became fretful.

“Now you’re worried we’re going to get caught.  He probably has an alarm system.”

“Well I do but since I knew you were coming I turned it off for you,” came from the patio door.  Kevin stood there with a shit-eating grin on his face sipping a glass of something.

“Uh-oh,” Jenna turned slowly around.

“You’re not suppose to be home,” Catherine glared at him.

“You shouldn’t be trying to sneak in my house,” Kevin laughed with amusement.  It was like something out of bad B movie.  It was worse than Spice World.  Watching them both move stealthily up the hillside and to see them drop over the fence.  Kevin walked back into the house and straight to the front door.  He let an older man in who followed Kevin back to the patio.

“Oh noo,” Jenna groaned.

“Who is that?”  Catherine asked.

“My dad, he called my dad,” Jenna hissed.  “How did he know how to reach my dad,” Jenna was on verge of tears as she stood in front of both men.

“Let’s go young lady, while Mr. Richardson is still in a benevolent mood.”  Promptly he turned and headed from where he came.

“Dadddddyyy,” Jenna whined as she ran after him.  She shot Kevin a shitty look and he flashed her grin.

“Shouldn’t skip school,” he whispered as she walked past.

Catherine stuck her nose up in the air and began to follow both them.  Kevin caught her by the sleeve, “Where are you goin’?”

“Home,” as she tugged her arm back or at least tried too.

“Don’t think so,” as Kevin latched onto her arm until he heard the front door slam.





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