~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 12 

“Confession time Catherine, why were you breaking into my house?”  Kevin spoke as he walked in the house.

Meekly she trailed behind him, trying to think of an excuse, any excuse that sounded plausible.

“I’m waiting,” as he snagged a soda from the refrigerator and poured it in a glass for her.

“I... I... I wanted to see something,” she looked at him dead on.

“What?”  He had not used his magic to see them coming.  He was sleeping when the guard had called to let him know he had visitors and they were on the way.  A feeling of relief drifted over him when he saw who it was parked in the driveway.  He was now glad he had taken a late flight home.

“I have this insane idea that you’re a wizard, and an ancient deity.”  Catherine said it, she couldn’t believe it.  She waited for him to fall on the floor laughing hysterically and then call the men with the white coats to come and get her.

“And if I was, what would you do?”  Kevin was amused, but upset in the same token, it hadn’t taken her too long to put everything together.

Catherine thought about the question, it was simple, what would she do.  “I don’t know.”

“Train whatcha’ doin’.”  Catherine heard it, it was Nick.  She looked at Kevin and he laughed at the strike me dead look on her face.

 “Not now Nick, I’m busy.”  Kevin answered him without moving his lips.

Catherine backed away from him and towards the front hall when she heard him speak, but his mouth never opened.  Nick was nowhere to be found in this house.

“Catherine come back here,” Kevin commanded her.

Her head was shaking violently from side to side and her long blonde hair flying in every direction.  She grabbed for the door that wouldn’t open as hard as she pulled.

“Catherine don’t be afraid.   I won’t hurt you,” Kevin whispered from behind her.

Catherine screamed so loud Kevin had to cover his ears.  With his concentration broke the door gave way, Catherine flew out the door.  “Jesus that hurt,” Kevin was trying to shake off the effects of her screech.

Kevin was ready to charge after her but common sense said she needed to digest all the information.  He hadn’t told her anything but someone had let her in on the conversation.  Grabbing his coat he headed to Nick’s.  He needed to know who the hell gave her the power to listen in like that.

Storming into Nick’s house they looked at him.  “Who’s the asshole!” he screamed. “You nearly scared her to death.  I’m amazed she got home in one piece.”

“None of us did Kev, we thought you did,” Brian spoke as he sat in the chair.

“Somebody is lying, I hate liars and ya know it, who did it?”  Kevin was in his aggressive stance and wasn’t backing down.

Nick could see the books starting to move on the bookcase.  “Kevin get a grip, please don’t trash my house again,” Nick bellyached.  It never failed every time Kevin lost his temper it was at his house.  He’d be replacing anything breakable again, since Kevin would send things crashing into walls and people.

A.J. lifted his glass, “I made sure she got home in one piece.”

“Did you do it?”  Kevin flew across the room.

“No!”  A.J. shouted and threw his hands up to defend himself.

Brian pulled on Kevin’s arm, “You said she knows when you are around her, maybe she did it herself.”

“Impossible!”  Kevin shouted.  “I would know, they would tell me.”

“Just like they told you how your last relationship would end,” Howie added to the conversation.

Kevin whirled around, “I don’t need your shit.”

“She’s just a girl Kev, get a hold of yourself.”  Nick was pushing buttons again and he knew it.

“This is fucked,” Kevin dropped in a chair much to Nick’s relief.  Things in the house stopped trembling and the books cease to jiggle.

“Let’s go out and blow off some steam, we’ll go to the club and hang for awhile.”

“It’s too damn early to go clubbing,” A.J. complained.

Nick sighed, “We can eat first.”  The rest of them laughed, Nick could eat all the time, anytime.

Kevin’s feelings were mixing with his thoughts; he was disturbed and confused.  Catherine had already expressed to him that she was nervous around him and dating.  Now she was frightened of him.  He was musing that if anyone would’ve understood him it would have been her.  Instead, she flew out the door in absolute terror.

Giving in he let them drag him along for a night of festivities.  They hit a club that they were known for what they really were.  It was a gathering place for people like them.  People who believed in the craft and practiced it.  Of course they were revered for what they truly were not their musical talents.

Hours droned by and Kevin was bored out of his mind.  Kevin heard his father tell him, he needed to go home so they could talk.  Not one of them spoke as they watched him leave.  “He’s screwed,” Nick shook his head.

“I don’t think so,” Brian shook his head.

They talked, or rather his father did.  Lecturing him on his responsibilities of his position, that he shouldn’t go around scaring people, etc.  Kevin listened to him and then confessed that yes he had broke the rules, but he did not under any circumstances let her in on the conversation.

“Who did?” his father bellowed at him.

“I don’t know they won’t tell me,” Kevin huffed as he fell into bed.

“I’m going to go talk to them right now, I will get an answer.  If they don’t tell me they will have the worst nightmares they have ever had.”

Kevin groaned just thinking about it, his dad was pissed and thank God not at him.  Figuring his dad was busy; he decided to drop in on Catherine, spiritually anyway.

It wasn’t that late, and she was getting ready for bed.  Dressed in a bathrobe he watched her journey to the bathroom.  Hearing the water turn on in the shower, he went into the bathroom.

Catherine removed the robe and placed it on the hook.  She stood before him, nude.  He was admiring her body when he felt his own needs begin to take over.  Lust flicking at the outer edges of his soul.  His eyes trailed over her creamy white breasts and pert, pink, nipples.  The curve of her hips and firm ass.  The golden triangle of curls at the juncture of her thighs.  Carelessly he brushed his hand over her hip and backside.

“You are not suppose to be here, you are breaking the rules, even I know that!” she yelled as she jumped in the shower and slammed the shower door closed.

Her arms were clasped tightly around each other, inside the shower.  She was upset that Kevin had seen her without clothes more than anything.  Now she knew for sure that it was him, she had no doubts.  There was no way she could fight against something like this.  “I mean it Kevin, I’ve studied this for six years, and God knows I would have never believed it but you are invading my privacy!”

“Damn it!” he screamed to her deaf ears.

“I mean it Kevin, you leave right now.  I don’t want to see or hear from you again!”  Catherine was seething with anger.  All her beliefs had just been thrown back at her in the last minute.  He knew everything about her, no doubt.  By showing up here, he only proved to her that he had no morals or scruples.  Touching her just added fuel to the fire.

Kevin fled to the safety of his home.  If he had controlled himself, everything would have been fine.  No, he had to touch, he wanted to taste, and see her too.  Flinging himself out of bed he headed for a cold shower.

Throwing his boxers to the floor he jumped in with the water ice cold.  It wasn’t working no matter how much he wanted it to.  He kept seeing that vision of loveliness standing before him, exposed.  She showed no embarrassment, no fear, just a woman who was beautiful until she knew he was there, then she became frightened and angry.

Giving into his baser needs he fondled himself to a release as an apparition of her danced in his head, naked as the day she was born.  Slowing down his breathing he began to clear his mind.  Knowing the act that he had just performed was a piss poor substitution for what he really wanted.  She began to dance in his head once more and he began to become mesmerized all over again.

“Kevin dear.”  He heard.

“Oh my God,” he groaned as he dropped the washcloth to cover his half-erect manhood.  “Ah, I’m taking a shower.”

“Oh I know son, but your dad is just very upset.  Do you know...”

Kevin banged his head on the side of the shower wall not believing this conversation was taking place.  “Mom, please!”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, don’t forget to wash behind your ears,” she clucked as she left.

Kevin leaned on the shower wall for support.  This had been a terrible, rotten, horrible day.  He couldn’t think of anything that could make it any more miserable. 

Drying off he dropped into bed.  Hearing Jerald and Tim teasing him about his new girlfriend Rosey Palm was the one thing that could make his day more wretched.

“Hey Horny, what’s the deal? “ Jerald snickered.

“Fuck off Jer,” Kevin yelled into his pillow.

“Aww Horny ain’t getting any, poor baby bro.  Hey Tim it’s hard to be deity isn’t it!”

Kevin was screaming into his pillow for them to leave, but he knew being brothers the louder he protested, the longer they would go on.

By the next day, Catherine was not her normal amicable self.  Six-dozen red roses being delivered did nothing to cool her ire.  Making a snap judgment she cancelled class and headed to the other side of town.  The delivery boy had given her the directions to where she wanted to go.

Stopping at the reception desk, she didn’t take no for an answer and headed to the fourth floor.  She stood in the reception area staring down the nose of an older woman who seemed like the last of an elite guard.  “I want to see him, right now,” Catherine tapped her unadorned fingernail on the desk. 

“I’m sorry miss but he only sees people by appointment.”  The woman spoke with a tone that meant she was use to dealing with people who were this insistent.

Catherine saw a door open just beyond the desk, she recognized the southern drawl and marched towards the office, ignoring the pleas of the receptionist. 

Once inside she shut the door immediately hoping that the angry women wouldn’t come after her.  Catherine stepped away from the door as it was pushed open.  “I’m sorry Mr. Richardson, she just barged in...”

“It’s fine Marcella,” Kevin sat at the desk with a shocked look on his face. 

The receptionist quickly shut the door and Catherine gazed around the room one time.  Her stare settled on Kevin, she was extremely furious at Kevin after last night.  “What’s wrong, you don’t recognize me with my clothes on, in the flesh, or should I say, you in the flesh?”

Four men glanced around the room at each other all of the turning to Kevin.  Biting his bottom lip, he didn’t have much to say as Howie, Nick, A.J., Brian, and Catherine stared angrily at him.

Kevin leveled his eyes at Catherine.  She frowned at him as her hands moved to the top of her blouse, she unbuttoned the top two buttons.  Her hand settled on the third button.  Kevin could see the lacy flesh colored undergarment underneath her hand.  The top of her breasts beginning to be exposed to the entire room.  She had a half coy, half angry smile on her face. 

“What are you doing!” he shouted.

“Refreshing your memory,” she said defiantly.

“EVERYBODY OUT!”  Kevin yelled.

Four men tripped over themselves to get out of the door. 





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